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Touching a string in people’s heart

June 13, 2012

Dj Rinaneko's music turns out hard, deep, vigorous and ravishing sounds which she uses to bring about this experience.


As a resident DJ, Dj Rinaneko mostly works for Electro label ‘Mad Skippers’ managed by DJ Tsuyoshi and ‘Tokyo Decadance’ whose events numerous people attend.

Like her DJ name indicates, the style she plays creates a free and distinctive experience for the audience by blending groaning thick bass lines, eccentric consonances and an always developing rhythm while adding poly-rhythmical electro and breaks.

DJ Rinaneko’s music constantly adopts new styles since her interests are how people are entranced by music and how to intensify the dance floor. Therefore, her music turns out hard, deep, vigorous and ravishing sounds which she uses to bring about this experience.

Nowadays this original character and her skills are appreciated worldwide. She plays not only all over Japan but outside of the island as well and has had a successful tour in Europe.

In addition, under a different DJ name, ‘NEKo’ which is a Dark Psychedelic Trance unit featuring DJ Rinaneko and DJ PsySuke(aka Smash), they produced an instrumental track where they collaborated with a well-known artist, CPU(aka Beatkrush), who is the founder of Nutek Records.

Her most recent work, ‘Sakura’ is a remix of an old Japanese folk song and is released by Beatport. The track is included on the album ‘CPU on Acid’.

What first drew your attention to DJing? Were you always into music growing up?

I started to be DJ at end of 2006 because I went to the total solar eclipse festival in Turkey. Before that, I didn’t want to DJ because I just loved to dance in the sound world but I saw people from all over the world become one with the same rhythm on the dance floor at the total solar eclipse night.It was wonderful!!

It’s not easy to describe how impressed I felt. So, I decided to be DJ at that time. Right now, I want to share this experience with students. I hope I can show them how wonderful dj-ing is!

Who and what are your influences?

I used to like Hip Hop, R&B and Eurobeat when I was teenager. Then I found Trance music. The music was so interesting for me and the experience  changed my whole outlook on life. After that, one of my best friend Samy who is a Trance artist:CPU,taught me Electro that was equally striking for me. So, I really like Electro and Trance music and love to dj and dance with them right now.

What images and emotions do you want your listeners to come away with?

I want to give my audience image of happiness and try to surprise them with interesting ideas.

What do you look for in a beat?

I’m looking for tracks that have a big bass, funny ideas and that open up to a big world of sounds.

Can you tell us a little about the club scene in Japan?

The Japanese scene is very good. There are few big festivals and a lot of parties in Tokyo. And Japanese people love dancing and drinking! There are many great clubs, some even have a world wide reputation for their sound quality.

You have traveled quite a bit including a tour in the US. How was your experience here?

It was a great experience. I played Electro and Breaks at an Industrial party in LA. I played quite the Dark side of Electro for them because the promoter and the customers wanted it.My friend Cevin Key (a member of Skinny Puppy) helped me join to the party.Actually the party was great. Everyone was so fashionable and loved dancing on my music.

You are a very successful DJ. What led you to producing too?

I think it is the next step in the development of my career. Being only a DJ, you only get to play other people’s music. I felt it was necessary to learn producing so that I can express myself to the fullest. Of course I’m still learning.

Tell us a little about your project ‘Sakura’

This track was made by me, my partner and CPU. Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese. We went for Hanami which is a Japanese event in Spring. (Eating and drinking under the cherry blossom trees). This is where I got the inspirations for Sakura because it was so beautiful and filled me up with great energy.

You are also one of the hottest female DJs around. Have you done much modeling work?

I have worked modeling job for more 10 years. But I like djing more than modelling right now because dj-ing can build a bond and touch a string in people’s heart.

Where can we find out more about you?

You can visit my Facebook or myspace. And, you can enjoy few my Dj mixes on soundcloud.

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This article is courtesy of www.eyestrane.com and CATS (Creative Asian Talent Source)


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