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Archive for August 7th, 2011

| August 7, 2011

Party chairman Karpal Singh is also confident of retaining Penang and to return Lim Guan Eng as the chief... More ››

| August 7, 2011
hadi awang

Datuk Dr Hasan Ali telah memberi penjelasan tetapi tidak cukup, kata Presiden Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. More ››

August 7, 2011

An Australian refugee lawyer is seeking an injunction stopping the transfer of the first group to Malaysia. More ››

August 7, 2011

Pengguna sepanjang laluan Rawang-Sungai Gadut, Batu Caves-Pelabuhan Klang, Sentul-Pelabuhan Klang dan Batu Caves-Rawang akan mendapat manfaat. More ››

| August 7, 2011
Karpal Singh

The DAP chairman blasts MCA of being interested only to fish votes by playing the ethnic card and staging... More ››

August 7, 2011

Tiada siapa boleh menapis maklumat yang dihantar melalui Twitter, Facebook atau YouTube. More ››

August 7, 2011

Stay motivated and pick up Mandarin to make yourself marketable, says the MIC president to SPM students. More ››

August 7, 2011

Almost everyone is using the web to disseminate political information. Has the situation gone out of control? Well, some... More ››

August 7, 2011

The 50 passengers will be taken to Christmas Island first before being removed to Malaysia. More ››

| August 7, 2011
najib and rosmah

It looks like the self-styled first lady is at liberty in saying and doing as she wishes. More ››

| August 7, 2011

Mayat James Arivalahan ditemui benar-benar di sempadan Kubur Gajah dan Selama. More ››

| August 7, 2011

Taib’s conspicuous absence at Wong’s wake and funeral is being debated in the Sarawak media and blogs. More ››

| August 7, 2011

Trusting natives in two villagers in Sabah have alleged that an Umno MP had sold them out. More ››

| August 7, 2011
george chan supp

SUPP president George Chan's preferred successor, Wong Soon Koh, may not survive a straight fight against grassroots 'hero' ... More ››

| August 7, 2011
MCA State Convention 2011 (1)

The party’s strategic move is to fish the ever increasing vibrant, vocal and influential cyber-savvy young voters. More ››

August 7, 2011

China being a major lender to the US certainly expects to get its money back. More ››

| August 7, 2011
Semenyih 4

The restaurant has a quiet reputation of being one of the finest in Semenyih. More ››