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He was in convoy with 30 other superbike riders from KL to Kuantan. More ››

Datuk Leong Yong Kong

Kedah MCA Chairman Lee Chee Leong says the Exco member, Leong Yong Kong, is unhappy over the tabling of... More ››

Budiman Mohd Zohdi2

Budiman Mohd Zohdi sees no problem being assemblyman and MP to address the problems of the people. More ››

rat urine disease

He was admitted to hospital with heavy mouth bleeding and shortness of breath. More ››

Customs Department

The tax on all the seized goods was estimated to be RM15.2 million, which is the largest seizure by... More ››


Comedian and AirAsia boss spar over charging each other for services in funny advertisement for premiere of talk show... More ››

Malaysian Statistics Department

In 2015, the mean monthly salary and wage of employees with tertiary education was RM3,854 and those with secondary... More ››

Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar

Prime Minister Najib Razak says Wahid will remain as a member of the Economic Council, which is chaired by... More ››

Khalid Abdul Samad

Amanah President Mat Sabu and Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin are among those listed as possible candidates. More ››

alvin tan

Controversial sex blogger, who has fled to the US after skipping bail, reacts to Facebook users who shared news... More ››

illegal car rentals

The three men, in their 20s, from Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, were believed to have been involved in the... More ››


Police are investigating the fisticuffs outside the Aman Central shopping centre in Alor Star. More ››


Umno President Najib Razak says a lot of local sentiments are also at work during these by-elections. More ››

najib Muhammad Ibrahim

Bank Negara governor has lodged police report over WSJ article More ››

najib hadi

Umno president says his party has explained to BN components that the bill brought by PAS was to enhance... More ››


Throughout his arrest, the Internet was filled with memes calling for the release of football fan Masyhur Abdullah. More ››


“This amendment will increase the penalties of the shariah court, which has not been enhanced for a long time,”... More ››

black tortoises

Man was heading to Indonesia from Dhaka with tortoises in luggage and was arrested while in transit at KLIA. More ››

Budiman Mohd Zohdi

Budiman Mohd Zohdi tidak bimbang dengan pertembungan tiga penjuru yang hampir pasti berlaku kerana yakin dengan kekuatan UMNO. More ››

Dr Abdul Rani Osman

Kelibat pimpinan daripada PKR tidak kelihatan walaupun PAS masih sebahagian daripada Kerajaan Selangor. More ››

Datuk Leong Yong Kong

Perbincangan dengan Timbalan Pengerusi MCA Kedah berhubung perletakan jawatannya akan diadakan selepas 2 minggu More ››

Khalid Abdul Samad

Antara nama yang diletakkan sebagai calon termasuk Presiden AMANAH, Mohamad Sabu dan dan bekas Menteri Besar Perak, Mohammad Nizar More ››

najib Muhammad Ibrahim

Pendedahan terbaru Wall Street Journal berkenaan 1MDB melibatkan pembongkaran dokumen rahsia OSA More ››

najib election

Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir dilantik menjadi Pengarah Pilihan Raya di Kuala Kangsar, manakala Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Selangor... More ››

Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar

Abdul Wahid berhasrat untuk hanya berkhidmat bagi satu penggal. More ››


"Tolonglah, dia bukan bekas teman wanita saya! Bekas teman wanita saya orang Singapura," katanya di Facebook. More ››


Mangroves here are being threatened by tourist boat activities and pollution due to littering. More ››


Only a race-free policy can convince the people that the government is socially just, fair and democratic with a... More ››


Setelah sekian lama tidak terlibat dalam sesi pembelajaran, kebanyakan pendidik tidak pasti atau tidak tahu berapa banyak yang mereka... More ››


No one of substance in government is bold enough to raise the right issues as most prefer wallowing in... More ››

High-speed rail will hurt Malaysia

It will likely ruin Malaysian entities and benefit Singapore. More ››

syed saddiq

More and more citizens are standing up against the structures of oppression. More ››


According to Brazilian media, a video posted on Wednesday showed a teenage girl who claimed she was raped... More ››


The remarks from Wang Weixing, a military analyst and a board member of the Association for Relations Across the... More ››


Traditional attitudes prizing white skin in women have contributed to bias against dark-skinned people. More ››


Such deaths are not unusual in a nation where the police force has a track record of extra-judicial killings,... More ››


Three women from Great Britain, Germany and Hong Kong were killed in the accident on Thursday, police said. More ››


The atomic blast in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 killed 140,000 people; tens of thousands died instantly, while the... More ››


In the 26th edition of Dr. Beach's Top 10 Beach List, the marine protected area enclosed in a breached... More ››


"Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal Birthday" sees the popular bear from A.A. Milne's children's stories travel to London with friends... More ››


Among the other defendants are the producer Skrillex and Vivendi's Universal Music Group. The lawsuit was filed in the... More ››


The passion to get his name in the record book led him to perform some bizarre acts, including delivering... More ››


Episode VIII in the saga is scheduled for release in December 2017. More ››


LOS ANGELES: Johnny Depp’s wife has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences after 15 months of marriage to the... More ››


David will complete a hat-trick of World Series finals titles after the women's event's three-year hiatus if she triumphs... More ››


LONDON: Jose Mourinho was expected to become Manchester United’s new manager on Friday after reportedly agreeing a deal to take... More ››


PARIS: World number one Novak Djokovic and nine-time winner Rafael Nadal racked up personal Grand Slam milestones at the French... More ››


LONDON: Jose Mourinho has agreed to become the new manager of Manchester United, according to British media reports on... More ››


Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton said they were stunned by the unexpected speed of Red Bull’s Daniel... More ››


WENTWORTH: Australian Scott Hend, South Korea’s YE Yang, the 2009 US PGA winner, and Joost Luiten of the Netherlands... More ››


A jury ruled Thursday that Google did not unfairly use parts of Java programming language, saving the tech giant... More ››


Wall Street treaded water on Thursday following two days of strong gains as advancing utilities offset declines in materials,... More ››

It will also be available in China, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. More ››


The budget carrier founded by billionaire Tony Fernandes reported a 17 percent growth in passenger volume while the average... More ››


In search of ways that could make even the preparation of a holiday feel like a vacation, FMT discovers... More ››


TOKYO: Japan has passed a law regulating virtual currency, after the country found itself at the epicentre of a... More ››