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mukhriz, kedah

The plan is still being discussed with the state religious council, says Kedah Religious, Indian and Siamese Community Affairs... More ››


If rates are not raised it will affect the ability of concessionaires to effectively manage the expressways, says association. More ››


Khalid Abu Bakar says conference is ridiculous and questions the reason behind organising it. More ››


The cooperation is for the sake of the people and country, says the Islamist party secretary-general. More ››


The increase is only in the urban area and not all highways, says minister. More ››


The supply disruption is due to work to replace the valves in Sri Andalas, Klang. More ››


IGP says the police's job is to investigate reports, and they do not wish to be involved with the... More ››


Menteri Besar denies news which went viral on the social media that Sungai Batu will be developed. More ››


Khalid says the Attorney-General co-ordinates the Special Task Force. More ››


The trade agreement is widely received from a business standpoint, but not from a consumer perspective. More ››


MyKMU says the present government's hands are tied by agreements Mahathir made with highway concessionaires. More ››


A Philippines Search and Rescue Team said “false info” claims led to Malaysian authorities seeking the assistance of their... More ››


It has to be proven that the company recklessly provided information that was false in material particulars. More ››


The exclusive jurisdiction to make a decision on the re-delineation exercise is granted to the House of Representatives once... More ››


'It's the people who can't afford to compensate highway concessionaires.' More ››


National Audit Department says it is in the second phase of investigations, which is more detailed. More ››


A former political editor urged that the people come together and save the country from “Najib and his small... More ››


Apandi Ali says both charged under Penal Code for attempting to sabotage country's banking and financial systems. More ››


Orang ramai perlu melaporkan kepada KDN atau polis jika terdapat pengawal keselamatan warga asing selain Nepal. More ››


Kerjasama itu bagaimanapun hanya melibatkan isu-isu nasional dan tidak menyentuh kerjasama politik. More ››


Enam tokoh itu menggunakan hak mereka untuk berkumpul dan menyuarakan pandangan dan terpulang kepada rakyat untuk membuat penilaian. More ››


Kenaikan tol sebenarnya bertujuan membolehkan kerajaan menyediakan lebih banyak bantuan serta kemudahan kepada rakyat pada masa akan datang. More ››

Rafizi Ramli, 1MDB, Parliament, Najib Razak

Dia menyokong kenyataan Gabenor Bank Negara bahawa nilai Ringgit akan meningkat jika Perdana Menteri berundur dan masalah 1MDB diselesaikan... More ››


Pertemuan itu bagi membincangkan rancangan mengaktifkan semula Pasukan Petugas Khas 1MDB yang dianggotai PDRM, SPRM, Bank Negara dan Jabatan... More ››


Kedua-duanya tidak ditahan mengikut SOSMA sebaliknya di bawah Seskyen 124L Kanun Keseksaan kerana cubaan mensabotaj ekonomi negara. More ››

mukhriz, kedah

Kedah tidak sesuai melaksanakan tatacara peraturan kerana mempunyai masyarakat majmuk yang berbilang bangsa dan agama. More ››


In any functioning society, anyone breaking the law would have to face the consequences of his actions. More ››


Zaid Ibrahim has made it his duty to safeguard moderate Malaysia, and his work is perhaps the most important... More ››


Jika kita benar-benar mahukan perpaduan, kita harus berhenti mementingkan diri sendiri dan bergerak ke arah membina satu identiti kebangsaan. More ››


The two have always had a 'you scratch my back and I scratch yours' relationship. More ››


The fact that not even a whimper was said during the various meetings seems to indicate that the Malaysian... More ››


The Malaysian opposition's double standards and lack of leadership are making it irrelevant. More ››


"We are certain that this (operation) was conducted from territory that was only under the Russian fighters' control." More ››


Relatives were shown an animated reconstruction of the explosion and Oehlers said investigators believed their loved ones had had... More ››


The official report, after a 15-month long investigation, seeks to end speculation about why the Boeing 777 broke up... More ››


These are the main developments since the plane crashed in rebel-held east Ukraine last year, killing all 298 people... More ››


SYDNEY: Australia on Tuesday outlined plans to tighten counter-terrorism laws further, including restricting the movements of suspects as young... More ››


NEW YORK: A 400-page UN report out Monday calls for the creation of a special international tribunal to judge... More ››


WASHINGTON: Playboy will stop publishing the photographs of the fully nude women so closely associated with it, declaring such... More ››


Take a peek at the viral videos everyone everywhere is neglecting work to watch More ››


FMT hitches a ride with our travel partner, MySabah.com – a love letter to the ‘Land Below the Wind’... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook said Monday that it will begin testing a shopping tab for its mobile app as it... More ››


LOS ANGELES: Hollywood is planning a movie about Volkswagen’s emissions-cheating scandal, with Leonardo DiCaprio, who has long championed environmental... More ››


The House Rules section on Airbnb, which allows property dwellers and owners to rent a room or entire home,... More ››


LAUSANNE: FIFA’s ethics watchdog on Monday banned Thai football chief Worawi Makudi for 90 days as acting president Issa Hayatou... More ››


MONTEVIDEO: Brazil and Argentina head into the second round of qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup on Tuesday looking to... More ››


CARDIFF: All Blacks talisman Richie McCaw is foxing and not missing in action at the breakdown, while he makes... More ››


NEW YORK: Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao announced in New York Monday that he was “80 to 90 percent... More ››


VILNIUS: England made it a perfect 10 wins out of 10 in their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign as they... More ››


KIEV: Spain ended Ukraine’s hopes of automatic qualification for Euro 2016 as Mario Gaspar’s solitary goal on his international... More ››


Other companies that had been initially short listed for the asset sale are not expected to bid before an... More ››


NEW YORK: The US dollar edged lower against the euro and other currencies Monday as two top Federal Reserve... More ››


NEW YORK: Global oil prices fell sharply Monday on worries about excessive supply and profit-taking after last week’s rally.... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: Symphony, a financial industry messaging startup, announced Monday that it has raised $100 million in a new... More ››


LONDON: Shares in British engine maker Rolls-Royce and French counterpart Safran sank Monday following a report of a European... More ››


NEW YORK: EMC Corp, the data storage company that is preparing to unveil an agreement to be acquired by... More ››