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Police say the group, going by the name 'Jempol' are stubborn and have continued to use the roads as... More ››


Children among those injured as raging thunderstorm leaves 30 tents destroyed. More ››


The report appears to have lifted a satire site claiming that Justin Trudeau had converted to Islam. More ››


Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor says the scheduled water supply to consumers in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling recorded up to... More ››


UK-based sports portal says Malaysia beat deadline to submit bid to host 2022 Commonwealth Games following the disqualification of... More ››


Feel-good factor from SEA Games and double national day celebrations - Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day - in August... More ››


P Waythamoorthy calls for UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee to advise Malaysia to deny fugitive Islamic preacher safe haven... More ››


Sarawak PKR chief blames PAS president and the PM for jeopardising harmony between multiracial, multi-religious population. More ››


Punishment meted out to students who are lazy, unfocused, and who fail to memorise or comply with other requirements,... More ››


Singapore general practitioner Wee Teong Boo not allowed to examine the private parts of female patients. More ››


Ex-Sabah anti-graft chief says court should have followed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act 2010, which considers ministers as public... More ››


Urging PAS and PKR to maintain political cooperation, former Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim also denies rumours he is... More ››


PPBM leader refutes PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's claim that the party is without direction, saying PPBM's objective and... More ››


PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang claims PPBM is a party without direction and unclear in terms of who its... More ››


PKR vice-president says call by Saifuddin Nasution for Selangor excos from PAS to step down was a personal view... More ››


This is to obtain a detailed study on the effectiveness of the system and public reactions to it, says... More ››


Investment scheme company boss Johnson Lee says even members who recently put in funds will get their money back. More ››


President says PAS must work hard to win over non-Muslim voters in west coast states, and strengthen PAS Supporters'... More ››


Setiausaha Umno Kelantan, Datuk Hanafi Mamat berkata, pihaknya yakin siasatan terhadap ketua wanita berusia 69 tahun itu tidak akan... More ››


Lebih 30 khemah peniaga rosak dan beberapa mangsa mengalami kecederaan termasuk kanak-kanak. More ››


Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Selatan, Hee Loy Sian menjangkakan pada awal adalah bulan Oktober dan ia masa terbaik bagi... More ››


Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail berkata, ketika ini masih terlalu awal untuk membuat sebarang keputusan... More ››


Kata timbalan menteri, pihak berwajib sedang melakukan siasatan terperinci terhadap kes ini dan tunggulah kenyataan dikeluarkan oleh pihak polis... More ››


Artikel itu membuat dakwaan itu ketika mempersoalkan apa yang dianggapnya sebagai kesangsian terhadap usaha memartabatkan Islam di Malaysia. More ››


Bagi tujuan tersebut, Norza menyasarkan untuk mempunyai dua wakil dalam setiap acara badminton di Sukan Olimpik Tokyo 2020. More ››


SPR berkata, keputusan itu dibuat memandangkan pameran RDPT memadai bagi membolehkan pihak berkepentingan memeriksa nama-nama pemohon yang terbabit. More ››


Those in authority lack moral fibre, are afraid of bearing responsibility and are apparently immune from accountability. More ››


Former minister Zaid Ibrahim pays tribute to the five Federal Court judges whose recent landmark ruling is seen as... More ››


Clare Rewcastle-Brown has two options; but in exercising them, she will have to provide alot of information and documents... More ››


Pakatan Harapan feels answers to these questions can clarify the effect of the Employment Insurance Scheme so that workers... More ››


Pelajar yang tiada minat akan terpinggir dan dianggap tidak pandai atau bodoh. Mereka inilah yang kemudiannya menganggotai kumpulan penjenayah... More ››


It is high time to stop viewing the welfare and care of our young through retrospective lenses. More ››


He said he would urge Trump not to get into a confrontation with Kim. More ››


"True faith... moves our heart to love everyone... It makes us see the other not as an enemy to... More ››


Protests in several cities were called by the Open Russia movement founded by arch-Putin foe and former oil magnate... More ››


Turkish media said that the ban was imposed because Wikipedia had failed to remove content promoting terror and also... More ››


Misaya's death could not be independently confirmed, and the military would not provide details of the operation. More ››


Dela Rosa rejected the allegations and accused the rights commission, an independent government body, of plotting to embarrass Duterte's... More ››


Pengguna Twitter mengkritik seluar 'Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans' pelik yang mahal harganya. More ››


Lauren Martin dan Jarryd Mandy tampil dengan idea kartun itu selepas menonton video viral sesi temu bual bersama BBC... More ››


The "Born to Run" musician, who revealed in a 2016 memoir that he had struggled with depression, called rock... More ››


Gorillaz has been an outlet for Albarn's more experimental side, breaking free from guitar pop to explore trippy, futuristic... More ››


Festival-goers, ready to post their lavish times on social media, arrived to take pictures of utilitarian white tents on... More ››


The Indian superstar charmed a TED Conference crowd, sharing his life and playfully portraying himself as an aging movie... More ››


Mohamad Norza Zakaria succeeds Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff effective today, continuing BAM's 32-year tradition of forgoing a contest for... More ››


Newly elected Football Association of Singapore (FAS) president Lim Kia Tong, who was voted in with 30 of the... More ››


The four-time champion German led the way with a best lap in one minute and 34.001 seconds to wind... More ››


Learn from the 'two wheels' of Moto GP if you want to revive your sport, says Sepang circuit boss... More ››


The 30-year-old Chinese cueman had looked flat during the session earlier on Friday seeing his overnight lead, in the... More ››


Kyrgios, who was due to be top seed at the Portuguese event starting on Monday, said he was heading... More ››


While the ATO has not named the businesses it is pursuing, Google's Australia unit said in accounts filed with... More ››


There is no guarantee that if Trump were to seal the border with Mexico that it would "save" the... More ››


The study will review agreements to ensure they increase US growth and strengthen the country's manufacturing base before recommending... More ››


The agency also noted risk to London's dominant financial sector, "which is a major contributor to employment and public... More ››


It had not sought any strategic tie-up but had "evaluated a number of expressions of interest" before decided to... More ››


Many of the industries Trump singled out for special attention, like coalminers, steelmakers and oil companies, face major market... More ››