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Highway patrol member suffers minor injuries after riding into tripwire set by robbers to trap motorcyclists. More ››


The 31 victims sustained between two and 19 per cent burns on the face, neck and hands More ››


But Maria Chin Abdullah rejects his 'wild accusation' and says 'we are not into paying anybody to do violence... More ››


How to get a home without a down payment, asks minister, and urges banks and developers to come up... More ››


Former premier's behaviour unbecoming and he says he will spit on Mahathir's hand if he is given the chance. More ››


Deputy police chief says action will be taken against those defying the law and causing chaos, whether organisers or... More ››


In Johor, group of Red Shirts protesters reported to have halted Bersih convoy before agreeing to let them through. More ››


Umno man fires back after Pakatan secretary says government takes people's money and then robs children of their future... More ››


Housing minister says Federal Government will build one million units by 2018 to meet BN election pledge. More ››


Umno Youth leader points out that MPs have two weeks of debate in order to protest about the Budget. More ››


Jeyakumar says government should give vouchers for teachers to buy the machines themselves, not give contract to crony companies. More ››


Fisherman says he saw the person in the air for about 2-3 minutes, another witness says victim was afloat... More ››


Bayan Baru MP questions missing item on compensation to highway concessionaires, and forecasts that highway operators will ask for... More ››


It’s not about how much is given in the Budget, it’s about how it’s being used, says Sarawak DAP... More ››


Investment to increase tourism is important because it helps increase the income of the taxi industry, says Shamsubahrin Ismail. More ››


Syarul Ema, the woman in the row about soliciting signatures for Citizens' Declaration, who was questioned about photos of... More ››


DAP secretary-general says Najib used Budget speech for 'relentless attacks' on opposition and former government leaders. More ››


Witness tells police he saw three men chasing the victim and hacking him with a parang. More ››


Presiden Venezuela percaya persetujuan antara negara pengeluar minyak akan dicapai dalam masa terdekat. More ››


Kini, Tun boleh menebus kekesalan yang wujud di hati sekiranya ada. More ››


Goh V Shem-Tan Wee Kiong akan bertemu jaguh Thailand, Bodin Isara-Nipitphon Phuangphuapet yang menundukkan beregu ke-7 dunia dari Indonesia. More ››


Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun mendakwa kaedah urusan pengundian parti pada Persidangan Perwakilan PRS kali ini meragukan. More ››


Bekas naib ketua Umno Bahagian Batu Kawan berkata tindakan Datuk Jamal Yunos yang mahu meludah tangan Tun Dr Mahathir... More ››


Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom berkata garis panduan itu penting kerana hiburan masa kini semakin meluas dan bercampur aduk... More ››


Katanya, beliau akan meludah di tangan bekas perdana menteri itu jika berpeluang bertemunya sekali lagi. More ››


Sementara itu, di Johor, kumpulan Baju Merah dilaporkan menahan konvoi Bersih sebelum bersetuju memberi laluan kepada mereka. More ››


Intervention is needed to get them to change their ways. Many are too used to being idle and waiting... More ››


Kini, Tun boleh menebus kekesalan yang wujud di hati sekiranya ada. More ››


With the Philippines turning its back on the US, Washington will need to get closer to Malaysia. More ››


The authorities must clear the air once and for all. More ››


How is it that one has to sport a "special" look or have a "special skin tone" or be... More ››


If Jakim has no other work than to nick-pick on non-issues and churn them into confusing matters, perhaps it's... More ››

USA Today warns against vote for 'dangerous demagogue' Trump

"Change has to come from outside our very broken system," Trump told a room of several hundred supporters More ››


Yasay's posting is the latest sign of an administration once again scrambling to put out fires after Duterte's stunning... More ››


It is the first final verdict against Morsi on charges arising from the killing of protesters during demonstrations in... More ››


Local lieutenant-major Kyaw Naing Soe said the "exorcist" put the villagers into a trance, then killed the children as... More ››


Fog and poor visibility had hindered the search for the crash site, as well as the rescue operation, according... More ››


Google affirmed that it would continue to help the government remove content from YouTube, a Google subsidiary, that it... More ››


She was at the launch of the Yummy Pop store she and husband Romain Dauriac have opened in the... More ››


Glover will join rising star Alden Ehrenreich, who will play the rogue, lovable space-traveling scoundrel Han Solo, made famous... More ››


She is the newest model sensation making waves in Europe and New York, wowing on the runway for the... More ››


It is one of the country's biggest literary awards and can have a life-changing impact on writers' sales and... More ››


They explained that they were working with the social network's community and partners on how exactly to recalibrate standards... More ››


"We wanted to really show the variety of manuscripts," said Massumeh Farhad, the show's chief curator. More ››


You always miss Cazorla at home. From deep midfield into the final third his pass is always quick, accurate,... More ››


Cohen wriggled free of his marker from a free-kick before Lezcano looped his header into the top corner. More ››


This weekend has been really tricky with the weather conditions," Marquez said. More ››


"I saw the ball, I shot and when I saw it go in and everyone starting to celebrate I... More ››


"Come on Red Men. A win by two goals and it's 'top of the league'," Owen tweeted alongside a... More ››


The colourful German manager's side were 2-0 up inside 35 minutes thanks to two goals of high quality. More ››


An official announcement is expected before Monday's trading session on Wall Street. More ››


The ministry's top bureaucrat, R.N. Choubey, said airlines could now start bidding to run specific routes. More ››


Demand from Asia, including China, India and exchange-traded funds (ETF), has helped prop up prices this week. More ››


McDonald's scored a 3.5 percent gain in comparable global sales in the quarter, much better than the 1.5 percent... More ››


Mirriad's technology inserts products or signage, from things like a branded beverage bottle on a table to a billboard... More ››


Existing New York state law bars most urban apartment-dwellers from renting out their units for less than 30 days... More ››