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Desex your bitch, save her life

June 1, 2012

Desexing can prevent pyometra (pus in the uterus) and the birth of unwanted puppies.

By Dr Rayya

I am surprised that so many people out there still do not desex their bitches even though they do not intend to breed from them.

Why do we recommend desexing your bitch? We simply want to ensure your dog does not develop pyometra (pus in the uterus) or bring in unwanted puppies to the world.

Pyometra can present in two ways: open versus closed. In open pyometra, the cervix is still open and there is pus oozing out of your dog’s vulva which she will constantly be licking and that may or may not prompt you to get her checked out by a vet.

As for closed pyometra, the cervix is closed and so no drainage is present and the uterus consequently distends with pus and then ruptures.

Both open and closed pyometra are life threatening conditions and usually occur soon after your dog has had a season.

We can not tell which dog is going to develop pyometra.

However, a dog that has had several seasons is at higher risk of developing pyometra.

The only signs that owners seem to notice is that their dog is very thirsty (drinking lots) and appears lethargic. Some owners come home to discover their dog is dead.

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