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Stories by G Vinod

| March 6, 2014
S Vellpaari, G Palanivel, MIC

Vell Paari has urged the Natural Resources and Environment Minister to be more proactive on the haze situation and... More ››

| March 6, 2014
medical fees

Two Barisan Nasional leaders say that more study is needed on the matter as the hike on private... More ››

| March 5, 2014
rafizi anthony

PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli says it is premature to gauge the voting pattern in Kajang at the... More ››

| March 5, 2014
g palanivel_mic president

An Indian NGO leader S Bharatidasan criticises the Natural Resources and Environment minister for keeping mum over the worsening... More ››

| March 1, 2014

The movie is all about people surviving in tough situations, and the star cast brings the best out of... More ››

| February 27, 2014
Masjid India KL

Jihad for Justice chairman, Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim, highlights his community's contribution to Malaya and the importance of the Tamil... More ››

| February 27, 2014
selangor putrajaya water

Claims by PKR leaders that they have been left in the dark on the water pact raises more questions... More ››

| February 26, 2014
Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim

Peer pressure and ignorance driving them away from their heritage, leaving them no choice but to identify with the... More ››

| February 20, 2014

Jihad for Justice recommends that if Anwar becomes the MB, he should retain Khalid in his team to overlook... More ››

| February 19, 2014
empty class room fmt pic

There is no point talking about forging national unity when we have students segregated by race and religion. More ››

| February 14, 2014

MCA, MIC and PKR are suffering from serious internal problems, causing much anxiety and anger among members and the... More ››

| February 11, 2014

MIC CWC member V Subramaniam says that there were only 1,453 delegates in the party election conducted last year,... More ››

| January 18, 2014

The Puchong PKR division chief says he is doing so because he wants to champion the plight of the... More ››

| January 17, 2014
p ramasamy

The Penang deputy chief minister explains the Sri Veera Kaliamman Temple issue and the good that the Penang Hindu... More ››

| January 15, 2014
p ramasamy

Penang DCM also criticises Heritage Department for neglecting to gazette the Bujang Valley site More ››

| January 13, 2014
Khalid Azmin

Removing Azmin Ali from PKNS board, Khalid Ibrahim may check mate himself More ››

| January 12, 2014
pkr flag

PKR women chief Zuraida Kamaruddin may be challenged by Selangor exco Rodziah Ismail, while Selangor deputy speaker Nik Nazmi... More ››

and | January 9, 2014

The MyWatch chairman received another death threat via text message this morning and is due to lodge a police... More ››

and | January 8, 2014

Civil societies labelled the move as undemocratic and urged the ministry to respect the voices of the people. More ››

and | January 8, 2014
Anwar Azmin Nurul Izzah

The father says he is not keen to be the party president while the daughter is being coy and... More ››

| January 8, 2014
sanjeevan 2014

The MyWatch chairman says that he is also in the lookout for a new patron to helm his... More ››

and | January 7, 2014

MBPJ officers conducted a check for illegal extensions at the premises of the Bible Society of Malaysia today but... More ››

| January 6, 2014
marina mahathir

The Malay NGO says that as a Muslim and daughter of a former premier that champions Islam, Marina should... More ››

| January 4, 2014
Datuk Ti Lian Ker

MCA leader Ti Lian Ker also criticised the Selangor state government and Jais for giving a lame excuse on... More ››

| December 23, 2013
Sim Tze Tzin and Tee Yong

Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin lashes out at the newly-minted MCA vice president for blaming Anwar Ibrahim for... More ››

| December 17, 2013
Mohd Ariff Sabri

Umno's craving to accumulate wealth drives it to play up the Syiah issue to retain federal power at all... More ››

| December 17, 2013
maria chin abdullah Bersih

Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah says that the tribunal will announce in January when the report will be ready. More ››

| December 9, 2013
Ucapan Perasmian Sayap UMNO

Umno's recent annual general assembly saw the triumphant return of the harebrained and the cognitively challenged leaders of the... More ››

| December 7, 2013
Perkasa Syed Ali

Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said the candis were "part of our history" and must be protected for... More ››

| December 6, 2013
Jakim Rasuah

In its sermon today, the Islamic authority urges all Malaysians to cooperate with the government to eradicate graft. More ››

| December 6, 2013
anwar najib election

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim says that Pakatan is always ready to engage the government on matters affecting national interests. More ››

| December 3, 2013
Akhbar Satar Idris Jala

Malaysia has seen a miniscule improvement in the CPI, up a spot from 54 to 53 this year. More ››

and | December 3, 2013
demolation mukhriz

The Tourism and Culture Ministry finally approves application made by the state government to designate several areas at Bujang... More ››

and | November 27, 2013
siti aishah

The IGP confirms the identity of the woman held as a slave in the UK as Siti Aishah Wahab... More ››

| November 22, 2013
Ko Chung Sen

A DAP MP questions the Education Ministry's rationale to introduce Higher Order Thinking Skills in a paper that does... More ››

| November 21, 2013
s ambiga

Outgoing Bersih chief S Ambiga says they merely highlighted that a high number of East Malaysians were being ferried... More ››

and | November 20, 2013

Students who sat for the exam this morning took to Facebook to express their unhappiness with the the... More ››

| November 19, 2013
Ibrahim Ali Perkasa

The High Court made the ruling in regards to Perkasa's attack against former judge VT Singham, while he was... More ››

| November 18, 2013
Pas Umno MP Mohd Ariff Sabri

Knowing this, Umno is planning co-opt PAS into Barisan Nasional in order to turn it into another mosquito party,... More ››

and | November 16, 2013
dr s subramaniam mic logo

The MIC vice presidency race will see eight people vying for the three spots available, while 88 members would... More ››

| November 16, 2013
eric pulsen

Lawyer for Liberty says Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia breached several standing orders in his decision to... More ››

| November 16, 2013

Anti-establishment group, Transformasi Mahasiswa claims UUM management interfered in the process to elect its student's council office bearers. More ››

| November 11, 2013
marina mahathir

The human rights activist says that she will not hesitate to take legal action against those who accuse her... More ››

| October 25, 2013
Wahid Muhyiddin Khairy

Muhyiddin Yassin and other ministers say the government conducted a thorough study before calling for its implementation. More ››

| October 24, 2013

Public Accounts Committee chairman Nur Jazlan Mohamed also says that there will be no live telecast on the... More ››

| October 24, 2013
nur jazlan

The Public Accounts Committee says that the Auditor-General's Office had tried to seek an explanation from Khazanah Nasional Berhad... More ››

| October 24, 2013
Pakatan Parlimen

Opposition MPs hammered the government further on GST, stressing that it will only increase inflation in the long run... More ››

| October 23, 2013
NANCY SHUKRI dewan rakyat

After bulldozing the Penal Code amendment yesterday, now in a turn around, Nancy Shukri says that the legislation need... More ››

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