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The new initiatives include Emergency Button, Eagle-i Car Video Recorder Dash Cam and Telematics Programme, says Grab Malaysia Country... More ››


According to one former station operator, Caltex had imposed conditions for the meeting. More ››


Health minister says some parents practise homoeopathy and believe these medicines will protect their children against all kinds of... More ››


Loretto Padua Jr of Warisan says Defence Minister must seek a permanent solution to the territorial claim and not... More ››


Deloitte says it is not under investigation with respect to MACC’s probe on Felda Investment Corporation’s London hotel purchase... More ››


The victim encountered hornets nesting on the pole while scaling up the pole. More ››


BNSC deputy director Eric See-To says he has not received any legal letter from Penang CM whose office stated... More ››


National Registration Department says any change to the practice would only come about through a ruling from the Federal... More ››


Sentul police chief ACP R Munusamy says it is believed the baby died two days ago and was physically... More ››


Home ministry has made decision to obtain biometric information directly from refugees now. More ››


Federal tourism and culture ministry says Sabah has great potential but more must be done to beat other established... More ››


The masses can no longer expect changes through government institutions as they have been destroyed, says Khairuddin Abu Hassan. More ››


Sarawak PKR chief says BN state figures, including chief ministers, must put aside their loyalty to their federal ‘political... More ››


Police say the World War 2 bomb has been identified as an airdrop bomb weighing 226kg, measuring 130cm long. More ››


The export of the durians to China is set to increase following high demand for the fruit, says Fama. More ››


In other Commonwealth countries, such as Singapore, the court has declared that the prosecutorial power of the AG can... More ››


The High Court allows Najib to intervene in Zaid Ibrahim's suit to compel AmBank to disclose details of Prime... More ››


SAPP president Yong Teck Lee claims Sabah government having cold feet in approving 13 new state seats as it... More ››


Deloitte berkata ia tidak disiasat SPRM yang sedang menyiasat pembelian sebuah hotel di London oleh Felda Investment Corporation. More ››


Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri memohon maaf atas kesilapan dan kecuaian menghantar surat meminta waris menjelaskan cukai tertunggak seorang pembayar... More ››


Ini kerana keputusan mahkamah tidak menaikkan taraf anak luar nikah, membenarkan mewarisi harta atau menjadi wali, kata peguam Syahredzan... More ››


Mahkamah Tinggi membenarkan Najib mencelah saman Zaid Ibrahim memaksa AmBank mendedahkan butiran akaun bank perdana menteri. More ››

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SPRM akan meneliti semua dokumen tersebut untuk mengenal pasti sama ada wujud unsur rasuah dan salah guna kuasa. More ››


Yong bertanya sama ada kerajaan BN berasa gementar kerana bimbang kerusi baharu beri kelebihan kepada pembangkang. More ››


Keputusan mengunakan 'bin Abdullah' selaras dengan keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi sebelum ini, kata Pengarah JPN Yazid Ramli. More ››


Mereka menolak syarat yang Caltex tetapkan iaitu tidak membincangkan sebab pemberhentian dan pampasan dan tanpa penglibatan kerajaan. More ››


If there is a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the forex losses, why is there no RCI on 1MDB? More ››


Petaling Jaya Utara MP says none of his questions were rejected because they were 'sub judice'. More ››


Vandalism may be the expression of people who are frustrated and disillusioned with the dichotomy between what they are... More ››


Petaling Jaya Utara MP wants govt to reveal if there was another undocumented 'letter of support' for 1MDB in... More ››


The sentences passed to a regular person and a well-known businessman prove that there is a need to review... More ››


Serdang MP says minister in charge of SPAD has to answer to drivers if a Drivers’ Tribunal is not... More ››


The 10-year-old girl, who has not been named, was allegedly raped several times by an uncle. More ››


Charlie Gard was born with a rare form of mitochondrial disease that causes progressive muscle weakness, including in key... More ››


The cubs appear to make repeated attempts to sneak out of the enclosure, with staff manhandling them to keep... More ››


The drugs chief said Indonesia would not replicate the bloody war on drugs in the Philippines under President Rodrigo... More ››


The girl claimed she conceived after being sexually assaulted by a local teenager which her parents had forced her... More ››


Many of the passengers were already standing, ready to get off, when the train crashed, the newspaper La Vanguardia... More ››


Setiap pihak perlu memahami tanggungjawab sebagai pengguna jalan raya khususnya penunggang motosikal dalam mengikuti saranan seperti berpakaian terang, lampu... More ››


From smiley faces to thumbs up, there are now some 2,600 different emojis worldwide and, according to a July... More ››


Peserta yang dijangka menjadi pesaing utama ialah pelajar universiti Oxford di United Kingdom, Syakirah. More ››


Anny Divya menjadi kapten pesawat Boeing 777 pada usia 30 tahun. More ››


Being on vacation is a great time to switch off your phone in order to switch off your mind,... More ››


Vida juga berkongsi impiannya untuk menjadi komposer dan penulis lirik lagu selepas kejayaan lagu nyanyian pertamanya itu. More ››


English top flight clubs have already spent over 850 million pounds ($1.11 billion) in the current transfer window and... More ››


"Whether he plays well or not doesn't really change things. Of course, we want to keep him but there... More ››


In marked contrast to Tottenham, the other clubs expected to fight for the title have been spending heavily. More ››


The Italians would have been delighted with their first-half performance as Spalletti's defence closed down almost every Bayern threat... More ››


World championship leader believes it would be 'ignorant and stupid' for Formula One not to introduce new cockpit head... More ››


England will take on France and Spain will face Austria on Sunday, while hosts the Netherlands will play against... More ››


The rupee is rallying and the country's bonds are in demand, offering some of the best inflation-adjusted returns in... More ››


The firm shipped 23.16 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2017, up 70% from the previous quarter, marking... More ››


As tech has taken over the world, the opportunities in the security field have exploded. More ››


Benchmark Brent LCOc1 futures rose 52 cents, or 1 percent, to settle at $51.49 a barrel, while U.S. West... More ››


Wal-Mart Stores Inc in February began inviting sellers from China, the United Kingdom and Canada to list on the... More ››


Singapore Airlines said the outlook for the aviation industry remained challenging, but the carrier would continue to take delivery... More ››