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Banned pesticides found in rivers and tap water, says consumer advocate More ››


The finger was transported to the United States where FBI agents compared its DNA to one of Marwan's siblings... More ››

Tony pua, clown 1MDB

Tony Pua says the government and 1MDB have become the ultimate butt of jokes in the global financial community. More ››


Mydin is absorbing the tax, insists managing director Ameer Ali and says 6% GST shown on receipt is required... More ››


Patients have to wait six to nine months before taking their turn for an operation. More ››


Blogger Aspan gives his take on why Singapore has left Malaysia far behind. More ››


The secretary general of KPDNKK said four notices were related to the hike in prepaid reload cards and the... More ››


Perak MB says Sultan’s refusal to attend photography was a sign that the opposition’s antics were deemed disrespectful. More ››


Kelantan MB says PAS is experienced enough to go through it alone after having left BN previously and capturing... More ››


The names of the shortlisted candidates will be submitted to the BN top brass for finalisation for the Permatang... More ››


The Finance Ministry has found that the many teething problems of the GST will be ironed out within three... More ››


He says this is possible as long as offences are confined to the State List that covers adultery; accusations... More ››


Najib surprises shoppers by dropping by a hypermarket in Kota Damansara today to observe the first day of GST... More ››


NGO head says journalists are not above the law and the police only arrested TMI staff because a report... More ››

hadi awang, ariff sabri

Ariff Sabri says Parliament records show that no private member's bill has succeeded. More ››


Opposition MPs argue it is not right to equate Ketum to cannabis and morphine, when its hazardous effects are... More ››


MPs say Malaysian public clearly not prepared for GST and point out confusion in stores as a sign of... More ››


Shamsuddin Lias suggests Menteri Besar Azmin Ali take over as Special Economic Advisor or leave the position vacant. More ››

Tegar Septian, Arif Dollah

Arif Dollah ditahan atas dakwaan melakukan penderaan seksual ke atas Tegar. More ››

Jangan lupa jasa Anwar – Mahfuz

Lembaga Pengampunan perlu meneliti secara menyeluruh jasa yang telah disumbangkan bekas TPM kepada pembangunan negara sebelum membuat keputusan More ››


PERKASA syor kuasa penahanan tidak lagi berada di bawah bidang kuasa KDN sebaliknya diletak di bawah satu jawatankuasa... More ››

rafizi SRC

Pengurusan dana awam melalui SRC lebih sensitif dari pinjaman yang dibuat oleh 1MDB kerana ia melibatkan dana pencen. More ››


Azmin mempunyai keupayaan untuk ganti Anwar sebagai Penasihat Ekonomi Negeri. More ››


Jemputan ingkari larangan rakaman majlis perkahwinan anak PM. More ››


Pengguna mendakwa peniaga menaikkan harga surat khabar arus perdana walaupun ia dikecualikan dari GST. More ››


"Tak mau bayar GST, pi dok bulan." More ››


Given the tension between PAS and DAP, it is Anwar's party that has to pick up his burden. More ››


It is easier for a devout Muslim to live in a liberal westernised society than it would be for... More ››


There seems to be a systematic plan to wipe out the name of George Town from Penang, and the... More ››

Time to see if GST is all it's hyped up to be

It has now come down to a game of “wait and see” as GST and its many supposed “positive... More ››

malaysian insider

Are not the police supposed to investigate a case first before catching the suspects instead of the other way... More ››

Space for dissent and debate rapidly shrinking

A human rights black hole is developing in Malaysia, where the freedoms to speak and assemble are severely restricted. More ››

CIMB Bank in Singapore

KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Group Holdings Bhd , Malaysia’s second-largest bank by assets, said on Wednesday it is no longer... More ››

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Europe’s competition regulator is preparing the groundwork to file charges against Google Inc in the antitrust investigation over the... More ››


NEW YORK: Fast-food giant McDonald’s announced Wednesday that it would increase the wages of 90,000 employees in company-owned restaurants... More ››


NEW YORK: HSBC Holdings Plc is making progress toward cleaning up its operations, after reaching a $1.92 billion settlement... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: Delta Air Lines Inc has become the first US airline to accept payments via Alipay, the PayPal-like... More ››

A woman walks past as customers use ATMs at a Bank of America banking center in New York's financial district

WASHINGTON: As the US Supreme Court on Wednesday considered the case of a Massachusetts homeowner battling his mortgage lender... More ››


Vintage never goes out of style, and it seems the latest way for a woman to make a fashion... More ››


Hot cars, hot cast and red-hot box office figures — the juggernaut “Fast & Furious” franchise is revving up... More ››


Americans love their smartphones and rely on them as a key way to go online, but many find the... More ››


David Beckham is to appear on a banknote, while Arsenal are testing a new football for left-footers in April... More ››


MIAMI: A review of 34 clinical trials on a popular drug to treat hair loss in men found that... More ››


Children who play video games for more than three hours a day are more likely to be hyperactive, get... More ››


RANCHO MIRAGE: Lydia Ko, at 17 already the youngest golfer ever to reach number one in the world, will... More ››


LONDON: Liverpool forward Raheem Sterling rejected suggestions he was “money-grabbing” in an interview aired on Wednesday, after his talks... More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: World champion Chen Long of China was on top form as he stormed into the second round... More ››


LONDON: Yorkshire have signed India’s Cheteshwar Pujara until the end of May after cancelling the contract of Younus Khan,... More ››


AUGUSTA: Tiger Woods played an 18-hole practice round at Augusta National but remains uncertain if he will compete in... More ››


TURIN: England substitute Andros Townsend declared that he had silenced his critics after his memorable goal earned Roy Hodgson’s... More ››


SYDNEY: Prince Harry will begin a month-long attachment with the Australian Army on Monday, officials said, spending time on... More ››


BEIJING: Chinese police have rounded up more than 1,000 people involved in an online gambling network, freezing bank accounts... More ››


Female presence in IS's battles to establish a medieval-style caliphate has been unusual with the radical Sunni Islamists imposing... More ››


HALTERN: The small German town of Haltern am See on Wednesday held an emotional memorial service for the 16... More ››


WASHINGTON: Three German reporters and an American journalist are suing police in the Missouri town of Ferguson over their... More ››


ABUJA: A day after becoming the first politician in Nigerian history to succeed a sitting leader by ballot, president-elect... More ››