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Monster meals at Zul’s Burger

 | June 29, 2012

Measuring 11 inches in diameter, they are perhaps the biggest burgers in Penang, if not Malaysia


GEORGE TOWN: There are many burger stalls in Malaysia, but few of them offer fare as massive as Penang’s Zul’s Burger.

Tucked away in an unassuming food court in Sungai Nibong, the one-lot shop presents its signatory namesake dish in the form of 11-inch double-layer leviathans; complete with five diced burger patties, eggs, sausages, vegetables and a flood of black pepper, mayonnaise and chili sauces. The very kind that would make your arteries scream for mercy at a mere glance.

They weigh in at 3.5kg each. The price is RM30.

Zul’s Burger founder and owner Zulkefli Hassan told FMT that he came up with the idea after watching the popular Travel Channel series Man vs Food.

“We did this after watching Man vs Food. I thought, how am I going to try and market this in Penang?”

A veteran fryer who began flipping patties when he was 17, Zulkefli said he started off with an 8-inch serving and had to order custom-made buns from a local factory in order to complete the task.

The experiment, he added, was an almost overnight success.

“We started off about seven months ago, but it was about five months ago that it started getting a lot of attention. We’re getting so many orders, it’s crazy,” Zulkefli said with a smile.

With three assistants by his side, Zulkefli said that his shop burned through 2,600 eggs a week just to make these burgers.

Another sandwich of considerable note at Zul’s is the Facebook Burger (priced at RM10), a towering monster with three egg-wrapped burger patties, measuring in at about a foot tall.

It is, according to some customers here, a crowd favourite.

When asked how Zulkefli came up with the name, he said: “We didn’t have a name when we were making this one. So we asked our Facebook friends for suggestions, and one of them told us to call it a Facebook Burger. So we did.”

He also said he kept his prices cheap (the Facebook Burger, he said, should cost RM12 apiece) in order to attract customers.

It is a move that has appeared to pay off, with the tables in front of his shop filled with waiting customers on a normal weeknight.

Other items on his menu include the foot-long chicken hotdog (RM10) and rabbit (RM5) as well as lamb burgers (RM5). Patrons unwilling to go through his monster meals can also opt for the standard beef or chicken burgers.

This writer enjoyed the monstrous Zul’s Burger, but had to cut it into several pieces like a birthday cake before munching on it. But there was a little disappointment: the beef was diced up, meaning there was no patty for the teeth to sink into. And there was perhaps a bit too much sauce.

It also felt a little strange to see peas in the burger mix. And there could have been a little more cheese.

The Facebook Burger, on the other hand, was a welcome sight and a definite
Nevertheless, Zul’s Burger fare is a good choice for a guy’s night out, especially if you’re bored with the standard stuff from around the island.mouthful, although it too suffered from a sauce overload.

Zul’s Burger can be found at 30Y, Kompleks MPPP Lebuh Nipah, Sg Nibong, Penang Island, and is open daily from 6pm to 2am.

For more information on Zul’s Burger dishes, check out its Facebook page.


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