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Archive for April 17th, 2011

April 17, 2011
Datuk T

The police have completed the investigation and will hand over the investigation papers to the AG for further action. More ››

April 17, 2011
christina chiew sarawak election

The biggest winner was DAP's Christina Chiew who became a giant killer in Batu Kawah. She was also DAP's... More ››

| April 17, 2011
sarawak election pakatan

BN managed to get 372,379 votes (54.5%) in total while the opposition raked in 300,288 votes (45.5%). More ››

| April 17, 2011

Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang also wants Taib to put in place his succession place right now. More ››

| April 17, 2011
DAP crowd ceramah Sarawak election

MIC leader S Vell Paari says the government is duty-bound to bring development and cannot expect gratitude in return. More ››

| April 17, 2011

Bahagian ke-5 faksyen ini mampu menjawab beberapa persoalan mengenai kisah yang dipaparkan. More ››

| April 17, 2011

Sarawakians who did not vote for the opposition voted for Najib Tun Razak's 'transformation programme.' More ››

| April 17, 2011
Sarawak Election

With DAP and PKR making some inroads in Sarawak, it is time for Najib to check the trend of... More ››

| April 17, 2011
James Masing

The seat was won by an independent after incumbent Larry Sng, formerly from Masing's party, was dropped. The eventual... More ››

| April 17, 2011
azmin ali01

PKR which won only three of the 49 seats it contested blames the EC for not allowing a level... More ››

| April 17, 2011

Newly set up human rights group, Proham, wants to be the third voice for the people but it takes... More ››