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Facebook users apologise to operator of Vitti Lodge & Family Apartment in Osaka, Japan after a Malaysian guest allegedly... More ››


Video showing 17-year-old boy in an apparent chokehold as his father tries to break him free, has gone viral. More ››


Umno vice-president says it is the responsibility of all leaders and members to ensure party remains relevant. More ››


Dr Yeah Kim Leng says projection is reflective of the continuing strengthening of global demand, and the strong 7.1%... More ››


Expert says the issue surrounding the prohibition on Muslims from touching and owning dogs is not purely a religious... More ››


Legal action may be initiated against Sarawak PKR chief for alleging that state Housing Development Corporation paid RM2.88 million... More ››


Dr Mahathir Mohamad claims 20,000 people would not eat with PM Najib Razak at record breaking attempt by Permatang... More ››


The two victims, Mohd Radhi Samsudin and Mohd Khairul Azwan Madon, die at the scene in the two-vehicle collision. More ››


Abu Hashim Ismail was shot seven times by an unknown assailant when visiting an acquaintance in Changloon. More ››


National Union of Teaching Profession head Kamarozaman Abdul Razak says parents must be rational, meet teachers first, and not... More ››


Umno president Naijb Razak says instead of supporting Umno, some former leaders were doing the reverse and trying to... More ››


KTMB says restoration works are in progress and train services are expected to return to normal by 4pm on... More ››


UCSI lecturer Tajuddin Rasdi says religious authorities must keep up with the times as country has more people with... More ››


Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen says that positive GDP figures announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak not enough for... More ››


Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng ridicules Umno Youth leader's comments about former prime minister, says Pakatan Harapan is... More ››

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17-year-old is shoved when trying to break through a barricade to hug former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as party... More ››


Deputy home minister calls Times of India report speculative saying Indian media had previously wrongly reported that Naik was... More ››


Deputy education minister urges calm as parents and teachers question the inclusion of ‘good’ institutions in the leaked list... More ››


Kerajaan akan hilang pendapatan RM110 bilion jika PH menghapuskan tol, mengenakan kadar GST 0% dan memberi 20% royalti minyak... More ››


Ketua Wanita Umno berkata Nurul Izzah hanya sibuk dengan media sosial, jarang turun padang membantu rakyat. More ››


Rakyat akan rugi jika semua pihak tidak mengetepikan politik, kata Menteri Noh Omar. More ››


Kantin dibenarkan beroperasi semula selepas premis mematuhi syarat Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Klang. More ››


Pakar berkata isu sekitar larangan memegang dan memelihara anjing sebagai binatang kesayangan ke atas orang Islam bukan perkara agama... More ››


Video viral bagaimanapun menunjukkan remaja berusia 17 tahun itu dikenakan kuncian 'chokehold' sementara bapanya pula menuntut anaknya dilepaskan. More ››


Ketua penerangan Umno itu sebelum ini menyangka Mukhriz Mahathir seseorang yang akan bercakap secara lebih matang. More ››


Menteri komunikasi dan multimedia juga berkata tindakan pihak tertentu yang menimbulkan persepsi mahkamah dipengaruhi oleh kuasa politik, adalah tidak... More ››


Fatal bullying, gang-related crime and clashes at sporting events show how Malaysians have come to accept violent behaviour as... More ››


Wrong for the preacher to claim he is being victimised because of his faith and profession when he is... More ››


Perhaps they see it as the only way out of poverty. More ››


PAS president Hadi Awang's bid to restore his political fortunes by feigning interest in Memali today will backfire, and... More ››


Anak muda perlu membuka mata untuk sedar dan peka dengan keadaan di Malaysia yang dipenuhi prinsip demokrasi dengan menentukan... More ››


Prime Minister Najib Razak gave an outstanding speech at the Invest Malaysia 2017 conference, but he chose to omit... More ››


Security forces kill attacker who stabbed pedestrians at about 11.20am local time in the city of Surgut. More ››


The swastika, which was adopted by Adolf Hitler's Nazi party, is banned in Germany, where right-wing sentiment has risen... More ››


The wargames, details of which are a closely guarded secret, simulate military conflict with the isolated country. The U.S.... More ››


China's cabinet also said that overseas investments in the gambling and sex sectors, as well as exports of core... More ››


The senator is the seventh Australian parliamentarian to be referred to the High Court to determine if his dual... More ››


Thai police said the women were promised jobs as masseuses in South Korea. More ››


The cosmetics millionaire hopes the book, 'I Am Me: Rahsia Niaga DS Vida', will be a source of inspiration... More ››


The global scientific community is divided over e-cigarettes and whether or not they are a useful public health tool... More ››


The answer resides in the subtle interplay of molecules that brings those bursting with flavour to the surface of... More ››


"Are you from Poop School?" was a typical taunt students and former pupils have endured for 55 years, reports... More ››


As well as getting enough sleep, working out and eating well, there are many other ways to de-stress and... More ››


Australia is set to regulate virtual currency exchanges such as Bitcoin and strengthen the powers of its financial intelligence... More ››


McIlroy had indicated after a disappointing 22nd-place finish in the PGA Championship that he might sit out the rest... More ››


Four rivals could have toppled Pliskova this week, but the only one still with a hope is Halep, who... More ››


"Probably the player I was looking for was a player that allows me to play with three at the... More ››


Although Conte won the Premier League in his first season with Chelsea, the Blues boss claims the champions still... More ››


Mbappe had been left out of the squad completely amid intensifying speculation surrounding his future. More ››


"It is a great move for me to come here to develop my career. I am very excited to... More ››


WTI crude futures for September delivery rose $1.42 to $48.51 a barrel, a 3 percent gain. Brent crude futures... More ››


The government expects about 35 million tourists this year. More ››


Safeguard duties are emergency tariffs that a country can impose temporarily to shield a specific sector from a sudden... More ››


Malaysia's central bank governor says ringgit transactions in Singapore involving a Malaysian client and a bank licensed in Malaysia... More ››


Such infractions can carry a fine of up to 1,000 rupees (about $15) and a sentence of up to... More ››


The new malware is spread by opening email attachments of word documents. More ››