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Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan says the state government is running out of patience because the project has been in... More ››


While two political analysts believe PPBM is important to the opposition coalition, another says the party hurts PH because... More ››


He says PAS is positioning itself as a third wheel in the 14th general election. More ››


IDEAS chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan worries political situation is getting increasingly racial and religious but UUM's Professor Azizuddin... More ››


The extension of the chief justice’s tenure has brought about the biggest judicial controversy since the 1988 crisis, says... More ››


Former DAP member Hew Kuan Yew describes Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a sharp keris that can destroy Umno in... More ››


Abu Talib Othman says his legal advice to the government to introduce laws was in the interests of the... More ››


Minister says taxi drivers should utilise technology to improve service quality. More ››


University lecturer Maszlee Malik says in GE13, 52% of voters were women and 70% of them voted for BN. More ››


Claims can be made at 25 National Audit Department counters nationwide. More ››


The PPBM chairman says Malay-dominated Pakatan Harapan coalition parties Amanah and PKR have more elected representatives than the DAP. More ››


Such discrimination is not in line with the spirit of equal partners among Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya under ... More ››


Rizal Mansor says Menteri Besar Inc Selangor should clarify the issues related to the payment dispute since they affect... More ››


Former prime minister refutes allegation by retired judge that he was behind the move to remove the judicial power... More ››


The price of RON95 is RM2.03, RON97 RM2.28 and diesel is at RM1.99. More ››


"Even though men are said to be physically stronger than women, there are cases where wives hurt or abuse... More ››


Amanah strategic director Dzulkefly Ahmad says speech by Prime Minister Najib Razak at InvestMalaysia 2017 filled with 'bare-faced lies... More ››


CM says all MPs and assemblymen will sign Penang’s ‘IBR 10 Plus’ pledge this Friday. More ››


Walaupun 2 penganalisis politik percaya PPBM penting untuk gabungan pembangkang, salah seorang merasakan parti itu menjejaskan PH kerana sistem... More ››


Beliau berkata PAS menonjolkan parti mereka sebagai peserta ke-3 yang menganggu rancangan pihak lain pada pilihan raya umum nanti. More ››


Ketua Ideas Wan Saiful Wan Jan bimbang keadaan politik semakin menjadi perkauman dan agama tetapi pensyarah UUM Azizuddin Mohd... More ››


Pensyarah universiti Maszlee Malik berkata pada PRU-13, 52% pengundi adalah wanita dan 70% daripada mereka mengundi BN. More ››


Tuntutan boleh dibuat di 25 kaunter Jabatan Audit Negara seluruh negara. More ››


Dr Mahathir berkata Amanah dan PKR yang diterajui orang Melayu mempunyai lebih ramai wakil rakyat berbanding DAP. More ››


Diskriminasi itu tidak seiring dengan semangat rakan kongsi setaraf antara Sabah, Sarawak dan Tanah Melayu di bawah MA63. More ››


Ahli Parlimen Setiu berkata suami sering mengalami penderaan psikologi dan emosi disebabkan isteri. More ››


The lack of enforcement has emboldened taxi drivers to the point they think it is their right to occupy... More ››


Had Umno-BN engaged stakeholders in a comprehensive, systematic manner, the multiple revisions to the policy need not have taken... More ››


Prime Minister Najib Razak must answer what happened to the US$3.51 billion 1MDB said it had paid to IPIC... More ››


Sejarah yang direkodkan sarjana Islam sendiri menceritakan kepincangan kerajaan yang diterajui umat Islam. More ››


One Eurasian says although they are considered 'bumiputera', they are really third class 'bumis' as even their identity cards... More ››


Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should consider ways to tackle the mismanagement of migrant workers instead of claiming the... More ››


The European Union's top court kept Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on the EU terrorism blacklist on Wednesday and removed... More ››


Authorities have warned of an escalating threat of forest fires with the dry season expected to continue for several... More ››


Nearly two million Yemeni children are acutely malnourished. Malnutrition makes them more susceptible to cholera. Disease creates more malnutrition. More ››


Negotiations for a joint exploration had "peaked" during Duterte's visit to Beijing in May where he told Chinese President... More ››

Heir to Thai throne- Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn

The monarchy is held in high esteem by the vast majority of Thais and, although the king is officially... More ››


The Mexico City government estimates there are 1.5 million stray dogs on the streets, though the animal shelter network... More ››


Aaron has been filming the movie titled 'Tik Tik Tik' together with famous Indian actor Jayam Ravi since... More ››


Doctors are trying to establish whether the one-year-old girls, born otherwise healthy in northwest Bangladesh, share the same brain,... More ››


The research team found no significant decline in South America, Asia, and Africa, where fewer studies had been conducted. More ››


Apabila semua tawaran hartanah ini dikumpul, China dilapor menyediakan unit rumah untuk 3.4 bilion orang, lebih 2 kali ganda... More ››


Apa ditekankan ialah pentingnya anak dididik supaya beradab, berakhlak, mempunyai kelakuan atau tingkah laku yang baik serta berbudi pekerti. More ››


Three albino Chinese soft-shelled turtles were also found in the package, prosecutors said, adding that Franco on that same... More ››


Mourinho and United are on the look-out for a winger to provide the ammunition for Romelu Lukaku, the striker... More ››


City have been the major shoppers in the transfer market after splashing out a Premier League record total of... More ››


Manager Pochettino was embroiled in a lengthy argument with the fourth official, who appeared to try and send the... More ››


Spanish sports daily Marca, citing sources close to the negotiations, said the gifted teenage striker who shot to stardom... More ››


Curry's agent told ESPN back on July 1 that the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player had agreed to terms... More ››


The suspension was decided during a meeting of the CSD executive committee in Madrid, after the Spanish administrative sports... More ››


The cash generated will be earmarked for funding new product launches, research and development, and for offseting price pressures. More ››


Brent crude futures rose 32 cents, or 0.6 percent, to $50.52 a barrel by 0142 GMT, after rallying more... More ››


Changi expects the automated process at the new terminal – which has been constructed for S$985 million ($723.57 million)... More ››


After 2020, Adobe will stop releasing updates for Flash and web browsers will no longer support it. The companies... More ››


Zuckerberg and Musk, who is chief executive of electric car maker Tesla Inc and rocket company SpaceX, have been... More ››


Of the 44 brokerages that cover the company, 40 have a positive recommendation on the shares, according to Thomson... More ››