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Bank Negara Governor says Malaysian market and banking system are well insulated. More ››


The Umno dissenter says he's primarily interested in seeing Malay leaders unite for the nation's sake. More ››


If Azalina’s motion is adopted, it will be another stain on Malaysia’s Parliament, says DAP supremo. More ››


Instead of over regulating, agencies should increase capabilities. More ››


TPPA Caucus offers legal help to the commission to ensure the study is done before parliament debates the issue. More ››

Masidi Manjun

They are among 135 climbers to be the first group to scale Mountain Kinabalu using the new route today.... More ››


Sparks fly as to whether the alleged charge sheet that murdered DPP Kevin Morais was supposedly preparing against a... More ››


Home ministry says that under immigration laws, the government can bar the entrance of individuals deemed a threat to... More ››


Lembah Pantai MP seeks to defend herself in parliament More ››


Pro-Najib blog says the former premier started the tradition of absolute loyalty to the Umno President. More ››


It’s imperative that the IGP step aside and allow for the investigations to be undertaken by an officer who... More ››


Bank Negara governor says investigations are complete and action is being taken relating to some of the approvals given... More ››


No plea is however recorded from the accused Mohd Abu Haliff Shah Abu Bakar, 28. More ››


UM professor Edmund Terence Gomez says a study on the financing of Malaysia's political system has been completed and... More ››


Minister Wee Ka Siong says most people welcome the Johor Sultan's opinion on vape. More ››


Zaid Ibrahim says lawyer Americk Sidhu is “fearless” for taking up the Morais murder case while the police chief... More ››


1MDB still cannot cancel out the possibilities of incompetence, recklessness or pure intention of profiteering when it paid RM18... More ››


Opposition MP wants report on NFC tabled either today or tomorrow. More ››


Pihak Kerajaan telah mencukaikan kenderaan itu sehingga 300 peratus More ››


Adakah Ahli Parlimen Pekan akan terus menjadi Perdana Menteri? Boleh kita, sebagai rakyat mengharapkan siasatan secara bebas dan adil? More ››


Najib tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah semasa melakukan lawatan rasmi ke Amerika Syarikat baru-baru ini di sebalik siasatan Jabatan Kehakiman... More ››


PKR Cabang Sepang sepatutnya membawa perkara itu kepada parti menggunakan saluran yang betul bukannya membuat aduan kepada RoS. More ››


Rakaman yang menyayat hati pengguna laman sosial dikongsi dalam Facebook Viral Video menggambarkan wanita itu mencuri beberapa barangan makanan... More ››


Dr Mahathir juga mengakui bahawa ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) kini cuba menyekat idea ahli-ahli UMNO untuk membina negara dan... More ››

Toll debate

Kerajaan Barisan Nasional memberikan rakyatnya satu lagi halwa sebagai hadiah tahun baharu, 2016 menerusi berita kenaikan harga tol More ››


NOW juga mengatur siri-siri penerangan ke seluruh negara untuk menerangkan kedudukan sebenar isu pembaziran YaPEIM. More ››

Toll debate

Kerajaan Barisan Nasional memberikan rakyatnya satu lagi halwa sebagai hadiah tahun baharu, 2016 menerusi berita kenaikan harga tol More ››


Kritikan dan pendapat yang berterusan terhadap fesyen wanita ini seolah-olah memperlihatkan kejatuhan maruah wanita adalah semata-mata salah wanita itu... More ››


How does one console a fellow Malaysian who gives up a good life abroad to return to his motherland... More ››


Muhyiddin and other Umno dissenters must know that their suffering is nothing compared to the misery the rakyat... More ››


What the people want to know is whether he'll be able to speak during the Umno general assembly. More ››


Our nation’s mosques leave much to be desired in terms of management and readiness to enter into the modern... More ››


PRISTINA: Kosovo police detained three opposition MPs for questioning Monday after tear gas was used to disrupt parliament for a... More ››


Istanbul: Turkey on Monday detained 1,300 migrants seeking to head to Europe from its Aegean coast, in a major swoop... More ››


Le Bourget: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday accused Ankara of shooting down a Russian warplane to protect supplies of... More ››


PARIS: Bill Gates grows most animated when the talk turns to the “cool” new energy technologies that have yet to... More ››


WASHINGTON: The U.S. Embassy in Kabul warned on Monday of an imminent attack in the Afghan capital, saying it had... More ››


PARIS: World leaders launched an ambitious attempt on Monday to hold back rising temperatures, with the United States and... More ››


It is to make sure young men buy the right size condom to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases. More ››


Take a peek at the videos everyone everywhere is neglecting work to watch More ››


Suspected human abuse victim, Ted the tabby stole the hearts of all his rescuers – only to break them... More ››


A master of South Indian specialties like Pal Appam, Subang Jaya’s Restoran S. Sukumaran will have you Kerala-ing out... More ››


While James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe share an onscreen chemistry that’s undeniable, the movie lacks the pizzazz one would... More ››


Users can download a smartphone application which records their heartbeat via a sensor and then projects this along with... More ››


ABU DHABI: Nico Rosberg’s victory in Sunday’s season-closing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix may not install him as favourite to unseat... More ››


LONDON: Cash-strapped Bolton on Monday revealed they have been unable to pay their players’ wages this month and just hours... More ››


LONDON: Premier League clubs splashed out almost £130 million ($195 million, 185 million euros) on agents’ fees last year in... More ››


LONDON: Davis Cup hero Andy Murray and newly crowned world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury have been named on the... More ››


PARIS: Novak Djokovic has finished the year on top of the ATP world rankings, according to the final list of... More ››


Zurich: Barcelona pair Lionel Messi and Neymar were on Monday named on the shortlist for FIFA’s prestigious Ballon d’Or along... More ››


BANGKOK: The U.S. Ambassador to Thailand said on Monday that the United States supports Thailand’s relationship with China, countering suggestions... More ››


VIENNA: OPEC is set to debate a technical increase of its production ceiling later this week to accommodate returning... More ››


SINGAPORE: Diesel cargoes which had planned to discharge in a heavily-supplied Europe have recently been redirected to Asia where the... More ››

Passersby are reflected on a stock quotation board at a brokerage in Tokyo, Japan, September 29, 2015. REUTERS/Issei Kato

TOKYO: Asian shares were solidly higher on Tuesday, shrugging off one Chinese factory survey that did little to ease... More ››


SINGAPORE: Crude oil prices held at low levels in early trading in Asia on Tuesday as traders bet on... More ››


SHANGHAI: When the International Monetary Fund agrees on Monday to add the Chinese yuan to its reserves basket in... More ››