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gani patail400

Kit Siang says the opaqueness of Gani and his office cannot be maintained in a democracy. More ››


The search for MH370 may end, if reports of the aircraft reaching Indonesia ring true. More ››

Courts gavel_4

The single father of two is also suing the actress for accusing him of misappropriating her money. More ››


If Malaysia refuses to open up and become a true meritocracy, neighbouring countries might steal away investments and industries. More ››


NGO offers a “sound” reason for the treacherous thunderstorms and tornadoes in the country. More ››


Accused tried to enter Syria through Istanbul to become members of the terrorist group. More ››

najib malaysia1

The individual will spearhead Malaysia's development in the data-driven economy More ››

khalid pasma

PAS’ Khalid Samad suggests PAS embrace the common goals of PasMa instead of fighting them. More ››

azmin water

Selangor MB says no plans to scrap water deal but terms must be made public to the rakyat. More ››


This is to reduce conflict of interest in the merger plan as the pension fund has stake in all... More ››


TGE has not addressed public concerns on status and viability of RM419 million geothermal project. More ››

SESCO pencawang

CM's condition that a 20 per cent oil royalty must first be paid does not hold water. More ››


Police looking for culprit(s) who concocted news of seven girls held for RM3.5 million ransom. More ››


Petronas threatens to halt new exploration, investments if Sarawak Government wants higher oil royalty. More ››

i want to touch a dog

Academician calls for more religious sensitivity before organising events for the public. More ››

rasuah malaysia

Perak MB says any politician linked to crime will be punished. More ››

umno melayu

Negeri Sembilan Umno slams Gerakan delegate for saying Malays were ‘pendatang’ too. More ››

Hisyamuddin MH370

Hishammuddin Hussein says he is 99.9 per cent sure of locating the wreckage. More ››


Harga subsidi bagi RON95 hanya akan dinikmati oleh golongan berpendapatan rendah. More ››

Nurul Izzah Anwar

Rakyat seharusnya bersama- sama menentang kezaliman yang telah dilakukan kerajaan. More ››


Tekanan untuk mendapatkan perkhidmatan yang terbaik dan juga platform untuk membuat aduan dari segi perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh jawatan... More ››


Ustaz Hakim Mohd Nor berkata video pendek yang menyerupai Ustaz terkenal adalah fitnah yang sangat keji. More ››

Salahuddin Ayub

Hudud bukanlah perkara baru untuk dibincangkan kerana isu ini telah lama menjadi perbincangan dalam PR. More ››

anjing johor

Datuk Nooh Gadut menafikan sekeras-kerasnya bahawa pelajar sekolah yang menyentuh anjing seperti gambar yang tersebar di Facebook itu sama... More ››


Islam memuliakan haiwan termasuk anjing tetapi umat Islam perlu mematuhi ketetapan yang ditentukan oleh hukum syarak. More ››

Hadi Awang Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar dan Hadi akan dihadapkan ke mahkamah pada tarikh yang sama namun tempat yang berbeza. More ››


Program ini yang telah menolong meningkatkan persefahaman antara orang pelbagai kaum serta antara orang dan anjing. More ››

selangor highway300

Khalid Ibrahim lost his job as MB because he did not deliver on Pakatan Rakyat's election promise. More ››


Suspended party member Tan Lai Soon's view is shared by many Malaysians, whether in public or in private. More ››


Muhyddin Yassin cannot decide whether to promote racial unity or individual races. More ››


If Muslims would return to the Quran, they would perhaps be kinder and gentler. More ››


Dengan kerumitan masyarakat pada hari ini, agama sedang bersemuka dengan cabaran yang paling besar untuknya bertahan sebagai sebuah fungsi... More ››


BEIJING:  Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook said the company is planning to open 25 retail stores in China... More ››


LONDON: The chairman of Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco will resign after the supermarket group was found to have overstated... More ››


NEW YORK: US billionaire Daniel Loeb who last year tried to push Sony to spin off a key part... More ››


WASHINGTON: Large manufacturers are increasingly moving production back to the United States from China, according to a new report... More ››

public bank

Chairman Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow says this was due to increase in operating revenue coupled with stable credit... More ››

A worker arrives at his office in the Canary Wharf business district in London

LONDON: A talent shortage in Britain’s financial services and technology sectors has pushed salaries in the industry up by... More ››


The evil robot Ultron is the latest enemy of the Avengers. More ››


An Apple-1 computer will have a new home at the Henry Ford Museum. More ››


When Palestinian Osama Silwadi was crippled by gunfire it ended his career as a war correspondent, but the now... More ››


Of the nine countries and regions profiled, French consumers are the most likely to eat at prescribed mealtimes --... More ››


Over nearly a month of protests calling for greater democracy in the southern Chinese city, a kilometre-long stretch of... More ››


Boys were more likely than girls to be consistently pressured to eat by their mothers and the study draws... More ››


SINGAPORE: Serena Williams said Thursday that she and her sister Venus have received a written apology from the head... More ››


A French doctor treating stricken former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher said Thursday that the German ace was making... More ››


MADRID: World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo has complained that the timing of the first El Clasico of... More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi is looking to take a major step towards securing second place in the... More ››


PARIS: A battle of Belgian strikers will enliven Everton’s Europa League clash at Lille on Thursday, while Tottenham Hotspur... More ››


LOS ANGELES: The National Hockey League game between the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs scheduled for Wednesday... More ››


The panel of 18 independent experts agreed the move after voicing concern at Beijing's plan to vet candidates in... More ››

South African Olympic and Paralympic sprinter Pistorius enters a police van after his sentencing at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria

PRETORIA: As Oscar Pistorius spent his first day behind bars this week, a suspected child rapist and murderer went... More ››


WASHINGTON: The Obama administration on Thursday threatened to slap sanctions on anyone buying oil from Islamic State militants in... More ››


TAGANROG: While much of Ukraine is abuzz with campaigning for Sunday’s parliamentary poll, refugees who have fled fighting in... More ››


BEIRUT: US-led air strikes in Syria were reported Thursday to have killed more than 500 jihadists in a month,... More ››


OTTAWA: The shooter who rampaged through Canada’s parliament was in Ottawa applying for a passport to travel to war-torn... More ››