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Pretty Murni draws the crowds

 | June 17, 2011

The food is wonderful and the portions are generous and service is super fast.


If you are one of those people who are an ardent admirer of Murni Discovery, you are not alone. For as long as anyone can remember, the Murni Discovery restaurant has been a favourite among the younger set.

The food is wonderful. The portions are generous and service is super fast. Even more astounding are the sizes of the glass drinks. So if you are a small eater, a plate of whatever you order would be sufficient for two people.

The one that is nearest to my home is in Jalan PJU 1/3D, somewhere in the vicinity of Aman Suria, near Bandar Utama 11 & 12.

The crowds in the evening are a sight to behold. Students seem to be the majority during dinner time. I reckon they find the menu items value for money.

A plate of nasi goreng special is enough to feed three small eaters. The mee raja, it seems, is one of the more popular items. The fine and thin mee has proven its drawing power among adolescents.

Adults may be slightly puzzled by the lure of this particular dish but one bite will put to rest any doubts about its premium value.

My nasi goreng special which came with a generous helping of pieces of “meat” turned out to be actually fish. Everybody at my table was putting their spoons into my plate to sample the fried rice.

I didn’t receive any complaints from the “intruders” because I reciprocated by helping myself with their tomyam beehoon and mee raja.

For as long as I remember, friends have been telling me that Murni Discovery is the place to be if a person is hungry and wants to have his fill.

That explains for the large number of students heading for this restaurant after their tutorials and lectures are over at the various nearby colleges.

Altogether there are five Murni Discovery outlets. Besides the one at Aman Suria, there are branches in USJ, Mentari, Kepong and SS2. Murni Discovery Aman Suria opens at 8am and closes at 3am. It is closed on Monday.

Signature dishes

There are 28 signature dishes and 18 signature beverages. Drinks like I Miss You, I Love You, Poison and Lily Special are popular among teenagers.

The older generation will just order coffee, teh tarik or Nescafe. I really don’t know what is “Roti Ronaldo” or “Chicken Napoleon” but I saw these names on the menu.

Perhaps on my next visit I will find the courage to select one of them. Meanwhile, I will stick to the tried and tested ones like nasi lemak ayam pandan, claypot loh shee fun and American Club Sandwich.

At 9pm, when the crowds are beginning to dwindle at other eating joints, Murni Discovery is just getting warmed up. There was nary a table available when we showed our faces at 9.15pm.

Fortunately for us, our timing was perfect as a table was just vacated minutes before we arrived. It is the policy of the restaurant to serve fusion, customised dishes and mamak-related food items for its diverse clientele.

Seeing the ever growing crowd at its premises on a daily basis, one simply cannot ignore or deny its surefire gastronomical formula.

However, I have to admit that its Milo Dinosaur is not as awesome as the one I had at Toast Box but for RM3 a glass at Murni Discovery, I can’t really complain.

Was I feeling full when I left the premises? You bet I was and I will be back again the next time I can get enough quorum of heads to make the trip worthwhile.

Remember, it is value for money and the extensive menu is visually pleasing too.


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