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On April 1, Socso will launch ‘Op-Kesan’ to detect employers who don’t register their company and employees with Socso. More ››


The remaining three divisions are also expected to follow suit before the PAS Muktamar on April 29. More ››


It says the PAS president shouldn't have uttered such disparaging remarks about working with BN or Pakatan. More ››


The visit comes amid reports that Jong Nam's remains were taken out from the KL Hospital to Cheras for... More ››


Education minister says teachers are bound by rules under the General Orders and criticising to the point of defaming... More ››


Selangor state assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh tells Rahman to forget about DAP problems and address why many Umno members... More ››


The two housewives had come from Batu Pahat and had stolen items like rice, cooking oil and clothes from... More ››


Earlier, 44 guns were said to be missing after an audit. More ››


The WhatsApp message offers a haj package for 30 days which includes accommodation in five-star hotels in Mecca and... More ››


He spoke on ‘Asean Heritage, Our Identity’ and won a cash prize of RM1,000 and a trophy. More ››


The tourism and culture minister says he was following etiquette and waiting for the elderly former prime minister to... More ››


DNA tests proves wrong body had been claimed from Penang Hospital in November last year. More ››


Padang Rengas MP says Malaysia is a democratic country and anybody including PPBM is eligible to contest in his... More ››


Higher Education Minister says this is due to the positive performance of borrowers. More ››


MP Kulasegaran calls on the prime minister to keep to his promise on seeing the crucial legislative amendment through... More ››


AirAsia CEO Aireen Omar says students are encouraged to visit their facility so they can see for themselves the... More ››


DAP secretary-general wants to confirm reports quoting PPBM’s Muhyiddin Yassin as desiring name change for the coalition and for... More ››


Health minister says discussions still underway with various parties including Wisma Putra, Prime Minister's Department and North Korean government. More ››


Speaker DUN Selangor, Hannah Yeoh meminta Rahman Dahlan melupakan masalah DAP dan menangani isu ramai ahli Umno melompat ke... More ››


Pusat gempa itu terletak 4.8 darjah utara dan 118.6 darjah timur, iaitu 38km timur laut Kunak dengan gegaran turut... More ››


Menteri pelancongan dan kebudayaan itu berkata, beliau mematuhi etika dan menunggu bekas perdana menteri itu bercakap terlebih dahulu dalam... More ››


Empat pegawai polis memasuki Kedutaan Korea Utara di Jalan Batai pagi tadi dan hanya meninggalkan bangunan berkenaan lebih 2... More ››


Ketua polis negara berkata, pihaknya akan melakukan beberapa lagi tangkapan di Selangor bagi mengesan baki 15 senjata api yang... More ››


Saifuddin Nasution Ismail berkata, PKR menghormati apa sahaja pendirian politik PAS, tetapi perbandingan 'biawak' Hadi itu tidak sesuai dengan... More ››


Ketua penerangan PAS Pulau Pinang berkata, PAS Kawasan Tanjung, Bagan dan Batu Kawan dijangka mengemukakan usul sama dalam mesyuarat... More ››


Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya berkata, perkara itu sudah dibawa ke peringkat kementerian dan pihaknya sedang berbincang mengenai jumlah... More ››


Motor insurance policies clearly state drivers should not admit liability even though they are clearly in the wrong. More ››


Segala usaha untuk memperkenalkan sistem Islam sentiasa dicurigai dan dicop sebagai gerakan Islamisasi yang perlu diperangi setiap masa. More ››


PPBM tiada lagi tempat bergantung selain bersama Pakatan Harapan apabila pintu rundingannya bersama PAS kini malap. More ››


They are a useless form of argument that do little to nothing in provoking critical thought from the audience. More ››


Berbaki dua minggu persidangan Dewan Rakyat, usaha memberi ruang membuat liputan kepada pengamal media yang secukupnya perlu disegerakan. More ››


It's funny that Zunar was not at a forum on editorial cartooning. More ››


When Tubman's selection was announced during his campaign, Trump panned the choice as "purely politically correct," and said Tubman's... More ››


The charges they faced included manslaughter, negligence, using a boat for unlicensed purposes, endangering children, and organising illegal immigration. More ››


The sanctions target firms that provide arms and equipment to Israel "for use against the Palestinians". More ››


"We need to make sure that organisations like WhatsApp -- and there are plenty of others like that --... More ››


It was not immediately clear where the shooter was but no one has been taken into custody, Sergeant Eric... More ››


Europe, Hollande said, must tell Asia that "we have much to do together, much to defend and much to... More ››


The offer is open to all couples "legally married and staying in the same room." More ››


Menariknya, penggunaan pengering rambut dalam membentuk sebilah mata parang yang diingini hanya mengambil masa 15 minit. More ››


Japan is famous for high-tech and specialty fabrics, which not only supply the likes of Chanel and other celebrated... More ››


James Blunt, a close friend of Fisher, debuted a tribute song entitled "I'm Here to Let You Go," while... More ››


Those whose ate home-cooked family meals also had lower odds of obesity than other adults who ate some or... More ››


Artificial lighting has been shown to disturb the reproductive cycles of some animals and the migration of birds that... More ››


"Just bad luck I guess. I can still win 19 races, that's the plan. Let's go to China (for... More ››


Hamilton began on pole position and led until the first set of pit stops when Germany’s Vettel leapfrogged the... More ››


The win kept the European champions three points behind Group B leaders Switzerland who earlier beat Latvia 1-0 to... More ››


Ricciardo slammed into the barrier during qualifying on Saturday and his Red Bull RB13 car suffered rear end damage... More ››


Dempsey, playing his first international since recovering from a heart problem that forced a six-month layoff, scored goals in... More ››


The loss left the Dutch six points behind Group A leaders France, who beat Luxembourg 3-1, and down in... More ››


The committee "expressed its satisfaction with the progress made towards full conformity with the voluntary production adjustments and encouraged... More ››


Zhou said Beijing is in talks with Japan and European and ASEAN countries about bilateral trade and investment agreements,... More ››


After burning through millions of dollars over three years in a battle for market share with local rival Ola,... More ››


The EBA is perhaps best known for its regular stress tests on the EU's financial sector, which have become... More ››


The rails shortfall has slowed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plans to revamp the network, and highlights how his infrastructure... More ››


A Chinese court has ruled in favor of Apple in design patent disputes between the Cupertino, California company and... More ››