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About Us

Free Malaysia Today aim to give readers news that is different from the rest of the pack. Our goal is to get hold of truth and drag it out for all to see. In pursuit of truth, we spare no effort to get our facts right, our acts correct, our mission going.

We sense there is a yearning for reliable information that is sorely lacking in the traditional media outlets. People become restless when momentous events in the country do not get reported truthfully. Or when the flow is all one way. That’s why today they turn to other sources to fill the gap.

The gap is huge. Thus, we feel Free Malaysia Today can come in and bridge the great divide. For this purpose, we have assembled an experienced and dedicated team whose task is get down to the ground and listen to the voice of the people. And tell the story as it is to the world at large.

Though largely a news portal on politics, we realise it is only one aspect of life. So, we have other fields of interest to titillate and inform the mind. In short, we give variety and balance.

We give news but at the same time, we invite our readers to participate in news making. They are welcome to submit their views and opinions which can form the basis of exclusive stories for us.

Exciting times are ahead for the country and for Free Malaysia Today. For the country, there is a stronger push for change. For us, there is a greater urgency to see the country change for the better. We want to be in the thick of action and we want our fellow citizens to watch history unfold.