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tony ua, Rahman Dahlan, LGE 2

The Housing and Local Government Minister also claimed that the Penang Chief Minister practised “revenge politics”. More ››

azizah permatamg

Sauk questions Wan Azizah’s commitment to stand in Permatang Pauh when she is already the assemblyperson for Kajang. More ››

child abuse

Doctors detect bruises, fractures and a brain infection. More ››

duke fatal crash

Bukit Aman traffic police Mohd Fuad said speculation about the accident could hinder investigations from being carried out. More ››


City dwellers advised to take precautions with inter-monsoon weather this month. More ››


Members of Familia Myvi Club deny being involved in street race. More ››

hadi pilihanraya

PAS president repeats party's stand to stand behind Pakatan Rakyat candidate. More ››

SM idris

CAP blasts Penang government for flouting law, demands area be rezoned immediately. More ››

penang GST

State asks for written guarantee by federal minister about administrative expenses. More ››

najib felda

Felda settlers offered RM35,000 discount on houses for Rompin settlers. More ››

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof

Election Commission makes non-commital reply to suggestion of SPM credit in Malay. More ››

C4, Najib

Anti-corruption group condemns anti-GST rally arrests, demands answers from PM. More ››

kita lawan

Human rights commission urges government to live up to international standards. More ››

tian chua, arrest

PKR politicians accuse police of wasting time and depriving officers of holidays. More ››

najib, zainuddin maidin

Former minister says 'Red Shirt support' for Najib does not reflect general views any more. More ››


Embassy charge says rescue teams and police have provided no new information More ››

freeze 1MDB

Sarawak Report says leaked government circular calls for 'optimum use of human resources'. More ››


Party crisis must be addressed by leadership after Mahathir's wave of attacks. More ››


Penduduk di Rompin menerima GST hasil penerangan yang baik dan penuh keikhlasan oleh BN yang telah menggunakan pendekatan cara... More ››


Antara tuduhan yang diberikan polis kepada mahkamah ialah menconteng, buang batu, mercun, jerit Batal GST, Hidup Rakyat dan Henti... More ››


Rakaman berdurasi 30 saat menunjukkan sekumpulan Myvi memecut laju sebaik melepasi tol. More ››

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof

SPR sedang mengkaji cadangan bagi meneliti kesesuaian calon wakil rakyat mendapat kepujian Bahasa Melayu peringkat SPM More ››

felda hishamuddin

Menurut Hishammuddin, penawaran harga rumah kepada penduduk Felda di Rompin hanyalah untuk penambahbaikan. More ››


Shabery menafikan pernah berkata tindakan pasar raya Mydin menyerap GST untuk tempoh tiga bulan pertama boleh dianggap menyalahi undang-undang. More ››

ahmad maslan, GST

Menurut Ahmad Maslan jika GST tidak baik kenapa dilaksana di 170 negara. More ››

langgar lari

Video berdurasi 3.36 minit merakamkan kejadian sebaik nahas berlaku. More ››

najib crack

The dissatisfaction of the people is real, and so is the threat of Umno losing the next GE. More ››


Every organisation contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. More ››

Sumatran rhino

Why did Sabah Wildlife Department allow such a disastrous state of affairs? More ››

1MDB, wedding

C4 activist group demands answers from Najib and government in face of growing suspicions. More ››


A sign of more competitive politics in Malaysia and serious challenge to corrupt Umno and hardline PAS. More ››


More clear information needed, and consumers must take more care when making purchases. More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian construction firm IJM Corp Bhd is considering buying Edra Global Energy Bhd, the power assets owned... More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s national carrier Malaysia Airlines is planning to sell off some of its aircraft as part of... More ››


NEW YORK: Warren Buffett has carved out a core stock-picking strategy of investing in companies with strong economic “moats,”... More ››


NEW YORK: American International Group Inc’s first-quarter earnings fell slightly as low interest rates and weaker returns from alternative... More ››


TOKYO: Fujitsu shares plunged more than 18 percent on Friday morning after the sprawling information technology firm warned it... More ››


GENEVA: A long-delayed free trade deal between India and Switzerland is not likely to be signed soon, a senior... More ››

"Here, there are no sharks," smiles Kristian Breivik.

"Here, there are no sharks," smiles Kristian Breivik. More ››

internet slanfgs

Parents who still use text abbreviations are sadly behind with the times. More ››


From fashion to specially-minted coins, here is an A to Z on Prince William and his wife Kate's second... More ››


A rapidly growing number of millennials in Western nations have embraced electronic dance music as their generation's defining sound. More ››


The child -- a prince or princess -- will be fourth in line to the throne after Queen Elizabeth... More ››


Here's a list of factors to keep in mind. More ››


"Boring I think is 10 years without a title. That's very boring. You support the club and you're waiting,... More ››


I was a smart fighter, I outboxed him, said Mayweather More ››


LAS VEGAS: Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, cheered by 10,000 raucous fans, both comfortably made the weight Friday as... More ››


MANCHESTER: Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal agrees with experts who predict his side should be challenging for the... More ››


LONDON:  Diego Costa may not appear for Chelsea again this season, Jose Mourinho has said, ahead of a summer... More ››


MADRID: Barcelona boss Luis Enrique has urged his side not to let up in the quest for a potential... More ››

Lindsay Sandiford2

Sandiford was sentenced to death on the island of Bali in 2013 after she was convicted of trafficking drugs. More ››


"As the nation waits, why the Princess must be called Diana" read a headline on the front page of... More ››

real singapore

The website went offline on Sunday evening, while its widely followed Facebook and Twitter accounts were also shut down. More ››


"To say we got smacked would be an understatement," Sutherland told Queensland's Courier Mail. More ››

Royal baby belies problems of the ageing Windsors

If the queen lives as long as her mother, who died aged 101, Charles would be about 80 when... More ››


BAGHDAD: Dozens of Iraqis crowding a Baghdad street fought to glimpse the red-haired man in a glass coffin, hoping... More ››