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Happy to be a homebody

 | July 13, 2012

Anyone who loves their cat will occasionally wonder if she’s truly happy living an indoors-only life.

After all, she’s given up quite a bit – majestic trees to climb, tantalising insects to chase and tall grasses to hide in while she plans her move to ambush that juicy-looking bird.

Lament no more because an indoor life can be loads of fun for curious kitty. All it takes is a little effort on your part.

Get her a mate

While cats tend to be loners, most enjoy the companionship of another cat or dog. Wrestling, chasing and snuggling together on a cold day are just some of the activities that make life fulfilling for her. Besides she gets a good workout during playtime.

Ply her with toys and games

It’s amazing how simply dangling a strand of twine can send her into a frenzy of activity. You will soon see she’s actually acting out her natural hunting instincts as she patiently lies in wait, eyeing her ‘prey’ before launching a calculated attack! Some cats play fetch – just throw a ball of squashed up paper or tissue and sit back as she takes off after it and brings it back to you for the next throw. However like kids, cats can get bored with the same old toy or game. So stash away old toys and re-introduce them to her later and change the game you play with her once you sense she’s losing interest.

Get scratching posts

Rather than wanting to pull your hair out as she steadily ruins every stick of furniture in your home, get your kitty scratching posts and place these at different locations of your home. These provide her with a great opportunity to stretch, clean her claws and mark her territory as her scent is released through glands between her paw pads when she scratches.

Get her cat perches

These kitties do so love living in high places! They also love the sun so making a perch for her near a window will keep her contented for hours on end. It also provides her a great way to view the world outside and be entertained by the flurry of birds, squirrels and insects that flit past her.

Give her a place to hide

For some reason, cats love dark, cosy places where they can hide from world or simply snooze their day away in. An empty cardboard box or paper bag for that matter will thrill her to bits. You could also purchase a kitty tent, condo or tunnel from a pet store. She’ll love you for it.

Take her for a walk

You may get curious stares from your neighbours but walking a cat is possible and humane. Simply purchase a harness (a size for toys breeds will do) and a leash. Don’t fit her with a collar as she could sprain her neck or wriggle free. She might protest at this indignant move on your part but that’s only at the beginning. She’ll soon cherish the outdoors and forgive you your folly.





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