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Mosque committees have been urged to exercise control over the hearses under their care. More ››


Sultan Ibrahim advises politicians against trying to tell Johoreans what they should do, saying he knows what is best... More ››


Police have also sent an official request to the North Korean embassy to question the embassy's second secretary and... More ››


Saying over-reliance on private consumption is bad, the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs calls on the government to... More ››


Salahuddin says PAS-Umno alliance makes it easier for voters to decide. More ››


The officer reportedly used company credit card to pay for RM80,000 worth of skincare treatments as well as a... More ››


Logistics executive had been known to be 'heavily involved' in husband's moneylending business, according to her friend. More ››


Suara Rakyat Malaysia says government is bound by UN convention to provide appropriate protection and humanitarian aid to refugee... More ››


Former Malaysian envoy says diplomats can only be detained if the sending countries revoke their diplomatic immunity, but Malaysia... More ››


Doan Thi Huong's father says his 'gentle' daughter is afraid of frogs and rats, can't possibly be brave enough... More ››


Former Bank Negara Malaysia governor says the issue was never raised during her tenure. More ››


Investigation reveals sexual abuse by former lecturer at US performing arts academy covered up in 1980s, before he moved... More ››


North Korea has no right to call for the release of citizens of other countries, says lawyer N Sivananthan. More ››


The prime minister says finance ministry's role not only to manage the country's fiscal and monetary policies but it... More ››


Lawyer N Surendran, who is also representing Mat Shuhaimi, says they did not object to the government's leave to... More ››


The Centre for Independent Journalism says conviction of Lena Hendry demonstrates the targeting of civil society for promoting discussions... More ››


A senior police source says the embassy's second secretary Hyon Kwang Song was seen at KLIA the day the... More ››


Businessmen are fed up with the media attention on the community following the murder of North Korean Kim Jong... More ››


Kejayaan membanggakan Orang Asli Islam diharap menjadi contoh kepada anggota masyarakat itu. More ››


Ahli Parlimen Ampang juga menyelar Ketua Umno Bahagian Ampang Datuk Ismail Kijo yang hanya cuba mempolemikkan isu peniaga di... More ››


Rakan terdekat memberitahu, wanita itu banyak terlibat dalam perniagaan pinjaman wang yang dijalankan suaminya. More ››


Sebelum Khaled Nordin, 2 tokoh yang pernah memimpin pentadbiran Johor adalah Ghani Othman dan Muhyiddin Yassin yang kini menjadi... More ››


Bekas duta berkata diplomat hanya boleh ditahan jika negara yang menghantar membatalkan kekebalan diplomatik atau Malaysia mengisytiharkan persona non... More ››


Pemilik kedai kopi Lum Kee berkata MPAJ sebelum ini beri notis roboh dalam masa 2 bulan, tetapi 2 hari... More ››


Ahli jawatankuasa kariah atau masjid seluruh Selangor diminta menjaga dengan baik kenderaan jenazah di bawah seliaan masing-masing dan tidak... More ››


Sultan Ibrahim berpesan agar ahli politik dari luar Johor tidak perlu tunjuk pandai memberitahu apa yang perlu dilakukan rakyat... More ››


As a small nation, we must never risk our national interests by throwing ourselves into the whirlpool of international... More ››


Those who attended Saturday's rally must have neglected to consider the implications of the party's move to change the... More ››


Even within the BN coalition, various parties are still sitting on the fence observing the possible developments before taking... More ››


Sudah terlalu lama pegawai agama diberi kuasa mutlak menjalankan aktiviti skodeng mereka. Sudah banyak aduan tentang kebiadapan mereka. More ››


Think of young bicycle racers as training for the time when they can finally own kapcais and become Mat... More ››


It is about time parents take full responsibility for their children's behaviour by exercising tough but fair parenting skills.... More ››


Oxfam said Indonesia's taxation system had failed to play a role in redistributing wealth as it was not collecting... More ››


The group's leader speaks of a 'mission' to pen stories about North Korea's dismal human rights situation. More ››


Somyot Prueksakasemsuk was found guilty of publishing two satirical articles defaming the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2010 when... More ››


Seoul's Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se said that the killing was a chance for the international community "to take a... More ››


Vena is now being cared for at a centre run by NGO International Animal Rescue (IAR), whose staff ensure... More ››


Ai said he viewed US politics now as "quite sad, quite disturbing ... in many ways going backwards", pointing... More ››


The event will feature Rozella, an advocate for positive body image and John Payne, who champions the conservation of... More ››


Researchers said the proximity of the system, combined with the proportionally large size of its planets compared to the... More ››


The performance dominated the front page of British tabloid the Daily Star, with the headline: "Katy's Brit of a... More ››


Terlalu basah pun tak boleh, kering pun tak boleh, terdedah pun tak boleh. Bagaimana nak simpan sayur mahal ni? More ››


Bone up on the final part of a superpowered mutant trilogy that sees Hugh Jackman make what should be... More ››


Bowie, who died in January 2016, beat nominees Craig David, Michael Kiwanuka, Kano, and Skepta -- who won the... More ››


UFC Head of International and Content Joe Carr added that UFC was on the verge of signing China's "biggest... More ››


Pacquiao, the WBO welterweight champion, tweeted on February 11: "See you in UAE for my next fight. #TeamPacquiao". More ››


"Ning Zetao violated the rules of the national swimming team which has resulted in adverse effect on the team," More ››


Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored the only goal of the game away to Saint Etienne on Wednesday after just 16 minutes,... More ››


Three-times world champion Hamilton's comments came on the eve of his Mercedes team's launch of their new car for... More ››


The defeat leaves Madrid just a single point clear of Barcelona and three points ahead of Sevilla and now... More ››


While New York's Dow index racked up a ninth successive all-time high, its longest record streak in 30 years,... More ››


Chief executive Thewin Wongwanich says PTT is interested because the Petronas SK316 offshore gas block in Sarawak is an... More ››


Ghosn, 62, who also heads up French automaker Renault, will hand over the CEO title to Hiroto Saikawa, who... More ››


Firms are expected to rein in their investment plans as Britain negotiates its departure from the EU, a process... More ››


The nearly four trillion dollar annual federal budget is a declaration of intent that puts the president's policy goals... More ››


PSA chief Carlos Tavares "expressed his willingness to develop further the iconic Vauxhall brand for the benefit of its... More ››