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Beat The System shines with Jaclyn Victor

March 5, 2012

Their song Shine was voted as the song of the year in the recent Vima music awards.


Beat The System scored the highest honour at the recent Vima music awards when they walked away with the Song Of The Year award.

The song Shine, was a collaboration with one of Malaysia’s biggest artist, Jaclyn Victor, and was a huge departure from mainstream pop haven and a full blown launch into the world of nu-metal,sprinklings of jazz and rap-rock.

The track has been hailed as one of the best songs over the past decade in Malaysia and will represent the country at the upcoming Bite My Music Global Awards.

The Vima awards is the biggest music awards that recognizes independent musicians from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

The song Shine can be heard here

FMTnews caught up with the band for an exclusive insight

Who wrote the song Shine and how did you come about to collaborate with Jaclyn victor?

The song was written by Sam, Shuresh, Jaclyn and Gerald. Shuresh was a former member of Beat The System and is still a dear friend to us. But of cause during the songwriting sessions, we got Jaclyn to work with us so it will be more on a personal basis instead of her just singing the song that we have wrote. Collaborating with Jaclyn was a dream come true especially for Gerald as he has been her biggest fan since her Idol days.So we managed to hook up through Facebook and that led to a few meetings and “Shine” was born.

Why the name – Beat The system?

Beat The System was chosen to be the band name due to the nature of people relating rock music to be negative, also when the 1st line up was born, it consist of all Indian members and society usually have this mindset where when you are into rock music, you are basically a loser in life, drug addict and without education, well I would like to say that we proved them wrong.

When was the group formed and what sort of genres of music do you g
uys play?

Beat The System was formed in 2001 and only in 2005 it started becoming active, we have always been playing rap rock and nu-metal.

Who influenced your style of music?

Our main influences were bands like POD, Disturbed and Creed.

Do you perform regularly? Any plans to play outside Malaysia?

We used to perform regularly at gigs but last year and this year we have cut down on our gigs as we have a couple of projects to be done as a band and due to our vocalist based in Singapore the travelling has to be planned smartly. And yes we will be playing outside Malaysia but that will be announced once everything is confirmed.

What are your future plans for the band?

Right now we are working on some new materials and we would like to collaborate with legends such as Ning Baizura, M Nasir and a few more, but currently we are focused on composing our new single which is in the pipeline.

BTS contact:




Beat The System consists of four energetic youths filled with passion for music. With Sam (vocals/emcee), Stewart (guitar), Lenard (bass) and Gerald (drums) they deliver an energetic and vibrant show each time on the stage.

With nu-metal and rap rock as major influence, each of their shows get credited for great showmanship, tight music and great song arrangements.

Having released their self-titled demo (available free), they are making the way to the local music scene while speaking positively for the youths of this generation through their songs.

Their story

Beat The System was formed in the mid of 2001 by guitarist Stewart and Shuresh. Both met at a church jamming session back in JB. Due to the same level of musical interest, Stewart and Shuresh became very close friends and shared ideas musically.

In the late 2001, they made a pact to create music with originality while using their respectable music influences, believing that they could make an impact in the local music scene. Soon, they started to look up for a bassist and drummer to complete Beat The System line up.

Sam was invited to play bass, knowing that he had the same level of interest and passion for music. Together they created the legacy of Beat The System.In May 2002, when Stewart moved to Kuala Lumpur, he managed to hook up with Gerald to take over the drums and thus the full line up for the Beat The System was completed.

But along the way, the band realized that Sam had more potential in singing and they started auditioning for a bassist, and Raja, an old friend, became the bassist. In mid 2004, Raja parted from Beat The System due to musical differences with Selvam enlisted to take over the position. In 2008, the line-up has another change and Lenard joined the band after the departure of Selvam.

Beat The System then came up with a self-titled EP with five tracks and one of the tracks, ‘Penipuan Berwaris’ was chosen as the single for the Warner Music compilation album titled Indiestructable – Spirit of Freedom. Beat The System was also awarded the honor “Tipped to be the next big thing in Asia” award at the 2010 Asian Voice Independent music awards (Avima).

Penipuan Berwaris was also nominated as “Best Rock Song” at the Avima awards. Besides that, Beat The System also collaborated and produced another track known as ‘Transisi’ for a Warner Music and EMI artiste, Fiq (Mentor TV3) and the BTS single ‘Gone’ was on TRAXXFM charts for 10 weeks in a row and four weeks at the Number 1 spot.


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