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Disputed state chairman says PAS has democratic right to table hudud motion More ››


Parang-wielding killer flees after attacking victim in terrace house More ››


Pakistanis should be rounded up and asked to produce valid visit passes. More ››

Mass media, Internet, social media

Deputy minister says public should check first and not take matters lightly More ››

Mustapa Mohamed.

GST needed to break reliance on oil and gas revenues, says minister. More ››


Perak mufti says hudud is beyond question as Allah's law, but hasn't checked about implementation. More ››

Cheaper 'feminine' items

Difference in tax rate will cause price drop for essential items. More ››

Lee Kuan Yew, funeral, Singapore

Final farewell to Island Republic's founding premier to be held tomorrow More ››

drugs ring

Equipment for processing up to 5kg syabu at one time found in car More ››

KitaLawan march disperses peacefully after 45-minute demo on opposite side of road

KitaLawan march disperses peacefully after 45-minute demo on opposite side of road. More ››

Free speech, Zunar, Rosmah Mansor, Sedition Act

Umno minister ignores Zunar harrassment, but cites Perkasa and Isma for 'high blood pressure' More ››

Tourism, road safety, traffic accidents

Handbrake off, parked bus rolls backwards, killed waiting Taiwanese More ››

Edward Yong Oui Fah Yong

Yong and driver flee burning car after collision with bus. More ››

fatal crash

Passenger flung out of vehicle and dies, four others injured in 3.30am accident More ››

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim

Noor Rashid: Corruption must be weeded out once and for all More ››

Yemen, evacuation, Hishammuddin Hussein

Cabinet agrees to make preparations for evacuations as Gulf conflict broadens. More ››

Does IGP really know the law

More pressing matters for police instead of clamping down on free speech, says Andy Yong. More ››

azmin kita lawan

As police arrest Pakatan leaders, Zaid chimes in with call to postpone rally More ››

KITA lawan

Pendidik merayu kepada peserta himpunan supaya tidak bertindak ganas sehingga mendatangkan kecederaan. More ››


Dianggarkan hanya sekitar 1,000 orang menyertai demonstrasi kali ini. More ››


Selain tiga warga asing itu, turut dilihat ramai anak muda Melayu yang terlibat dalam aktiviti di pusat hiburan. More ››

khalid isis

Siasatan awal mendapati mereka dipercayai dihantar oleh pihak IS untuk melakukan 'sesuatu' yang perkara itu boleh memberi ancaman kepada... More ››

Yemen, evacuation, Hishammuddin Hussein

Situasi di Yaman masih bergolak, kementerian ingin menasihatkan semua rakyat Malaysia supaya mengelak atau menangguhkan semua perjalanan yang tidak... More ››

sabu ditahan

Penahanan itu dilakukan oleh pasukan polis dari Bukit Aman dan sebaik ditahan di Sungai Dua, beliau dibawa ke... More ››


PR sentiasa mengadakan perbincangan dan yakin semua masalah yang dihadapi boleh diselesaikan dengan baik. More ››

husam najib

Rakyat sudah tidak mahu melihat siapa yang bergaduh, tetapi rakyat mahu lihat siapa yang pandai selesaikan masalah. More ››

ruling elites2

Failure to progress despite knowledge, caused by ideologies, welfare programmes, and white elephant projects. More ››

Let’s not let.

Let’s not let GST make us put our lives on hold over the weekend while we shop, shop, shop... More ››


From stinky public toilets and giant potholes to unnecessary censorship and heavy school bags, Fa relates the many things... More ››

orang utan

Correctly, he says, the criminal element is wiping out Sabah’s precious wildlife on which much of the economy depends. More ››


In this open letter, the writer tells Najib he can reclaim leadership by preventing Malaysia's destruction at the hands... More ››


How you ask? All thanks to Manchester United! More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd, which manages and operates 39 airports mostly in Malaysia, said on Friday it... More ››


LONDON: State-rescued Royal Bank of Scotland on Friday said it has sold the international arm of Coutts private bank... More ››


Yahoo on Thursday told US regulators that it will spend another $2 billion buying back shares as the pioneering... More ››


Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook is joining the roster of the very rich who are giving away their... More ››

Facebook Zuckerberg speaks-635

"The idea is to loiter over an area for months at a time and beam down Internet service." More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and drones will enable Facebook Inc to create a more lifelike and useful... More ››


He says he has been offered a WWE contract. More ››


Overweight mothers are more likely to give birth to larger than normal babies, and those babies are at high... More ››


People "get a feel for the marketplace" when they are young before settling down with the "next person that... More ››


The fishing hub on the Arabian sea coastline has now displayed banners in public places to spread awareness of... More ››


Naples has long been determined to maintain its reputation as the spiritual home of one of the world's favourite... More ››


While a stressful event can lead to a bad night of sleep, it's what you do in response to... More ››


MELBOURNE: For the second time at this World Cup, Australia’s Mitchell Starc and New Zealand’s Trent Boult will be... More ››


LONDON: Chile forward Alexis Sanchez plans to make the most of home advantage as the Arsenal star plots on... More ››


MIAMI: Second-seeded Rafael Nadal launched his bid for a first Miami Masters title with a 6-4, 6-2 victory over... More ››


MELBOURNE: How the pundits see Sunday’s World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand:   “They are both very... More ››


Australia captain Michael Clarke will quit one-day international cricket after the World Cup final, bringing the curtain down on... More ››


NEW DELHI: Saina Nehwal stormed into the women’s singles semi-finals at the India Open badminton tournament Friday, with the... More ››


"Since I had used up my paid holidays, I submitted documents for mourning leave. I'm sorry," More ››


"One day I'm going to do something that will change the whole system, and everyone will know my name... More ››


WASHINGTON: A US student was charged Friday for putting a noose around the neck of a statue of his... More ››


WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton wiped “clean” her private server that hosted her emails while secretary of state, permanently deleting all... More ››


NEW YORK: A Haitian man who forced a flight to be diverted after reacting angrily to a seat being... More ››


ROME: Amanda Knox has been given all sorts of labels over the eight years since Meredith Kercher’s bloodied, half-naked... More ››