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Psycho.unit rocks with ‘Rockaboy’

April 16, 2012

Their video'Rockaboy' came in second for the Best Music Video category at the Bite My Music Global Awards.


Psycho.unit, a collective of some of the most inventive, outrageous and talented musicians, have pulled off the unimaginable when their video”Rockaboy” came in second for the Best Music Video category at the Bite My Music Global Awards.

Bite My Music Global Awards is considered the world cup of independent music and had the participation of more than 1000 acts from over 50 countries.

Formed in 2007 by islanders Daddy Shaq, Rabbit.Mac and Cub’ally, what began as a modest music production company of three eventually evolved into an 10-piece, multi-talented troop which led to the expansion of the company.

Now, in addition to the music works, Psycho.unit also does design, photography and runs a highly successful clothing line Psychologikal Apparels.

‘Rockaboy’, rendered by Sheezay and features cameos by two other award winning hip-hop acts, Altimet and K-Town Clan, won over the global judges and online fans with their sleek and saccharine video visuals.

The video can be viewed here.


The Avatars from Psycho.unit had this to share:

Who directed and produced the music video for Rockaboy?

The music video was directed by Candyman of Psycho.unit and assisted by Rabbit.Mac. The typography effects done by December.

Its such a visually pleasing music video? Who came up with the concept?

Yes it is, since the song is some sort of hype music, we decided to make it as fun as possible. The concept is by the director and developed by our team members. The whole Psycho.unit crew’s input are there, we did all together.

Did you have any challenges creating the music video? How long was the duration from start till it was a wrap?

It was really challenging for us since this was our first music video for Sheezay and also for Candyman as the director. It took us three solid days on pre-production and took a month on the post.

How did you manage to the cameos from other indie acts on the music video? It was fantastic to see Altimet in the music video

We wanted to make our video fun and different, so we thought it would be interesting to feature few of our artist friends. We approached them and without hesitation they agreed to do the cameo. Altimet and K-Town Clan as our very good industry buddies, and we been working together for quite some time, it was our pleasure to have them in our video.

Will Psycho.unit follow up on this video and go on to produce more visually driven music videos?

Definitely we are going to come up with more music videos in future and already few in rows. We went through many challenges while creating the video and it was a good experimental video as well

Is it very expensive to produce music videos? Is it worth it to even come up with one?

It is expensive to produce a music video, but it solely depends on the concept. You get what you paid for and it is worth to come up with a music video that has good budget and good technicians. It’s not easy to put up quality video, if you want a quality product, you got to spend, and as for Psycho.unit, we truly believe in music video, it actually has helped us to boom our CD sales, and helped us in branding.

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