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The group's vice chairman is confident that Azmin, as a 'grassroots man', will be a better MB than Khalid. More ››


PKR legal adviser Latheefa Koya said the police are scheduled to record Anwar’s statement on Friday at the PKR... More ››


Malaysians are also facing threats from international criminal organisations which abuse the Internet for activities such as drugs, human... More ››

s ambiga

Azmin may have newly assumed his post, but C4 already has recommendations for him. More ››

tony pua dap

Tony Pua calls the previous Selangor administration a failure and places his confidence on Azmin achieving greater success. More ››


Importing English teachers from India is not a good idea as a cultural shock might prove disastrous, while priority... More ››

selangor putrajaya water

Among the issues are the water agreement, the Bible issue and the Kidex highway. More ››

sex industry

Yeo Bee Yin is stumped that Bukit Aman has brushed aside the RM3 billion industry as “not that big”. More ››

hadi azmin

Hadi said the party is not disappointed with the rejection of its nominees for the post of MB as... More ››


The ROS says the DAP's CEC elected on Sept 29 2013, may carry out its powers, functions, duties, in... More ››


More than 100,000 register under the e-Kasih programme. More ››

Dun Selangor

There is a possibility of appointing PKR president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is also the Kajang... More ››

muhyiddin sekolah

The Ministry of Education's failure to conduct speedy investigations has affected almost half a million Primary 6 students and... More ››

sultan selangor

The Sultan's private secretary Mohamad Munir Bani maintains that the Sultan acted according to the provisions in the Selangor... More ››


The PKR deputy president succeeds Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who held the post since 2008. More ››


The court rules that Ng's words did not cause harm to Lim and, on the contrary, saved Pakatan Rakyat... More ››


Jimmy Wong pushes for equal partnership for Sabah and Sarawak with the peninsular and for greater decentralisation and devolution. More ››


The perception created by the interview was that he favours the people of Sabah sharing their state with claimants... More ››

Azmin MB300

Apa yang penting adalah kita menjaga keharmonian dan bekerja kuat. More ››


Pasukan bergerak akan dihantar untuk menjangkau golongan sasar bagi memastikan mereka akan mendapat bantuan yang sewajarnya untuk mengeluarkan mereka... More ››


Azmin punya aura yang positif disamping berani menyuarakan pandangan. More ››

fitnah besar pas

Pihak SPR telah mengarahkan supaya billboard yang dipasang oleh BN diturunkan. More ››

jimmy wong

Pakatan pembangkang telah berjanji dalam manifesto untuk mengiktiraf Sabah dan Sarawak sebagai rakan kongsi yang sama dengan semenanjung dan... More ››


AS bersama sekutunya Perancis telah melancarkan serangan udara yang menyasarkan kumpulan militan IS di Iraq. More ››


Tapi menjadi tanggungjawab yang besar bagi saya menjaga kepentingan, kebajikan rakyat di negeri Selangor yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum... More ››


Persepsi dicipta oleh wawancara bahawa dia menyokong rakyat Sabah berkongsi negara mereka dengan pihak yang berkaitan dengan Kesultanan Sulu... More ››


Refusing to step down and refusing to speak up against gender inequality has tainted Khalid’s time as the MB. More ››


He is no novice in the game of thrones. More ››


The people won't mind another sacking if warranted. More ››

azmin kipa300

Will Wan Azizah, who is not good enough to be an MB, be good enough to be the Opposition... More ››


The good news is that the Education Ministry seems to be trying to replicate some of Finland's policies. More ››

langkah kajang

The chronology of events leading to Khalid Ibrahim's ouster and the appointment of Azmin Ali as the new Selangor... More ››


LONDON: Luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo unveiled plans on Tuesday to launch on the London market next month to... More ››


THE HAGUE: Philips said Tuesday it would split the 120-year-old Dutch giant in two, separating its healthcare-lifestyle division from... More ››


BOSTON:P Having redesigned kitchens, bathrooms and sitting rooms around the world, IKEA has decided to redesign itself. The store... More ››


PARIS: A bitter Air France labor dispute deepened on Monday as management pledged to press ahead with its low-cost... More ››


BEIJING: China’s manufacturing sector saw a surprise pick-up in September, a closely watched survey showed Tuesday, but economists warned... More ››


In just three days, sales of the iPhone 6 and larger iPhone 6 Plus have set a new record.... More ››


Taxi driver Mohd Kamil said he would usually usher the guide dog into the back seat with its... More ››


The pop diva put aside her wacky image to sing sweet harmonies with Tony Bennett, the elder statesman of... More ››


The location-based app lets users in the same area arrange to meet up for some good old-fashioned platonic body... More ››


A strategy aimed at drawing the after-work crowd and filling up stores in the evening. More ››


The fierce debate over whether e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking took another twist on Monday as a research... More ››


In just three days, sales of the iPhone 6 and larger iPhone 6 Plus have set a new record.... More ››


World and Olympic swim champion Sun Yang showed no ill-effects from a thumb injury Tuesday as he set up... More ››


She now has three Asian Games singles golds to add to her seven World Open titles. More ››


LONDON: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has praised Southampton as “miracle-workers” ahead of Tuesday’s League Cup tie between the Premier... More ››


LONDON: Manchester United forward Juan Mata has apologised for his team’s Premier League meltdown against Leicester that left them... More ››


Dakar Rally organisers want to shed their image of being “a bunch of savages”, director Etienne Lavigne told AFP... More ››


BERLIN: Qatar will not host the World Cup in 2022, according to Theo Zwanziger, the German member on the... More ››


BEIJING: A Chinese court on Tuesday sentenced to life in prison the country’s most prominent advocate for the rights... More ››


WASHINGTON: The United States and Arab allies unleashed bombs and Tomahawk cruise missiles on Islamic State targets in eastern... More ››


BEIJING: Dozens of Chinese firms are producing and exporting “tools of torture”, from electric stun guns to metal spiked... More ››


WASHINGTON: The United States said on Monday it would refuse to seek Iran’s cooperation in fighting Islamic State forces... More ››


OTTAWA: Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Monday his government is looking to scale up its fight against terrorism... More ››

arab bank

NEW YORK:  In a landmark decision, a New York jury on Monday found the Jordan-based multinational Arab Bank liable... More ››