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Action was taken following public complaints on the increased price of the food sold at the restaurant. More ››


Cabinet reshuffle will set off a chain of events to thwart Mahathir and help Najib stay on as Prime... More ››


Nexgram has not determined the type of project to be developed but will make relevant announcements soon More ››


Its deputy sec-gen says the move would cause anxiety, disrupt businesses and embarrass the management and workers. More ››


The camps will house 400 migrants as a temporary measure but must work on a long-term plan with neighbouring... More ››


The objective of the roadmap is to counter the negative perception 1MDB has gained over recent months. More ››


Suspect buys migrants from a Thai syndicate and keeps them in Wang Kelian transit camps before selling them... More ››


The woman had shoved a 12-inch spatula down her constricting throat in a desperate bid to widen it. More ››

lim kit siang, najib, pandikar

Prime Minister abusing Parliamentary Standing Orders to evade questions on 1MDB scandal. More ››


As the head of Asean 2015, Malaysia has a moral obligation to help eliminate all forms of human trafficking... More ››


Seven packets of heroin and two of syabu found during the search. More ››

musa-hassan 2-gani-patail-rosli-dahlan, ramli yusoff

Arrest saw lawyer branded a ‘crook’ and a ‘scoundrel’ even among his friends, close friend testifies. More ››


The former Law Minister also says there is a huge disconnect between the elite and the common folk. More ››


Chasing the person who molested her, the victim also noted down his motorcycle's registration number before reporting him to... More ››

lim kok wing, najib, mahathir

As long as he doesn't engage Mahathir face to face, he'll be seen as a coward, says blogger Shahbudin. More ››

Perlis jungle

PKR’s Gooi Hsiao Leung says the police did nothing to stop human trafficking although they knew of it for... More ››

jamil khir, mahkamah syariah

The onus is on State Governments to ensure that the Islamic enactments that they want to pass are not... More ››

Ti Lian Ker,kedai arak,perubatan cina

MCA accuses state government of deliberately trying to stifle the income of Chinese involved in this family trade and... More ››


Sistem keadilan negara yang rapuh - apabila seorang lelaki muda dijatuhkan hukuman penjara 10 tahun semata-mata kerana mencuri makanan... More ››


Model Mahathirisme mewujudkan golongan rentier yang berkuasa di belakang tabir dalam menentukan siapa bakal menjadi Perdana Menteri serta menjatuhkan... More ››


Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang itu akan terus mengkritik Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang sekiranya diperlukan atas kapasiti... More ››

ibrahim ali

Ibrahim menyokong penuh gesaan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad supaya siasatan dilakukan terhadapi pegawai kerajaan yang hidup mewah di luar... More ››

Takiyuddin Hassan,hudud

Speaker Dewan Rakyat sedang meneliti RUU berkenaan hudud dan perbentangan serta perbahasan dijangka dalam tempoh tiga minggu lagi. More ››

hassan malek,gst

Kajian semula itu termasuk jenis-jenis barang yang akan dimasukkan ke dalam senarai pengecualian cukai. More ››


Dokumen yang mengandungi butiran lengkap saman-saman itu termasuk nombor kenderaan, tarikh dan lokasi kesalahan dilakukan dikongsi di Facebook. More ››


PAC tidak akan bersimpati jika Arul dan Shahrol didapati berbohong berada di luar negara pada tarikh yang sepatutnya mereka... More ››


A proposed law to protect Lee Kuan Yew's name and images looks like a ploy to stifle criticism of... More ››


The government should rethink the priorities of the Malaysian police and stop using the police force to snoop on... More ››


Is there no one with enough power and responsibility that can put the brakes on the devastating effect 1MDB... More ››


Let’s heed the advice of our wise YB and have as many babies as the government can afford. More ››


With his statements on education, the DPM is showing he may be as delusional as his boss. More ››


Why did DAP protest so loudly over Lynas when they quietly gave approval to JinkoSolar with its past history... More ››


In one sign of AirAsia's increasingly inefficient deployment of its assets in its expansion across Southeast Asia, return on... More ››


CBS Corp (CBS.N) CEO Leslie Moonves met with Apple Inc (AAPL.O) last week to discuss a TV deal, he... More ››


DRESDEN: G7 ministers and central bank heads convened on Wednesday to discuss how to revive global growth and China’s... More ››


AMSTERDAM: Airbus Group (AIR.PA) faced down a revolt by government shareholders over a board appointment and invited its chief... More ››

The Citibank logo is pictured at its Nicaragua headquarters in Managua

LONDON: European banks Deutsche Bank, Barclays and UBS have seen their market share in foreign exchange trading slump in... More ››


ATHENS: The Greek government, struggling to keep up its debt repayments, announced on Tuesday that any dormant public sector... More ››


Early therapy conveys a double benefit, not only improving the health of individuals but at the same time, by... More ››


Waistlines of American adults kept growing last year with obesity creeping up to 27.7 percent, according to a Gallup... More ››


Named Australopithecus deyiremeda, the hominid and Lucy are probably only part of a wider group of candidates for being... More ››


A combination of tactile sensor and LED lights help correct walking posture by measuring the pressure on different parts... More ››


Drinking the caffeine equivalent of more than four espressos a day is harmful to health, especially for minors and... More ››


BERLIN: Doctors at a Berlin clinic said on Wednesday quadruplets, whose very premature births to a 65-year-old German mother... More ››


MELBOURNE: The Asian Football Confederation has re-affirmed its support for embattled FIFA boss Sepp Blatter and pushed for Friday’s... More ››


"There is no way of rebuilding trust in FIFA while Sepp Blatter is still there... He either has to... More ››


STOCKHOLM: Lennart Johansson, former president of European football’s governing body UEFA, says the decision to award the World Cup... More ››


DALLAS: Masters champion Jordan Spieth will get another chance to give home fans the victory they’re longing to see... More ››


PARIS: Roger Federer on Wednesday admitted that allowing leading players to pick and choose who umpires their matches could... More ››


NEW YORK: South African officials paid more than $10 million in bribes to host the 2010 World Cup and... More ››


Banners carried through the streets included slogans calling the migrants "terrorists" and "beast" (sic). More ››


BANGKOK: A Thai court handed six ‘Yellow Shirt’ leaders two-year jail terms Thursday for a 2008 protest which saw... More ››


SYDNEY: Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart was Thursday ordered by a court to relinquish control of a multi-billion dollar... More ››


The study said that of the women interviewed - who worked in sectors including construction, agriculture, domestic work, sex... More ››


NEW YORK: A panel of experts from government and industry will review how the US Federal Aviation Administration monitors... More ››


The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader said she must speak up, adding that he had already appealed twice to her... More ››