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PM Najib Razak expresses his sympathies to the Saudi government and its people and the 11 victims injured in... More ››


Attorney-general says he is unable to comment on ‘senseless’ statement by Malaysian Bar that claims by US Department of... More ››


Prime Minister says this in his message themed "1Malaysia Bonds of Association the Foundation of a Successful Nation", broadcast... More ››


This was announced tonight by the Keeper of the Rulers Seal, Syed Danial Syed Ahmad. More ››


Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz says government hopes to double the number of Chinese tourists to 8 million... More ››


DAP elder says party does not support foreign intervention in Malaysia’s domestic affairs but cannot also justify country becoming... More ››


General Piyawat Nakwanich denies that the move is due to fears of Islamic State presence, saying it is linked... More ››


If necessary, we will detain them, says deputy IGP Noor Rashid Ibrahim of eight policemen under probe after an... More ››


Malaysia expresses its deepest condolences to the government and people of Saudi Arabia and the families of the victims... More ››


Pictures, videos of unusually long queues at immigration counters are being shared widely on social media but DG Mustafar... More ››


The figure is greater than what is disclosed, says chairman of Special Task Force to probe Bank Negara’s forex... More ››


PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang says Malaysians must evaluate for themselves the actions of the country that is most... More ››


1MDB probe was one of the toughest moments during her 16-year tenure as governor of central bank, says Zeti... More ››


Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood chief Azlan Sani Zawawi says motorists too need to be cautious if they're using Waze or... More ››


Report reveals Bhutan education minister's effort to bring home students after agents in both countries fail to provide proper... More ››


Student activist Anis Syafiqah Mohd Yusof says priority now is to strengthen the student movement which is 'not so... More ››


Bukit Aman's Counter-Terrorism Division head Deputy Comm Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay says arrests of Indonesian IS men in Slim... More ››


The Legal Profession Qualifying Board has announced that it has scraped a last-minute change in the question format for... More ››


Najib memanjangkan ucapan takziah kepada kerajaan Arab Saudi, rakyat dan keluarga mangsa yang terjejas akibat serangan itu. More ››


Khalid berkata, beliau percaya tidak ada seorang pun dari pihak pembangkang meminta kuasa asing untuk menjajah atau meminta mana-mana... More ››


Dalam perutusan sempena sambutan Aidilfitri, Lim Guan Eng berkata, GST yang diperkenalkan dengan kadar piawai sebanyak 6% telah menjadi... More ››


Dalam perutusan Aidilfitri bertemakan Lembayung Silaturahim 1Malaysia Asas Kejayaan Rakyat dan Negara, Najib berkata, dalam isu geopolitik, Malaysia sedang... More ››


Bagaimanapun, segelintir umat Islam di negara itu telah menyambut kedatangan 1 Syawal hari ini kerana mereka telah berpuasa sehari... More ››


Kecuaian itu dikesan pramugari AirAsia ketika membuat pengiraan penumpang sebelum pesawat berlepas dan mendapati terlebih seorang penumpang berbanding jumlah... More ››


Ia diumumkan oleh Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja Datuk Seri Syed Danial Syed Ahmad malam ini. More ››


Campur tangan asing dalam hal ehwal dalaman Malaysia bakal merosakkan perpaduan dan keamanan negara seperti yang telah berlaku di... More ››


Pada dasarnya saya setuju campur tangan asing tidak diperlukan dalam mengendalikan isu negara. Namun begitu, isu 1MDB tidak boleh... More ››


Education ministry must present report card to public annually, or more frequently, on the progress achieved to reduce bullying. More ››


Can we entrust the welfare of millions of Malaysians who use public transport to a man, who has proven... More ››


The writer is of the opinion that organisations founded on sound values and sustained by caring cultures are likely... More ››


The writer is of the opinion that UKEC's elite group of 'student leaders' no longer serve the best interests... More ››


Ramadan should also be a time to cleanse our souls and make us more aware of the plight of... More ››


British parliament hit by cyber attack that is preventing lawmakers from accessing their emails when not in Westminster. More ››


Istanbul's governor bans the event due to take place in the city on Sunday, citing security concerns after threats... More ››


Philippine army general says Isnilon Hapilon, the leader of the Islamic State group in Southeast Asia, has not been... More ››


The former US president and his family will reportedly be in Bali until June 28 before going to Yogyakarta... More ››


Some 40 homes in the village of Xinmo have been swallowed by the cascading debris after the side of... More ››


Just a few weeks after US President Donald Trump announced he was pulling America out of the Paris Climate... More ››


Meskipun citarasa setiap orang berbeza namun busana bertona pastel terus menjadi pilihan pengguna. More ››


Meng Meng means "dream" in Chinese, while Jiao Qing translates as "darling", though the Chinese characters are a composite... More ››


Jessica Soho seorang penerbit rancangan dokumentari majalah terkenal, Kapuso Mo menyifatkannya sebagai "sebuah kisah yang indah untuk diceritakan". More ››


The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star made the off-color comments late Thursday, telling the crowd it had "been a... More ››


The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain has decided to take luxury to the seas by launching its own cruise business. More ››


In the run up to the official unveiling of Nissan's next-generation electric car, the company has confirmed that the... More ››


Michigan court on Friday ruled that Larry Nassar, a member of USA Gymnastics from 1996 to 2015, will face... More ››


The popular, grasscourt loving Czech did that with a 6-4, 7-6 (7/5) win over Kristina Mladenovic, the fifth-seeded French... More ››


Odds-on favourite Winter launched a late charge to gallop clear and win the Coronation Stakes, the grey filly finishing... More ››


The Yamaha star finished a disappointing 10th at the Catalan GP a fortnight ago but comfortably outpaced German rookie... More ››


The world championship leader had to take refuge in an escape road three times in the day's two practice... More ››


The French Saudi Arabian-born entrepreneur told reporters Friday that he felt the team’s current tribulations in partnership with Japanese... More ››


Data from Bats Europe, an index compiler, shows that FTSE-listed companies that generate a large portion of their revenues... More ››


The dollar fell against a basket of major currencies as preliminary data on U.S. factory and services activities in... More ››


The inflators prompted the automotive industry's largest ever safety recall and have been linked to at least 16 deaths... More ››


The Japanese company said it expects to complete all necessary accounting procedures for the annual statement by the end... More ››


The company did not provide a timeline for setting up a China plant, but said it expects to "more... More ››


ICBC also said it was not "dumping" bonds issued by companies whose loans it was assessing, an apparent response... More ››