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Tenaganita co-director Aegile Fernandez urges public to speak up following latest Trafficking in Persons report. More ››


The prime minister also urges those returning home for Aidilfitri to exercise caution on the roads. More ››


Move is to destabilise the Opposition but, party leaders say, it will only unite the three parties in the... More ››


Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says Transparency International and the Auditor-General have praised the way Penang is managed. More ››


Annual exports of liquefied natural gas and crude oil in May fell 32.6 percent, despite slightly higher shipments of... More ››


Selangor Islamic Religious Department to abide by Sultan's decree, after mosque allows Selayang MP William Leong into prayer hall. More ››


Bersih 2.0 Chair Maria Chin reveals more than 100,000 voters have been moved to different constituencies without Parliament being... More ››


The prosecution should ensure that all involved in the case will not escape justice. More ››


Amanah President says arrest of Penang chief minister a rerun of persecution episode from almost two decades ago. More ››


The facts and surrounding circumstances of Guan Eng's case does not place an obligation upon him to resign. More ››


Chief Minister Adenan Satem says Sarawak will follow decision of the Federal Government. More ››


Company head says this is to bring in another investor to co-anchor the initial public offering. More ››


One analyst says the way Penang CM Lim Guan Eng was arrested may make him appear a martyr, while... More ››


Sarawak CID chief says five male and one female suspects, aged between 22 and 41, have been arrested More ››


Magistrate Mohd Faizal Ismail ruled the prosecution had failed to prove the charge against her. More ››


DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang spews sarcasm on the Attorney-General for framing "incredible" graft charges against the... More ››


According to PwC’s Total Retail 2016 Survey, almost half of Malaysian consumers are making online purchases at least monthly. More ››


The Penang Chief Minister faces corruption charges in court but DAP has failed to practice what it preaches. More ››


Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor akur dengan titah Sultan, selepas masjid mengizinkan Ahli Parlimen Selayang William Leong memasuki dewan solat. More ››


Seorang penganalisis berkata, tangkapan itu menjadikan Guan Eng wira, manakala seorang lagi berpandangan masih terlalu awal berkata demikian. More ››


Dua pemandu teksi itu mengaku bersalah merosakkan kereta Grab. More ››


"Kita manusia...akan mati, Tuhan akan perhitungkan kita," kata Mat Sabu. More ››


Sanjeevan mendapat rawatan namun dilakukan dengan matanya ditutup dan tangan digari. More ››


Pelajar Maahad Tahfiz Negeri Pahang dihantar bersama tiga lagi pelajar institusi itu melalui program Kembara Ramadan ke Australia,... More ››


Semua suspek termasuk seorang wanita ditahan dalam dua operasi polis. More ››


Ahli Parlimen DAP Lim Kit Siang secara sinis memuji Peguam Negara atas tuduhan rasuah luar biasa terhadap Ketua Menteri... More ››


Sepanjang masa saya berada dalam kerajaan, saya cuba menghentikan amalan menamakan tempat awam dengan nama orang yang masih hidup. More ››


Kedua-dua tuduhan rasuah terhadap ketua menteri akan akhirnya mendedahkan konspirasi politik BN dan pemimpinnya. More ››

lim-guan-eng6_1 (1)

Penangites will stand together and not give up on pursuing our dream of a new model of governance for... More ››


Najib has silenced leaders from within his party and fractured Pakatan Rakyat by offering a pseudo olive branch to... More ››


Kredibiliti menekankan komitmen kepada kebenaran, keadilan dan objektiviti. More ››


To be free from blemishes is not an option for any Opposition politician but an obligation to set the... More ››


ISTANBUL: Turkish police detained 11 foreigners suspected of being members of an Islamic State cell in Istanbul linked to... More ››


The 2016 State Department report noted that people across Myanmar are subject to exploitation, but stressed that the Rohingya... More ››


The navy said it was not immediately clear how the missile had come to be launched, but suggested it... More ››


Demand for Myanmar brides is high in China, where a one-child policy has led to a massive gender imbalance. More ››


WASHINGTON: Tesla said Thursday a driver was killed while using its “autopilot” self-driving mechanism on its Model S electric... More ››


Shaymanonda Das, 45, was hacked to death in front of a temple in Jhinaidah district headquarter. More ››


With over 20 million views in 7 days, dreams becomes top social trending topic in Asia More ››


Overall, about 84 percent reported ever grooming their pubic hair, and nearly all said they trimmed it themselves. More ››


Thomas Ross argued that Apple "hijacked and exploited" a design he came up with in 1992 for an "electronic... More ››


People across Europe apparently rushed to find bargain trips after the June 23 referendum on leaving the European Union,... More ››


The 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, held concurrently with the 1Malaysia Unified Sale promises to be a thrilling shopping extravaganza... More ››


An experimental vaccine against malaria known as Mosquirix — or RTS,S — weakens over time and is only about... More ››


BORDEAUX: Title contenders Germany will come face to face with their ultimate tournament nightmare when they take on Italy... More ››


KINGSTON: It was business as usual for Usain Bolt as he easily qualified for the semi-finals of the men’s 100... More ››


MARSEILLE: Poland striker Robert Lewandowski scored within two minutes of kickoff in the Euro 2016 quarter-final against Portugal but... More ››

Neymar agrees new five-year Barcelona deal

SAO PAULO: Brazilian striker Neymar will sign a new five-year contract with Barcelona this week, his agents said Thursday,... More ››


MADRID: Vicente del Bosque brought the curtain down on one of the most successful managerial careers in football on... More ››

Brazil sacks Olympics anti-doping chief

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil has sacked the head of its anti-doping body less than a week after suspension of... More ››


SYDNEY: China’s vast factory sector flatlined in June as exports shrank and jobs were cut, a worrying trend evident... More ››


NEW YORK: Hershey Co said on Thursday it had rejected a $23 billion takeover bid by Mondelez International Inc ... More ››


Annual exports of liquefied natural gas and crude oil in May fell 32.6 percent, despite slightly higher shipments of... More ››


SINGAPORE: Oil prices rose in Asia on Friday as traders welcomed assurances from central bank around the world that... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: A California jury on Thursday ordered business software giant Oracle to pay Hewlett Packard Enterprise $3 billion... More ››


LONDON: International Petroleum Investment Co’s legal tussle with Malaysia’s 1MBD was not a consideration in its proposed merger with... More ››