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The appointment was made after receiving approval from the domestic trade, co-operatives and consumerism minister. More ››


The woman punches and kicks husband when her request for money to settle debts is not entertained. More ››


PM, in a Facebook posting, says he has very high regard for the arts icon, who was also... More ››


Parti Cinta Malaysia Vice-President Huan Cheng Guan says these posters are a way for disgruntled DAP members to show... More ››


The company will also be offering a 20 sen discount to all classes of vehicles travelling on the Sprint... More ››


MACC director denies they have detained assemblywoman’s father over alleged graft deal. More ››


He is alleged to have sexually attacked his two teenage daughters. More ››


Group CEO Tengku Zafrul Aziz says bank wants to focus on digital banking and all affected staff have been... More ››


Minister Wan Junaidi says Indonesia still permits burning on land areas less than 0.8ha and should practise better peat... More ››


The medical officer treating the toddler lodged a police report after noticing bruises on the girl’s body. More ››

peter jaban

Only September 16 can qualify as National Day, as Malaysia did not exist on August 31, says Sarawak 4... More ››


Azim Hakimi Abu Shuja, 15, died after he fell from the third storey of a school while trying to... More ››


He says the same construction company is involved in Penang undersea tunnel project and will not get the job... More ››


Police have identified the girls involved. More ››

ACP Saiful Bahari

Lanang police station in Sibu resorts to this drastic measure after being the victim of several “attacks”. More ››


The 27-year-old man is the son of a contractor who has been under remand since Friday in connection with... More ››

Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman2

DAP lawmaker Teresa Kok says Isma President Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman is lucky that he didn’t end up in... More ››


Tengku Sariffuddin says the pro-tem chairman of Bersatu preaches one thing but practices another. More ››


Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad berkata rakyat marhaen membeli Rumah Selangorku kerana cukai tanah, pintu, tarif air dan elektrik lebih... More ››


Kajian menunjukkan 86 daripada 103 guru tahfiz tidak mempunyai kelayakan ikhtisas perguruan. More ››


Presma kesal Fomca membuat bantahan tanpa mengkaji realiti sebenar sektor restoran More ››


Ia menyebabkan ketagihan kepada pemainnya kerana visual ditunjukkan dalam bentuk warna-warni dan pergerakan, kata pakar psikologi. More ››


Polis berkata identiti pemilik kereta juga diperoleh dan kertas siasatan akan dihantar ke pejabat pendakwa raya pada minggu ini... More ››


Katanya, langkah kerajaan pakatan pembangkang memansuhkan keistimewaan Bumiputera itu hanya menguntungkan pemaju manakala rakyat terus tertekan untuk memiliki rumah. More ››


Singapura melaporkan kes pertama jangkitan Zika secara setempat pada hujung minggu, dan jumlah jangkitan virus bawaan nyamuk tersebut melonjak... More ››


Cynthia Gabriel berkata siapa tahu jika Kementerian Belia dan Sukan ada terbabit atau bertindak sebagai pihak ketiga dalam isu... More ››


Dr Mahathir's statement that promoting a state identity can create further divisions in an already fractured Malaysian identity, is... More ››

Kua Kia Soong

It is ironic that we should have to lobby the Selangor govt to preserve the state park when one... More ››


This reader learns the true meaning of being a proud Malaysian from the man he looks up to most... More ››


We see a better future when we call in unison for greater transparency in governance and more direct involvement... More ››


To be inter-dependent, we need to develop our own capability, capacity and competitive edge, not just as a country... More ››


S R Nathan will be remembered for his deep loyalty to his country and steadfastness in guiding it through... More ››

Australia unveils 'how-to' guide to fight militant propaganda

The 43-page document, entitled "Undermining Violent Extremist Narratives in South East Asia", will be accessible online and aims to... More ››

Marcos-era nuclear power plant

Nuclear generation is one of the options for the Philippines to meet its growing power needs, with annual electricity... More ››


News content should not make improper jokes, defile classics, or "express overt admiration for Western lifestyles", the regulator said... More ››


The Supreme Court rejected Mir Quasem Ali's last attempt to overturn the death penalty handed down two years ago... More ››


"We are trying to make China understand especially when the dust settles that unless they respect and recognize the... More ››


Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore's closest neighbors, have stepped up protective measures following the outbreak, introducing thermal scanners at airports... More ››


This round of the mixed martial arts championships will see local rising stars hoping to make a name for... More ››


While the study doesn’t explore why this might happen, it’s possible that elevated blood sugar damages brain cells that... More ››


Roughly three quarters of doctors reported that parents delay vaccines due to concerns about discomfort and almost the same... More ››


According to a newly released ranking of the top 10 expat destinations around the world, the happiest expats live... More ››


The World Health Organization has declared Zika an international health emergency because it can cause birth defects, including the... More ››


Singapore Airlines has been named the best international airline for in-flight dining by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine... More ››


BERLIN: Bastian Schweinsteiger is going, but not many fans are set to come to his farewell Germany appearance when... More ››


Nadal, the 2010 and 2013 champion, took his perfect first round record in New York to 12-0 with a... More ››


LONDON: England goalkeeper Joe Hart looks set to clinch a much-needed loan move from Manchester City before the transfer... More ››


NEW YORK: Monica Puig, whose Olympic tennis triumph in Rio de Janeiro gave Puerto Rico their first ever Games... More ››


LONDON: Italy striker Stefano Okaka has joined Watford on a five-year deal from Anderlecht. The Premier League side announced... More ››


The LA Galaxy striker will play for his country for the last time in Wednesday night's friendly with Oman... More ››


RHB, Malaysia's fourth-biggest lender, expects the buyer to pay between 3-3.5 times book value of the business, which could... More ››


Apple and Ireland are both expected to appeal against any decision which rules that the highly competitive tax breaks... More ››


It has received an offer to buy Asia Aviation Capital Ltd for USD1 billion. More ››


The US dollar has retreated from Monday's peak as investors look ahead to jobs data this week that Federal... More ››


The abandoned deal, which would have created the world's largest confectioner, underscores the grip that a charitable trust has... More ››


The project, which includes apartments, hotels, a pool and a yoga studio, is expected to take off next year,... More ››