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Every dog has its… yoga mat!

 | May 28, 2012

The classes are more about spending quality time with your dog in an environment of peace, love and surrendering to the universe.

With yoga and pilates gaining popularity around the world, it should come as no surprise that those of the canine world are having a go at some serious stretching and relaxation too.

In the US yoga classes for dogs are sprouting everywhere offering people and their pet pooches an hour or so of gentle stretches, massages and even chanting.

So the question that begs asking is, “Just what kind of asanas does a dog do at a typical yoga class?” Well none, really. Apart from the downward dog and upward dog stretches that come naturally to them, the classes are more about spending quality time with your dog in an environment of peace, love and surrendering to the universe.

Just as dogs feed off tense, excited or anxious energy, the calmness and relaxation created from the yoga class is beneficial for them too. How often have we heard Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan say our dogs thrive when in a calm, submissive state?

People who bring their dogs for yoga usually use their dogs as weights or props for balancing during tricky poses. Sometimes they help coax their dogs into lying down so they can assist them with some gentle stretching.

Apart from benefitting from a good physical stretch, the energy created between owner and dog is one of deep love and appreciation. That in essence is the real value behind doggie yoga.

The yoga classes also include loads of tender, loving care in the form of body massages and acupressure to help soothe and relax your dog.

However like kids, dogs have their own temperaments and pretty much their own ideas of what time out with mum should be. Some are too high-strung to sit still for long while others are too interested in making friends with other dogs in the room. So it is not uncommon that while you hold the eagle pose, your dog is holding a play session across the room.

Cashing in on all things ‘yoga’, these yoga for dogs studios also sell chew toys for the playful among them, squeaky ‘Mendhi Balls’ decorated with drawings of lotuses and leaves and ‘Om Balls’ that play a recording of the mantra ‘Om’ when bounced on the floor.

With more Malaysians taking up yoga now, who knows if you will someday find your dog sharing your yoga mat too.

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