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MoU signed for shooting for Alien City to next year. More ››


Using WeChat, the twenty-something man has been operating actively since the beginning of the year. More ››


Warlordism is pushing people away from Umno says Ahmad Shabery. More ››


Umno women’s wing says gender change is not only prohibited in Islam, but also violates human nature regardless of... More ››

Shahrizat and Wanita Umno leaders

Wanita's demand for vice-presidency, divisional vice-head may create friction. More ››

Abdul Taib Mahmud_CMS_300

Sarawak Head of State says he didn't want any conflict between his private interests and his duty as chief... More ››


Khairy has set Umno Youth on a bold new path, but we'll have to wait and see whether he'll... More ››


Education DG says the overall GPN of UPSR candidates this year was 2.29 points, falling 0.02 points as compared... More ››

hiv aids_300

A community-based organisation hopes to see more money spent on fighting HIV and AIDS in Malaysia. More ››

mahathir najib2

It almost became a certainty that Mahathir would turn up after Umno Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin made a very... More ››


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has described the purchase as wasteful. More ››

wan azizah

Kajang Assemblywoman alleged that Opposition Leader skipped Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meetings. More ››

zahid bung najib

Zahid Hamidi and Bung Mokhtar tell off PAS in efforts to neutralise taunts aimed at the PM over his... More ››

burger king brahim's

The company says it will seek a strategic co-investor to take up between 30-40 per cent new equity stake More ››

Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman

The state should not allow iron ore processing plants as they pollute the rivers and create other environmental concerns... More ››

PAS women

MCA warns PAS that their ‘warped sense of morality’ is reflecting badly on the nation as well. More ››

money transfer

Illegal immigrants turn to unlicensed money remittance services to send money home. More ››


Ramon Navaratnam is astounded at DBKL’s plans to redevelop its present building and has issued a six-point Programme of... More ››


Ramai yang berspekulasi sebelum ini bahawa Dr M mungkin tidak mahu menghadiri PAU tahun ini untuk menunjuk bahawa beliau... More ››

Datuk Dr Mohamed Fadzli Hassan

Sebelum keputusan dibuat melibatkan hak negeri, kerajaan pusat perlu berbincang terlebih dahulu dengan kerajaan negeri sebelum sesuatu akta diluluskan. More ››


Ini berikutan dengan bantahan dan tekanan yang semakin kuat dan keras dari dalam parti sendiri menjelang Perhimpunan Agung UMNO. More ››

Datuk Seri Syed Ali Al Habshee

Sudah sampai masanya UMNO berubah secara drastik bagi memastikan parti seiring dengan perubahan masa dan memenuhi aspirasi golongan muda More ››


Jika Akta Hasutan dihapuskan dan digantikan dengan Akta Keharmonian yang belum mencukupi itu, kita akan letak negara di satu... More ››


Kini sudah sampai satu tahap bahawa bangsa Melayu sendiri tidak boleh cakap mengenai agenda bangsa Melayu. More ››


Ia adalah satu kesilapan untuk beranggapan bahawa Jawatankuasa Siasatan Peguambela adalah sebahagian dariapada SLA More ››

musa aman

Rakyat dijejaskan oleh harga ikan yang tinggi. More ››


Khairy has set Umno Youth on a bold new path, but we'll have to wait and see whether he'll... More ››

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil_umno-300

Have she, Muhyiddin and Khairy stolen Najib's thunder? More ››

hiv aids_300

A community-based organisation hopes to see more money spent on fighting HIV and AIDS in Malaysia. More ››

mah siew keong vs lim guan eng_300

Oleh Edwin Michael Salah satu sebab mengapa pentadbiran pincang Lim Guan Eng tidak dapat dicabar oleh BN Pulau Pinang... More ››

gaji rakyat-najib_300

Institut Rakyat says government’s target to increase the share of wages in the country's GDP from 34% to 40%... More ››

palanivel panda

FMT LETTER By Sean Whyte via e-mail It seems more than ever Perhilitan mistakenly believes silence and secrecy is... More ››


VIENNA: The OPEC oil producers cartel meets in Vienna Thursday for a pivotal decision on whether to reduce the... More ››

A Visa logo is seen during the International CTIA WIRELESS Conference & Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana

Discover Financial Services Inc sued Visa Inc on Tuesday, alleging the world’s largest cards company has been using anti-competitive... More ››

hong leong bank

Pilot tests are being conducted in Vietnam to enable customers to make purchases using their smartphone. More ››


TOKYO: As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe heads to the polls next month, the success of his war on... More ››


BRUSSELS: At a technology fair in Moscow last month, European executives faced the new reality of doing business in... More ››


Choosing the right GST software to manage your company will affect your overall business efficiency. More ››


Pharmaceutical companies and health agencies are scrambling to fast-track experimental drugs and vaccines that could help. More ››


Folic acid supplementation is well known to reduce the risk of neural tube defects to a developing fetus, but... More ››


Only lists of applications are being gathered, with no prying into what is being done with those mini-programs More ››


The myth behind the tradition is that -- after overexposure to the media in Washington -- once pardoned, the... More ››


TOKYO: A young Japanese man who was rejected by an all-women university where he wanted to study nutrition is... More ››


The first documentary made with the cooperation of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain’s family will be released in 2015, US... More ››


SAO PAULO: Brazilian football legend Pele remained in a Sao Paulo hospital Wednesday two days after he was admitted... More ››


SYDNEY: Australian batsman Phillip Hughes remained in a critical condition Wednesday after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain,... More ››

China's Sun Yang celebrates after winning the men's 800m freestyle final during the World Swimming Championships at the Sant Jordi arena in Barcelona

BEIJING: The World Anti-Doping Agency may appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after Chinese swimming star Sun... More ››


Malaysia's football coach gives his boys pointers on how to beat the crowd favourite. More ››


HANOI: The Philippines became the first team to book a place in the semi-finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup... More ››

Champions League record for Messi

MADRID: Barcelona’s Lionel Messi became the Champions League’s all-time top scorer with a hat-trick against Apoel Nicosia. Messi went... More ››


SOFIA: A Bulgarian imam and six others detained during a special operation by security forces earlier this week have... More ››

People walk between stalls at a market in Maungdaw town in northern Rakhine State

MAUNGDAW: For years, tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslim boat people have fled this remote corner of western Myanmar... More ››


VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis heads to Turkey on Friday with a brief to use his populist touch to rebuild... More ››


The planned campaign calls for a one-day moratorium on spending to protest what it calls "staggering" human rights violations... More ››


CAIRO: An Egyptian court has revoked a government ban on a film by Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe that had... More ››


KUALA LUMPUR: Muslim-majority Malaysia will soon introduce a new anti-terrorism law to counter a potential security threat from supporters... More ››