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It would be loathsome to pass sentence without affording the accused a reasonable chance to defend himself. More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) will broadcast live the ceremonial honours for Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash victims... More ››


The Education Ministry should disclose the limited number of places available. More ››


The teacher who incited others to torch one of her students, has apologised to the boy's parents. More ››

top scorers

Top students offered nursing courses instead of medical degrees. More ››


He says Umno and BN are behind it. More ››


Reports of violent conduct by the Voluntary Patrol Team raise concerns. More ››


Australian PM says experts are using new technical data to find the most likely resting place of the plane More ››


PAS rules that netball matches in Kelantan have to be held behind closed-doors More ››

Picture 6

The legal fraternity says the AG's sedition charge against Surendran could amount to contempt of court. More ››


The former prime minister appears to have kicked off a campaign of dissent. More ››

Haji D

The Umno rep had liver cancer. More ››


This is costing employers RM2.9 billion in overtime payments. More ››

Borneo nationalists

The UN does not normally intervene in the internal matters of member countries. More ››


Seven have already been charged with offenses ranging from promoting terrorism to possession of home-made rifles. More ››

tan seng giaw kabinet bayangan

DAP only wanted Wan Azizah as menteri besar as opposed to PAS which wanted Azmin Ali as a second... More ››

Sabah Sarawak UMNO

The term “Malay” was codified for the first time by British colonialists in the peninsula and may be found... More ››


Mahathir's message is a clear challenge to all Umno members to stop sucking up to their leaders. More ››


“Menjejaskan nama baik dan reputasi saya sebagai warganegara yang bertanggungjawab”. More ››


SUPP selalu berjuang untuk hak seluruh rakyat Sarawak tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama mereka More ››


Kedua-dua tertuduh masing-masing dijamin RM12,000 dengan seorang penjamin dan diperintahkan untuk menyerahkan pasport mereka kepada mahkamah More ››


Istiadat penerimaan kesemua jenazah akan turut disertai oleh DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Alhaj Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah yang... More ››


Sekalipun pakaian peserta muslimah sudah menutup aurat, namun sukan bola jaring yang melibatkan pergerakan-pergerakan aktif dikhuatiri akan mengakibatkan pendedahan... More ››

datuk seri salleh said keruak

Rakyat Sabah tidak menggesa untuk pemisahan tetapi meminta supaya pentadbiran untuk disentralisasi dan kajian serius terhadap hak-hak mereka dalam... More ››


Sesiapa yang didapati bersalah melanggar perintah berkurung itu boleh dikenakan hukuman penjara sehingga enam bulan atau denda sehingga RM... More ››


Adalah melucukan jika ada strategi besar yang ditulis dalam satu dokumen. Malah, dokumen itu pun banyak menimbulkan keraguan dan... More ››


FMT LETTER From Muhammad Sadas Abdullah’ via email In a rare display of leadership responsibility, the CEO of MRT... More ››


FMT LETTER From Siew Boon Hock via email In a democractic country like Malaysia, we have the police, FRU,... More ››


The former prime minister appears to have kicked off a campaign of dissent. More ››

azmin ali300

Anwar Ibrahim has his way for now, until the Sultan weighs in on the matter. More ››


By standing together in unity, we can overcome all the challenges to build a better Malaysia and let this... More ››

People's Justice Party candidate Khalid Ibrahim

Menteri Besar Selangor dikhianati dan dizalimi sementara PAS yang kononnya menegakkan keadilan dan kebenaran atas nama Islam telah gagal... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: Freshly split Apple shares closed at a high on Tuesday, with investors evidently betting the California company... More ››


The bidding process was expected to begin as early as September, a number of domestic banks have expressed an... More ››


The ten companies were found to have implemented monopoly pricing agreements for more than 10 years. More ››


BHP also outlined a proposal to create a new independent company by demerging non-core assets, including some of its... More ››

A sign is seen on the door of a Citibank branch in New York

Citibank Argentina is barred from distributing payments it will receive from Argentina to holders of a class of restructured... More ››


An industry source says airline would be remodeled as a "premium airline" from a full-service airline. More ››


140 cities were evaluated across five broad categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure. More ››


Researchers say that kids in good aerobic fitness have brains that could be in better shape to quickly process... More ››


Here are the top 10 results for each category. More ››


By teaming with PayPal, Ryanair hopes to offer passengers "even faster bookings" on its flights. More ››


The Ice Bucket Challenge is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head or donating... More ››


Visitors just need to swipe their smartphone on each talking statue's tag to get a "phone call" from the... More ››


For more than a decade, the disgraced American cyclist Armstrong repeatedly denied he ever used banned drugs and bullied... More ››

sri lanka

You can't replace the seniors, but the important thing is to be as consistent as possible. More ››

di maria

Simeone claimed he is even more vital to Real than World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth... More ››


“The suspension is what it is and I have to accept it, it is a personal matter but I... More ››


The two clubs had agreed a transfer fee of 20 million euros with Nani returning to his former team... More ››


QPR said on their website that the player had left the club “by mutual consent with immediate effect”. More ››


On Tuesday he formally presented his candidacy, and in the short time allotted him on television he launched the... More ››


The recognition means Japan is now home to the world's oldest man and woman, with 116-year-old Misao Okawa of... More ››


Prayut seized power from an elected government in a bloodless coup on May 22, shortly after Yingluck Shinawatra was... More ››


The pair were displaying no other symptoms but have been sent to the southern city's Tropical Diseases Hospital for... More ››


His website carried a picture of Iyengar's smiling face beside a message that read: "I always tell people, 'live... More ››


Earlier this month, a taxi driver was jailed for two years and six months for a conversation he had... More ››