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zahid sskm

The Registrar of Societies (RoS) has gazetted the NGOs concerned as unlawful. More ››

najib isma2

The Umno leader has betrayed the cause of wasatiyyah and his initiative on the Global Movement of Moderates, the... More ››


Opposition MPs refuse to give their blessings on any amendments in the number of Parliament seats unless the EC... More ››


Kinabatangan MP is 'sick' of being 'inappropriately manhandled by airport security and urges upgrades to scanners. More ››


MP urges the government to exempt medicines from GST. More ››


If national schools can be strengthened by introducing Tamil and Chinese, vernacular schools can be closed down. More ››

Photo credit Hornbill Unleashed

Sim was among the first young Sarawakians to join the DAP chapter in Sarawak in 1978. He pioneered the... More ››

fire ants

Puteri Umno has formed a ‘cyber commando’ unit to attack online propaganda they claim spread lies about their party,... More ››

oh tong keong_ticket_300

Public should lodge police reports if approached to buy tickets for a supposed public talk at Speakers’ Corner, Esplanade... More ››

nurul-izzah_teo nie ching_300

Teo and Nurul criticise the government for failing to address ongoing discrimination against women. More ››


The report probably only looked at savings in the banking system and not in institutions such as co-operatives and... More ››

tengku razaleigh_najib_300

“It is high time the government puts its foot down and stops all this nonsense. Things are going like... More ››


Progressive forces in Umno were losing their case and risk being marginalized. More ››

Netizens_sedition act_300

While some say ‘yes’, one has bluntly described the PM as a liar for renegading on his promise to... More ››

brahim catering

MP says an amendment in the MAS Bill ensures the honouring of questionable contract obligations. More ››

wanita puteri

Najib did not touch on Umno Youth's erstwhile strength as a pressure lobby. More ››


The NGO says PM’s decision to ‘fortify and strengthen’ Sedition Act was cowardly and a clear attempt to stifle... More ››


After playing the “hero”, Jentayu has decided to shoot its own partner in the foot. More ››


Selaras dengan Program Transformasi, SPRM mengambil langkah proaktif bagi memastikan pegawai-pegawai SPRM memperlihatkan tahap integriti dan kredibiliti yang tinggi... More ››

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Kekuasaan dan kekuatan UMNO datangnya dari sokongan rakyat. Ingatlah, jika rakyat tidak menyokong kita, tiada rang undang-undang di bumi... More ››


Kerajaan harus menjelaskan jumlah keseluruhan kos termasuk kos pampasan dan kos operasi dan menyelamat More ››

lim guan eng

PERKASA: Kenyataan pemimpin DAP itu bersifat jahat serta jahil dan penuh dengan elemen chauvinistik perkauman. PETALING JAYA: PERKASA hari... More ››

najib_Mohd Ariff_300_1

Berhijrahlah ke arah yang lebih baik sebagai penawar kepada luka-luka bangsa. More ››

Anwar Ibrahim_2

Alasan yang dibuat beliau untuk membatalkan keputusan tersebut adalah untuk menyelamatkan orang Melayu tidak munasabah More ››


Akta ini bertujuan baik untuk menjaga keselamatan, kesejahteraan serta keharmonian seluruh rakyat More ››


Azmin: Najib telah berjanji beberapa kali untuk memansuhkan Akta Hasutan 1948. More ››

mahathir najib

Najib took the only way out when pushed into a corner by Mahathir and the people. More ››


By targeting Zunar’s online customers, police appear to be discouraging his satirical messages that ridicule Umno from spreading. More ››


Khairy has set Umno Youth on a bold new path, but we'll have to wait and see whether he'll... More ››

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil_umno-300

Have she, Muhyiddin and Khairy stolen Najib's thunder? More ››

hiv aids_300

A community-based organisation hopes to see more money spent on fighting HIV and AIDS in Malaysia. More ››

mah siew keong vs lim guan eng_300

Oleh Edwin Michael Salah satu sebab mengapa pentadbiran pincang Lim Guan Eng tidak dapat dicabar oleh BN Pulau Pinang... More ››


BNM has outlined six strategies that will help reduce the dependance on cash as a payment instrument. More ››


SYDNEY: An Australian parliamentary committee Thursday recommended strengthening rules on foreign investment in the country’s booming housing market, calling... More ››


BEIJING: China is the new El Dorado for US automakers looking to develop sales of their luxury brands, which... More ››

People pose with laptops in front of projection of Google logo in this picture illustration taken in Zenica

BRUSSELS: When EU politicians call for the break-up of Google, it can sound like sour grapes, the anti-American backlash... More ››


NEW YORK: Banks Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Standard Bank and a unit of chemical producer BASF conspired to manipulate... More ››


Minister is confident of bringing the budget deficit to 3.5 per cent by year-end and 3 per cent by... More ››


US-based Princess Cruises, the world’s third largest cruise line, launched its first Singapore-based service on Thursday in a move... More ››


Researchers found carcinogens such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in vapour produced by several types of e-cigarette liquid More ››


Malaysia is Southeast Asia's fattest country, where a nationwide foodie culture is feeding mounting concern over what its health... More ››


The focus of the ministerial crackdown are those models that come with bluetooth technology, allowing the user to release... More ››


Pharmaceutical companies and health agencies are scrambling to fast-track experimental drugs and vaccines that could help. More ››


Folic acid supplementation is well known to reduce the risk of neural tube defects to a developing fetus, but... More ››


He never regained consciousness following his injury on Tuesday. More ››

Hughes' fight for life

SYDNEY: Australia cricketer Phillip Hughes remains in an induced coma on Thursday after spending a second night in a... More ››

FC Basel's Degen fights for the ball with Real Madrid's Ronaldo during their Champions League Group B soccer match in Basel

BASEL: Cristiano Ronaldo renewed his personal battle with Lionel Messi by scoring his 71st Champions League goal, putting him... More ››

Williams f1

LONDON: Williams are back among Formula One’s top trio of teams but deputy principal Claire Williams does not hesitate... More ››


LONDON: Arsene Wenger celebrated Arsenal’s progress to the last 16 of the Champions League by taking a swipe at... More ››


SAO PAULO: Brazilian football legend Pele remained in a Sao Paulo hospital Wednesday two days after he was admitted... More ››


Sheep lazily grazed at the foot of the French capital's most famous monument as the farmers gathered under grey... More ››

File photo of paramilitary policemen and pedestrians reflected in the window of a shop in Beijing

TAIPEI: Ever since a civil war split the two sides more than 60 years ago, China has viewed Taiwan... More ››


BANGKOK: A Thai court sentenced to death five suspected Muslim separatists convicted of killing four soldiers, prompting Human Rights... More ››


Based on 40 scientific reports, CBI has concluded that the two minor girls had not been raped and murdered... More ››


HONG KONG: Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong was banned from a large area in Mong Kok as a... More ››


LUKWANGULO: “I don’t want to go home! What I saw there won’t let me go back,” cried Sakina Okenge,... More ››