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City council and state heritage agency say restoration work on Kimberley Street’s six shophouses will begin early next year. More ››

jailed-punch (1)

The 33-year-old man was charged with molesting his 13-year-old stepdaughter for the past one year. More ››


Parti Cinta Malaysia questions the need for the Penang Development Corporation obtaining a hefty loan from the state government... More ››


MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman says former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be the last person to talk... More ››


The PM's aide says slandering would mean he had fabricated stories whereas he was merely pointing out what Dr... More ››


The fact that most of the revenue and resources of Sabah and Sarawak are going to Putrajaya is good... More ››


Lim Kit Siang demands education minister explain Malaysia's omission from global student survey report. More ››


Selangor Islamic Religious Department says it adheres strictly to its standard operating procedures. More ››


Letters notifying former prime minister and his wife are making the rounds on social media. More ››

Bank Negara Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) said they were sufficient to finance 8.3 months of retained imports and were 1.2 times... More ››


AirAsia Group CEO expresses hope that president of FAM will be someone who has contributed to football, and 'not... More ››


Seputeh MP Teresa Kok urges the corruption watchdog to reveal the methods used to measure its higher rating as... More ››


In a political reversal, the former prime minister comes to the defence of the DAP for associating with him... More ››


Australian Transport Safety Board says Fugro Equator will finish the search of the southern Indian Ocean for the missing... More ››


YTL Land has responsibility to deliver the units to evicted residents of Kampung Railway before it thinks of... More ››


The decision will come just two months after Anwar and government lawyers presented their submissions before a five-man bench. More ››


A subsidiary law must be tested against provisions of the Federal Constitution, argues the former Federal Court judge. More ››


The tourist, in a Facebook post, claims a shop in Langkawi charged RM25 for a plastic bag after he... More ››


Beliau berkata, tuduhan Pemuda PAS kononnya beliau menghasut Orang Asli dianggap tidak masuk akal kerana beliau hanya bertindak menasihati... More ››


Anwar memohon menggunakan Peraturan 137 Peraturan-peraturan Mahkamah Persekutuan 1995 dan menyemak semula keputusan panel 5 hakim. More ››


Dua surat berasingan dihantar memaklumkan kerusi tidak disediakan untuk bekas perdana menteri itu dan isterinya Selasa depan. More ››


Bekas perdana menteri mempertahankan kerjasama dengan DAP dan mengecam MCA yang bukan lagi parti Tun Tan Cheng Lock More ››


Mereka sebaliknya menjadi mangsa pukul kumpulan warga Myanmar yang mahu membalas dendam More ››


Tinjauan mendapati kebanyakan penumpang kecewa dengan keadaan itu dan ada yang terpaksa bermalam di terminal apabila feri tidak... More ››

Bank Negara Malaysia

Menurut BNM, paras rizab pada 30 Nov 2016 itu memadai untuk membiayai 8.3 bulan import tertangguh dan ialah 1.2... More ››


Peguam sivil berkata, Malaysia sebuah negara sekular dan semua rakyat menikmati perlindungan sama rata di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan. More ››


Planting our own vegetables cannot reduce the cost of living because this issue stems from the “sum total” of... More ››


Unlike Gerakan, DAP has never flinched from the challenges thrown at it by the ruling regime but has met... More ››


With Umno's speeches in last week's general assembly contravening the BN spirit, other BN component parties may want to... More ››


Pegawai agama nampak mabuk kuasa, suka melihat pasangan dalam ketakutan. Adakah mereka mencontohi Nabi Muhammad? More ››


In refusing to listen to the grouses of the Orang Asli, Ahmad Yakob is shirking one of his duties. More ››


Earning a decent wage these days is tough and while some keep their noses to the grindstone, others sniff... More ››


Last year Sri Lanka's Catholic church urged priests not to put up Christmas trees in their churches over the... More ››


The death toll has steadily climbed as rescue crews search, often by hand, through the homes, mosques and shops... More ››


Several senior US military officials have told their troops to read the novel, published last year and written by... More ››


The National Transformation Plan (NTP), as Riyadh has dubbed the changes, is expected to be unveiled in the next... More ››


The ODI report, one of the largest surveys on child work and education conducted in Bangladesh, found that by... More ››


The Bolivian government has replaced the management of its air travel authority in order to ensure a transparent investigation. More ››


The iconic actor revealed in a special essay to mark the milestone that his second wife Anne, 97, had... More ››


He earned three Oscar nominations -- finally being given a lifetime achievement award by the Academy in 1996 --... More ››


Cenderahati t-shirt sinis dengan gambar lampu trafik tertulis “can go” bagi warna lampu trafik hijau dan kuning, serta “still... More ››


Drinking can damage heart cells directly and lead to small amounts of fibrous tissue within the heart causing an... More ››


The slowing of Earth's orbit is the reason the world's timekeepers have to adjust high-precision clocks every few years... More ››


Joey is up this year against some of the biggest names in jazz -- including Coltrane's son Ravi Coltrane,... More ››


The Zorya match Thursday is the last phase of Europa League group games -- will take place in Odessa,... More ››


Founded in 2009, Leipzig are bankrolled by energy drinks giants Red Bull and are currently top of the Bundesliga... More ››


Perez, making only his fifth start since joining from Deportivo La Coruna for around 17 million pounds ($21.55 million)... More ››


Rio, the first Olympic host city on the continent, had to grapple with a protracted political crisis, the worst... More ››


Patrick Roberts, signed by City last year, gave Celtic a fourth-minute lead, but his excellent individual effort was swiftly... More ››


Serbian Djokovic, who won six of his 12 major titles after hiring Becker but has suffered a slump in... More ››


The Dutch Ikea Group, which controls most of the brand's retail stores around the world, already reported in September... More ››


BP's efforts, involving one of the world's longest sea routes, underscore a desire among oil traders to develop new... More ››


Data so far shows the measure has hit the cash-reliant economy more than expected: auto sales plunged and services... More ››


Cairo has been struggling to boost its foreign currency reserves in the political and economic turmoil that has followed... More ››


Oberhelman echoed other business groups that have broadly praised some of the early signals from the incoming Trump administration,... More ››


The case is one element of the $548 million penalty -- knocked down from an original $1 billion jury... More ››