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Pop Shuvit takes it to the next level

 | April 26, 2012

Read the exclusive interview with Malaysia's biggest indie export-Pop Shuvit who is also Asia's biggest hip-hop rock act.


Asia’s leading Hip Hop rock band, Pop Shuvit’s unique blend of funky eclectic beats and hard hitting riffs have seen the band take itself from playing underground gigs and high school proms to centrestage on some of Asia’s leading music festivals.

This included being personally invited by multi-platinum selling rockers My Chemical Romance (MCR) as Official Support Act for their Asian Tour in 2007/2008 and headlining the MTV Asia World Stage together with 30 Seconds To Mars in July 2011.

With a career spanning over a decade , Pop Shuvit have had six releases under its belt including top 20 albums in Japan and Malaysia. Pop Shuvit’s overwhelming support from Japanese audiences have led to three successful headlining tours and Top 20 album sales charting at Tower Records (even beating Linkin Park and Jay Z) without any radio promotion.

A truly multi-lingual and multi cultural band, Pop Shuvit have released tracks in numerous languages including English, Japanese, Malay, Tagalog, Thai and even Spanish. Besides MCR, the band have also shared the stage with All American Rejects, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, FloRida, Tokio Hotel and collaborated with the likes of Inspectah Deck from the Legendary Wu Tang Clan and DJ Cheapshot from Linkin Park side project, FORT MINOR.

Pop Shuvit have earned themselves numerous accolades including 10 Malaysian No.1 radio hits, an MTV Asia Award nomination,several AVIMA awards and a special achievement award from the Malaysian Music Industry Academy (AIM Kembara) in 2008.


An exclusive with Pop Shuvit (Frontman Moots shares on behalf of the band):

How would you best describe your music?

At first it was rap rock then it evolved into hip hop rock but I guess what best describes it now is fun music from a bunch of friends.

Tell us a dirty secret about the band

We are all aliens from the planet nebula 11 and survive on jelly beans and teh tarik…we are peaceful creatures but can get aggressive if pushed to the limit…

If you had a chance to perform anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

CBGB in New Jersey or Whisky go go in LA just because all the greats have played there and it would be nice to know that we once rocked the place.

If you were a superhero, what sort of super powers would you have and what would you champion or fight for?

I’d love to be telekinetic and read peoples minds like professor X…it would be great to know if people are telling the truth.

If you had a chance to collaborate with any musician on the planet, who would it be and why?

I think this has never changed throughout our careers it would definitely be ZDLR from Rage against the Machine because his lyrics are so poignant and poetic. He would rip it on a Shuvit track.

What would you like to be remembered for?

We would like to be remembered….not forgotten…and mostly for our music

You win a chance to open for your favourite act – what song would you perform and what would you do on stage?

I never like to use the word “open”….we have been lucky enough to share the stage with many of our favourite acts like MCR, All American rejects and 30 secs to mars so i guess what we would do is give a kick ass Shuvit show like we do at every show

Have you championed any good cause? What are your plans to do more?

I’m a big fan of the “pay it forward” concept…if everyone did one good deed a day…that deed will come full circle. So the next time you’re buying lunch or paying for the toll.,.why not pay for the person next to you,.or do a good deed for your neighbour. A little goes a long way..

Which local musicians in your country do you most admire and why?

All of them! every independent musician who writes their own music, gigs and releases something are admirable….for striving and keeping our local scene alive

You’ve been asked to pose nude for a magazine and this is your best chance to gain publicity..would you do it?

Go for it! If people are actually interested in seeing us in all our glory…and get paid for it..LOL…why not!

You look into the crystal ball and see your future? What does it say?

10 more albums and celebrating our 50th year together as a band!

Share with us two of your favourite quotes

“Is that edible” and “who is buying the next round”

Money or fame? Why?

Both! preferably at the same time

What is your all time favourite song and movie? Why?

Lady Marmalade – has picking up someone ever sounded sexier? Movie has to be Pulp Fiction. I love Tarantino and this was his best work,although some may argue its Reservoir Dogs.I still think Pulp Fiction rocks and someday I shall go to Paris and order a Royale with cheese at Burger King.

What are your songs about?

Life….and everything about it that inspires us. We grew up as a band from failed relationships…to fights…to money woes…to marriages and kids…and long tours…so all these things have inspired us throughout the years…

What is your biggest achievement to date?

I guess winning the Anugerah Kembara at AIM and being nominated for an MTV Asia Award.

What is your advice to up and coming musicians ?

Keep at it….find new ways of getting your music heard. Don’t copy…be a pioneer.

What would you do to gain fame? Have you done anything crazy to gain publicity?

I tried picking a few fights once and starting some beef…but it didn’t stick. I gotta learn more from Kim Kardashian…or just stick to being the nice guys.

If you had the chance to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

Let music be free and all musicians get paid a decent amount of money to play…the more songs you write…the more shows you get!

What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while performing?

Many things….most common is falling onstage, backstage and off stage…all in that order….

What are your thoughts on music piracy?Would you give your music away for FREE?

Yes! and we have…many times….music is to be shared…rather than gigs…i would rather give away a CD for free but have every gig ticketed!

‘Cherry Blossom Love Affair’ – The new studio album.


Slated as a double album in both English and Malay, the songs in this “concept” album are thematically-inspired not just by the tracks itself  but also by the inclusion of visual illustrations,music videos; all presented within a mini coffee table book-styled album packaging. Helming producer/engineer roles once again will be guitarist JD, this time with greater involvement from bassist AJ (part of production duo THE UNKNOWN with DJ UNO).

With many production and mixing credits for local and regional bands (Bunkface, Estranged,Slapshock, Project E.A.R etc) and a Best Engineered Album Award (AIM 2008), his approach of combining classic recording techniques with forward-thinking ideas means that the new album will bring fresh new sounds to fans whilst maintaining the rap-rock vibe that the band is known for.

The first Malay single ‘nebula 11’ has already hit the airwaves together with the fully animated music video which premiered on MTV Asia in June 2011. The first English single ‘Getting away with murder’ is a fresh and energetic number which stays true to pop shuvit’s hip hop groove yet remains cutting edge and invigorating!

Cherry Blossom is not short of its star appeal with Malaysian legend Man Bai lending his vocal prowess to the acoustic ode to wasted youth in ‘Seperti syurgamu’ . Fellow Project E.A.R members Dandee, Slapshock, Ahli Fiqir and Thaitanium also joined in the fun on the album; as well as world renowned Japanese street magician ‘Cyril Takayama’ who joins the boys on his specially penned theme song ‘Magic Man’.

Project EAR music video that won the Asian indie music award (AVIMA) – more than 800K views.


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