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7 tips for a dirty weekend

July 8, 2012

How to have the best dirty weekend ever.


If you’re planning a seductively dirty weekend away, make sure you read this handy guide. You’ll find out what four-poster you should opt for, what kinky items you should pack and a few other dirty weekend secrets – enjoy.

Tip for a dirty weekend 1: The bed

Ladies and gentleman, even the most pure-hearted and innocent among you will know that the key to having an incredible weekend under the covers is the bed. Good beds for night time antics have a solid and secure frame, a bouncy mattress and cotton sheets to keep you cool during your exertions. To make sure you get the right bed for the job ring up the hotel you and your guy or girl are escaping to and ask them to describe the bed you will be staying in. If you get embarrassed easily, coolly explain that you have a bad back and no more questions will be asked, we promise.

Tip for a dirty weekend 2: Eat like a sex god or goddess

Legend has it that Casanova fuelled his romantic escapades with 50 raw oysters at breakfast. So if you want to have the best sex ever, eat like Casanova and indulge in foods that will boost your libido. To get both you and your partner in the mood start off with some celery sticks and dip. Celery contains androsterone, a hormone that turns guys on. In turn, men release pheromones and these help a woman feel more attracted to her man. For the main course choose a hot curry and then end on the sexiest fruit known to man; strawberries.

Tip for a dirty weekend 3: Be honest

The beauty of a dirty weekend is that you are away from the restraints of normality. Make the most of this escape and be really open with your partner about any fantasies you have. If you feel nervous, you should sit your guy or girl down and tell them that you’re a bit embarrassed. Then explain that you want to try out whatever it is you have in mind. Make sure you reassure them that you’ll be perfectly happy if they don’t feel comfortable and remember if at first they laugh or seem a little shocked, give them time and they might just change their mind.

Tip for a dirty weekend 4: The destination

Although you may not see much beyond the confines of your bedroom walls, picking the right destination might make or break your dirty weekend away. So, to make the best decision consider the style of hotel you choose. Although the historic spots seem perfect for cuddling up in, the room may have little sound proofing, be poorly lit and the water tank may not be able to cope with your third bubble bath of the day. Therefore a modern hotel is often the best choice. Also you should check that the hotel menu is decent. If the menu is not up to scratch make sure there are plenty of places to eat out that are in walking distance.

Tip for a dirty weekend 5: Get kitted out

The dirty weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to whip out that naughty little number and surprise your bedroom buddy with a treat. If you’re not comfortable wearing kinky clothes though you can still turn your partner on without wearing outrageous outfits. For the ladies, you can opt for a feminine pair of high heels, some new red nails or even a push-up bra, which will give your chest an extra oomph. Make sure you try on all of your lingerie before your dirty weekend away and check that you are comfortable, that you can move and that you look hot. Guys, you can please your girl with a new fireman outfit, a pair of handcuffs or a Playboy bowtie.

Tip for a dirty weekend 6: Make use of the facilities

Why is it that when you are away you have such good sex? Well, although we’ve never conducted any serious research into the matter, we think that dirty weekends are amazing because there’s no work, no chores, no children, no alarm clocks and no problems. When you’re away make sure you make the most of your romantic getaway and really make use of the time and facilities. Order room service, take long baths, switch off your phone and stay in bed all day. Most couples don’t get away more than once a year, so on this occasion spend without guilt and dedicate some quality time to each other.

Tip for a dirty weekend 7: Get the look

When you feel sexy you act sexy. So if you know you’re going away in advance make sure you look your best. Get a haircut, have a facial and buy a few new clothes. Also, for both the guys and the girls, make sure you de-hair. Shave, wax and trim your body hair a few days before your trip to make sure you look fresh, buff and attractive. You will also need to moisturise well so that you and your skin feel heavenly. Also ladies, buying waterproof mascara and eyeliner will help you stay looking pretty throughout even the most passionate of bed sessions.


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