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Ten fashion alerts

 | May 31, 2012

To be fashionable and safe, follow these tips.


BROKEN ankles, acid reflux, bald spots and chipped teeth. Who’d have thought a fling with fashion could cause such havoc? If you’re guilty of one or more, consider yourself warned.

1. Skyscraper stilettos

Extremely high heels place too much weight on your forefoot, resulting in pinched nerves and joint problems like bunions or hammertoes, which Victoria Beckham and Nigella Lawson suffer from. And Lady Gaga falling off her heels in public does not a pretty picture make. To avoid a sprained or fractured ankle, opt for two-or three-inch heels with a rounded or open toe instead. A trendy wedge or platform works too.

2. Super skinny jeans

Ouch! Jeans you have to peel off like a second skin makes sitting down painful because a stiff denim crotch seam can cause pelvic muscles to clench and even make urination difficult. Super skinny jeans can also irritate your skin and trap moisture, setting off a dreaded yeast infection. Try stretchable denim instead; it delivers the skinny look minus the excruciating discomfort.

3. Smartphone squint

More and more young women are getting botox injections for what is being called the Smartphone Squint. Being hooked on your Smartphone or Blackberry can also lead to eyestrain and dry eyes and give you fine lines and wrinkles. So please adjust the brightness settings and make the fonts appear larger on your screen. And put your Smartphone down for a face-to-face chat instead.

4. Heavy-duty handbags

Lugging around a 10-15 pound handbag (you know who you are) can result in pounding headaches and stiff neck and shoulders. Carrying it on one shoulder also restricts blood flow to one side of the body, causing muscle strain. Downsize. A smaller bag in a lightweight material with loads of compartments spreads the weight. Remember to shift shoulders too.

5. Rock-heavy earrings

Wearing doorknockers can cause your ear piercings to stretch downwards and even tear. This can lead to infection if the lobes do not heal. Cosmetic surgery might be your only option then. If you must wear heavy earrings, don’t leave them on for more than two hours. Or opt for big sized earrings made from lightweight materials like plastic, mesh metals, hoops or wood.

6. Hair Extensions

Wearing hair extensions for six months or more can leave you with bald spots or traction alopecia, a form of gradual hair loss caused primarily by a pulling force applied to hair. If low-grade glue is used, it can cause open sores on your scalp. If you absolutely have to, wear your hair extensions for short periods only and always go to a trusted professional.

7. Tight shirts and ties

Men who wear shirts with too-small neck sizes and neckties tied too tightly can reduce blood circulation to their brains and limit the range of motion in their necks. They also increase muscle tension in their backs and shoulders. And since ties are rarely cleaned, they transmit infections easily. Loosen up, guys. And do your laundry.

8. Tight girdles and underwear

Wearing undergarments that are too tight can increase abdominal pressure, pushing acid back into your esophagus, resulting in heartburn and acid reflux. Guys, too-tight briefs will increase the temperature of your testicles and affect your sperm count. So loosen-up, everyone.

9. Tongue piercing

Tongue barbells can end up chipping, cracking or fracturing your front teeth. There’s also the risk of infection as the mouth is moist and full of bacteria, and the tongue has major blood vessels ideal for spreading infection to the brain and elsewhere. So before you disfigure or possibly kill yourself, pierce some other part of your body.

10. Accessories containing nickel

Even minute amounts of nickel in rings, earrings, belt buckles, watch backs and jeans rivets can cause an itchy red rash if you have a nickel allergy. Your best option would be to ditch the accessories altogether or look for alternatives made from hypoallergenic materials.



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