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Chief Minister Musa Aman says tropical storm Lan has wreaked havoc in the west coast. More ››


The victim was given a fake number to call Bank Negara. More ››


Philippine authorities checking bodies of slain militants in attempt to identify the elusive Malaysian terrorist. More ››


She had pleaded guilty to soliciting RM100 from the lance corporal. More ››


With social media skills, younger royals are proving to be influential in Southeast Asia, while kings are beginning to... More ››


The Form Six student was also fined RM5,000 by the magistrate’s court. More ››


An aide to Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin asks reporter to leave after saying that minister will not... More ››


PM pays tribute to founder of the YTL Group of Companies Yeoh Tiong Lay. More ››


Since 2011, Malaysia has been at the top of the list of visa waiver refusals, mainly because some Malaysians... More ››


Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali says taskforce was formed in view of the seriousness of the allegations. More ››


Ex-CM hails the late secretary to three Penang chief ministers as one of the most dedicated persons he ever... More ››


Court of Appeal says no reason to depart from the High Court's decision that the charges against Mohamad Sabu... More ››


NGO of retired military and police officers says fostering unity to build a new Malaysia should be the priority,... More ››


Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong wants Foreign Minister Anifah Aman to explain the matter in Parliament and reveal how... More ››


The Warisan president is expected to be questioned by the MACC today. More ››


What is needed are sound economic programmes and a stop to the abuse of government funds to gain personal... More ››

Ong See Fook at his office cubicle at Level 28, Komtar.

Ong See Fook was regarded as the 'unshakeable pillar of Komtar', serving three different CMs through various political and... More ››


Authorities say they are verifying the identity of 13 terrorists who were killed in overnight operations in Marawi. More ››


Mat Sabu bersyukur selepas 6 tahun, akhirnya beliau bebas daripada tuduhan memfitnah berkaitan insiden Bukit Kepong pada 1950. More ››


Kesalahan itu dilakukan di kaki lima kedai pakaian Hari-Hari, Jalan Petaling pada 10.40 malam Selasa lalu. More ››


Sejak 2011, Malaysia berada dalam senarai tertinggi penolakan pengecualian visa kerana sesetengah rakyat Malaysia disyaki bukan pengunjung tulen. More ››


Uber teruja menjadi rakan kongsi KWSP bagi membantu pemandunya membuat pilihan lebih baik dalam pelan persaraan dan jaminan kewangan... More ››


Saham YTL susut 1 sen kepada RM1.36 dengan 1.86 juta saham diniagakan setakat hari ini. More ››


Saintis politik, Marzuki Mohamad berkata, Najib mungkin memerlukan lebih banyak masa untuk mengubah keadaan, tetapi beliau mungkin kesuntukan masa. More ››


Pasukan khas itu ditubuhkan Selasa lalu di sebalik klip video menunjukkan seorang lelaki menyerupai ketua pesuruhjaya SPRM bercuti di... More ››


Mat Sabu berkata beliau amat lega dengan keputusan itu selepas mahkamah menolak rayuan pihak pendakwaan. More ››


Tindakan ke atas Zamihan hanya diambil, apabila beliau menegur Sultan Johor. Kalau kes tersebut tidak melibatkan sultan, saya yakin... More ››

ringgit-malaysia (1)

US-based think tank says in 2014, Malaysia accounted for around 6% of total illicit flows of all developing countries. More ››


Malaysia Airlines does not need a 'rotating CEO syndrome' to add to its current challenges. More ››

A flag at a guardhouse, tangled and wrapped around its flagpole.

How is it that flags hung at various locations in Kuala Lumpur are in a tattered, torn and sorry... More ››


If water is used to clean religiously unclean people, the same principle can be applied to the clothes put... More ››

islam_ustaz (3)

Ini sebabnya mengapa umat Melayu terkesan dengan najis yang sudah dikincah dengan air mutlak dalam mesin basuh. More ››


Maryam and Safdar were present in court, but Sharif sent a representative while he tends to his ailing wife... More ››


The September 23 election ended deadlocked with populist "kingmaker" Winston Peters holding the balance of power and opting on... More ››


In the online game, called "Clap for Xi Jinping: A Great Speech", players tap on their phones along with... More ››


The Swiss government opposed letting men take subsidized paternity leave from their jobs, saying it would cost too much... More ››


The scenes evoked pictures of destruction in war-torn Middle Eastern cities like Aleppo and Mosul. More ››


Experts say those who stayed are now likely to head for Turkey in the hope of travelling on to... More ››


The latest edition, ‘Asterix et la Transitalique’ (Asterix and the Chariot Race), is set in ancient Italy. More ››


Experts say the "computer game" feel to some shows can be a little off-putting. More ››


Sesetengah keluarga mengamalkan perkahwinan aturan bagi mencari jodoh daripada etnik, kasta atau budaya sama agar tradisi turun temurun tidak... More ››


Ahead of World Osteoporosis Day, Friday, October 20, here's a roundup of some recommendations on how to reduce the... More ››


A Sabah outlet has come up with nasi lemak that goes with freshly baked lobster, believed to be the... More ››


Google Maps can also be used to explore the surface of the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto, as... More ››


Sports minister says he is confident that Tunku Ismail, given time, will build a successful national football squad. More ››


Kylian Mbappe, Edinson Cavani and Neymar, who form the world’s most expensive frontline, all netted, while Angel Di Maria... More ››


The 18-year old Belgian, the youngest keeper to play in the Champions League, was undone by Marcus Rashford’s long-range... More ››


Tsurenko, who took control of the match early in the first set, defeated Vandeweghe 7-5, 1-6, 6-2 in just... More ››


Beitia, who won the high jump competition at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro last year, is the... More ››


Mane hurt his hamstring in Senegal’s last Group D game a 2-0 away win over the Cape Verde Islands... More ››


With the advent of computer technology and the speed at which that technology has transformed the market, it is... More ››


Metrobank said the sale would provide it with additional earnings and improve efficiencies between the bank and the credit... More ››


Rimau commissioner says good prospects in the airline business, acquisition to be completed by November. More ››


United has acknowledged the short-term impact on profit from matching sharply discounted fares against its competitors, but has said... More ››


Customers would be notified next month but did not have a timetable for when parts will be available. More ››


The tie-up would help fast-growing Asian companies to list on the SGX and subsequently pursue a Nasdaq listing as... More ››