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The ringgit remained unchanged from Friday’s 4.2880/2910. More ››


As #ShameonyouMalaysia hashtag goes viral after Malaysia presents Indonesian flag upside down, let us look at similar blunders at... More ››


Driver and three other passengers detained, meat cleaver found in car boot. More ››


Indonesian women's team leaves court after coach protests referee's decision in match against Malaysia More ››


Founder of Mercy Malaysia relates experience being shot in the hip but carrying on working in war-torn Iraq in... More ››


Former chairman of Rehda believes it will keep construction costs down and not impose high service charges on homeowners. More ››

The biggest concern is that a pivot towards China  could affect our neutrality and military ties with our traditional western allies, says Mohd Arshad.

Security analyst says it is no different to western countries selling arms but suggests parliamentary oversight be made compulsory... More ››


Political analysts say no real damage to relations with Indonesia thanks to Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin's damage... More ››


He has proven his mettle in Umno's eyes. More ››


The minister says one of the proposals is tightening enforcement to detect traders who try to avoid paying the... More ››


The social activist claims Malaysians are generally great at grumbling and complaining, but don’t express their anger. More ››


The method of calculation is based on several formulas and has taken into account the global market prices and... More ››


Umno Supreme Council member Abdul Azeez says when Mahathir was prime minister for 22 years, he did not do... More ››


The proposal seeks to create a declaration for Malaysian students to conduct their activities and discourses without fear of... More ››


Deputy Prime Minister tweets that government will set up the commission if there is a request for it, in... More ››


Although the people are burdened by the high cost of living, it is difficult to gauge how much these... More ››


The ministry has a criteria to determine which schools go on the list, and if they are on it,... More ››


The Memali tragedy is an issue that should be discussed by all quarters, and PAS has no political interest... More ››

Dr Reni Marlinawati

Ketua parti PPP berkata kecuaian mencetak bendera secara terbalik itu mencetuskan rasa tidak puas hati rakyat Indonesia. More ››


Cetakan bendera secara terbalik adalah perkara kecil dan tidak akan merosakkan hubungan antara kedua-dua negara, kata penganalisis hubungan luar. More ››


Tindakan Indonesia itu secara automatik memberi kemenangan 0 kepada Malaysia. More ››


Berdasarkan zaman Dr Mahathir, banyak peluang BN terlepas. Contohnya, Sukan SEA yang dapat membantu menjana perasaan 'feel-good' rakyat tercemar... More ››


Ia di sebalik pelbagai cabaran di peringkat negeri termasuk penubuhan parti pembangkang baharu di bawah bekas menteri persekutuan. More ››


Yayasan Penyelidikan Islam yang diharamkan di beberapa negara dikatakan menarik warga Jepun menyertai mereka melalui pemberian wang dan indoktrinasi. More ››


Penentuan harga mengikut formula yang ditetapkan termasuk mengambil kira purata harga minyak dunia dan kedudukan mata wang negara. More ››


Khairuddin Abu Hassan tertanya mengapa Zahid Hamidi tidak mahu menubuhkan RCI menyiasat skandal 1MDB walaupun ada permintaan daripada pelbagai... More ››


Berdasarkan zaman Dr Mahathir, banyak peluang BN terlepas. Contohnya, Sukan SEA yang dapat membantu menjana perasaan 'feel-good' rakyat tercemar... More ››


Pandangan Tan Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil bahawa Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar seorang “pemimpin media sosial” merupakan... More ››


Fatal bullying, gang-related crime and clashes at sporting events show how Malaysians have come to accept violent behaviour as... More ››


Wrong for the preacher to claim he is being victimised because of his faith and profession when he is... More ››


Perhaps they see it as the only way out of poverty. More ››


PAS president Hadi Awang's bid to restore his political fortunes by feigning interest in Memali today will backfire, and... More ››


The Navy said in a statement the guided-missile destroyer USS John S McCain collided with the Alnic MC vessel... More ››


The prime minister says there is commitment to progress and to overcome the challenges together as a united society. More ››


In Sant Pere street where the imam lived, local said the man "had a reputation of being very Islamist". More ››


He said hostile forces had used the internet to organize offensive campaigns that "undermined the prestige of the leaders... More ››


British hire firms make various checks before granting a vehicle rental, including verifying that customers have a full driving... More ››


Both Mousavi and Karroubi have been in poor health in recent weeks, according to reports from their families posted... More ››


Organizers said festivities include a competition for the best-looking pajamas, a pillow-juggling contest, and a race for the fastest... More ››


The prickly pear cactus is such a powerful symbol in Mexico that they put it smack in the middle... More ››


Once outdated relics in a digital world, painted advertisements are flourishing once again in New York, putting a dose... More ››


On Monday, when a total solar eclipse sweeps across the United States for the first time in 99 years,... More ››


Computer programming is on the curriculum for primary and junior high school students, so why not take advantage of... More ››


Better and less expensive dietary options are available to people who want to get in greater quantities of natural... More ››


The 31-year-old was beaten in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open warm-up by Milos Raonic on debut this year... More ››


Dimitrov, who has toiled through his career with little reward against the game's 'Big Four', grasped his opportunity against... More ››


Both clubs have become dominant forces in Chinese football, with cash-rich SIPG spending heavily to supercharge their attempt to... More ››


Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates imposed sanctions on fellow U.S. ally Qatar in June and... More ››


Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner exudes positivity but not even the upbeat German expected the Yorkshire club to win... More ››


Two goals from Marcos Alonso gave Chelsea a 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur. More ››


The dollar was up 0.1% at 109.265 yen, after it slipped as low as 108.605 yen on Friday, its... More ››


Permodalan Nasional Bhd chairman Abdul Wahid Omar says reducing its holdings by at least five percentage points could free... More ››


CBA's spending on risk and compliance fell 7% to A$470 million ($371 million) in the year to June, according... More ››


In Hyundai's case, its chairman, Chung, controls the sprawling conglomerate with only small stakes in key affiliates including the... More ››


The regulator said it had approved a request by Goldman to amend its business in the kingdom and that... More ››


Apple is widely expected to unveil the latest iteration of the iPhone in September, while smartphone market leader Samsung... More ››