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Efforts by Esscom and other security agencies are still on-going to find the kidnap victim and two suspects who... More ››


Prime Minister Najib Razak suggests members of the opposition may have mistaken his deputy Zahid Hamidi for "some former... More ››


Stand-up comedy king says he was glad to be able to wave the Malaysian flag on an international platform. More ››


Chief of Defence Forces Gen Zulkifeli Mohd Zin says an Airbus A400M, medical supplies and mobile hospitals have been... More ››


He cites Umno-led Perlis government's recent decision to allow unilateral child conversions as an example. More ››


Abu Sayyaf leader, Abraham Hamid, had led the kidnapping of several foreigners from a tourist resort in the volatile... More ››


The Batu Kawan MP called on the people to stand in solidarity with the students "who have been victims... More ››


General manager says statement spread via Facebook and WhatsApp of a power outage from 8am to 4pm is completely... More ››


It rejects allegations against the Bar Council, saying it has always worked with government officials to achieve its objectives. More ››


Philippine President tells Malaysian and Indonesian security forces that they can kill militants fleeing a kidnapping scene even if... More ››


Training will be mandatory for the renewal of licences to carry and handle firearms by private security guards annually. More ››


Cases are related to tampering with government revenue, hindering revenue collection, incurring losses and flouting rules in development projects. More ››


Minister Hamzah Zainudin says ban will not impact country’s manufacturing sector as Myanmar not a major source of foreign... More ››


Shophouses along Jalan CY Choy near Weld Quay are damaged by an 11.15am fire today. More ››


Malaysians can walk proud after Harith Iskander beats four other comedians to land world title. More ››


Federal Territories Minister says Umno members have expressed their loyalty towards party president Najib Razak. More ››


The former prime minister stresses the need for better cooperation and understanding among people of all faiths. More ››


Two busses ram into each other at the North-South expressway in a 5.30am incident today. More ››


Ia menolak tuduhan terhadap Majlis Peguam dan menegaskan sentiasa bekerjasama dengan pegawai kerajaan untuk mencapai objektifnya. More ››


Pemimpin Abu Sayyaf yang ditembak mati bertanggungjawab terhadap penculikan beberapa warga asing di selatan Filipina tahun lepas. More ››


Ia merupakan misi kemanusiaan pertama dibenarkan masuk melalui sempadan Rafah sejak lawatan kerja Mercy Malaysia yang terakhir pada... More ››


Tindakan itu dilihat tidak lebih daripada usaha bagi memperlihatkan kepada rakyat betapa Islamiknya parti Melayu dalam memperjuangkan isu berkaitan... More ››


Ahli Parlimen Batu Kawan menyeru rakyat bersama menyokong 4 aktivis siswa yang menjadi mangsa ‘tangan tersembunyi’ untuk menutup mulut... More ››


Timbalan menteri dalam negeri memuji gerak kerja berkesan antara Majlis Keselamatan Negara bersama Indonesia dan Filipina dalam mengekang jenayah... More ››


Wakil Pemuda parti itu menggesa pimpinan atasannya dan PPBM bersikap lebih tegas dan berhenti berharap PAS menyertai gabungan pembangkang. More ››


Pelawak solo negara itu berjaya mengalahkan 4 finalis dalam pertandingan yang diadakan di Levi, Finland pada Khamis More ››


68 years later, it is still celebrated in various magnitudes; its significance and meaning varies from one nation to... More ››


Start charging site supervisors, equipment owners and project owners for using substandard equipment and for hiring unqualified personnel respectively. More ››


The protest against Myanmar worsens the labour problem and exposes Malaysia to criticism from fellow Asean countries. More ››


Perjuangan Orang Asli di Kelantan terhadap kegiatan pembalakan bukan baharu wujud 2-3 hari lalu, malangnya ia tidak diambil... More ››


Survey shows millions of Malaysians in dire straits with poor financial management behaviour and little savings and mounting debts. More ››


Double standards over foreign funding, detention without trial and wrongdoers getting off scot-free peppered the political scene of 2016... More ››


The single-pilot jets can carry an array of weapons and travel at a supersonic speed of Mach 1.6, or... More ››


CIA agents told the lawmakers it was "quite clear" that electing Trump was Russia's goal, according to officials who... More ››


Of the 13 people so far chosen for his cabinet or for cabinet-rank positions, most are white males, like... More ››


CCTV footage showed the young woman surrounded by three shadowy figures thought to have been her assailants. More ››


Giuliani had been a candidate for the prestigious cabinet job of secretary of state, but subsequently came under scrutiny... More ››


The execution of Ronald Smith, 45 on Thursday night took 34 minutes, during which Smith was apparently struggling for... More ››


Yoga could be beneficial to patients suffering from prehypertension (slightly elevated blood pressure), according to a study presented December... More ››


The firms who have signed up to this new and powerful association see virtual reality as an IT platform... More ››


The new Bluetooth standard is now ready for action and should progressively roll out into consumer devices from 2017.... More ››


The first official trailer for "Spider-Man: Homecoming" was released on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Thursday, giving audiences a peek... More ››


One of the most powerful influencers in the online world, PewDiePie, is making good on his promise to delete... More ››


Bertemakan ‘Chrismas Is Here’, hiasan di 1 Utama menampakkan ciri segar dan baharu berlatarkan sebuah taman bunga poinsettia dengan... More ››


"It's always difficult to say if these five games are a great opportunity," Conte said. "This league has taught... More ››


Without a home win in four league games, United trail fifth-place Tottenham by six points and will be left... More ››


The Gunners are just three points behind Chelsea and they can temporarily take over at the top if they... More ››


Guardiola said he wants to see rules changed to allow for up to six substitutes to be used in... More ››


The 62-year-old Kennedy says the German coach has injected an extraordinary new lease of life into the club and... More ››


She has been called a traitor by her former coach Vladimir Kazarin and is currently in hiding in North... More ››


Italy's third-largest bank, and the world's oldest, had asked for a three-week extension until January 20 to try to... More ››


The Federal Trade Commission said in a court filing dated Thursday there were 23 lost or broken mobile phones... More ››


Both Brent and U.S crude futures, however, notched their first weekly loss in four weeks. More ››


ECB officials told Reuters they hoped that a "precautionary recapitalisation" of Monte dei Paschi by the Italian state will... More ››


The acquisition was complicated by BSI's legal troubles which included its dealings with scandal-hit Malaysian government fund 1Malaysia Development... More ››


All the directors of the special committee are independent in that they do not work for the company in... More ››