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LFC the kind you may like

 | June 19, 2011

A foodstall inside a restaurant in Subang Jaya boasts some finger-licking good items on its menu.


In Jalan SS14/1, Subang Jaya, there is a stall inside Wong Soon Kee Restaurant that is unusually popular.

Come lunchtime, there will be a long queue at one particular stall. The stall has a banner that says LFC – Lim Fried Chicken. At first glance, you may think that it has some extraordinary items. Not really.

What the stall is famous for is its fried chicken. I have tried the LFC once about two years ago. It is away from the main road and if an unsuspecting motorist takes a wrong turn, he may end up in an unfamiliar part of the residential area that he doesn’t want to be.

The LFC stall has been around for 28 years. If you haven’t heard of it, then you are probably not from Subang Jaya. The fried chicken, which I so solemnly swear, is rather good but you won’t break out in hysterics of delight.

Yes, it is good but still, it is a matter of individual preference. A nyonya person who tagged along commented that the veggies on her plate were overcooked. I agreed.

But that’s not what this stall is famous for anyway. Its signature items are deep fried chicken and curry chee cheong fun. I give the thumbs-up for the chicken but honestly, I haven’t tried the curry chee cheong fun.

Back in Ipoh where I come from, the chee cheong fun is quite different. In fact, Penang folks give me the “dirty look” when I say Ipoh chee cheong fun is something to brag about.

Penangites like to think their version of chee cheong fun is the only kind in the world. In a way, they are right. But at Lim Fried Chicken stall, the curry chee cheong fun looks “interesting”.

I shall not pre-judge anything that I have not tasted but the curry cheong fun is at the top of my agenda when I return to Wong Soon Kee Restaurant.

I decided on curry chicken when I was there a day ago because I know the fried chicken intimately. It was out of professional interest that I tried something else this time.

Very good mutton

The curry chicken was not bad but my late mother-in-law’s recipe was much better. What do you expect? She was one of those hardcore nyonya ladies who grew up making a name for herself in Penang as well as among her relatives.

The veggies which accompanied the meal were unimpressive. My partner’s fish was classified as above average and both of us were a little puzzled why so many people were still lining up at 3pm.

A man in front of me ordered six takeaways. I also had curry mutton on my plate. Earlier, I made a discreet enquiry about a pot of curry meat. Beef or mutton, I asked the woman.

Before I could stop her, she said “it is very good mutton” and she gave me a generous helping of it.

The curry mutton was not bad and some pieces tasted like beef. I could be mistaken but it sure tasted a bit like beef. I am not a connoisseur of mutton at all.

Another signature item is the sambal sotong. I haven’t tried that item too. I was thinking of the impending gout that would land on my toes like a tonne of bricks.

I decided to tread the prudent path by not going to the extreme. There will be plenty of time to go through the menu. It is not one of those episodes of Man Vs Food where the fat guy eats himself to semi-delirium.

The LFC stall operates from 2pm to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, it is also 2pm to 6.30pm. The stall takes a breather on Tuesdays.

It will be some weeks before I pay another unofficial visit to this restaurant. If I have some business to attend to in this part of Subang Jaya, the LFC stall will see the likes of me again.

The next time, I will sample the sambal sotong and the curry chee cheong fun. By the way, the curries are not as spicy as those made by the nyonyas. The curries are mild by my standards. Perhaps that is why they are loved by the non-nyonya people living in the Subang Jaya.


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