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Archive for May 1st, 2011

| May 1, 2011
borneo cultural fest file pix

DAP is ready to organise the Borneo Cultural Fest which was scrapped by the defeated BN's visionary team in... More ››

| May 1, 2011
charles santiago

Human Resources Minister comes under fire for suggesting that higher wage depends on increased productivity. More ››

| May 1, 2011
T Mohan

Perak MIC leader and state assembly speaker R Ganesan implies that the Youth chief is the hidden hand behind... More ››

| May 1, 2011
Najib Tun razak

This bold prediction is made by PKR's Johor chief Chua Jui Meng, who said Pakatan will topple BN by... More ››

May 1, 2011

Apabila dipersetujui dan diluluskan, Majlis boleh membuat penyelarasan berhubung gaji minimum untuk sektor swasta mengikut peruntukan undang-undang. More ››

| May 1, 2011
sarawak election DAP PKR Wong Ho Leng

Shadow cabinet members, dominated by DAP, are expected to come up with alternative and constructive proposals to government policies... More ››

May 1, 2011

Ekoran penggal Dewan Undangan Negeri di empat negeri genap tiga tahun. More ››

May 1, 2011
singapore election rally

In reaction to the backlash, the government slowed the intake of foreigners and reduced their social benefits. More ››

May 1, 2011
malaysian police at airport

The police say the confiscated drugs could be dealt out to at least 15,000 addicts in Johor. More ››

| May 1, 2011
Eskay lafaz sumpah laknat

Lafaz sumpah laknat oleh Eskay tidak menepati hukum syarak - Dr Asri More ››

| May 1, 2011
may day rally old protester

About 400 people gathered to celebrate May Day this morning despite the arrest of at least 20 protesters, including... More ››

| May 1, 2011
pas crowd

Delegates will once again be transfixed next month whether they should vote in an aging ulama leadership or settle... More ››

| May 1, 2011
sarawak election copy

An analysis of the figures shows that SNAP was more guilty of splitting opposition votes. More ››

| May 1, 2011
musa aman gerakan ldp

The peninsular-based party is told to first look at themselves in the mirror before accusing others of clamouring for... More ››

| May 1, 2011
ayurvedic herbs

An ayurveda practitioner speaks of the importance of knowing your food and how and when to eat. More ››

| May 1, 2011

Kisah yang berlaku sehari sebelum masa depan Pulau Cinta berubah buat selama-lamanya. More ››

| May 1, 2011
Thor 3

The God of Thunder is shaking some cinemas with some out-of-this-world fights. More ››