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Stories by G Vinod

| July 31, 2013

Khalid Abu Bakar backpaddles on a statement he gave to FMT yesterday, where he said the MyWatch chairman's friends... More ››

| July 27, 2013
R Sri Sanjeevan and police

Anti-crime NGO MyWatch chief R Sri Sanjeevan is said to be in a critical but stable condition at the... More ››

| July 26, 2013
jawi quiz

FMT reporter Lisa J Ariffin was quizzed over a press statement issued by Sisters In Islam on the recent... More ››

| July 24, 2013
CSMU Liow Tiong Lai

The former health minister urges the Malaysian Medical Council to make its visit report to the Ukrainian university... More ››

| July 24, 2013

MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai wants the International Trade and Industries Ministry to engage all stakeholders immediately to... More ››

| July 24, 2013
Sport Malaysia

But two others say the system is bringing in more funds and facilities to assist the athletes. More ››

| July 23, 2013

A check by FMT found that many of the sports associations in Malaysia are either helmed by politicians or... More ››

| July 22, 2013

While former top officials say the games are still needed to nurture young talent, the sports development programmes, however,... More ››

| July 21, 2013
ahmad maslan

Donald Lim cast doubts on the deputy finance minister’s knowledge of economics. More ››

| July 20, 2013
TonyPua AbdulRahmanDahlan

Housing and Local Government Minister takes to Twitter to explain defending Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali's call to burn Malay... More ››

and | July 20, 2013
Donald Lim MCA DAP

Vice president Donald Lim says this is because there is a need for a check and balance as most... More ››

and | July 17, 2013
S Vellpaari, G Palanivel, MIC

However, the son of former party supremo S Samy Vellu says he was not made aware of the decision... More ››

| July 11, 2013

More teeth for MACC and culture of check and balance in Parliament are needed to check on corruption, says... More ››

| July 10, 2013
p ramasamy

Penang deputy chief minister II says the state government will employ more talented Indians on a merit-based system. More ››

| July 9, 2013

By calling for a no contest for the top two posts, Umno leaders are depriving Malaysians of better choice... More ››

| July 8, 2013
idris jusoh kuala besut

Second Education Minister Idris Jusoh said Pakatan Rakyat will not stand a chance in the Kuala Besut by-election... More ››

| July 8, 2013
najib zahid subramaniam

Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam becomes the second minister to contradict Prime Minister Najib's announcement to repeal the Sedition... More ››

| July 8, 2013
Dr S Subramaniam

The Health Minister was coy on the question whether he would use his ministerial power to reinstate Crimea State... More ››

| July 5, 2013
KDN raid documentary

Despite being invited, neither the High Commissioner nor his officers showed up for the 'No Fire Zone' movie... More ››

| July 3, 2013
DUN t'ganu

The state constitution does not give him that right because he was not elected, says PKR's Azan Ismail. More ››

| July 2, 2013

While some veteran Umno leaders call for contest for all Umno posts, one leader says it is better for... More ››

| June 27, 2013
Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed

Public consultations and queries in parliament are enough to address the matter, says Mustapa Mohamad, the International Trade and... More ››

| June 27, 2013
ong kian meng

Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming alleges conflict of interest in the government's decision to award the contract to... More ››

| June 27, 2013
najib razak

Two Pakatan Rakyat MPs urged Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to come clean on claims that a private company... More ››

| June 27, 2013
PJS1 residents_file pix

The Block E residents action committee of PJS1 is threatening to march to the Selangor state secretariat on... More ››

| June 26, 2013

Minister in charge of parliamentary affairs, however, reveals that 216,000 bottles of ink costing RM6.9 million were used in... More ››

| June 26, 2013
Shahidan Kassim

Speaker Padikar Amin confirms Anwar Ibrahim as Opposition Leader. More ››

| June 26, 2013
ghani othman

Veterans come to Abdul Ghani's defence, saying that he could have stood in a safe seat but for Umno's... More ››

| June 26, 2013
custodial deaths

The home minister says the government decided against the IPCMC as it 'overlaps' with the MACC and runs contrary... More ››

and | June 26, 2013
jerebu nilai

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia argues that the government is already taking steps to address the haze... More ››

| June 26, 2013
Najib Malaysian

The prime minister also mocked Pakatan Rakyat for claiming the general election is marred with irregularities, when the opposition... More ››

| June 25, 2013
nazri aziz jonker

The Tourism and Culture Minister denied the decision was made to punish the Chinese but urged the... More ››

and | June 25, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim says that the King’s call for all parties to accept the polls result was a mere recommendation... More ››

| June 25, 2013
PRU Agong

Sultan Abdul Halim Mua'dzam Shah also said no one should question the position of Islam as the religion... More ››

| June 24, 2013
custodial deaths

Barisan Nasional backbenchers say they will have to study the pros and cons of the bill before making any... More ››

| June 24, 2013
Teo Nie Ching

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching files the emergency motion at the Speaker's office in order to get the... More ››

and | June 24, 2013

Pandikar Amin Mulia received 133 votes, as opposed to Pakatan Rakyat’s candidate, former Federal Court Judge Abdul Kadir Sulaiman,... More ››

and | June 22, 2013
black 505

PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim blames the haze for the poor turnout. More ››

| June 22, 2013
Bandar Kuala Lumpur-20130622-03225

An elderly man decides to show his anger by beating Najib Tun Razak's picture. More ››

| June 21, 2013

The Sri Muneswarar Kaliyaman Temple committee wants the FT minister to revoke an eviction order issued by the land... More ››

| June 21, 2013
Japan's PM Abe delivers a speech at a seminar in Tokyo

MCA publicity bureau chief criticised former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah for calling for vernacular schools to... More ››

| June 20, 2013
Projek mrt

Chip Ann Realty Sdn Bhd, owner of the historic Lok Ann Hotel at Jalan Sultan, is considering challenging... More ››

and | June 20, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat leaders say that even the proposed coroner's court will need to be supported by an independent body... More ››

| June 20, 2013

The Labis MP also called upon the Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad to release its findings to the public in... More ››

| June 19, 2013
coming soon

A lawyer will give fresh details on the scandal at a Suaram dinner next month. More ››

| June 18, 2013
tun dr mahathir

Several analysts say that the growing calls of no contest for Umno's top two posts is an attempt to... More ››

| June 18, 2013
Chua Soi Lek MCA

If the grassroots insist, the MCA president may defend his post in the coming party polls. More ››

| June 18, 2013
tony pua

DAP publicity chief Tony Pua criticises Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Shahidan Kassim for accusing the Chinese... More ››

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