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Rakhveer Singh Dhillon and his friends pull out of hockey tournament on Indonesian island. More ››


The department says it will seek improvements to any potential weaknesses found at Sabah immigration checkpoints. More ››


Former Kapar MP acknowledges being courted by MIC and Umno, but says any decision will come after the outcome... More ››


This comes after the SAPP president was ordered to pay former CM Harris Salleh RM600,000 in damages for defamation... More ››


Sabah politician says it is a better option than postal voting, which can be exposed to the possibility of... More ››


PAS says anyone who breaks a country's laws should be detained, while Perkasa wants a database to restrict foreign... More ››

Mara Digital Mall di Bangunan Mara, Kuala Lumpur.

One operator at the shopping centre for Bumiputera businesses says she will leave in a few months if profits... More ››

R. Sanjeevan

Judge says prosecution failed to prove prima facie case against accused. More ››


Analysts say the clip featuring Megat Shahdan Abdul Samad calling for people to join IS as fighters is likely... More ››


Jong Nam was tailed to and from the airport, it says. More ››


Five-man Federal Court bench concludes Lingam's medical report is forged and his whereabouts are unclear. More ››


Lawyers for Liberty executive director hits out at arrest and detention of Turkish journalist Mustafa Akyol, saying independent thought... More ››


The advertisement, which features a cartoon of a woman with two semi-circles on her chest area, has been deemed... More ››


Jawi says its investigation revealed that Mustafa Akyol was not informed by his hosts that he needed credentials to... More ››


Reminder by Malaysian foreign ministry follows a warning issued by local authorities over possibility of volcano, Mount Agung, erupting. More ››


Chief Minister says airport operating beyond capacity with more than 7 million passengers expected by end of the year. More ››


Malaysia Airlines CEO defends order for 16 new Boeing aircraft, dismisses claims that the national carrier is backtracking on... More ››


High Court has fixed a two-day trial from Oct 16 but Gani Patail and the government can still appeal... More ››


Ketua Polis Daerah Cheras, ACP Chong Kok Sin berkata, insiden itu berlaku ketika penguat kuasa DBKL ke lokasi untuk... More ››


Perdana menteri berkata, MyExpo akan merangkumi bangunan setinggi 23 tingkat yang terdiri daripada pusat pameran 5 tingkat dan hotel... More ››


Pengerusi Biro Hal Ehwal Islam Perkasa mencadangkan Kementerian Dalam Negeri mewujudkan pangkalan data mengenai sarjana asing yang menyokong liberalisme,... More ››


Hasil pemeriksaan itu mendapati kebanyakan pusat tahfiz di negeri ini beroperasi di rumah kediaman atau masjid, justeru bangunan itu... More ››


Nik Nazmi mendakwa tindakan Abdul Gani mendakwanya sebanyak 2 kali atas pertuduhan sama mencemarkan maruahnya dan menggambarkannya sebagai seorang... More ››

Mara Digital Mall di Bangunan Mara, Kuala Lumpur.

Seorang peniaga di Mara Digital Mall Kuala Lumpur, Zabedah Ismail yang bimbang dengan kenaikan sewa 5% pada November ini... More ››


Jawi berkata penulis ternama kelahiran Turki Mustafa Akyol ditangkap kerana tidak mematuhi surat arahan untuk hadir sesi soal siasat. More ››


Hakim Siti Aminah Ghazali melepaskan Mohd Kahar Arshad daripada pertuduhan ke atasnya, setelah pihak pendakwaan gagal membuktikan kes melampaui... More ››


Such practices as laundertte or other services for Muslims only is not right in a multi-racial and multi-religious country... More ››


Bekas perdana menteri itu hadir sebagai pemimpin pembangkang dan berkata masalah yang dihadapi Sabah dan Sarawak bukan bermula ketika... More ››


The RCI was formed only when Mahathir formed a new political party that is currently challenging Umno. More ››


DAP's P Ramasamy says PM's 'cheap double-talk' has created serious doubts about the true intentions of Najib among the... More ››


Malaysia should be about unity, with people from diverse backgrounds working together for the greater good of all. More ››


DBKL is giving support to the anti-social elements that want to dictate our lifestyles according to their religious beliefs.... More ››


Between the new arrivals and some 300,000 Rohingya who were already living in the area due to previous violence... More ››


The police official said the refugees were taken into "protective custody" and had been brought back to their safe... More ››


Trump's tweet that the Pyongyang regime "won't be around much longer" elicited alarm from North Korea, with its foreign... More ››


Philippine Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the drill was in line with President Rodrigo Duterte's wish to refocus the... More ››


The black-and-white image shows King Faisal, Saudi Arabia's third monarch, signing the United Nations Charter in 1945, with the... More ››


Kaur, who took up athletics eight years ago at the tender age of 93, was looking to compete in... More ››


Alicia Keys has teamed up with Stella McCartney on a breast cancer awareness campaign that aims to encourage women... More ››


MFF 2017 bakal menampilkan pelbagai aneka makanan seperti hidangan hasil termahal dari sungai, masakan kampung, hidangan laut lambak dan... More ››


Sheikh Rhab Younes menyanyi beberapa lirik lagu penyanyi Umm Kulthum berjudul “Lesa Faker” semasa program bual bicara di TV. More ››


The garment enables users to "perform common digital tasks -- like starting or stopping music, getting directions or reading... More ››


Suitable panda living space decreased by nearly five percent until 2001, but increased by 0.4% from then to 2013. More ››


Tanpa fikir panjang, pengantin lelaki itu, Clayton terjun ke dalam air dan menarik keluar budak lelaki itu ke tebing. More ››


The former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur manager made a series of stinging criticisms about the AFC and the referee... More ››


Pulis was furious that Sanchez went unpunished after winning a first-half free kick on the edge of the Albion... More ››


The former Borussia Dortmund player proved something of a lucky charm for United in the competition. More ››


The game sees Ancelotti return to face PSG for the first time since he left the French capital in... More ››


In the 1990s, Bayern earned the 'FC Hollywood' tag when the off-field antics of stars like Lothar Matthaeus and... More ››


Wenger's side eased to a 2-0 win over West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League on Monday thanks to... More ››


In the newly designed stores, kids can battle Darth Vader on a giant video screen, or interact with other... More ››


While most analysts do not expect Washington-Pyongyang crisis to lead to nuclear conflict, concerns are being felt on financial... More ››


The ADB said Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan could benefit from a boost in accommodative policy, but intensifying inflationary... More ››


Gillette said Schick willfully infringed its 2015 patent for a removable shaving cartridge assembly by designing Hydro Connect 5... More ››


Qatar Airways is still looking for investments in the United States, despite being rebuffed when Qatar made a proposal... More ››


The shakeup marks Duperreault’s first major restructuring action after taking the helm of the company in May. More ››