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Assorted dishes for trio in Rawang

 | October 16, 2011

It maybe a humble restaurant but its catchy sign catches your attention.


It is a bit difficult to resist going into a restaurant that has a sign outside that says “Now Everyone Can Eat”. That line, I am sure, was borrowed from somewhere. Could it be AirAsia?

The three of us guys were actually en route to our targeted restaurant. Unfortunately, when we arrived there, the doors were closed.

We started blaming it all on our bad luck but Rawang doesn’t suffer from a shortage of restaurants, so we walked a little further.

One friend said he knew of another place that was “quite reasonable”. He wasn’t talking about the price but the quality of dishes at that eatery.

About 10 minutes later, we stood in front of Bun Heng Restaurant. It looked very ordinary. Nothing made it stand head and shoulders above the rest, except for the sign with those familiar words.

A quick glance at the long banner at its frontage revealed that the popular species of fish is tilapia because its menu had “kampung styled stream tilapia, black bean sauce stream tilapia” and “chilli sauce stream tilapia”.

Partly because of the earlier disappointment, our appetite wasn’t that good so we decided to have a simple meal. The waitress asked what type of fish we wanted.

After two minutes of indecision, we decided to have “ikan haruan”. I am partial to this fish because of the texture of its meat. Some people are of the opinion that this particular species is very good for those who have undergone an operation.

Vegetable farms

Apparently, it helps in “repairing internal organs”. This alleged claim has not been verified by official sources but hundreds of housewives and relatives cannot be that wrong.

We also ordered a plate of the restaurant’s signature tofu in Thai sauce. The third dish was vegetables. We all are aware that in Rawang, the greens are quite fresh because of the proximity of numerous vegetable farms.

The fish, as I had suspected, turned out to be quite delicious. I wasn’t wrong about its smooth meat. I believe this fish is also known as Snakehead.

Snakehead is an elongated predatory fish that is fairly common in Asia and Africa. It has a big mouth, sharp teeth and is a joy for anglers because it is a real fighter when caught.

The signature tofu of Bun Heng Restaurant turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Normally, a restaurant will try its best to create its own special deep fried tofu.

I have tried tofu from several restaurants. Most of them have their own unique tastes. Very few are below average. So if you are the type who likes tofu, always ask if the restaurant has its own signature tofu.

Tofu is healthy and definitely does not hurt your teeth. It is also wonderful for digestion.

My friend praised the veggies. I really don’t know why but he was so smitten by its taste. I put my finger on the “secret recipe sauce” that is probably an original creation of the establishment.

Simple dishes

Three simple dishes for three men who just walked into Rawang town proved to be just the kind of revitaliser we sorely needed.

Originally, we really had nothing special in mind except a good meal and perhaps a few cups of coffee an hour later.

Some people don’t like Rawang. They say it is out of the way and a bit dusty during lunchtime. Someone must tell me why the main road is so congested at certain hours.

I suspect it could be the new growth areas at the fringes of Rawang town that draw the high volume of traffic.

Perhaps it is no longer true to say that Rawang is a quiet town anymore.

As for our lunch, it was a nice meal. Two members of the trio are not big eaters. I guess you can tell who has a big appetite in the group.

I think we merely scratched the surface as far as Rawang restaurants are concerned in that planned outing. I hope to hear from Rawang residents as to what are the other more popular eating spots in town.

I am trying to visit some of the smaller towns in my food trail. Little out-of-the-way places tend to have some very nice culinary surprises. Batang Kali and Ulu Yam Lama have some nice eating spots as I have found out last year.

Perhaps I will have better luck in the coming months.


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