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Peter Chin warns of attempts by Sarawak Report and others to smear image of party ahead of Sarawak polls... More ››


‘Only Bumiputera Muslim CM for Sarawak’ comments by PAS president offensive, says DAP's secretary-general. More ››


PKR MPs Tian Chua and R. Sivarasa, along with March to Freedom Secretary M. Ganapathy, among first people called... More ››


PKR's Lee Boon Chye says it is better for voters to back Voon Shiak Ni as she has served... More ››


PAS president says while his party accepts Chinese and Indians as citizens, only Muslims can lead the country. More ››


An intoxicated 50-year-old man verbally abuses policeman after refusing to hand over his identity card and car keys when... More ››


Fahmi Fadzil says DAP's games of instigating and attacking must stop in favour of employing the "politics of value"... More ››

Chong Chieng Jen

DAP Sarawak chairman says Federal Government is not going to comply with the demands of Sarawakians. More ››


PKR lawmaker says original objective behind Sarawak's control of immigration was to protect job and business opportunities, not for... More ››


Investigators have under 6,000 square miles of the Indian Ocean sea bed to cover in its search for the... More ››


PKR lawmaker says that at the very least, revenue collected from GST in Sarawak should be returned to the... More ››

AirAsia-Bhd (1)

The Group has major plans which include an African debut in October beginning with Mauritius, a merger in Thailand... More ››


The girl's guardian, believed to be her grandmother, allowed her to relieve herself on the carpet instead of taking... More ››


Bukit Aman says Kota Damansara kindergarten was being monitored by police since last year. More ››


DAP Tanjong lawmaker has a bone to pick with PKR, especially in regard to Batu Kitang PKR candidate Voon... More ››


Indian Progressive Front members say Jalan Berhala in Brickfields was supposed to be named after Tan Sri M G... More ››


The local note also weakened against other currencies. More ››


Khalid Abu Bakar also says government doing everything in their power to secure the release of the four Sarawakians... More ››


Kabinet akan membincangkan cadangan waktu rehat makan tengah hari di jabatan kerajaan dikurangkan kepada 30 minit pada bulan Ramadan. More ››


Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz dan Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi dibenarkan terus berada di Sarawak selama seminggu More ››


Wanita tersebut dipercayai tertekan akibat masalah keluarga lalu bertindak nekad menoreh pergelangan tangan kiri. More ››


DAP sepatutnya membawa politik nilai dalam kempennya, bukan menghasut dan menyerang parti kawan. More ››


Dadah bernilai RM1.14 juta dirampas dan lima lelaki tempatan berusia 19 hingga 46 tahun turut ditahan More ››


Bangkai kapal itu akan dijadikan khazanah pelancongan jika benar ia kapal dagang milik British yang karam 100 tahun lalu. More ››


Jika syarikat kereta terbabit tidak memanggil balik kenderaan mereka, ia seolah-olah membuktikan mereka tidak melakukan pengadilan kepada pengguna. More ››


Aset dan anggota agensi yang terlibat dalam operasi pencarian itu memasuki sektor carian kira-kira jam 7 pagi tadi More ››


Sarawakians will ensure a two-third majority win for BN because they want to see if Adenan Satem can achieve... More ››


Pointless for Ministry of Education to defend kindergarten activity that allows pre-schoolers to carry fake weapons and wear army... More ››


The Sarawak government under Adenan Satem has no moral authority to exercise any legitimate power to prevent the Opposition... More ››


For the sake of the nation's future, the government must do something to end the racket. More ››


Awareness of political and related issues among Malaysian youth is at an all-time high. More ››


In the long term, it's good for the economy when more people have more money to spend. More ››


The shy 1.5-meter-long (five-foot) cetacean, which has a dark ring around the eye and a mouth turned up a... More ››


The Sulu and Celebes seas are used as for the passage of 55 million metric tonnes of goods and... More ››


State legislative leaders, who say the measure protects women and children from sexual predators in bathrooms, reiterated their support... More ››


In 2005 he gave up his legal career on becoming the member of parliament for Tooting, where he still... More ››


RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazil’s outbreak of Zika — which has been linked to the devastating microcephaly birth defect in newborns in... More ››


SYDNEY – Australia’s most wanted Islamic State terror suspect, who was linked to several attacks on home soil, has... More ››


Tourism Malaysia is awarded First Star in print category for a visual campaign called "Wau" and Second Star for... More ››


Scientists not involved in the research hailed the results as a major milestone. More ››


The Current followed the ballad immediately with one of the Purple One's funkier tracks - "My Name is Prince." More ››


Mauzy confirmed Andrew Kornfeld had opioid medication used to treat pain and addiction in his backpack, but emphasized that... More ››


In Malaysia, a replica of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon ship was built with more than 200,000 Lego bricks in... More ››


Chinese tourists can now hail and pay for Uber’s ride-sharing service with the yuan in any city where Uber’s... More ››


MADRID: The top goalscorer in Champions League history, Cristiano Ronaldo, returned for Real Madrid as the Spanish giants looked... More ››


MADRID: Manchester City suffered a huge injury blow less than 10 minutes into their decisive Champions League semi-final second... More ››


LOS ANGELES: US swimming star Michael Phelps has withdrawn from a meeting in Atlanta next week he had been... More ››


SEOUL: Goals from Alex Teixeira and Jo couldn’t save Jiangsu Suning as the Chinese big-spenders crashed out of the... More ››


MADRID: Real Madrid will face Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final for the second time in three years... More ››


WASHINGTON: Rory McIlroy, whose seven-stroke romp at Quail Hollow last year made him a two-time winner of the Wells... More ››


Because of its size and portability, the 500-euro note has become so prized in underground finance that it can... More ››


LONDON: Bad loans and fines for misconduct will hold back European banks’ profitability for longer than originally expected, the... More ››


LONDON: World stocks fell for the second successive day on Wednesday and metals prices declined, pressured by signs of... More ››


LONDON: Oil rose above $45 a barrel on Wednesday as reduced production in Canada’s oil sands region due to... More ››


SHANGHAI: China’s central bank on Wednesday fixed the yuan currency nearly 0.60 percent weaker against the US dollar, according... More ››


JAKARTA: Indonesia’s growth rate was slower than forecast in the first quarter of 2016, official data showed Wednesday, in... More ››