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AK 1mdb

Tony Pua: Treasury must be open about terms for "embarrasing" rescue of 1MDB. More ››

socso MH17

Next-of-kin will be paid funeral expense of RM1,500 and a maximum of RM2,655 under the Employment Injury Scheme and... More ››


Evidence suggests no physical force was used by police officers during the arrest nor while in detention in the... More ››

idris jusoh bilik darjah

Teaching methods and confidence have improved under English expert mentors. More ››


Two shots were fired at Wisma Sanyan while Premier shopping mall was fired on once. More ››

tali gantung

Five including two Chinese nationals found guilty of trafficking more than 2.7kg of drugs. More ››


Lower court had convicted duo of faking death of wanted criminal Michael Soosai. More ››


The company is working on getting final approval for Kidex from the state. More ››

bionic hands

Prosthesis donated by inABLE member, who made it at a cost of less than RM100 using a 3D printing... More ››


Certificates will be issued after court order has been obtained using SOP. More ››

mustafa ali lim guan eng

“He’s lying and he has a big mouth. I can prove that he’s lying. Just set up the debate.” More ››

Court of Appeal judge Mah Weng Kwai

There's no point being a judge if you don't have freedom to think and decide, says Mah Weng Kwai. More ››


Advisor of NGO Chant and a BN leader offer their views on whether local council polls would ensure better... More ››


It will be challenging for the team after that as the waves are expected to be very high. More ››

samy vellu

Former MIC president will only do so if the prime minister gives the green light. More ››


Spouses must apply for the dissolution of their marriages or obtain Presumption of Death orders before making claims on... More ››

Khalid Azmin

Lim Guan Eng, in a light hearted tone, tells the Selangor MB that DAP will go after him if... More ››


Hizbut Tahrir says Jihad is part of Islam and the government should not prevent our youth from learning the... More ››

MIC saravanan2

Malangnya butang kot terbuka dan memberi peluang kepada jurugambar merakamkannya. More ››


Ketua Umum PKR mendakwa keputusan mensabitkan kesalahan liwat nanti bermotifkan politik. More ››

Datuk Jahara Hamid_rumah_1

Terlalu ingin mencapai hasrat yang keterlaluan menyebabkan DAP tidak mengendahkan risiko. More ››

Samy Vellu_mic_300

Kepemimpinan semasa MIC tidak lagi meletakkan kepentingan masyarakat India dan parti sebagai keutamaan. More ››

MIC saravanan

Hubungan pimpinan tertinggi DAP lebih santun dan tidak bercakaran berbanding parti komponen BN itu. More ››

Liow Tiong Lai_mh370_300

“Kita tidak buat sesuatu untuk menyedihkan hati waris.” More ››


Beliau mencabar Guan Eng berdebat bagi membuktikan bahawa tuduhan Setiusaha Agung DAP itu adalah tidak benar. More ››

Courts gavel_4

Mahkamah Rayuan membenarkan rayuan pihak pendakwaan terhadap keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi yang melepas dan membebaskan Ahmad Ramzi. More ››


We must constantly remind ourselves that we can treat each other better. More ››

KWSP Bankrupt2

How about living within your means instead of borrowing money so you can lead a lavish life you can... More ››


This reader says that the only way to improve our proficiency in the English language is to take matters... More ››

altantuya murder

Former lover Razak Baginda says Altantuya’s murder was straightforward although the case is mired in complexities and inconsistencies. More ››


No new tax is ever beneficial, however the politicians spin it. More ››


The Rukunegara lays out goals and principles for the nation and provides Malaysians with a clear conception of our... More ››


NEW YORK: Shake Shack, a hamburger chain that prides itself on fresh ingredients and good service, soared Friday in... More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: The government is confident that the car price reduction target of 20% by the end of 2017... More ››


LONDON: Qatar Airways on Friday said it had purchased almost 10 percent of IAG, parent of British Airways and... More ››


TOKYO: Japan’s two biggest airlines posted mixed nine-month results on Friday with All Nippon Airways posting a 57 percent... More ››


TOKYO: Honda is probing a deadly crash in the United States possibly linked to exploding air bags blamed for... More ››


NEW YORK: Visa Inc, the world’s largest credit and debit card company, reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday... More ››


Although reports of its demise may have been greatly exaggerated, the development of Google Glass is definitely on hold.... More ››


Drinking more than two alcoholic beverages per day in middle age could increase the risk of stroke more than... More ››


Philipp Mattheis knew his gaming app was addictive when he realised he kept checking his phone — hooked by... More ››


WASHINGTON: US poet, songwriter and singer Rod McKuen has died at the age of 81, US media reported. His... More ››


Ovarian function is important because without it, women are infertile and may be at risk for earlier development of... More ››

super bowl

MONTREAL: A Canadian couple are going to extreme lengths as they prepare to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl by placing... More ››


SYDNEY: Australia’s football body reeled from shock revelations about a movement to oust it from the Asian confederation on... More ››


PARIS:  Former France winger David Ginola’s bid for the FIFA presidency was plunged into confusion on Thursday following an... More ››


BERLIN: Japan’s Shinji Kagawa is poised to start for Bundesliga strugglers Borussia Dortmund at fellow Champions League side Bayer... More ››


LONDON: Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge admits he is desperate to finally make his comeback this weekend after a five-month... More ››


RIO DE JANEIRO: Rio’s famed Maracana stadium, which staged the 1950 and 2014 World Cup finals and will host... More ››


LONDON: Sheffield Wednesday, one of England’s oldest clubs who last played in the Premier League 15 years ago, have... More ››


The group "is changing is communications strategy. It is encrypting its electronic communications, limiting its presence online and using... More ››


MONTREAL: All commercial flights worldwide could soon send out an automated signal every minute in times of distress to... More ››


Australia had set aside A$80-A$90 million last year for the search, already the most expensive ever undertaken. Malaysia has... More ››


Regulators and officials at the meeting will have to juggle political sensitivities and arguments over the budgets of cash-squeezed... More ››


JERUSALEM: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday dismissed as “false” reports that his wife Sara had pocketed at... More ››


A judge will investigate possible "manslaughter" in connection with the crash that killed all 162 people on board. More ››