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Pets, the new gurus of life

 | June 6, 2012

Our pets can tell us a thing or two about how to live life to its fullest.


Man has always considered himself intellectually superior to animals. However when it comes down to the real simple things in life, like how to live life to its fullest, our cats and dogs have got it down pat. Not a believer? Maybe these will convince you.

Live in the moment

Cats and dogs have no regrets about the past or ambitions about the future. They live in the present. If they’re at play, they throw themselves into that activity with a happy-go-lucky spirit. Imagine how much more we could get out of life if we did the same.

Go with your gut

Animals don’t care about threats or promises. They are instinctual as are humans if we weren’t too caught up with the superficial that we don’t see what lurks beneath. If we paid more attention to non-verbal clues like body language and energy, we would make better life decisions too.

Get some shut-eye

Leave a cat alone and she’ll happily sink into a deep sleep. Humans however think keeping busy around the clock will up our productivity and help us get more done. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Catnaps help enhance alertness and job performance besides being beneficial to our health.

Walk every day

A dog will jump for joy at the sight of her leash. That’s because even she knows just how beneficial a walk can be. It burns calories, boosts heart health, fights depression, keeps your bones strong and your mind sharp. It’s also a perfect opportunity for socialisation. So get off the couch and get outside.

Stretch periodically

Stretching improves your flexibility while increasing the strength, power and endurance of your muscles. Cats and dogs even stretch during long bouts of sleep, ensuring they don’t wake up with stiff muscles.

Keep a routine

Pets like the consistency of routine. People thrive on structure too where there is a set time to eat, sleep, work and play. Go to bed the same time every day and wake up the same time too. You will soon enjoy a better quality of sleep and wake up fully rested the next morning.

Don’t multitask

When your cat in engrossed in an activity, she’ll give it her undivided attention. You should too. Those who juggle a number of jobs at the same time are prone to making mistakes, having accidents or simply delivering half-baked results.

Don’t hold a grudge

Amazed at how your dog still loves you no matter how long you left her alone, or forgot to feed her breakfast? They’ve perfected the art of forgiveness and we could breathe easier if we did too. Chronic anger has been linked to a decline in lung function. Those who forgive enjoy lower blood pressure and less anxiety besides having higher self-esteem.

Groom yourself

Your cat does it with amazing regularity because she sees it as a feel-good activity. Good personal hygiene is vital to self-esteem. So even on days when you’re feeling down, get out of bed, brush your teeth and have a shower. You’ll feel a little more ready to tackle the day ahead.

If you love someone, show it

Dogs don’t act. When they love you, they show it in no uncertain terms. So for today at least, drop your guard and do something small but meaningful for someone you love. You’ll feel heaps better after!

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