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Lim Guan Eng2

Ismail Sabri Yaakob says it is a double standard that the Opposition says it is unnecessary that Lim Guan... More ››

Nurul Izzah

Lembah Pantai MP says United States not the only country investigating alleged misappropriation of funds from 1MDB. More ››


Company says train captain was merely taking a short rest but has been reprimanded all the same. More ››

Zahid Hamidi

Zahid Hamidi stresses that any Malaysian individual or corporation found guilty of engaging in unlawful activities anywhere in the... More ››


He says pro-BN elements are 'out to embarrass' him with banners hung in Perai naming him as the next... More ››

Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad

More user-friendly, and now with live broadcasts of PM's activities and programmes. More ››

Sim Kui Hian

Sim thanks CM Adenan Stem for Non-Islamic Affairs department, says Malaysia Agreement provides for religious freedom under a secular... More ››

Bill Kayong chong

Sarawak DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen says the party stands by land rights advocacy groups in demanding justice for... More ››


Wildlife director appeals to motorists on East-West Highway to give way to the wild elephant herds and refrain from... More ››


DAP leader's lawyer threatens to cite Attorney-General for contempt of court over 'final warning' to Lim Guan Eng. More ››

mahathir najib 1mdb

Wishful thinking to claim that Najib is innocent because his name wasn't mentioned in US suits, says ex-PM. More ››

Jamal Yunos

Red Shirts leader says he will hold a counter-demonstration against Bersih's plans for a mass rally. More ››


Umno man says ex-DPM's statement on US Justice Department suit shows that he does not understand the legal process... More ››


Counter-terrorism division believes the device was ready for use, with high-ranking police officers the targets More ››


Analysts say Pakatan's strength may lead Penangites in Klang Valley and Singapore to feel there's no need to go... More ››

mass  graves

The State Department has faced congressional criticism after Malaysia, a key US trading partner, was kept off a... More ››

akhbar satar

Akhbar Satar says kleptocratic governments treat country's Treasury as its own bank account. More ››


Wan Azizah says more time needed for members' views, insists the decision will be made jointly by Pakatan Harapan. More ››

Zahid Hamidi

Malaysia menyambut baik usaha DOJ Amerika Syarikat memerangi rasuah antarabangsa. More ››

Nurul Izzah

Beliau berkata AS bukan satu-satunya negara yang menyiasat Malaysia berhubung kontroversi 1MDB. More ››

Hospital Tawau

Berita kononnya Ghapur pengsan di rumahnya akibat serangan jantung, yang menjadi viral di media sosial hari ini, tidak betul. ... More ››

akhbar satar

Datuk Akhbar Satar berkata kerajaan kleptokratik menganggap perbendaharaan negara seperti akaun banknya sendiri. More ››


Peguam itu mengugut untuk memetik kenyataan peguam negara kerana menghina mahkamah berhubung ‘amaran akhir’ kepada Lim Guan Eng. More ››


Timbalan ketua menteri Pulau Pinang itu menyelar tindakan pihak menggantung kain rentang di Perai tertera menamakannya sebagai bakal ketua... More ››


Langkah itu bertujuan mencapai sasaran mengutip balik pinjaman PTPTN sekurang-kurangnya RM5 bilion setiap tahun. More ››

hadi awang penang

Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang berkata DAP dan PKR perlu sedar mereka bergantung kepada akar umbi PAS untuk menang... More ››

Kua Kia Soong

Victims must be compensated and sanctions adopted to ensure Malaysia's pogrom, and military atrocities in Burma, Thailand, Timor Leste... More ››


It is about who we are as a nation – our institutions, sovereignty, reputation, dignity, and democracy. More ››


Tun M and Muhyiddin Yassin probably can try their level best to oust Najib by harshly criticising him over... More ››


The two words are sometimes confused. It would be good if the media were to exercise care in using... More ››


Rather than work so hard at segregating our students according to race and religion, our schools should be working... More ››


In a world where Islam has taken centrestage for reasons both good and bad, conscientious Muslims must rise to... More ››


Local deputy Communist party secretary Wang Qingfei drew ire for earlier comments that there had been "no casualties" in... More ››


The children are from a mix of poor or homeless families and others known as "talibes" -- boys sent... More ››


"There is no treaty to honour. We have not signed the treaty," Duterte said More ››


"I will not stop playing unless the reason is realistic," said Mohammad Resja Ilham, a 24-year-old radio host who... More ››


Al Fatihin is published in the Indonesian language, which is very close to Malay, Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore's minister in... More ››


Widely seen as a safe choice for Clinton in a brutal election race, Kaine emerged as a frontrunner in... More ››


SAN DIEGO: Ratings juggernaut “The Walking Dead” revealed on Friday fans will have to wait until October 23 to... More ››


"Shop Ivanka's look from her #RNC speech," the 34-year-old mother of three wrote on Twitter the day after the... More ››


A second "CR7" hotel is due to open in Lisbon later this year with two others planned in Madrid... More ››


"Drone delivery is the ultimate convenience for our customers and these efforts create enormous opportunities to redefine convenience," said... More ››


The flight route has taken Konyukhov from Australia to above New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean, South America, the Cape... More ››


In Chennai fans set off firecrackers, gave out sweets and poured milk over giant posters adverting the movie --... More ››


MOSCOW: Russia on Friday made a last-ditch bid to avoid a blanket ban at the Rio Games over state-run doping... More ››


LONDON: Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt promised on Friday he will be physically ready for next month’s Rio Olympics —... More ››


LONDON: Kendra Harrison set a new 100m hurdles world record of 12.20sec at the London Diamond League meeting on Friday.... More ››


LIVERPOOL: Dutch international Georginio Wijnaldum’s eye-catching performances for Newcastle in their failed battle against relegation last season saw Premier League... More ››


SHANGHAI: Jose Mourinho said he would not be rushing into judgement on his players as a result of Manchester United’s... More ››


MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin on Friday insisted Russia was committed to wiping out doping in a last-ditch push to... More ››


A quartet of technology heavyweights will be part of an avalanche of quarterly corporate earnings reports next week that,... More ››


Oil prices settled lower on Friday, losing 4 percent on the week, after the fourth weekly rise in the... More ››


Wall Street rose on Friday, clinching the fourth straight positive week for the stock market, boosted by strength in... More ››


South Korea’s Kia Motors Corp is expected to pick a site next month for its first factory in India,... More ››


Anglo American Plc’s De Beers has put its Snap Lake diamond mine in Canada up for sale after suspending... More ››


Britain’s economy is shrinking, the broadest survey of business confidence since last month’s historic vote to quit the European... More ››