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Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai says the board will act as an independent accident investigation body to probe accidents... More ››


Alibaba Group Limited vice-president Brian Wong says with the presence of the Digital Free Trade Zone, the doors for... More ››


The commission says the committee will determine the root cause behind the recent KTMB rail incidents involving its cargo... More ››


The former president, denying a report that the original Warisan was sold to Shafie, says no money was involved... More ››


Nur Fitrah says it will drop the words ‘former nun’ from event poster following an outcry. More ››


Several reporters and editors were conferred Sabah state awards and honours during the Head of State’s birthday celebrations this... More ››


PKR's Saifuddin Nasution Ismail alleges the CEO in question gave projects to an engineering firm he is apparently still... More ››


Deputy director of the Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications team says these 1MDB-linked 'icon projects' are crucial for Malaysia’s economy. More ››


Both are sentenced to five years’ jail and fined by the Sessions Court. More ››


Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd says this is due to replacement of equipment for the water distribution system... More ››


DCA director-general Azharuddin says no charges will be imposed on all types of UAV, except those used to provide... More ››


Mahendra Siregar of the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries says this will help salvage bilateral relations with Asean,... More ››


It is a tradition in the Commonwealth jurisdiction for the government's chief legal adviser to come to court to... More ››


The Kinabatangan MP also accuses Malindo Airlines of high ticket prices. More ››


Veterinary Services Department says contrary to reports in Indonesian media no such decision was made in a meeting between... More ››


Allowing the public prosecutor to do so is usurpation of judicial power, say Ramkarpal Singh and Kasthuri Patto. More ››

Teluk Bahang assemblyman Shah Headan Ayoob Hussain Shah (third from left) says many hills cleared illegally, asks for more monitoring.

Teluk Bahang assemblyman says lack of monitoring and education has led to more careless cutting of slopes and eventually... More ››


The Sarawak Dayak Iban Association says too many stateless children in the state have yet to be dealt with... More ››


Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah dan Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli berusaha mewartakan 134,000 hektar tanah sebagai tanah rizab... More ››


Seramai 950 murid berdaftar dan 39 tenaga pengajar berkhidmat di sekolah untuk anak pekerja Indonesia di Sarawak, kata menteri. More ››


Nur Fitrah berkata perkataan 'bekas rahib' yang dipaparkan pada poster acara akan dikeluarkan. More ››


Ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan Bung Moktar Radin juga mendakwa Malindo Airlines turut mengenakan harga tiket yang tinggi. More ››


Orang awam yang mengendalikan dron tidak melebihi 20kg boleh menerbangkan UAV itu tanpa kelulusan DCA selagi 'pengendali berpuas hati... More ››


Pembangunan projek di Gerbang Perindustrian Cempaka Sari (GPCS) di Mukim Bota dan Lambor Kanan di atas tanah kerajaan seluas... More ››


Api dapat dipadamkan sepenuhnya pada pukul 11.50 pagi tadi dan kami dapati 4 motosikal turut hangus dalam kejadian tersebut. More ››


Syarat tauliah yang diamalkan pihak berkuasa agama negeri hari ini terbuka untuk penyalahgunaan. More ››


Dalam tradisi Melayu, para lebai, ustaz dan ulama mendapat posisi yang sangat terpandang. Akan tetapi, lebai malang ternyata diaibkan. More ››


Christian leaders should be invited to speak at the open forum on Christology instead of non-Christian speakers or those... More ››


Malaysians need to learn from past mistakes and ensure that the implementation of English-medium schools follows a model with... More ››


Writer adds however that there are avenues for the complainant to appeal to the council to refund the fine... More ››


Writer says AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes should respond to allegations of RM2,000 ticket from Sandakan to KL, and address... More ››


Writer says only a leader with financial discipline and vision, and an exceptional passion for Sabah's economic success could... More ››


A bomb explosion ripped through the Rawda mosque before gunmen opened fire on the worshippers gathered for weekly Friday... More ››


In the wake of the defection of a North Korean soldier, North Korea has fortified its border with South... More ››


The mayor of Osaka has confirmed that his city's ties with San Francisco will be severed, following the acceptance... More ››


China's increasing global economic reach has been leading it to take on a more active role in world politics. More ››


Pope Francis is already in the crosshairs of Buddhist hardliners for expressing sympathy for the Rohingya, whom he has... More ››


In the latest of many such cases in China, a Beijing kindergarten is being investigated for childcare abuse. More ››


Appropriate lifestyles changes can lead to a marked reduction in diverticulitis cases, according to a recent study. More ››


Pengambilan lemak tidak menyebabkan kegemukan atau penambahan berat bedan sebaliknya membantu mengurangkan berat badan. More ››


The new A-Class will also feature a far greater level of in-car technology and options. More ››


Fazer has become the first company in the world to sell bread infused with insects. More ››


Ratusan pengemis diasingkan untuk menyembunyikan keadaan sebenar Hyderabad, sebelum berlangsungnya sidang kemuncak anjuran bersama India dan AS. More ››


A particle accelerator has been turned on at the Louvre for the purposes of art analysis. More ››


Montpellier play against Racing 92 this weekend as they continue in their chase of the Top 14 title. More ››


The Alpine Ski World Cup will soon begin in Lake Louise, but the event has been overshadowed by the... More ››


England squandered their fast start by losing six wickets, thus giving Australia the upper hand. More ››


Pacquiao's "#realboxingmatch" reference appears to be a swipe at Mayweather, saying he "didn't do nothing. He was always moving... More ››


Borussia Dortmund are seeking to end their recent slump in this weekend's Ruhr derby. More ››


PSG hope to increase their lead in Ligue 1 by defeating Monaco on Sunday. More ››


The central bank says Malaysian Reserve's story was 'speculative in nature' and 'misleading and untrue'. More ››


Peugeot-owner PSA will use an existing Opel site in eastern Europe to assemble 200,000 petrol engines instead of building... More ››


Chinese carriers, including China Southern Airlines , Hainan Airlines and Juneyao Airlines, will need more than 100,000 new... More ››


Like the rest of Europe, Italians in recent years have embraced the U.S. tradition of Black Friday, a day... More ››


The ride-hailing service is trying to complete a deal in which the Japanese company would invest as much as... More ››


For the July-September period, the airline reported a net loss of RM43.3 million, compared with RM11 million profit a... More ››