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Gerakan is all for a two-term tenure for Penang chief minister’s post. More ››


DAP’s Tony Pua says all CAA’s revelations that embarrassed the country must be investigated and its business approvals withdrawn. More ››


However, another lawyer says the judge, the prosecution and the defence counsel have erred. More ››

KLCC Income

Blindspot’s 9-point plan counters Malaysia’s income inequality, which is among the region's highest despite emerging High Income status. More ››

Chua Tee Yong_petrol_300

Chua Tee Tong says the government will look into mechanisms either via a subsidy or assistance, to ensure people... More ››

najib internet

But he says legitimate criticism should be encouraged as part of healthy debate. More ››


What’s an offence in Malaysia may not be an offence abroad. More ››


Many people in Sumatra have been handing many items to the local police which have to sent to Boeing... More ››

ISMA A.Samad Said

Samad Said says Isma’s fear-mongering that Malays are under threat is senseless since Malays have been in power since... More ››

Shafie Ngah_bangi

Bangi assemblyman Mohd Shafie Ngah obtained 28 votes while Ng Suee Lim ( DAP) received 14 votes More ››


Perkasa-led NGOs says students of other races should pay up in full so as not to anger Malay students. More ››

school zairil

DAP’s Zairil Khir Johari says it is wrong to invest in IT instead of teacher development as it does... More ››

you tube _skmm_300_1

The law and the Federal Constitution on freedom of expression not addressed. More ››

Kong Cho Ha PKFZ

Ong Kian Ming wants to know if PKA is going to make the taxpayer pick up the bill for... More ››

ahmad maslan tony pua2

Tony Pua cautions Ahmad Maslan against being “too clever” and making promises that 1MBD will return to profitability by... More ››

Najib razak

Najib says in the big towns people are more educated and party leaders, too, need to have more knowledge... More ››


Islam, Malay race and the rulers are enshrined in the Umno constitution, says Hishammuddin. More ››

P Kamalanathan

The Education Ministry says the move is unjustifiable and unacceptable and plans to halt it. More ››


Isu Akta Hasutan ini perlu dimansuhkan atau tidak sedang dipertimbangkan oleh pihak kerajaan More ››

Azmin Ali

Azmin: Untuk tingkatkan khidmat wakil rakyat kepada rakyat dan menjamin prinsip demokrasi. More ››

rafizi ramli

Ini bermakna sejumlah hutang RM876 juta hutang anak-anak syarikat milik kerajaan persekutuan dihapuskan begitu sahaja dengan menukar kepada saham... More ››


Pairin ‘mengkhianati’ Mahathir. Selepas kejadian tersebut apa yang berlaku adalah pendatang tanpa izin (PTI) mula mendapat sijil kelahiran dan... More ››

A customer uses a petrol nozzle in a gas station in Nice

Kerajaan akan meneliti mekanisme lain, sama ada menerusi subsidi atau bantuan, bagi memastikan rakyat tidak terjejas teruk jika ada... More ››


Senaraikan barangan yang sudah dikenakan GST dan yang akan dikenakan pada 1 April 2015 More ››


Berdasarkan penyiasatan dan risikan yang diterima oleh pihaknya, hanya segelintir sahaja yang mahukan perkara sedemikian More ››

YB P Kamalanathan 2

Kementerian Pendidikan: Langkah mengasingkan pelajar tidak ada justifikasi dan tidak boleh diterima More ››


These industries are important sources of growth and the government must make a comprehensive study of their preparedness... More ››


If a miss is as good as a mile, there's nothing like a win because a win, in Najib's... More ››

vernacular schools_300

Malaysia, like Singapore should abolish vernacular schools as it would mean the start of a globally relevant, competitive education... More ››

lim kit sians_agung umno_300

Political parties do all kinds of questionable things to rally support when it is waning. More ››

teresa kok _syed ali_300

Naib Presiden DAP, Teresa Kok mendakwa kononnya UMNO takut untuk berdebat mengenai isu 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) pada Perhimpunan... More ››


by Ng Mei Quin On November 20, a local newspaper carried a headline-grabbing article from the Huffington Post claiming... More ››

oil malaysia

RM37 billion subsidy budget allocated next year to ensure floating fuel prices don't burden the rakyat More ››


The inflation forecast for this year is expected to hold up at 3.3 per cent. More ››

aec logo_1

The blueprint will reap the benefits of a 620 million strong market. More ››

A euro logo sculpture stands in front the headquarters of the European Central Bank  in Frankfurt

PARIS: The countdown has begun to what threatens to be a missed opportunity to revive Europe’s stalled economy. When... More ››


Corporation plans to submit working paper to ask for tax exemption More ››


SYDNEY: More than 400 jobs could be lost at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the head of the organisation said... More ››

U2 lead singer Bono arrives for the recording of the Band Aid 30 charity single in west London

Band Aid 30′s reworked version of “Do They Know it’s Christmas”, a song intended to raise money to fight... More ››


People with eczema tend to have a higher risk of so-called “contact allergies.” More ››

Actor Cosby speaks at the National Action Network's 20th annual Keepers of the Dream Awards gala in New York

Comedian Bill Cosby spoke out against a wave of sexual assault allegations but told a Florida publication he does... More ››


The link between immigrants and Hollywood goes all the way back to Tinseltown's founding in the early years of... More ››


A man with Down’s syndrome in France got truckloads of cards — some 30,000 from around the world —... More ››

bad marry

People in unhappy marriages could be more at risk of heart disease. More ››


BEIJING: China’s controversial Olympic swimming star Sun Yang failed a doping test in May and was subsequently banned for... More ››


SINGAPORE: A specialist agency will look out for suspicious betting patterns during Southeast Asia’s Suzuki Cup in a move... More ››

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso of Spain prepares for the first free practice of the Canadian F1 Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal

ABU DHABI: Fernando Alonso says it was difficult to cope with the emotions of his final race for Ferrari... More ››


The mascots are said to represent the animals and plants of Brazil More ››

New Zealand's coach Hansen arrives for their international rugby union match against England at Twickenham in London

LONDON: New Zealand must keep improving after a “great year” if they are to become the first side to... More ››

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney celebrates an own goal by Arsenal's Kieran Gibbs during their English Premier League soccer match at the Emirates Stadium in London

It was a clash between two of the Premier League’s biggest teams in name only and Manchester United’s smash... More ››


WASHINGTON: Police in the US city of Cleveland shot and killed a 12-year-old African American boy waving around what... More ››


SEOUL: South Korea’s education minister apologised and the head of the national exam board resigned Monday after accepting that... More ››


SAW LA YAR KOO: When a village in the conflict-torn hills of eastern Myanmar was asked to pay authorities... More ››


HONG KONG: A British banker accused of killing two Indonesian women whose mutilated bodies were found in his Hong... More ››


BEIJING: Beijing on Monday fired back at US criticism of an artificial island project in the disputed South China... More ››

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his party's lawmakers raise their fists as they pledge to win in the upcoming lower house election in Tokyo

TOKYO: Japanese voters, puzzled as to why Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is calling an election now and unimpressed by... More ››