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No reason why Mahathir should express any reservations or objections on the contents of the Open Letter by the... More ››

BFM isma2

Allegations by Malay and Islamic groups are baseless, says the radio station. More ››

Zaharudin Muhammad syerleena

The debate would give the rest of Malaysia the opportunity to understand the seriousness of the hudud issue. More ››

vell paari_mic_300

Uproar blamed on disconnect between participants at meeting and supporters outside. More ››

khairy lowest of the low

Blogger Shahbudin harshly attacks him for his outburst against an Umno branch leader. More ››


International hardline Islamic group spreads message of hate for festive season. More ››

lim kit siang_hymnal_300

Sabah Speaker: “It is beginning to look like this is going to be part of Malaysian “culture”. More ››

Matthew Tee

Make it easier to re-employ foreign workers who sent are back under the 6P Programme. More ››

najib muhyi2

PAS' research chief says Muhyiddin checkmated his boss at the recent Umno general assembly. More ››

i am moderate

Taking Malaysia back to the days when race and religion mattered not, journalists at Sin Chew Daily take up... More ››

Fahmi Zainol UM8_300

UM8 maintains disciplinary proceeding was unfair because the prosecutor and judge was the same person. More ››

Musang King durians

About 2,000 packets of the frozen fruits arrive at high-end outlets this month. More ››


They submit memorandum to Penang exco in charge of religious affairs and want him to resign. More ››


Inflation is unlikely to be high estimated to be 3.9% next year well below the government's projection of 4.5%,... More ››


PSD says these CEOs have no idea what their tasks are or the core business of their agencies. More ››

RCI sabah

The issue that needs to be settled is the 5,000 missing pages. More ››


Umno's Syed Rosli says the DPM can breath new life into party. More ››

illicit money

“We already explained last year. I think we don't need to explain again.” More ››


Walaupun nilai tukaran asing ringgit turun, eksport dijangka akan meningkat kerana harga barang keluaran negara lebih rendah sekaligus meningkatkan... More ››


Sekarang ni banyak tekanan dan kita perlu semua duduk bersama-sama untuk mencari penyelesaian kepada masalah-masalah ini. More ››


Guan Eng amat kurang ajar sekali apabila membenarkan orang bukan Islam mengunakan kalimah Allah. More ››

marina mahathir

Tidak sampai hati untuk melihat penganut agama Islam dikenakan hukum Hudud jika ia dilaksanakan kelak selain menyatakan dengan perlaksanaan... More ››


SPAD lemah, ada kuasa tapi tidak gunakannya. More ››

B679JR Person using petrol pump

Sekiranya harga minyak dunia terus mengalami penurunan selama tempoh 10 hari akan datang ini, saya yakin harga runcit RON95... More ››

PAS DA hudud

PAS menunjukkan sisinya yang sebenar melalui berahinya untuk melaksanakan Hudud walaupun jika ia hanya akan dilaksanakan di Kelantan. More ››


UBER ini dibenarkan operasi di dalam industri teksi Malaysia sehingga jejaskan pendapatan pemandu teksi. More ››

housing projects abansoned2

The government should not be distracted by the symptoms, but look at the causes. More ››

hudud melayu

If the ulama are convinced of this, why not persuade Umno-Baru to set a date for a referendum and... More ››

hudud rakyat malaysia_300

Ia tidak ada mengena dengan apa yang diistilah sebagai undang-undang tribalisme atau lanun darat Arab, atau bercanggah dengan perlembagaan... More ››


Sekiranya kita mencari satu cara baru untuk maju ke hadapan, ia haruslah berdasarkan kepentingan bersama dan saling menghormati More ››

i AM262

The petition stands for what an Islamic society should be. More ››

taib mahmud_sarawak_300

Accusations against the Taib government are so extreme it would be irresponsible not to consider them. More ››


PARIS: Chinese conglomerate Fosun raised its offer to buy French holiday group Club Med on Friday, as it strives... More ››


SINGAPORE: Singapore-based aircraft leasing firm BOC Aviation has finalised an order for two more Boeing 737 jets, adding to... More ››


SAN FRANCISCO: EBay Inc Chief Executive John Donahoe will get an exit package worth an estimated $23 million after... More ››


NEW YORK: Oil prices skidded sharply lower in volatile trade Thursday, pushing the US benchmark futures contract to a... More ››


PARIS: A management reshuffle at Airbus this week marks another step towards focusing Europe’s biggest aerospace company on industrial... More ››

avon coty makeup

NEW YORK: US authorities on Wednesday fined the international cosmetics seller Avon Products $135 million to settle a corruption... More ››


As the city shivers in the cold, inside the party is heating up with the bass making the walls... More ››


Cruise lines are getting creative and developing innovative add-on features to enrich the cruising experience More ››


Wild blueberries contain higher amounts of polyphenols than the commercially cultivated kind More ››


Scientists think that this sixth sense that birds possess has to do with their ability to hear sounds that... More ››

used car

A survey of drivers aged 15 to 17 killed in US crashes from 2008 to 2013 found that 48... More ››


The pop icon Elton John will wed his partner of more than 20 years this weekend in England, reports... More ››

for one

LONDON: Formula One delivered a dramatic year of riveting rivalry, political controversy, human tragedy and financial uncertainty in 2014... More ››


LONDON: Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli has been suspended for one match, fined £25,000 ($39,176) and ordered to attend to... More ››


LOS ANGELES: Bode Miller says he’s back on skis and “feeling great” one month after back surgery and with... More ››


MILAN: Reigning champions Juventus are certain to top Serie A at Christmas after a 3-1 win at Cagliari on... More ››


CAIRO: World champion Laura Massaro’s title defence was ended in bitter-sweet fashion by her friend and team mate when... More ››


MARRAKECH: FIFA president Sepp Blatter opened a meeting of his 25-member executive committee on Thursday amid a storm of... More ››


Chinese passengers account for about two-thirds of the 239 people who were aboard the Boeing 777, which vanished on... More ››


HONG KONG: Thomas and Raymond Kwok, billionaire brothers and prominent Christians, count among Asia’s wealthiest tycoons and run a... More ››


JAKARTA: Indonesia temporarily closed a domestic airport Friday after a volcano in the country’s east erupted, spewing plumes of... More ››

china iphone

Worked to the bone, employees at Apple factories in China discover things are not as rosy as they seem. More ››


And despite the light rain, no one in the official receiving party used them either. More ››

free holiday2

Man offers woman with the same name as his ex-girlfriend a chance to travel around the world. More ››