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khairy akhtar

Paedophilia should never be condoned in a civilised country like Malaysia, says the minister. More ››

Ir Hj Ismail bin Md Salleh tol tak naik

No such directive has been issued on the matter and any statement or report on a toll rate increase... More ››

bayar balik MARA

He was also requested to pay back all the money extended to him More ››

surat sokongan BN

Penang PAS Youth chief Mohd Yusni denies issuing a circular to drum up support for BN candidate Suhaimi Sabudin. More ››

a kadir jasin rizal 2

The veteran journalist complains that Rizal Mansor, instead of addressing his queries, has belittled him. More ››

syed ali 1mdb

Cheras Umno Chief says that the power brokers in 1MDB must justify use of funds to the public or... More ››

mahathir, Tunku Abdul Aziz, 1MDB

Dr Mahathir Mohamad remains defiant he did not abuse his premiership for personal benefit and still wants to know... More ››

malaysia russia nuklear

We know that Malaysia is also interested in developing its nuclear industry, say Russian ambassador. More ››

Clare Rewcastle Brown 2, SR, Adenan Satem

Also the ban on Sarawak Editor Clare Rewcaste-Brown has been lifted but there was no mention on 70 over... More ››


It is an insult to the whole police force, says Senior Police Officers' Association chairman. More ››

Khairuddin Abu Hassan

Najib's resignation will show that he cares for Umno, says Khairuddin. More ››


Doctors hurriedly call in Fire and Rescue Department after finding themselves totally unprepared for — a metal ring jammed... More ››


The results would be analysed and presented to the EPF Board for further deliberation on the next course of... More ››

amos yee singapore

Teenager also fails in High Court challenge to remove social media restrictions. More ››


DAP’s Yeo Bee Yin says that to protect the most vulnerable among us, authorities must be stern with Nur... More ››


Charles Santiago says the law student is neither a power broker nor politician and his tweet couldn't possibly create... More ››

mahathir, hadith, hadis

The ex-PM laments over-reliance on Prophetic Traditions at the Quran's expense. More ››

Manjung Municipal Council

SAM says the Manjung Municipal Council is shirking its statutory duty to protect and enforce environmental laws in Ipoh. More ››

permatang pauh

Pertelagahan berlaku antara dua kumpulan Pas yang mendakwa penyokong ulamak dengan penyokong Wan Azizah. More ››

teresa kok dikritik

Kenyataan Teresa Kok menolak cadangan wakil rakyat untuk memiliki kepujian dalam Bahasa Melayu dilihat sebagai satu pandangan yang... More ››

perlu ke dicemuh annuar musa

Nur Fitri yang kini sedang menjalani hukuman di London masih dianggap pelajar tajaan MARA di luar negara dan dibantu... More ››

rafizi pengundi hantu

Dia mendakwa terdapat dua slip pengundi yang didaftarkan di Parlimen Permatang Pauh dan siasatan mendapati mereka bukan pengundi di... More ››


Azmin mengajukan soalan menggunakan perkataan 'barua' kerana rakyat mahu melihat pasukan polis benar-benar bebas daripada politik parti pemerintah. More ››

Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin

Khairy dan Marina tidak setuju pelajar Nur Fitri yang kini menjalani hukuman penjara bersabit kesalahan memiliki lebih daripada 30,000... More ››


SPR telah membuka tujuh kertas siasatan mengenai aduan kempen lewat malam dari rumah ke rumah oleh parti yang bertanding... More ››

wan azizah

Pengundi Permatang Pauh patut disalahkan sekiranya sekali lagi memberi mandat kepada isteri bekas Ketua Pembangkang menjadi Ahli Parlimen. More ››


Love him or not, only former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has the stature to discuss national issues with bluntness... More ››

najib ismail maslan

Najib did not get to where he is today alone. It took a team to send BN to the... More ››

scary state of our affairs

Technically and morally, we are already a failed nation. More ››

Imperial College in London

Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, the Mara loan student in London found with a huge stash of child pornography, should... More ››


Those in charge seem willing to act only after a catastrophe has taken place. More ››


Amidst numerous, loud cries for Najib Razak to resign, the PM remains anchored. What could his positive affirmations be? More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Tune Ins Holdings Bhd , 13.65 percent-owned by Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia, said it will buy half... More ››


NEW YORK: Deepening woes at newspapers pulled down the earnings for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which saw declines in... More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s Sime Darby Bhd , the world’s largest listed palm oil firm, has indefinitely postponed an initial... More ››


LONDON: BG Chief Executive Helge Lund on Tuesday welcomed with “mixed emotions” Royal Dutch Shell’s $70 billion takeover bid,... More ››


CHICAGO: Shares of Inc jumped 6.2 percent in late afternoon trading on Tuesday, after Bloomberg reported that Microsoft... More ››


LOS ANGELES: Walt Disney Co’s quarterly revenue beat analysts’ expectations, helped by increased spending by visitors at its theme... More ››


For most in the mainly-Muslim country, Arabic is sacred because it is the language their holy book, the Koran,... More ››


The concept was an immediate hit with nicely squishy men everywhere, who took to Instagram without delay to show... More ››


"A plausible hypothesis on the cycle of anxiety and its development in the heart of the family." More ››


Nearly all Irish adults are likely to be overweight in 15 years’ time, said a study Wednesday that warned... More ››


With specific roles revealed in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie on Star Wars... More ››


Vangardist is usually published only digitally, but the "#HIVHeroes" edition is in hard copy, printed using blood donated by... More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Nicol David captured her ninth Asian Championship title in the 18th edition of the tournament held in... More ››

Pacquiao sued in US for allegedly concealing injury

It seeks compensation under laws meant to protect consumers and asks for status as a class action on behalf... More ››

woods seek

WASHINGTON: The Players Championship can’t come soon enough for Tiger Woods, coping this week with the bleak emotions surrounding... More ››


Formula One legend Niki Lauda said that current world champion Lewis Hamilton is driving like an “extra-terrestrial”. Hamilton is... More ››


LONDON: Liverpool’s star striker Daniel Sturridge sent out a positive message after undergoing hip surgery in the United States... More ››


BARCELONA: Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola believes Lionel Messi is unstoppable on current form as he prepares to face... More ››


SURABAYA: Indonesian police have arrested a suspected wildlife smuggler after discovering nearly two dozen rare birds, mostly yellow-crested cockatoos,... More ››


Khan had always denied being behind the wheel, but now faces up to 5 years in prison, potentially bringing... More ››


Bali led a convoy of 10 garbage trucks to picket outside SBS's offices in northern Sydney, to symbolise what... More ››


JAKARTA: Four people were killed and nine others remain missing after a landslide buried homes on Indonesia’s main island... More ››


LONDON: Britons head to the polls on Thursday for their most unpredictable election in living memory, with fears of... More ››


NEW YORK: The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, targeted in a deadly attack earlier this year by Islamist gunmen,... More ››