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Presenting new super group: XtraGalaktiK

 | June 27, 2012

This is a dream team of musicians who have been selected from thousands of participants of the Bite My Music Global Awards platform over four years.


The Indie Supergroup of Asia, although four years in the making, has been worth the wait. A dream team of musicians plucked from various genres, platforms and groups who deserved to be lined-up side by side as a collective ala the evolving Massive Attack.

The Bite My Music team went through thousands of participants from its various music awards over the years and has grouped its own version of The Avengers of the indie kind.

The following is the set-up which is believed to be capable of launching a global assault if they were holed up in one room (drummer, keyboardist and bassist not included).

Album Concept: Electro-rock, Moody pop and peppered with hip-hop. Songs to trip your mind and set you astral travelling while awake!

Name of Super Group: XtraGalaktiK (a term that means outside or beyond our galaxy).

Supernova Manager: Eva Dowd. Although based in Boston, there is no one currently in any part of Asia who can match up to the sheer dedication and passion to champion indie acts the way Eva does and makes champions out of them. She has almost single-handedly been the PR & marketing force behind two of the biggest acts in South Asia – Qayaas (Pakistan) and Motherjane (India), who have both been multiple Asian music award winners in the past.

Her magic has also rubbed off on other famous names such as Sanjeev Thomas and Shallum Xavier, bringing a new dimension in the breadth and scope of music management unparalleled of. In 2010 she was awarded The Asian Music Champion of the Year

Creative Songwriters of another planet:

Roshan Jamrock (Malaysia): the creative genius behind Asia’s award winning crunk-rap outfits Gila Monstarz & K-Town Clan. His songwriting, singing and producing skills defy genres and he can take on almost anything from Latin and electro beats to reggae and rock. That’s quite a feat for someone who recently swept the Malaysian Indie music awards with his talented buddies from K-Town Clan. He is also perfect to double up as the rap-meister for the group

Sanjeev Thomas (India) : We dare say there isn’t a single Asian musician like him. Simply mindboggling and conjures songs that are completely unpredictable. Drum n bass for breakfast, ballads for tea, scintillating Indian beats for dinner, all encapsulated around the searing guitar work that has even impressed upon Grammy winning AR Rahman. His combination with Roshan Jamrock could produce a stomper good enough to scale the Billboard Hot 100. Sanjeev is the perfect guitarist for the group.

Singers of a different class:

Bani Haykal (vocalist for B-Quartet Singapore): He deserves to be placed as one of the most experimental lyricists with songs that is more poetic and philosophical in nature. But his vocals are simply outstanding to be ignored and he lines up as the ideal singer to handle those hard to hit notes with the emotional reverb that is rare and at times, comes across as very Thom Yorke-ish.

Watch video here

Armi Millare (vocalist for Up Darma Down, Phillipines): Her moody and ethereal vocals captured the imagination of thousands and vowed the industry across Asia, so good, that she won back to back Best Female vocalists awards in Asia 2009-2010. In a time when more and more musicians take the easy road and head on down to the copy machine to be cloned into another pop freak, we thank our lucky stars there are just enough spell-binding talents such as Armi that keeps the world turning in the right direction. Her band Up Dharma Down was even featured in TIME magazine and she has been hailed as the indie darling of Philippines. She would be perfect to iinfuse a lil’ Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl) into the group.

Watch video here

Ze (Malaysia) : Music has always been about the packaging, and Ze cranks it up into the glitterdome as the Lady Gaga of Asia. Bold, adventurous of the supreme kind and never afraid to engage her mouth to sync with her witty expressions, she is a electro-pop musical force that would illuminate any group from the inside out. The perfect bolstering drive to put the middle finger-in-yer-face sort of attitude guaranteed to tee up the energy levels several notches up.

Watch video here

The Kick-ass Electro team: Funky Gong (Japan) & Rock and Roll Mafia (Indonesia): A hybrid of these adrenaline scaling electro-rock outfits would inject the right amount of excitement into the tracks.

Here’s what their cauldron bubbles over with:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_0p39F-sLs (Funky Gong)
http://vimeo.com/29141987 (Rock and Roll Mafia)

Hip-hopping Maestros: Thaitanium is easily Thailand’s biggest indie export and undeniably rappers with the angst, swagger and ballsy attitude to carry any song. The boys have recently taken up sleeker dance driven numbers of late.

Thaitanium (then)

Thaitanium (now)

Producing Wizard: JD of Pop Shuvit (Malaysia)

The heart and soul of some of the best songs to come out of Malaysia, and he keeps churning them out in gallons. One of the most respected producers of the region and his accolades continue to stack up while being one of the most sought after musicians to work with. He’s the epitome of being the 36 hours a day, 8-armed sort of multi-tasking guy, always bringing something different to the table, all adrenalized tracks with cerebral overtones worth its salt.


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