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The instant coffee which is said to contain three herbs has been voluntarily recalled by its distributor following the... More ››


The NGO says Jaringan's demand that Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng stay away from 'buka puasa' events smacks of... More ››


Action will be taken against traders who do not adhere to the ruling under Section 25(1)(a) of the Islamic... More ››


A meeting between the government and healthcare associations agrees on a collective effort to prevent accidents involving doctors or... More ››


Director-General of Health advises consumers to study product label and smell packages first before consuming dates. More ››


Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says two additional patrol vessels deployed today, to beef-up security in Sabah waters. More ››


Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri says he took a ride on the motorcycle to attend a moon-sighting for Ramadan as the... More ››


Menteri besar says any unhealthy activities like illegal gambling should be stopped to ensure community’s safety. More ››


Muhammad Atif Hafifi Abd Manaf, 28, is found by a search team about one nautical mile from the coast... More ››


Enforcement personnel pretend to leave but enter the outlet through the back door and succeed in nabbing 10 Indonesians,... More ››


Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman says state government wants to conduct an in-depth study on the Islamic law... More ››


Director-general NS Rajendran says an independent monitoring mechanism will ensure any setbacks in the 10-year action plan are rectified. More ››


E-hailing operator is in direct contact with passenger and says even one such incident is 'one too many'. More ››


Shipments are put on hold as business community is told to exercise extra caution with the area becoming too... More ››


They however do not object to the use of the word 'Harapan' as an abbreviation by non-governmental organisations. More ››


The Penang chief minister says he will leave it to his information officer Zaidi Ahmad to 'handle it' after... More ››


Dapsy executive council member says book contravenes Printing Presses and Publication Act as it does not contain name of... More ››


There is no sign that Godfrey Group Limited is the occupant of the premise. More ››


Persatuan Pengguna Pengangkutan Awam Malaysia menggesa pengerusi dan ketua pegawai eksekutif SPAD letak jawatan ekoran kejadian melibatkan penumpang Uber. More ››


Tidak salah kalau nak berjimat, tetapi potonglah benda yang tidak penting dan bukannya ubat-ubatan. More ››


Johari menambah, beliau faham Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sangat kecewa dengan kerjasama Proton dengan syarikat dari China itu, tetapi... More ››


SSM akan mewajibkan semua peniaga dalam talian yang menjalankan perniagaan melalui pasaran dalam Internet atau menerusi syarikat e-dagang seperti... More ››


Arsenal mengakhiri musim ini dengan baik tetapi dilihat tidak cukup kerana hilang peluang untuk beraksi dalam kejohanan Liga Juara... More ››


Paul Low berkata, pegawai bersara dilantik sebagai pengerusi atau eksekutif dalam syarikat yang pernah mendapat kontrak daripadanya ialah tindakan... More ››


Rundingan pengagihan kerusi antara PKR, DAP, Amanah dan PPBM itu dijangka selesai selepas Aidilfitri ini. More ››


Penghantaran ditangguhkan ekoran peniaga dinasihatkan lebih berhati-hati dengan kawasan itu yang menjadi terlalu berisiko. More ››


Tidak salah kalau nak berjimat, tetapi potonglah benda yang tidak penting dan bukannya ubat-ubatan. More ››


The holy month has become a cultural touchpoint for all Malaysians to celebrate. More ››


Is OBOR a win-win strategy for both China and its neighbours, as China’s leaders have repeatedly emphasised, or does... More ››


The holy month of Ramadan is a time for everyone to be more patient, disciplined and respectful towards each... More ››


Doesn't the motor insurance policy of the 22-year-old involved in an accident that killed eight cyclists in Johor cover... More ››


Does he serve the people of Sarawak or the people in Putrajaya? More ››


Hall's site initially set out to pay for food and drink at the Turing Tap near the Manchester Royal... More ››


There are doubts about Beijing's willingness to clean house given its heavy reliance on freewheeling credit to drive economic... More ››


One hundred years after his birth, the youngest man ever elected president, who once urged Americans to strive for... More ››


India is the biggest seller of buffalo meat in the world, with exports of more than US$4 billion a... More ››


It was organized by the Academy of National Defence Science, a blacklisted agency that is believed to be developing... More ››


The police statement said one of the last places he went to was a "city centre flat and from... More ››


Stiller and Taylor, best known for playing teenage daughter Marcia Brady in "The Brady Bunch Movie" in 1995, have... More ››


Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who plays the comic book superheroine, told reporters she was "familiar, unfortunately, with these types... More ››


Mei Xiang had artificial insemination performed on her twice after she had shown signs of being in estrus, or... More ››


No cause of death was immediately given, but the statement said he had "struggled with many health issues over... More ››


Six of the movies in the running for the Cannes film festival's Palme d'Or top prize -- which will... More ››


The women-only screenings of the action movie 'Wonder Woman' have unleashed an outpouring of complaints on social media of... More ››


Victory means Enrique bows out after three seasons in charge with nine trophies to his name, including the Cup... More ››


Battered by criticism from furious Arsenal fans who have called for his resignation throughout a troubled season, Wenger was... More ››


Inter Milan have been keen to tempt former Juventus manager Conte away from Stamford Bridge, where he has enjoyed... More ››


The England internationals have been linked with moves to Manchester United and Manchester City respectively in the English media... More ››


Silva made 51 appearances last season, scoring 10 goals and assisting a further 10. He joined the French side... More ››


The first tier La Liga season finished last week, but Spain's second tier Segunda Division still has three weeks... More ››


There are doubts about Beijing's willingness to clean house given its heavy reliance on freewheeling credit to drive economic... More ››


"Trump-o-nomics" is founded on the belief that growth will hit three percent and stay there for a decade. Indeed,... More ››


The sell-in-May tactic has been kicked around Wall Street for decades and is premised on the historic outperformance of... More ››


Reliance Communications, controlled by billionaire Anil Ambani, said on Saturday it made a consolidated net loss of 9.66 billion... More ››


Hundreds of shoppers camped out in anticipation of the launch, while more than a thousand thronged the store soon... More ››


Investors in New York also appeared unmoved by fresh economic data which showed the US economy was stronger in... More ››