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The government hiking the levy on foreign workers to increase its revenue is not the right approach as it... More ››


Freed from remand by Sessions Court but police obtain detention order from Crime Prevention Board More ››


They have had “enough” and prefer to put the various issues plaguing the country on the backburner, at least... More ››


Politicians hoping to win over Sabah and Sarawak voters must respect the two states' autonomous rights on immigration. More ››


Ampang lawmaker calls on citizens to be more mature and accept this shortcoming. More ››


Newly-minted Kedah Menteri Besar Ahmad Bashah made the request to house local traders into a common locale to... More ››


Homemade explosives used to force open ATM at bank at 3.30am. More ››


Police will act against controversial blogger Papagomo to send a clear message that people should not take the law... More ››


Police report lodged over Facebook threat to bomb Najib Razak's residence on Saturday. More ››


The boys take their jobs seriously and perform for temple goers every Chinese New Year. More ››


The question was whether the great paradox was sustainable or whether a tipping point was being reached where Najib’s... More ››


Many "fear" the amount of "ang pau" they have to dole out and say its a daily struggle to... More ››


Wanita Umno chief hits out at her predecessor's comment on “culture of self-interest” in Kedah. More ››


Three-man bench chaired by Justice Mohd Zawawi Salleh say they are of the opinion that the defence put up... More ››


Malaysian Employers Federation says it is already hard to attract foreign labour, especially with Indonesia also offering better pay. More ››


Economist says both countries have a good manufacturing base and many multinational companies would be interested to invest and... More ››


“Former minister was merely skimming the surface in praising the agreement”. More ››


Zahid Hamidi says the aim of the policy is to keep Malaysia an independent, sovereign and peaceful nation capable... More ››


Kira-kira 1.9 juta orang tinggal di Tainan (bandar yang terkesan dengan gempa bumi), salah sebuah bandar tertua di negara... More ››


Haiwan terbabit dilanggar MPV ketika cuba melintasi lebuh raya dalam kejadian pada kira-kira jam 1 pagi, hari ini. More ››


Kesilapan FINAS memaparkan kategori pemilikan penerbit filem menerima pelbagai reaksi daripada orang seni yang tidak berpuas hati. More ››

foreign workers

Majikan tidak berlaku adil pada pekerja tempatan dan asing, terlalu tumpu pada keuntungan. More ››


Perdana Menteri sebelum ini mendedahkan derma RM2.6 bilion digunakan untuk melawan pengaruh Ikhwan Muslimin. More ››


Timbalan Presiden parti itu meramalkan pencarum dan pelabur akan hilang keyakinan terhadap Lembaga Tabung Haji jika langkah pemulihan tidak... More ››


Seksyen 223 Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998 turut menetapkan denda lanjutan RM1,000 bagi setiap hari kesalahan diteruskan selepas pensabitan. More ››


Shreya Darji hidup dengan sekurang-kurangnya 10 semut yang merayap masuk ke saluran telinganya bagaimanapun tidak berhadapan sebarang sakit atau... More ››


Not willing to accept that he was wrong and Wawasan 2020 not really workable after twice derailed by oil... More ››


Are actions not subject to the same tenets of Islam or only to the views of those such as... More ››


Kesilapan FINAS memaparkan kategori pemilikan penerbit filem menerima pelbagai reaksi daripada orang seni yang tidak berpuas hati. More ››


Don't be tricked into responding to their insults. All they want is to distract you from the important issues. More ››


Politicians hoping to win over Sabah and Sarawak voters must respect the two states' autonomous rights on immigration. More ››


Kementerian Kesihatan yang dipimpin oleh Presiden MIC perlu memberi keutamaan kepada isu arak murah kerana kini masalah sosial meningkat... More ››


WASHINGTON: U.S. and UK spy agencies and police may soon be allowed to directly ask media companies in each... More ››


CAIRO: The militant group al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of two Australians... More ››


WASHINGTON: Satellite images taken this week of North Korea’s Sohae rocket launch site show apparent fueling activity seen in... More ››


LONDON:WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called on Britain and Sweden on Friday to let him freely leave the Ecuadorian embassy... More ››


BEIRUT: Tens of thousands of Syrians fled an intensifying Russian assault around Aleppo on Friday, and aid workers said... More ››


German carmaker will not sacrifice luxury car margins in order to overtake leader BMW. More ››


Dig out your run-down iPhone -- handsets with broken screens, cameras and buttons are now part of the Apple... More ››


We all like to relax and indulge on vacation, but a new study has found that just a one-week... More ››


Ikea restaurants across the US are about to undergo a major makeover to in a bid to make their... More ››


In a recent study by the University of California, Irvine, researchers found that a lack of sleep is linked... More ››


Obama has long described himself as a fan of Earth, Wind & Fire, who hailed from his adopted home... More ››


The two-minute video, which also features Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian and other finance honchos, comes ahead of the... More ››


LONDON: Manuel Pellegrini is on a collision course with the Football Association after Manchester City’s FA Cup tie against... More ››


BBC and Manchester Evening News claim discussions have started with a view to the Portuguese coach taking over at... More ››


LONDON: Former world champions Renault know it will take them years to get back on top in Formula One... More ››


MONTEVIDEO: The former head of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) has agreed to hand over more than $10... More ››


KIGALI: Bahrain’s Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa gained a major boost in his bid to become the next... More ››


LONDON: As global health chiefs try to bring a Zika virus epidemic under control, aspiring Olympic athletes are weighing... More ››


NEW YORK: Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates LP, the world’s largest hedge fund, said on Friday that a... More ››


DETROIT: The head of the United Auto Workers said on Friday he has asked Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Sergio... More ››


MANHATTAN: New Jersey on Friday filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) and its luxury units over the German... More ››


NEW YORK: Dismal sales outlooks from marquee technology names sent shares in the enterprise sector crashing on Friday as... More ››


WASHINGTON: U.S. employment gains slowed more than expected in January as the boost to hiring from unseasonably mild weather... More ››


NEW YORK: The Nasdaq Composite that includes large-cap technology names like Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook led another broad rout... More ››