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The PKR lawmaker will submit complaints he received regarding alleged corruption in Selangor to MACC next Monday. More ››


Fast food franchise says it takes the welfare of its customers very seriously. More ››


The Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) became 1MDB, and even before any project was launched, it was learnt some hundreds... More ››


DAP MP Tony Pua also wants the central bank to confirm if PM Najib had been investigated and cleared... More ››


Opposition MP hits back at Salleh Said Keruak for accusing PKR of 'crying wolf', and urges public to 'scrutinise... More ››


DAP assemblyman asks for name change as the airport is located in Sepang, Selangor, not in Kuala Lumpur. More ››


Gerakan acting youth chief Jason Loo says Penang Government has been saying the study is 83% complete for the... More ››


The Bar Council members were stopped from discussing Shafee's conduct as a fiat prosecutor and lawyer after the Sodomy... More ››


Two of the new pieces were found in Mauritius, with the other in Mozambique and were "of interest in... More ››


Gerakan Youth acting chief vents his frustration over tedious process to obtain documents related to the Penang Undersea Tunnel... More ››


The webfilm, launched in celebration of the harvest festivals in Sabah and Sarawak, have been shared on Facebook over... More ››


Police are now on the hunt for the fifth suspect, who they believe sustained gunshot injuries. More ››


Minister Paul Low says political parties will be consulted to gather feedback before it is presented to the Government. More ››


High Court judge Justice Hanipah Farikullah dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that Shafee had failed to prove his... More ››


Bank Negara Governor says its investigation into 1MDB is complete, regardless of the actions against BSI Bank by Singapore... More ››


No one has been asked to resign in Selangor, like Khalid Ibrahim, because no names were mentioned in new... More ››

Mustapa Mohamed_proton_2

Minister Mustapa Mohamed cites a list of the national car maker's achievements since its inception, in Parliament. More ››


Finance Minister Najib Razak says this is based on 1MDB's records. More ››


Dakwaan berlaku rasuah dalam pentadbiran kerajaan negeri pimpinan pembangkang menunjukkan mereka adalah parti 'cakap tak serupa bikin'. More ››


McDonald's berjanji akan memberi akses penuh kepada polis dari segi maklumat kakitangan sambilan terbabit serta rakaman CCTV di restoran... More ››


Ada di kalangan penjawat awam itu yang membuat tuntutan palsu secara kerap iaitu sebanyak 10 kali dalam tempoh setahun... More ››


Yohanna turut menyeru kesatuan pengedar makanan untuk memberi potongan harga untuk makanan dan perkhidmatan sepanjang Ramadan supaya umat Islam... More ››


Semua suspek bertindak menyerang anggota polis menggunakan parang yang memaksa beberapa das tembakan dilepaskan ke arah mereka sebagai langkah... More ››


Isu itu tidak sepatutnya disensasikan kerana guru di negeri itu memahami niatnya hanya untuk berjenaka. More ››


Kekuatan dalaman termasuk rohani merupakan benteng utama mencegah serta melindungi manusia daripada mudah dipengaruhi nafsu dan bersifat tamak haloba. More ››


Lelaki itu segera memanggil isterinya yang meminta bantuan jiran-jiran untuk menyelamatkan mangsa. More ››


The Constitution clearly provides that “words in the singular include the plural, and words in the plural include the... More ››


As they come of age, members of the new generation will have to find a way out of the... More ››


Government has caved-in to pressure from tobacco industry and lobby groups and completely ignored pro-health views. More ››


Tokoh totok UMNO yang kuat menentang rakan partinya kini seolah-olah terdiam daripada merancakkan bukti ketirisan bekas ketuanya dalam Jemaah... More ››


By seemingly trying to “protect” Mahathir, Zainuddin has shown that his real intention is to denigrate and disgrace the... More ››


Nearly four years after the Wildlife Conservation Act was launched, very little has changed and in most Malaysian zoos,... More ››


Johnson is the "Out" campaign's best-known leader and Trump has said Britain would be "better off without" the EU,... More ››


Two of the new pieces were found in Mauritius, with the other in Mozambique and were "of interest in... More ››


MUMBAI: Global clothing brands must take responsibility for the millions of workers in Asia who are poorly paid by... More ››


Asked about the furore, Turnbull made clear the government did not believe Jakarta was involved in people-smuggling. More ››


ANAHEIM: Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump stumped Wednesday in California, the US state with the largest Hispanic population, doubling... More ››


ARANAYAKE: For the first 48 hours after a huge landslide wiped out his hometown of Aranayake and buried 220... More ››


Episode VIII in the saga is scheduled for release in December 2017. More ››


LOS ANGELES: Johnny Depp’s wife has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences after 15 months of marriage to the... More ››


Great offers for island paradise travel and accommodation now made easy online and on your mobile. More ››


NEW YORK: Jay Z has responded publicly one month later to his wife Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” that hints at... More ››


UberEATS launches Wednesday in Singapore, the app's first Asian market, reports TechCrunch. More ››


BRUSSELS: US firms like Netflix, Amazon and Apple face quotas for European movies and television shows under EU proposals... More ››

Ronaldo wants extended Real Madrid stay

MADRID: Three-time World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo has stressed his desire to remain at Spanish giants Real... More ››

Formula One - Rosberg ignores possibility of history

Nico Rosberg stuck to the professional sportsman’s most stubbornly-used credo, when he denied he was even thinking about equalling... More ››

Verstappen stays cool in Monaco Grand Prix spotlight

MONACO: Ten days on from his record-breaking feats in Spain, Max Verstappen was in the spotlight again on Wednesday... More ››


KIEV: Striker Yevgen Seleznyov and defender Bogdan Butko have been added to Ukraine’s provisional squad for Euro 2016, the... More ››


PARIS: Real Madrid and Manchester United are the richest clubs in Europe, according to a study by Dutch auditors... More ››


Massaro was aided crucially by a mistimed volley from David on the tenth point of that deciding game. More ››


The greenback also traded lower against the euro and yen, a move that analysts said they believed was due... More ››


SINGAPORE: Brent crude passed $50 a barrel for the first time in 2016 on Thursday after data showed a... More ››


DHAKA: Bangladesh police are reviewing a nearly forgotten 2013 cyber heist at the nation’s largest commercial bank for connections... More ››


SINGAPORE: The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is in exclusive talks to buy London’s Baltic Exchange, which has been at the... More ››


TOKYO: Takata Corp confirmed on Wednesday it has hired investment bank Lazard Ltd to lead a financial restructuring in... More ››

oil price

NEW YORK: Oil prices surged to the highest levels this year Wednesday after data showed a fall in US... More ››