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Goddess of rock/metal

May 10, 2012

Hera's Heidi Habib deserves to be celebrated as a woman who has created a new platform for Arabian music.

HERA is Heidi Habib’s one-woman band. Her unique Arabic rock and metal style landed her the runner-up position in the Female Act category at the recent Bite My Music Global awards. It was no easy feat as she competed against independent musicians from more than 50 countries.

Founded in 2011, Hera is named after the Greek goddess of marriage, women, and childbirth—all elements of Heidi’s own life.

Hera aims to build a solid foundation and a strong presence throughout the Middle East and beyond. The language in which the songs are sung plays a colossal part in portraying the essence of Hera’s music.

Hera is in the process of writing and releasing a full-length rock/metal album later this year, featuring a variety of Middle-Eastern dialects.


1. How would you best describe your music?
A progressive combustion of Arabic eastern melodies infused with metal and rock, lyrically represented via my ethnic language.

2. What would you like to be remembered for?
The woman who created a new platform for Arabic music to be represented in a diversified, deviant and distinctive nature.

3. What are your songs about?
They are a mixture of unfinished business, situations in my and other people’s lives that weren’t fully completed, confronted or accomplished. I address these situations in my songs via metaphorical insinuations where I could be the antagonist, protagonist, or the third person watching them both.

4. You’ve been asked to pose nude for a magazine and that would be your best chance to gain publicity. Would you do it?
No. We live in a world where being nude is synonymous with being fully clothed. I can wear a turban on my head and still gain the same amount of publicity. And if you have a two-and-a-half-year-old like mine, that’s all the publicity you can get.

5. You look into the crystal ball and see your future? What does it say?
My daughter’s face looking at mine, “You belong to me.”

6. Money or fame? And why?
Both, because everybody secretly wants both. But none of it matters, if you’re not happy.

7. What is your biggest achievement to date?
My daughter looking deep into my eyes and saying, “I love you mama.” That to me is the biggest achievement any human being can ever hope for.

Musical Achievements

• Won Award for “Best Band of The Year 2000” at The Dubai Battle of The Bands, followed by the release of the award winning track “Arabian Lie” via BMG Records .
• Won Award for “Best Solo Artist of The Year 2001” at the Sharjah Battle of the Bands presented by Tower Records.
• Won Award for “Best Female Act: 2nd Place” at the Bite My Music Global Awards 2012.
• Nominated for “Best Rock Song” at the Bite My Music Global Awards 2012.
• Won Award for “Song of The Year: 8th Place” at the Bite My Music Global Awards 2012.
• Featured frequently on Metal Messiah Radio with host Al Sharif Marzeban (DJ Marz)

You can find more information on Hera at:

Heidi Habib’s Official Facebook Page

Hera’s Official Facebook Page






You can follow Hera on:

Twitter and Tumblr


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