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Damai Disabled People Association President V Murugeswaran is fighting with local authorities to improve public amenities for the... More ››


The Murum hydro-electric power dam is able to provide 944MW in power to industries, especially the Samalaju Industrial Park,... More ››


The victims were believed to have been kidnapped while fishing about 10pm today near Lahad Datu. More ››


However, he admits he has yet to invite his panellists, and is determined to remove “gangster” label attached to... More ››


He says Malaysia will wait for the report on the incident to be tabled by the Dutch-led joint investigation... More ››


Police say 15 are linked to Daesh, 16 to Jemaah Islamiah and nine to Al-Qaeda. More ››


Muhyiddin says opposition leaders realize they need to work together to avoid multi-cornered contests that could split the vote... More ››


Pollution suspected to have come from Sungai Lalang at the Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Semenyih. More ››


Finance Minister II Johari Ghani says it makes no sense to have a sustainable economy if it is not... More ››


Charles Santiago says the best way forward is for Pakatan Harapan to find out whether or not PAS will... More ››


Umno minister points to the former PM's statement that PPBM not only has a president but also a chairman.... More ››


"We are equally concerned about good governance in Malaysia and the rule of law," Najib said at his meeting... More ››


Those who beg to differ say the former Chief Minister should explain and also push for the Sabah Assembly... More ››


Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani says Putrajaya is investing up to RM150b on infrastructure projects to stimulate economy,... More ››


Activists have accused the Malaysian palm oil trader IOI of forest destruction and child labor. More ››


The soldiers from the Joint Task Force Sulu killed brothers Nixon and Brown Muktadil of the Muktadil Gang early... More ››


Anwar will then have to win a parliamentary seat in a by-election to be considered for the post,... More ››


Penampang MP says new Sabahan party will be friends of all, but takes orders only from the people of... More ››


Kedua-dua Hillary dan Trump menentang TPP, dan sekiranya ia gagal diluluskan kongres, industri sawit Malaysia adalah antara sektor yang... More ››


Kerajaan Selangor diselar sebuah pertubuhan pro-BN yang menuduhnya tidak pernah serius menangani masalah bekalan air. More ››


Malaysia diatasi oleh Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Perancis, Australia, Ireland dan Israel, menurut laporan itu. More ››


Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno itu teringat kembali cadangan majlis tetua yang pernah Dr Mahathir ajukan sebelum ini, iaitu untuk... More ››


Canselor Angela Merkel dan ahli Parlimen Jerman dijemput melawat dan melihat sendiri pengurusan industri perladangan di negara ini More ››


Fenomena Air Pasang Besar berskala besar yang membawa ombak tinggi dan tiupan angin kencang dijangka melanda Pantai Barat Semenanjung... More ››


Kali terakhir Norsakinah menghubungi keluarga adalah pada 23 September dan tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda pelik More ››


Pesakit kes separa kecemasan dirujuk ke hospital lain manakala kes elektif dan temu janji klinik ditangguhkan sehingga bekalan air... More ››


It appears that Bukit Aman has introduced state-of-the-art technologies to hunt down over a million motorists refusing to pay... More ››


It is obvious that the World Health Organisation, though under the United Nations, does not abide by the articles... More ››


They worry about a situation in which the more things appear to change, the more they remain the same. More ››


Do we really need a separate halal logo for products made by Muslims? More ››


Our public policies are such that we are enslaving the majority to enrich the minority. More ››


We want to know that the people who are entrusted to take care of public services are clean and... More ››


The Paris-based FATF said Singapore has a reasonable understanding of its money laundering risks and had taken steps to... More ››


Comedian Stephen Colbert joked that Trump "sounded like he was fighting off a cold with cocaine." More ››


ATS quoted Wobmann as saying that the goal of the national burqa ban was to "maintain public order and... More ››


Turkey has fired tens of thousands of people from state institutions in the wake of the attempted putsch but... More ››


He has been hospitalised near Tel Aviv since September 13, when he was admitted to hospital feeling unwell and... More ››


In a measure of rising ambition beyond its taxi business, Uber will begin delivering meals in Amsterdam and... More ››


The "Born in the USA" chronicler of working-class America describes his childhood fear of his father in their poorly... More ››


The problem is most acute in cities, but air in rural areas is worse than many think, WHO experts... More ››


Their separation follows on the heels of Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's sudden divorce announcement last... More ››


Bowie's collection also features a number of pieces by the Italian artist Ettore Sottsass, who brought a pop culture... More ››


Neutres said the main aim of the show, which runs till January 15, was to show the breadth of... More ››


This is one restaurant that has resisted the urge to Malaysia-nise their flavours in their endeavour to bring a... More ››


Delegates said the agenda was rejected because a senior Qatari official had been banned from standing just 24 hours... More ››


SPAIN: Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli believes Manchester City loanee Samir Nasri has the talent to help his side to... More ››


  UNITED KINGDOM: Four months on from their astonishing 5,000-1 Premier League triumph, the stardust returns to Leicester City’s... More ››


UNITED KINGDOM: Record-signing Jeff Hendrick scored his first goal for Burnley as they beat Watford 2-0 in the Premier... More ››


ENGLAND: Arsene Wenger will be an impossible act to follow and Arsenal cannot count on being in the Champions... More ››


LONDON: England manager Sam Allardyce has been secretly filmed giving advice on how to circumnavigate transfer rules and mocking... More ››

petronas canada

Canadian government to announce decision on C$11 billion ($8.3 billion) liquefied natural gas plant proposed by Malaysian state oil... More ››


Microsoft and Bank of America Merrill Lynch on Tuesday announced they are working together to make financial transactions more... More ››


Investors are following closely after digesting Hillary Clinton's apparent win over Donald Trump in Monday's first presidential debate More ››


Deutsche's expansion plans in Asia have been sidelined as the German operator focuses on its 27 billion merger with... More ››


The ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily, said Singapore's attempt was foiled by the opposition of "many" other countries. More ››


Oil prices have fallen by more than half since mid-2014 because of a market glut caused by a US... More ››