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International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed says, however, that since the deal is a business decision the government... More ››


Umno man shows up with a group of 'ghouls' at Election Commission office and accuses DAP's Ng Suee Lim... More ››


Association says the four domestic container shipping firms may have to close shop if the cabotage policy were to... More ››


However, judge will hear the two cases separately as the issues to be raised are different, says lawyer Mohamed... More ››


A national survey conducted by Kajidata Research on TN50 also reveals that 72.6% prefer living in neighbourhoods of mixed... More ››


Ahmad Maghfur Usman says AirAsia has shown the best results among all listed carriers in Asean despite registering a... More ››


PKR’s Wong Chen raises several questions following a report that Putrajaya has hired a firm in the US... More ››


Lim Kit Siang says DAP Laknatullah (Allah damns DAP) Facebook page is still accessible to public and asks if... More ››


Study by recruitment firm shows that while employees see work-life balance and career progression as top priorities, employers give... More ››


The PKR Wanita chief says as an elected representative, she is entitled to perks to buy 'quality' cars. More ››


Report says Jong Nam met a Korean-American several times in Malaysia and the two had met again just days... More ››


Assraf Nasir of Britney Spears fame says it was a 'great opportunity' to perform his pop diva's dance routine... More ››


Ku Chin Wah had declared his earnings as required under the law and had also revealed his source of... More ››


The motion in the Penang Assembly does not mention Umno MP Shabudin Yahaya, the man who started it all... More ››


The Daily Beast says the US firm, with strong ties to the Trump administration, will act on behalf of... More ››


The local unit was quoted at 4.2730/2780 against Thursday’s close of 4.2770/280. More ››


Going by precedent, judgments that establish legal principles can be set aside, says Gurdial Singh Nijar, reminding the legal... More ››


Sultan Sharafuddin has consented to retain three PAS excos in the state government until the next general election. More ››


Ahli politik veteran itu berkata laman DAP Laknatullah di Facebook masih boleh dikunjungi orang ramai dan bertanya adakah benar... More ››


Rampasan dadah pelbagai jenis ini merupakan yang terbesar di Kedah. More ››


Raja Petra dan akhbar pro-Umno Utusan Malaysia antara 29 peserta memenangi hadiah berjumlah RM50,000. More ››


Amanah desak penubuhan sekretariat PH di Selangor dengan segera bagi menghalang agenda PAS di negeri itu. More ››


Ia sebagai simbolik kepada dakwaannya mengenai kemasukan 'pengundi hantu' ke kerusi Sekinchan yang disandang DAP. More ››


Wong Chen mahu Putrajaya tampil menjelaskan sama ada syarikat itu milik kerajaan. More ››


Proses penceraian rakyat Selangor akan disingkatkan daripada 90 hari kepada 6 jam waktu bekerja More ››


Bangsa Cina dan Bumiputera Sabah/Sarawak didapati lebih terbuka hidup bersama jiran kaum lain. More ››


The real big question is: why are we still throwing so much trash? More ››


All it takes is imagination and a will to change for the better, to turn our own kampungs and... More ››


Why do we need to spend RM1 billion to buy an incinerator when present sanitary landfills can solve all... More ››


Don’t fight over the post of PM; fight for a PM who can only exercise power within the confines... More ››


Pakar nuklear dan ahli politik, Ahmad Termizi Ramli, berkata persoalannya bukan sahaja mengenai manfaat, tetapi sama ada ia wajar... More ››


Golongan korup mudah menelan 'Islam Petrol' dibawa Saudi demi kelangsungan mereka. Islam jenis ini penuh dengan hamburan kemilau wang,... More ››


Jakarta-based security analyst Sidney Jones, who heads think-tank the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, described the claim by... More ››


The "Black Crows" focuses on the stories of the women who volunteer with or are forced to join the... More ››


The suspects paid Cambodian donors US$5,800 for their kidneys and then charged patients more than US$40,000 for the transplants. More ››


Protesters wanted the statue of the robe-clad, blindfolded woman holding scales, said to represent justice, destroyed and replaced with... More ››


Both actors appear in the campaign short film "Let Them Live," newly produced by Survival International. More ››


She says other foreign women were also duped into forced marriage by Pakistani men. More ››


Captain Underpants may not be as fast as a speeding bullet or as powerful as a locomotive but Pilkey's... More ››


Pertandingan ratu cantik Jumbo Queen bakal menjadi platform bagi wanita bersaiz "plus" mempamer kecantikan mereka. More ››


Sikap berbelanja berlebih-lebihan ini bagaikan sukar dikikis bagi sesetengah orang kerana nafsu besar untuk beraya habis-habisan kerana beranggapan "sesekali... More ››


A study of women in India who learned to read in their 30s shows the human brain's incredible capacity... More ››


Before he agreed to produce Roger Waters' first album in 25 years, Nigel Godrich had some hard words to... More ››


The value of the Bitcoin, the internet's most widely used virtual currency, has more than doubled since the beginning... More ››


Nishikori took his head-to-head record against Anderson to 4-1 and reached his first semi-final on clay this season as... More ››


United beat Dutch side Ajax 2-0 in Sweden goals by Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan sealing an emotional win... More ››


"Despite only being in charge for a short period of time, the 39-year-old became a firm fans favourite and... More ››


Bourdais was hurt when he crashed on the third lap of a qualifying attempt for Sunday's 101st Indy 500.... More ››


Van Garderen's win moved the American up to 21st place, but at nearly 40 minutes behind leader Dutchman Tom... More ››


Asked about Mercedes' apparently disappointing performance, Vettel added: "I don’t know what happened to them today. More ››


The order comprises four planes from the A320 NEO family and two Airbus A330-900 aircraft, the leasing company said... More ››


The weakness in commodity currencies gave some respite to the US dollar, which has been on the defensive after... More ››


Tusk said in a televised statement after the joint meeting with Trump that trade was one of the issues... More ››


Barclays said the ongoing production cut would result in a drawdown of bloated fuel inventories, but added that OPEC's... More ››


The company expects to receive net after-tax proceeds of US$529 million from the sale, and proceeds will help fund... More ››


Motiva, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, is exploring opportunities to increase refining capacity, branch into chemicals and... More ››