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Now for the real Kajang satay

 | April 7, 2011

Satay lovers need not travel all the way to Kajang for their favourite sticks. The famous Restoran Sate Kajang has opened an outlet in Selayang Mall just for them.


I recall years ago there was a restaurant selling Kajang satay in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Then one fine day, it just packed up and never returned.

Apparently, satay lovers know that the biggest name connected with Kajang satay belongs to Haji Samuri who has his own massive place called Restoran Sate Kajang in Bangunan Dato Nazir in Kajang.

Recently, the same owner opened an outlet on the ground floor of the Selayang Mall. If you are familiar with Kepong and the road leading to Selayang Baru town, you probably have an idea of where this mall is.

I have visited this outlet on several occasions and on my most recent visit, I did what most Malaysians do, I “bungkus” the satay since I was in a hurry.

The taste is exactly the same, if not, slightly better than the satay at its mothership in Kajang. I have been to that “Satay Hq” too. The piece de resistance of any satay, as some of us would like to argue, is the gravy.

As far as Kajang satay is concerned, its peanut sauce is one of its biggest trade secrets. The satay gravy is thick, full of peanuts and leaves an aftertaste of utmost culinary pleasure.

The outlet at Selayang Mall has the standard varieties that most satay connoisseurs would love. The other varieties of satay are chicken, beef, fish, beef tripe (perut) and the chicken liver (hati).

Peanut sauce

If you are feeling slightly adventurous, the other options are rabbit (arnab), venison (rusa) and mutton.

This “Sate Kajang” outlet is fairly small compared with its major restaurant in Kajang, but it has everything you want in terms of satay, side-dishes or maybe even drinks.

In keeping with its fine reputation, Haji Samuri satay outlet is clean and bright. Its workers are on their toes all the time. They operate on a punch-clock system and will not keep you waiting if they can help it.

The ketupat with pieces of cucumber go down well with a hot teh tarik if you are having a meal at the outlet. Otherwise, you can just make your own Milo at home.

Members of my family are quite convinced that the secret of Sate Kajang’s success lies in its peanut sauce. That could very well be true because I have tried satay from a score of other stalls. Most of the time, it is the satay sauce that lets the customer down.

I was quite happy some time ago when I discovered that there is a Haji Samuri satay outlet not that far from PJ. Now I don’t have to go all the way to Kajang to get a plate of satay when the craving becomes irresistible.

At 60 sen per stick, it seems quite reasonable, considering we all now can save on petrol cost for not going the distance in getting the kind of satay we always want.

I don’t know about the others but once all the satay sticks have been taken, I just dump the peanut gravy on my rice and just make a decent meal of it.

You probably won’t have “sirap ais limau” or “sirap ais bandung” to go with your “sate kajang” like at the Selayang Mall outlet. In your own house, Kajang satay tastes best when you slip them into the microwave oven and warm up the meat to the optimal temperature for home consumption.

The Hj Samuri Satay Kajang has taken its time in establishing a branch near our homes but we are all glad it has finally come.


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