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guan eng snap2

DAP secretary-general says the party will continue to engage PKR if it rejects the idea of holding snap polls... More ››


Kinabatangan MP disavows Umno Youth number two's police reports against former BNM governor and former AG over alleged leak... More ››


The 737 Max is the re-engined and upgraded variant of Boeing's popular narrowbody model. More ››

Hafarizam Harun

The DoJ’s civil action, filed last Thursday in a California court, seeks to forfeit and recover more than USD3.5... More ››


Event from August 6-7 in Dataran Petaling Jaya is to create awareness of cancer and raise funds for a... More ››

Apandi Ali

Attorney-General says he has been carrying out his duties openly and faithfully, including in the case of 1MDB. More ››

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

Checks with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) shows five companies parked under Mon Space Group has no asset and... More ››


Justice Abu Bakar Jais said that it was not for the court to decide, at this stage, whether there... More ››


Chinese daily reports he was offered top MACC post, but Noor Rashid denies it. More ››


Already under scrutiny for dealings with 1MDB, US bank is facing a lawsuit for misrepresenting itself, in a case... More ››


No American citizen need fear that he or she will ever be detained without trial. More ››

59-year-old Sam Kian Sang

Man jailed for gun possession in 1988 turns over a new leaf after finding 'God' in prison, and walks... More ››


Man claims two of his family dogs were raped, and one of it, killed, by a pervert still at... More ››

SR 1mdb

Lim Sian See pokes holes in whistleblower site's exposé of ECRL being a RM60 billion bailout for 1MDB. More ››

tengku adnan

Federal Territories Minister says DBKL's review of the rates will be presented to the Cabinet today for a decision. More ››


Report says new taxi fare rate is in the works to streamline and revamp TEKS1M and budget cab operations.... More ››


Sakinab Shah was speaking with CNN in the wake of a report that pilot suicide caused the plane's disappearance. More ››


The local unit was quoted at 4.0590/0640 against the greenback at opening. More ››


Polis mendapati Sultan Johor tidak pernah mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan sebagaimana yang terdapat di dalam blog berkenaan. More ››


Kakitangan berjawatan pembantu pejabat itu diarahkan melaporkan diri ke ibu pejabat pada 18 Julai, tetapi tidak diberikan sebarang tugas. More ››

Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali

Persoalan siapa pengganti Abu Kassim timbul susulan keputusan ketua pesuruhjaya SPRM itu mengumumkan menamatkan khidmatnya mulai 1 Ogos. More ››


Ia melalaikan, mengancam akidah, menggalak pemikiran kartun, mengarut - antara aduan aktivis itu mengenai permainan realiti Pokemon Go. More ››


Saman terbaru itu mengancam untuk mengheret adik-beradik Najib Razak ke dalam kemelut itu. More ››


Hakim berkata pada peringkat ini, bukan tugas mahkamah untuk putuskan sama ada wujud percanggahan dalam afidavit perdana menteri atau... More ››

bung moktar

Bagaimanapun, Exco Pemuda Umno menegaskan laporan polis semalam mewakili pergerakan itu. More ››

59-year-old Sam Kian Sang

Lelaki itu dipenjarakan kerana memiliki senjata api pada 1988 membuka buku baharu selepas menemui Tuhan dalam penjara, dan dibebaskan... More ››


Semangat raya terjejas apabila kebanyakan berita yang menjadi polemik pada masa kini hanyalah kebencian demi kebencian yang hanya membawa... More ››


The fear is that the NSC Act will be misused to silence and intimidate activists, Opposition politicians and dissenting... More ››


With all the nonsense going on in our country today, and everyone cracking their heads about how to resolve... More ››


Tindakan sivil DoJ bukanlah suatu yang sepatutnya kita pikul sebagai isu campur tangan asing, ia beban yang dipaksa mengheret... More ››


Some probably went to her concert out of curiosity. More ››


Masalah driveshaft kereta Ford Focus diketahui lebih awal dan penarikan balik di Australia dibuat tetapi Ford Asean berdiam diri... More ››


Sri Mulyani served as finance minister under the former president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. More ››


More than half of India's child workers are employed in agriculture and more than a quarter in manufacturing -... More ››


She has done good work for women's rights but then she's accepted money from all these different Middle Eastern... More ››


Joshua will take ownership of a resort, which is debt-free, profitable and has more than 20 years left on... More ››


Breaking open deposit boxes, they snatched millions in cash, diamonds, jewellery and other valuables, prosecutors said. More ››


Netflix is teaming up with John Wells Production to work on a feature film on the subject of the... More ››


Get the skinny on "Bad Moms," in which Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn play a trio of... More ››


Telltale's series of adventure game adaptations have always been fun to play with a friend or two chipping in... More ››


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday flagged off commercial train services on the country's first ever standard gauge rail... More ››


Until August 12, visitors to the Louvre Lens Museum -- a regional branch of the world famous Paris museum... More ››


Futuristic technologies that promise to improve people's strength and smarts by editing genes, implanting brain chips or super-charging blood... More ››


Mahfuz Omar wants the trio named in Umno Youth's police report yesterday to ‘keep on fighting’. More ››


RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazilian football star Neymar is a party boy and he’s not going to apologize for it. At... More ››


WOBURN: Lydia Ko and Brooke Henderson – ranked number one and two in the world – are two teenagers enjoying... More ››


MONTREAL: French Open champion Garbine Muguruza of Spain pulled out of her opening match at the WTA hardcourt tournament in... More ››


LAUSANNE: Ninteen more Russian rowers were banned from the Olympics on Tuesday, taking the toll of the nation’s athletes... More ››


SPRINGFIELD: Third-ranked Jordan Spieth has simplified his game to try and ease a season of frustrations and recapture the... More ››


The deal, worth RM63.8 million, is expected to create a more cohesive and efficient operating structure, says the parent... More ››


Oil prices dipped in Asian trading on Wednesday as plentiful supplies and slowing economic growth weighed on markets, although... More ››


Asian stocks edged up early on Wednesday following a relatively upbeat session overnight for U.S. and European stocks, with... More ››


Apple Inc sold more iPhones than Wall Street expected in the third quarter and estimated its revenue in the... More ››


Tesla Motors Inc’s “master plan” to broaden the electric vehicle maker’s product line could cost “tens of billions” of... More ››


Twitter Inc reported its slowest revenue growth since going public in 2013 and set a disappointing forecast, fanning concerns... More ››