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Islamic conference- kids take to stage before cleric2

Do not blame the Muslims, Malaysian preacher tells Islamic peace conference in Australia. More ››

azmin pkr

Recent arrests of opposition figures and activists is aimed at disrupting legitimate political activities, says Azmin Ali. More ››

zaid ma2s

Zaid Ibrahim says functionality and efficiency should be prioritised over status and class. More ››


All train passengers were ordered out of the coaches and the burning coach was moved away from the station. More ››

fatal crash

It all happened so suddenly as a boy watched three heavy vehicles ran over his father. More ››

English bloopers of M'sians

Ong Kian Ming criticises the Education Ministry for making claims that the standard of English among Malaysians is better... More ››

pas ridhuan2

He advocates allowing the Islamist party to make a beginning on hudud and then to continually refine it. More ››


The hackers removed a story about the double life of Abu Dhabi's Aabar Fund chairman Khadem al-Qubaisi. More ››

guru death

Despite death and bomb threats, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar held an event in Malaysia and flew back to India... More ››


Umno hopes the issue will eventually split Pakatan, says Shahbudin Husin. More ››


While some Malaysians hurl insults at Astro Awani for covering Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral live, many others offer thanks... More ››


Bank Negara auctions RM100 banknote bearing serial number AA8888888 More ››

doctor tired

‘Unhappy’ housemen become waiters, air stewardess, run pasar malam stalls. More ››


Deputy health minister says Selangor has accounted for more than half of the cases with 19,016 dengue cases and... More ››


Party says it is meaningless to brag about being a city or developed state without resolving vital policy matters... More ››


Large crowds, long queues and supermarkets run out of some items as customers buy in bulk More ››


Kg Gajah residents appeal to assemblyman and deputy CM More ››


Letter from fake KL address fails to stop event at state stadium More ››


Sebarang bentuk penggantian tanah baru harus “serupa keadaannya” dan mempunyai nilai pasaran yang kompetitif. More ››


Impak negatif lebih nyata daripada kesan positif yang diuar-uarkan oleh kerajaan selama ini More ››


Saya risau penggunaan slogan itu mungkin menyebabkan belia yang berwibawa di Selangor tidak menyertai lagi aktiviti sukan. More ››

GST calculator

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man menyuarakan pendapat beliau mengenai pelaksanaan GST di Malaysia melalui surat terbuka yang disiarkan di Harakahdaily. More ››


Penyusutan RM membolehkan sebahagian sektor ekonomi di Malaysia akan menerima manfaat dan sebahagian lagi terjejas. More ››


Penstrukturan semula industri perkhidmatan air Selangor tidak dipolitikkan oleh mana-mana pihak agar ia dapat dilaksanakan dengan sempurna bagi memenuhi... More ››


Pertemuan itu haruslah dilakukan dalam bentuk forum dan kursus bukannya dalam bentuk demonstrasi atau protes. More ››


Idea memasang perakam video (CCTV) di dalam kokpit pesawat boleh dipertimbangkan sebagai salah satu langkah keselamatan serta memudahkan siasatan... More ››


Let not the green eyed monster of jealousy and envy overcome our good sense. More ››


The present government hasn’t reformed enough to deserve fresh tax money. More ››


Where are the defenders of Islam and the protectors of the Malays when you need them? More ››


There are other avenues of communication with the powers that be. More ››


Malaysia's existing income base already broad enough with taxes, duties, excise, royalties More ››


Did autocrat Lee Kuan Yew really need to lock up soft-spoken Dr Chia Thye Poh for 32 years? More ››

Fourth F-35 Lightning II arrives at Nellis Air Force Base

SEOUL: South Korea on Monday selected Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and partner Lockheed Martin as the preferred bidder for... More ››


SEPANG: The Malaysian Grand Prix will stay on the Formula One calendar until 2018 after organizers signed a three-year... More ››


SYDNEY: Asian markets got off to a sluggish start on Monday in a week book ended with Easter holidays... More ››


BEIJING: The chairman of China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) said on Sunday he hopes to re-list Italy’s Pirelli on... More ››


DUBAI: Standard Chartered remains committed to Islamic banking and expects growth in its core markets, a spokesman for the... More ››

British Airways' new Airbus A380 arrives at a hanger after landing at Heathrow airport in London

LONDON: British Airways said on Sunday tens of thousands of its frequent flyer accounts had been hacked and that... More ››


For hours on a Parisian spring afternoon, a panel of judges tore, chewed, sniffed and inspected hundreds of baguettes... More ››


LOS ANGELES: Jeffrey Katzenberg must be breathing a huge sigh of relief after the embattled DreamWorks Animation chief scored... More ››


One should not interpret his words as racist and the Twittersphere has without doubt got carried away a bit... More ››


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, officially launching on April 10, are the latest in a range that... More ››


Some suggestions on how to eat to improve the chances of getting a good night's rest. More ››


The 1,375-kilometre (854-mile) route is expected to take around 18 hours. More ››


ABU DUBAI: MotoGP great Valentino Rossi rolled back the years to win the Qatar season-opener for Yamaha on Sunday... More ››


Teams and races, along with viewers, have been dropping like flies, prompting much hand-wringing and complaining among the sport's... More ››


MIAMI: Fernando Verdasco upset second seed Rafael Nadal 6-4, 2-6, 6-3 Sunday in a third-round matchup of Spaniards to... More ››


MELBOURNE: Australia lauded its World Cup winning team Monday for a “fairytale” victory on home soil over New Zealand,... More ››


MELBOURNE: The New Zealand team has been dubbed a “goat” but in an endearing way as the country celebrated... More ››


SAN ANTONIO: Hometown hero Jimmy Walker captured his fifth US PGA Tour title on Sunday, firing a two-under-par 70... More ››


SYDNEY: Australian airlines must ensure that two crew are on the flight deck at all times, Deputy Prime Minister... More ››


SYDNEY: A 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea Monday, US seismologists said, with “hazardous” tsunami... More ››


TABORA: A blood-stained machete outside a mud-walled shack in a remote Tanzanian village is a reminder of how Pili... More ››


RIYADH: Two Saudi police officers were wounded in a drive-by shooting in Riyadh Sunday, a spokesman said, days after... More ››


FREETOWN: Sierra Leoneans were once again allowed to leave their homes Sunday evening after the government announced the end... More ››


Air Canada said the Airbus A320 flying from Toronto was carrying 133 passengers and five crew members. More ››