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Go, Skin. Glow!

 | June 20, 2012

How to keep the complexion radiant despite the daily stress.


WE all bemoan days when stress brings out the worst in our skin–breakouts, dry patches, unsightly blemishes, oily T-zones, not to mention skin looking oh so dull.

When you’re under stress, the body reacts unfavourably. And nowhere is this reflected more obviously than on your complexion.

Even so, skin can take a breather from stress in several ways. Follow these steps and balance them with right eating and ample sleep, and you’ll be able to win back your glowing skin.

Full-on facials: A deep cleansing facial helps clear out toxins. A facial massage gives skin a much needed workout, boosting blood circulation that it is aglow with health.

Glass act: Water flushes out impurities and plumps up cells to prevent the skin from looking dehydrated. So drink lots of water.

Slather power: Moisturise your way to good skin. Choose a hydrating moisturiser and keep to your am/pm facial ritual. This helps create a protective layer for skin from environmental stressors while replenishing lost moisture.

Paint job: Cheat your way to instant glowing skin by applying a bronzer. It helps mask blotchy skin, gives a warm glow to your face, and provides radiance when you crave it.

Smart eats: Avoid greasy and high-fat foods. They will burden your digestive system, making it difficult for skin cells to flush out toxins naturally and keep skin clear. Eat a well-balanced meal and load up on skin-loving Omega-3 fatty acids.

Beauty sleep: Don’t compromise on your sleep schedule. The easiest way to nurture your skin back to good health is to have at least seven or eight hours of sleep. This allows your body to restore itself naturally and repair damaged cells.

Splash away: Revive stressed out skin in a jiffy by splashing cold water on it. You could also refrigerate your favourite floral toner for a few minutes before spritzing it to your face. Coolness constricts blood vessels, giving skin a smoother look.


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