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Economics professor Tham Siew Yean says global sourcing strategies under Geely may spell end for Bumi, non-Bumi vendors that... More ››

(From left) B Suresh, PSM worker Yoga Tasan Ramis and Ismail Garak.

B Suresh of Cameron Highlands PSM says Orang Asli are easily duped into signing documents. More ››


Nationals from China, Japan, United Kingdom and Iran, make up majority of foreigners who choose Johor Baru, Kuala Lumpur... More ››


A MASWings frequent flyer passenger found unconscious by crew upon arrival in Miri airport, succumbs in hospital. More ››


M Manogaran says it will be a mistake to underestimate BN’s power in the area. More ››


Religious issues shouldn't be seen as sensitive in a country proud of its diverse cultures, says ex-deputy minister. More ››


Deputy Transport Minister Ab Aziz Kaprawi says the commission will also take appropriate action to ensure that air fares... More ››


Lawyer Nik Elin Nik Rashid says Inclusive Community Outreach Action Programme to help delinquent youths in wake of tahfiz... More ››


Minister remains hopeful that Najib Razak will raise civil servants’ salaries and upgrade Shariah Court buildings. More ››


The MyPPP president says his party is a better option than MIC to contest parliamentary seat in GE14. More ››


Defence Minister says centre for international peace will help tackle threats posed by terrorist group. More ››


Sabah minister Masidi Manjun says despite low ranking, the country performed better than Thailand and Indonesia which are 6... More ››


LHDN warns public to be wary of fake emails as they do not notify taxpayers via email, nor ask... More ››


Art Harun says it shows PAS is not averse to enforcing Islamic laws on non-Muslims. More ››


Minister says trip was chiefly to raise the profile and positive perception towards Malaysia as a trade and investment... More ››


Highest temperature recorded is 36 degrees and thunderstorms will occur in some parts of the peninsula, says weatherman. More ››


Twelve fighting cockerels and 14 men detained near Taiping. More ››


The deputy prime minister says there is no case to answer regarding the businessman. More ››


Ia melibatkan 2 bas kilang dan sebuah van membawa kira-kira 40 penumpang. More ››

Penduduk Orang Asli Cameron Highlands, Ismail Garak (kanan) bersama aktivis PSM, B Suresh dan Yoga Tasan Ramis.

Mudah untuk menakutkan penduduk Orang Asli dengan hanya berbekalkan dokumen, kata aktivis PSM. More ››


Sebelum ini, Raja Salman mengarahkan 1 juta riyal dibayar kepada keluarga jemaah haji yang terkorban termasuk 7 dari Malaysia. More ››


Lawatan itu berprofil tinggi dan kosnya tidak perlu disorok, kata Maria Chin. More ››


Suhu tertinggi yang dicatatkan minggu lalu ialah 36 darjah celcius dan tidak mencapai tahap suhu gelombang haba iaitu melebihi... More ››


Warga Malaysia dan negara asing lain juga dipercayai terbunuh dalam serangan tentera hari ini. More ››


Josim dan adiknya datang ke Malaysia setahun lalu untuk bekerja dan mengirim wang kepada ibu bapa mereka di Bangladesh. More ››


Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia berkata kenaikan jumlah pesakit sehingga 30% dan potongan belanjawan kementerian menyebabkan kekurangan bekalan ubat. More ››


The extraordinary post-mortem findings of some local custodial death cases leads one to question either the competence or the... More ››


The lack of accountability in the preparation of the post-mortem report has allowed the detention authorities in some cases... More ››


The government has been borrowing from abroad at an unprecedented pace and the country has unnecessarily become much more... More ››


Penang deputy chief minister says there is currently nothing to prove that the recent hillslope collapse at a construction... More ››


Group laments latest tragedy, says migrant workers are working under conditions that could be considered 'modern day slavery', without... More ››


Jika intipati ceramah Nik Amar dijadikan ukuran, nampaknya hanya Umno yang ingin memikat PAS, dan bukanlah sebaliknya. More ››


Queensland's environment department said the men's actions were 'reckless'. More ››


A ban on laptops and tablets in checked baggage could be coming down the pipeline if civil aviation authorities... More ››


The change could force those who run pages, everyone from news outlets to musicians to sports teams, to pay... More ››

baby-feet (1)

Though "jihad" can mean a personal and non-violent struggle against sin for Muslims, rather than an Islamic holy war,... More ››


Myanmar considers the Rohingya to be stateless, although they trace their families’ presence in the country for generations. More ››


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it was cutting the permissible vehicle growth rate in the city-state to 0%... More ››


A note that Albert Einstein gave to a courier in Tokyo, briefly describing his theory on happy living, has... More ››


El Salvador tops a new report from Gallup which ranks the countries that have made the biggest gains in... More ››


New US research has revealed some of the factors that could be influencing the risk of postpartum depression (PPD),... More ››


Gone are the days of the butter mountains when the EU had to step in to mop up surpluses.... More ››


Announced on Monday, the new GT Performance Pack Level 2 is a new package of improvements for the latest-generation... More ››


Perry was in town for her "Witness" tour, and mentioned the wedding visit during her Sunday performance, according to... More ››


AC Milan captain Leonardo Bonucci has been given a two-game ban for elbowing and will miss their clash against... More ››


A Brazilian player who handles the ball into the net during the World Cup or gains advantage by cheating... More ››


After substantial investment in new recruits during the off-season, Everton’s expectations were raised but the performances have been so... More ››


The stickers and anti-Semitic slurs were found on glass barriers, walls and bathrooms in a section of Rome’s Olympic... More ››


Fighting broke out at a cafe after Club Bruges’s 1-0 home win over Royal Antwerp. Fans of Dutch clubs... More ››


The four-time Ballon d‘Or winner won a La Liga and Champions League double with the Madrid club this year,... More ››


Early Pixel 2 users have voiced frustration with mishaps, including a potentially serious problem with the screen. More ››


The purchase gives Cisco a stronger foothold in selling products to big telecom firms which can then provide integrated... More ››


The three Apple patents covered design elements of the iPhone such as its black rectangular front face, rounded corners,... More ››


Kaspersky did not name the outside reviewers, but said they would have strong software security credentials and be able... More ››


Delivery of affordable, convenient and healthy food appeals to millions of customers in the region, Dahmakan co-founder Jessica Li... More ››


Net profit jumped 10% to 423 million euros (US$498 million) for the period from July through September. More ››