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The militants were caught in several locations in the country between March 15 and last Tuesday, says Khalid Abu... More ››


Secretary-general Hishamuddin Hashim says president and council members of MHO are still in the dark too. More ››


In the long run, the benefits of owning a property outweighs the advantages of renting, says an expert. More ››


Mohd Suhaili Said, 56, dies at 3.10pm due to liver cancer at the Gleneagles Medical Centre in Ampang, Kuala... More ››


43-year-old Malaysian driver of the vehicle is detained at Woodlands Checkpoint. More ››


If Sarawak has been assured that it will not be affected by the bill, it is a ‘clear-cut lie’,... More ››


Its chief executive officer Paul Selvaraj says that the people want to know how the government fixes the prices... More ››


Lawyer V Sithambaram says a housewife, sentenced to death, should have been acquitted because of the five-year delay by... More ››


Gloria Erren Liwie, who hails from Sarawak, has been granted bail at RM15,000 and ordered to surrender her passport. More ››

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Think tank says despite all the propaganda, its survey shows that only a minority of Malays polled feel liberalisation... More ››


The new Customs director-general takes over from Khazali Ahmad. More ››


A lovers’ spat ends in blood with jealous boyfriend knifing his girlfriend, then himself. More ››


Umno information chief previously offered prize money of RM10,000 for essay proving DAP leader Lim Kit Siang is racist. More ››


The Selangor MB's sarcastic remark about PAS’ Nik Abduh has resulted in a PAS leader threatening to take back... More ››


The court sends the accused to Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta in Tanjung Rambutan for psychological evaluation. More ››


MIC's youth wing says authorities should also consider allowing non-Malays to hold high-ranking positions in the wake of a... More ››


The building will be closed for two years, and the museum will move temporarily to the second museum on... More ››


Seputeh MP says Cabinet must intervene if Public Service Department dismisses students who qualify for scholarships under 9 A+... More ››


Polis percaya Bhim Bahadur terjatuh dari tingkat 23 atau 17 kerana aras itu saja ada ruang terbuka. More ››

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Disebalik pelbagai propaganda, badan pemikir berkata tinjauan mendapati hanya minoriti orang Melayu merasakan liberalisasi adalah buruk. More ››


Selepas menikam mangsa, lelaki itu cuba menikam dirinya sendiri di perut, leher serta mengelar pergelangan tangannya. More ››


Kanak-kanak itu tidak sedarkan diri akibat didera bawah jagaan tertuduh dan mati ketika menerima rawatan di PPUM More ››


Subromaniam menggantikan Datuk Seri Khazali Ahmad yang bersara. More ››


Beberapa lagi pemuda PAS kawasan dipercayai akan mengikuti langkah pemuda Kuala Selangor meluluskan usul memutuskan hubungan dengan PKR More ››


Cermin yang tertulis “Nothing To Hide” itu diserahkan kepada wakilnya selepas Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos tidak hadir di SPRM... More ››


Liew Chin Tong menyarankan speaker Dewan Rakyat menjalankan pendengaran melibatkan pengamal media untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian More ››


No one, irrespective of his/her status, must arrogate unto himself the power and authority that is vested in the... More ››


The very strict and restrictive laws of Malaysia have already guaranteed that the mass media will always be under... More ››


Are Malaysians and those residing in this country guaranteed that basic human right? More ››


Isu sebenar bukanlah semata-mata untuk mengecilkan saiz perkhidmatan awam, tetapi menyesuaikan jumlahnya ke tahap yang optimum. More ››


Don’t confuse patriotism, which creates a sense of responsibility, with nationalism, which can be a manifestation of arrogance. More ››


Ali Salman of Ideas should know that gross national income per capita growth does not depend on one factor... More ››


He was sentenced to life in 2012 but an appeals court ordered a retrial which dismissed the charges two... More ››


Almost all the dead were schoolchildren and it is thought that nine bodies still unaccounted for may be trapped... More ››


Troops have been sent to a farm in Miyagi prefecture in the northeast where about 220,000 birds are to... More ››


Court documents alleged Pan, 39, from mainland China, had "imported articles, namely, nine ground vehicles specifically designed or modified... More ››


Lubitz senior told news weekly Die Zeit that the image of the suicidal loner or cold-blooded killer did not... More ››


China "never has any intention to engage in militarisation in the South China Sea", he said, adding installations --... More ››


DJs, according to Tiesto, have a unique relationship with crowds as they mix in front of thousands of people... More ››


Maintaining a healthy weight through life is important to lower risk. More ››


Kolam dengan 830,000 liter air (1/3 kolam saiz Olimpik) mengandungi 75 liter air kencing, manakala kolam lebih kecil sebanyak... More ››


City officials work hard to keep the sites clean and in good shape, a difficult task as many of... More ››


Adi Putra kata dia sudah ceraikan kedua-dua isterinya. More ››


"Carpool Karaoke," a skit in which celebrities from Justin Bieber to Michelle Obama sing along with popular hits in... More ››


Hamilton followed up his field-leading fastest lap of 1:24.220 in the first session with a blistering 1:23.620 around Albert... More ››


Argentina had entered their clash with Chile desperately needing to take all three points to revive their campaign. More ››


'I still love the game passionately and deeply and I will play as long as I can,' she says. More ››


The situation was created after Woodland conceded his second-round group match with McIlroy for personal reasons, handing him a... More ››


"The track was a little bit dirty and windy on the first couple of laps, but then the wind... More ››


Rodriguez rammed home his finish at the second attempt after Bolivia goalkeeper Carlos Lampe had saved the playmaker's spotkick... More ››


The orthodoxy has long said that currencies can only be understood in terms of their current purchasing power. More ››


KOTAM and AirAsia are negotiating final terms of the purchase of a majority stake in the leasing unit. More ››


The "backlash" could broaden into a rebellion against the market practice of software programming ad placements, slowing not only... More ››


Unless OPEC extends the curbs beyond June or makes bigger cuts, traders say oil prices are at risk of... More ››


Bank Negara expects inflation to dip later in the year, and average out to between 3 to 4% for... More ››


Various Samsung units have cross-shareholdings in other parts of the group, a byzantine structure that enables the Lee family... More ››