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Tinasha Ganesan Rao2

Tinasha Ganesan Rao is declared brain dead by a private hospital within eight hours of admission for a fever. More ››


“The Budget details and the announcements on fuel oil prices show the shallowness of thinking on the part of... More ››

Azih muda_KWSP_300

Increase rate from 13% to 15% so that workers will have more in savings. More ››

najib saman 2

Pua has to comply with Najib’s six-point letter of demand or face the consequences. More ››


The allegation can tarnish the palace's image, says the anti-graft agency. More ››

Jho Low

Jho Low funds IRIN to become an independent organisation. More ››


Umno must change its ways to help themselves, MCA and Malaysians. More ››

sapa suaram

The Sarawak Association of People’s Aspirations (Sapa) was not given the right to be heard before being declared unlawful. More ››

ahmad maslan_GST_300

Minister dispels common perception that GST will cause a hike in the cost of living More ››

fuel subsidy scrapped2

A managed float system will determine the price at the pump for RON95 and diesel. More ››

Khoo Kok Ann

Friends of Khoo Kok Ann insist he is a do-gooder who may have suffered a lapse of common sense... More ››

ezad exist

Ezad has claimed trial and released on bail of RM2,000. More ››

elephant tusk

The public still does not know what has happened to the 2,000 or more ivory tusks supposedly stored safely... More ››

najib malaysia

Educational Development Plan to produce creative individuals to compete globally. More ››

elektrik malaysia_perkerja_300

“It could be that a small and isolated group of companies did not fully comply with international labour requirements... More ››


UN body suspends all resettlement of refugees and launches a probe into fraudulent practices. More ››

malaysia talent_300

IMD's 2014 World Talent Report ranking assesses a country's ability to develop, attract and retain talent in a nation's... More ››


A horrifying robbery takes place in broad daylight as a senior citizen exits a bank with thousands in cash. More ››

Chinese firm_300

Ketua Eksekutif Firma China dakwa bayar jutaan dolar AS untuk gelaran Datuk. More ››

rafizi ramli

Langkah penghapusan subsidi RON95 dan diesel ini telah mengorbankan kebajikan dan kepentingan rakyat More ››

ibrahim ali

Nik Abduh menang di Pasir Mas kerana aura ayahnya Nik Aziz dan parti PAS, tetapi gagal membawa sebarang perubahan... More ››

ketua Teresa Kok_pahang

DAP : Kecuaian kedua-dua individu ini yang gagal mengambil tindakan serius punca tragedi yang meragut nyawa itu, More ››


Jika harga pasaran minyak mentah dunia meningkat, harga runcit RON95 dan diesel juga akan naik More ››


Sambutan yang diterima agak mengecewekan apabila kira-kira 15 orang sahaja yang hadir menyatakan desakan mereka. More ››


Selepas mengambil kira kos terbabit, ahli-ahli persatuan memutuskan untuk menghentikan operasi bagi mengelak kerugian More ››

Tuan Guru Haji Hadi (TGHH)

Isu sebenar yang menjadikan DAP kurang senang adalah apabila Hadi menggunakan 'veto' sebagai Presiden PAS bagi menolak keputusan yang... More ››

Cold War_300_1

This is a paper that the writer is presenting at the Socialism Conference in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. More ››


It's a cause more worthwhile than protesting against the building of churches, the distorting of the PM's picture and... More ››

Cameron Highlands

Kemurkaan Sultan Pahang terhadap Ahli Parlimen Cameron Highlands harus diterjemahkan sebagai amaran keras daripada rakyat kepada Barisan Nasional. More ››

map spr cameron highlands dan palanivel montage

The Sultan of Pahang has ticked off the MP for Cameron Highlands and NRE minister for his indifference causing... More ››


The members of this generation get a lot of flack from managers. Is it justified? More ››

bas sekolah

The current education system today is getting unfair treatment. More ››

Modi reacts as he speaks to members of the Australian-Indian community during a reception at the Allphones Arena located at Sydney Olympic Park in western Sydney

NEW DELHI: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a long list of pro-growth measures to implement over the next... More ››

Matrade offce

With US$428 billion awaiting the right business opportunities, Silicon Valley is a goldmine for Malaysia. More ››


The increase was attributed to a rise in index in goods and services. More ››

Alibaba raises

NEW YORK: Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba raised $8 billion in a bond offering, the Wall Street Journal said. The... More ››


Executives and non-executives are expected to receive higher salary increments post GST More ››

To match Special Report SEC/INVESTIGATIONS

WASHINGTON: A top U.S. regulator on Thursday decried a push by some investor advocates to change the rules that... More ››


Tributes poured in Thursday for Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols, the creative force behind countless classic American films and plays... More ››


Complex jobs that require a lot of difficult analysis or social interaction such as management and teaching may protect... More ››


The fastest growth, indeed, came in the "demi-billionaire" group worth a half-billion to a billion dollars apiece More ››

D6888W-high-heels_2653896b - Copy

Women's shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on men's behavior More ››


A mother comforting her infant in pain does not just elicit a behavioral response, but also the comforting itself... More ››


Clinical studies suggested that three or more standard alcoholic drinks per week significantly impaired erectile function and sexual satisfaction. More ››


SINGAPORE: Singapore will look to overcome concerns about the pitch at their gleaming new National Stadium as they launch... More ››

'Pacman' Pacquiao

MACAU: A rejuvenated Manny Pacquiao will look to make short work of Chris Algieri Sunday to defend his World... More ››


The retired Indonesian said Malaysia's Lee probably took the banned anti-inflammatory dexamethasone by mistake, but that he should still... More ››


SYDNEY: Australian Olympic officials say they will oppose plans to stage the 2016 Rio Olympics swimming finals late at... More ››


ABU DHABI: The last race of the 2014 Formula One season will be a first for Will Stevens but... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: A group of San Francisco Bay Area business, sports and civic leaders will bid to host the... More ››

dutch team

THE HAGUE: A blonde, blue-eyed Dutch teenager from a Catholic family who was rescued by her mother after marrying... More ››


BANGKOK: The United Nations criticised Thailand’s junta Friday for detaining people caught throwing a three-fingered protest salute inspired by... More ››


SINGAPORE: Two German men were arrested in Singapore on Friday for spray-painting graffiti on a metro train in the... More ››


An application had been lodged with the Australian embassy in Bangkok to make Gammy an Australian citizen More ››

Schoolchildren study inside their classroom at a government-run school in Kolkata

NEW DELHI: Indians were flying airplanes, carrying out stem cell research and may even have been using cosmic weapons... More ››


SINGAPORE: Singapore on Friday announced new rules for mobile taxi booking apps, including US-based Uber, in the latest move... More ››