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Natural Resources and Environment Minister says illegal activity occurred during predecessor's time in charge of ministry and expresses... More ››


Celebrity entrepreneur Aliff Syukri criticised over FB post showing durian feast on the floor in the international airport before... More ››


All resolutions made today at EGM are legal and do not violate nor conflict with party constitution, says... More ››


MIC chief says decision made by party's supreme council at EGM, to join leaders of other BN component... More ››


After over half a century, the Federal, Sabah and Sarawak Governments have no excuse not to comply with the... More ››


Minister Khairy Jamaluddin cites a Kota Alam Shah assemblyman's success at winning the state seat while under ISA detention. More ››


Local media also quoted the National Unity Minister as warning that the hudud Bill risks alienating Sabah and Sarawak... More ››


The mercury was brought home by the resident’s children, who found it near their houses. More ››


DAP leader wants to know what the presidents of MCA and Gerakan were doing in the 24 hours prior... More ››


Olympic Council of Malaysia president says he believes Olympic Games organising committee has taken major steps to address the... More ››


MCA president says he will meet Najib Razak to discuss the Bill and explain his party members' stand on... More ››


Petrol and engine oil spill in Penang's North Channel may escalate into a full-blown disaster if not cleared up... More ››


Amanah should be the party to defeat PAS and BN in the two constituencies, says DAP Socialist Youth chief... More ››


The PAC chief's media response on Saturday does not absolve his role in covering up the 1MDB scandal. More ››


MCA Deputy President Wee Ka Siong has joined party President Liow Tiong Lai in saying he will resign if... More ››


Supporters of former MIC President G Palanivel want Dr S Subramaniam to resign as president, but EGM continues unhindered. More ››


Some had even extorted RM15 from motorists, says JPJ Enforcement Director V Valluvan. More ››


John Bah Tuin was only armed with a machete when confronted by robbers who blocked his car along a... More ››


Ini kerana kawasan yang ditandingi itu merupakan kawasan 'panas'. More ››


Netizen mengkritik Pemilik D’Herbs Healthy Sdn Bhd itu makan durian dalam KLIA yang berhawa dingin, tidak menghormati sensitiviti orang... More ››


Lelaki terbabit, dikenali sebagai Muhd Salman Zakaria atau Lemey dengan alamat terakhir di Tumpat, Kelantan. More ››


Ahli Parlimen Cameron Highland tidak sepatutnya buat dakwaan tidak berasas berhubung kegiatan penerokaan haram di kawasan tanah tinggi... More ››


ADUN terbabit nafi memukul lelaki berkenaan bersama teman wanitanya seperti didakwa dalam laman sosial Facebook baru-baru ini. More ››


Ketetapan dalam EGM hari ini juga sah dan tidak melanggar atau bercanggah dengan peraturan parti. More ››


Perkara itu dipersetujui Majlis Tertinggi parti India itu dan mendapat sokongan sebulat suara perwakilan dalam EGM MIC, hari... More ››


Ketidakhadiran calon dalam kempen PRK bukanlah kali pertama berlaku di negara ini. More ››


A disgruntled airline passenger relates his disappointment over a loyal programme he was a part of. More ››


Which law will be upheld if a Muslim raped a non-Muslim, or a Muslim thief broke into the home... More ››


Perubahan dasar pekerja asing perlu dilakukan untuk memberi kesan kepada 90% pekerja Malaysia. More ››

hudud hadi

His push for hudud does look like it's related to the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections. More ››


Nobody can help PAS and the prospect of more members leaving the party cannot be overlooked. More ››


This reader believes society must temper punishment with compassion, more so for young offenders who have not shown a... More ››


TOKYO: The parents of a seven-year-old Japanese boy missing in the mountains confessed on Sunday they had left him... More ››


Tehran said Riyadh had insisted that visas for Iranians be issued in a third country and would not allow... More ››


FRANKFURT: Airbus chief Tom Enders conceded in a newspaper interview Sunday that some of the “massive problems” dogging the... More ››


MANILA: Philippine police have killed three drug suspects in a shootout, officials said Sunday, the latest such deaths after... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO:  Seducing hyper-connected “Millennials” poses an increasing challenge for luxury brands, which find their markets slowing as young,... More ››


JAKARTA: Indonesian activist Adlun Fiqri could be jailed for wearing a T-shirt allegedly bearing a leftist logo, one of... More ››


Local soldier Bed Bahadur Sunuwar took first place, completing the 42-kilometre run in four hours and 10 seconds. More ››


A marked shift to online sales has also helped the sector mushroom into a $15 billion-a-year market in the... More ››


Sittuyin retains some of the full-blooded flamboyance from the days when kings used it to plot real battles in... More ››


Chai has been growing in popularity in San Francisco and nearby Silicon Valley, with coffee shops large and small... More ››


The American TV show is among three US series in the running for this year's International TV Audience Awards,... More ››


Heard, 30, said in court filings that Depp, 52, was abusive to her throughout their marriage, culminating in an... More ››


MILAN: Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone lamented that losing a second Champions League final in three years was a... More ››


PARIS: Bordeaux-Begles secured their place in next season’s European Champions Cup with a 34-7 Top 14 win over Brive... More ››


MILAN: The 2016 Champions League final will be decided by penalties at the San Siro stadium in Milan after... More ››


PARIS: Novak Djokovic pleaded with French Open organisers to build floodlights on Roland Garros’s showpiece Philippe Chatrier court after... More ››


BUENOS AIRES: Lionel Messi’s condition had improved Saturday after the Barcelona superstar suffered a back injury in Argentina’s 1-0... More ››


MILAN: Five key moments from Real Madrid’s penalty shootout victory over Atletico Madrid in Saturday’s Champions League final: Ramos... More ››


KUWAIT: OPEC member Kuwait has earmarked 34.5 billion dinars ($115 billion) to spend on oil projects over the next... More ››


Here are the logistical and legal details of how the split would work, and the key issues that Brussels... More ››


WASHINGTON: The strike by Verizon Communications Inc workers will probably trim US non-farm payroll growth in May by at... More ››


CAMBRIDGE: The Federal Reserve should raise interest rates “in the coming months” if the economy picks up as expected... More ››


NEW YORK: Data on inflation and employment, two of the economic indicators most important to a “data-dependent” US Federal... More ››


In search of ways that could make even the preparation of a holiday feel like a vacation, FMT discovers... More ››