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Party wing's religious bureau rep Wan Ji Wan Hussin files police report against Pahang mufti, saying remark is akin... More ››


The DAP veteran also wants to know from Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman whether he was “karfi harbi”. More ››


The Malaysian company, which has properties besides utilities in Britain, expects the prices of assets it’s eyeing to nosedive... More ››


Former law minister says what is needed is a new political struggle with substance and not superficial unity just... More ››


DAP lawmaker questions Khalid Abu Bakar's silence on matter of 'great public importance', asking if top cop agrees with... More ››


It will help bring back the support of the Indian community to BN, says MIC deputy president. More ››


New area plan for Penang Hill will ensure sustainable development, says state exco member Jagdeep Singh Deo. More ››


He claims that the late Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein had misused his power to reduce the allowances and... More ››


DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng slams MCA President Liow Tiong Lai for his silence on the controversial 'kafir harbi'... More ››


JPA scholars petition Prime Minister Najib Razak for revival of JPA's Renowned University Programme. More ››


PAS number two 'reminds' former Kedah MB that they had stood by him during the state leadership crisis. More ››


MyWatch head is currently in hospital after being admitted last Thursday for mild chest pains and severe pain in... More ››


The process would take sometime, being complex and long drawn out, but there's a beginning to walk the talk... More ››


Mother of two killed after projectile from steering wheel of her Honda City strikes her chest following a minor... More ››


Perdana Leadership Foundation reveals Putrajaya is only paying the rental for the office used by the former prime minister. More ››


Former student claims unable to travel last month due to blacklisting, blames PTPTN inefficiency after having made full repayment... More ››


Proton was a drag on DRB-Hicom which has reported a net loss of RM991.9 million this year, against the... More ››


Telang Usan assemblyman says act exemplifies tolerance of Sarawak’s multiracial and multi-religious people. More ››


Wakil rakyat DAP itu mempertikaikan tindakan Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar yang berdiam diri mengenai isu kepentingan awam berkenaan. More ››


PAS Kedah menyangkal dakwaan Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir itu dan berkata pemerintahan bukan seperti kuih bengkang yang boleh dibahagi... More ››


Kenyataan Tuan Ibrahim merupakan respon pertama dari kalangan pimpinan tertinggi PAS mengenai kenyataan mufti Pahang More ››


Ini permintaan kerajaan negeri kepada kerajaan persekutuan untuk mempertimbangkan Laporan Suruhanjaya Cobbold dan cadangannya, Laporan Jawatankuasa Antara Kerajaan (IGC)... More ››


Menurut Wan Ji, kenyataan Mufti Pahang itu sama dengan amalan kumpulan militan IS yang sering melontarkan label anti-Islam. More ››


Pengerusi MyWatch itu masih dirawat di hospital sejak Khamis lalu akibat sakit di tangan kanan dan dadanya. More ››


Apabila ia terbongkar, MBI menyalahkan orang bukan Melayu/Islam, kononnya mereka salah tafsir perkataan. More ››


Ia bukan hanya aktiviti beli-belah Hari Raya yang biasa tetapi didorongi promosi jualan besar-besaran serta penerimaan bonus perayaan yang... More ››


Apabila ia terbongkar, MBI menyalahkan orang bukan Melayu/Islam, kononnya mereka salah tafsir perkataan. More ››


The work of anti-corruption agencies should always be about the organisation and not the individual at the helm. More ››


Adakah maslahat Islam itu hanya berkaitan soal hudud dan adakah ia keutamaan dalam keadaan kesejahteraan, kebajikan dan keadilan rakyat... More ››


Pemecatan Muhyiddin dan Mukhriz daripada Umno mungkin akan menyebabkan penyusunan semula politik Malaysia. More ››


Umno's dismissal of Muhyiddin and Mukhriz may lead to a realignment of Malaysian politics. More ››


As far as the Ipoh City Council (MBI) is concerned, "kecuali" means “permitted” and not “prohibited” as understood by... More ››


Head of Catholic Church says Christians, Church should seek forgiveness from gays for past treatment and discrimination More ››


The fire was put out by airport emergency services and there were no injuries to the 222 passengers and... More ››


WASHINGTON: Democrat Hillary Clinton on Sunday took a swipe at Republican rival Donald Trump’s stance on Brexit, saying that... More ››


Duterte, 71, won last month's presidential elections in a landslide after campaigning largely on a platform of ending rampant... More ››


HANOI: China’s top diplomat arrived in Vietnam on Monday for a scheduled meeting to strengthen historically close relations, at... More ››


It has now taken on a life of its own on social media, with eurosceptics across the continent all... More ››


Here are a few simple ways for households to cut down on waste while also saving money. More ››


LOS ANGELES: Pixar’s “Finding Dory” was floating atop the box office over the weekend, taking in an estimated $73.2... More ››

Ladies night brings a whole new meaning with the benefit of walking away with the title of Miss RBB... More ››


LOS ANGELES: : Bidders paid a combined total of more than $150,000 for a lock of David Bowie’s hair... More ››


"Bajirao Mastani" made around 3.5 billion rupees ($52 million) according to industry estimates, and it has already picked up... More ››


About 7 percent of the men had been overweight in their youth, meaning they had a body mass index... More ››


Messi's dramatic announcement followed Argentina's third loss in a major final since 2014. More ››


NICE: England captain Wayne Rooney says size will not mean anything when his team take on tiny Iceland in... More ››


It was a carbon copy of last year's Copa America final, also won by Chile on penalties after a... More ››


NICE: England manager Roy Hodgson said Iceland owe a “great debt” to coach Lars Lagerback who he said he... More ››


PARIS: taly boss Antonio Conte has charged his players with the belief they can end Spain’s eight-year reign as... More ››


PARIS: Euro 2016’s joint top scorer Alvaro Morata expects Spain to be taken to the limit by old foes... More ››


SINGAPORE: Oil prices saw a modest rebound on bargain hunting in Asia on Monday, despite uncertainty gripping the markets... More ››


TOKYO: Japanese messaging app firm Line Corp has delayed setting a tentative price range for its initial public offering... More ››


TOKYO: Asian stocks fell and the British pound tumbled more than 2 percent on Monday as markets struggled to... More ››


SHANGHAI: China weakened the yuan’s fixing almost one percent to a five-and-half-year low against the dollar Monday, officials said,... More ››


TOKYO: Oil prices dropped around half a percent on Monday, extending sharp declines after Britain’s vote to leave the... More ››


VIENNA: Financial markets “vastly underestimated” the outcome of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union but did not panic... More ››