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Naked truth about Alvin the sex blogger

October 3, 2014

Malaysians may forgive him for being a sex blogger but not for being such a childish pest who thinks the country owes him a living.


By Iskandar Dzulkarnain

alvn300Alvin Tan and his girlfriend Vivian made headlines when they were reprimanded by the Singapore authorities for their online posting of naked photos of themselves. They were subsequently investigated by the Malaysian authorities, but their silly antics didn’t end there.

Their ‘bak kut teh’ stunt during Ramadan rattled a lot of nerves, and it was not surprising when the Malaysian government clamped down hard on them.

Now Alvin has run away, leaving his poor girlfriend to face the charges alone. And to think that they were a perfect couple who would bare all to prove their eternal love.

The Malaysian public thought that would be the last they would hear of him, but Alvin is again hogging the limelight with his latest stunt to discredit the Malaysian government.

He has berated the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Attorney- General with rude criticism and challenged the authorities to take action against him. Hiding behind the US Political Asylum Programme, he is quite confident that any such action would enhance his eligibility for political asylum.

What is more troubling is that there are many commentators out there who seem to support his silly stunts. The problem with Alvin is that he is a very sick man yearning for attention, fame or recognition and would do anything, including baring himself stark naked, just to get attention.

He makes a classic psycho patient that psychiatrists and psychologists would love to analyse.

The notoriety he gained through the naked photos made him heady with adrenaline and gave him an orgasmic high. Ignoring all the negative publicity, he spent hours and hours searching for every relevant article depicting his infamy.

Hungering for more attention, he had to devise another extraordinary stunt that would start tongues wagging, and sadly he chose the ‘bak kut teh’ Ramadan stunt that was aimed at ridiculing Muslims and their faith. In his twisted mind, he thought it was funny, but not many people are laughing, save for the demented ones who found it a tit hilarious.

Although most moderate Malays never gave that stunt a second thought, there were others who were totally outraged with such an intolerant joke. And most Malaysians were not surprised when the government decided to take punitive action.

And it is precisely such stupid actions that lead the government to defend the use of the Sedition Act to suppress dissent. His brash actions, which he believes are innocent and funny, have given politicians the much needed fodder to assert that non-Muslims are ridiculing the Islamic faith.

What if some radical NGO picks on his insensitive actions and suggests that Alvin represents the sentiments of the Chinese or the opposition?

Breaking the trust of the government that returned him his passport and running away only shows his devious scheming ways. Most people would bid him good riddance.

But no, for the third time he has reappeared, again trying to hog the limelight by playing the fugitive hero who will single-handedly oppose the government on behalf of bitter Malaysians.

Challenging the government to arrest him for his rude criticism of government leaders and their policies, he hopes to highlight his sorry plight so that the US will consider his political refugee status.

The US authorities would be as foolish as he if they ever take him seriously, especially after he has posted a naked picture of himself next to the Statue of Liberty.

He comes across as a childish, insecure and an insolent person with a huge ego. Airing his personal grudges in the media and insulting the government is certainly untactful. If anyone out there sincerely thinks for one minute that he is actually fighting for the victims of sedition, or for a better tomorrow, then that person must be as shallow minded as he.

He even wants all Malaysians to acknowledge that he came out on top in the ‘bah kut teh’ Ramadan saga and he has insulted Malaysians who remain in the country as bitter bumpkins. His Facebook page is covered all over with four-letter expletives, showing how limited his vocabulary is and, of course, displaying his true colours.

He has even written a book entitled Sex, Pork and Persecution, in which he implores Malaysians to support his sorry cause. Meanwhile, his mother is RM20,000 poorer for coughing up his bail, while his girlfriend is counting the days to when they will meet again.

If he continues to misbehave, we can be sure that the government won’t leave him alone, and Interpol would do its job and hand him back for justice to be served. If the US government were to investigate his background, it would lose no time to deport him.

The best thing that Alvin could do is to shut his gab permanently, disappear for good and hope he won’t be flushed out like a wet ferret.

Malaysians may forgive him for being a sex blogger, a compulsive exhibitionist or even for insulting other faiths, but not for being such a childish pest who thinks the country owes him a living.

Iskandar Dzulkarnain is an FMT columnist.


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