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5 ways to date like a man

July 17, 2012

Ladies can date like men too.


We noticed that men seem to have more freedom than women when it comes to dating, so it’s time to mix things up a little. If you’re a single lady on the dating scene, why not add a little testosterone to your technique?

Take a leaf out of his little black book with these five ways to date like a man:

Act like you own the place

Some men seem to bag a date in one confident sweeping motion and before we even notice, boom – we’re off on a date with this stranger. Just how do they do it? They seem to casually walk into the room, eye their prey, approach them, and Bob’s their uncle. It never happens in quite the same way when we spot a rather attractive man. The male secret to getting a date with the woman (or women) they like is by acting like they own the place to attract attention, before walking boldly over to their chosen lady for a chat. If you spot someone you like, don’t wait for him to come over to you. Instead, approach the situation like a man and get yourself noticed by entering the room like you’re a (wo)man on a mission. Think posture, smiles, and eye contact and you’ll grab his attention in a shot – now just walk over for a chat. Go you!

Play the field

Unless you’ve lied to everyone you’ve been dating about your single status, there’s really no reason to feel guilty if you’ve been on a few dates with other men. It’s not fair for women to feel like they need to settle down with someone they’ve been on one date with; this defeats the object of dating. To date like a man, don’t worry about what others think or say. As the saying goes “you may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince”, and if this is the case for you, play the field. Men would run a mile if they felt like they had to marry the first woman they went on a date with. In fact, they probably wouldn’t date at all. To date like a man, leave your feelings of guilt at home and just enjoy the company of those who are lucky enough to date you!

Hide your emotions

When was the last time you saw a man pouring his heart out to a woman he’s been on a few dates with (aside from the drunken one falling out of the club)? Never?  Shocker. If you like a gentleman after a few dates, hide your emotions to keep him guessing – the chances are he’s doing it too. When you’re chatting, be careful with the questions you ask and don’t make it obvious if you’re checking him out as potential marriage material. No matter how much he likes you, he will never show his emotions when you’re still in the dating zone. Never.

Don’t think about what you’re wearing

We spend so long worrying about looking classy and sexy and demure and attention-grabbing and… phew. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and then gather together the first clothes you see in your wardrobe. Voila – there’s your date outfit sorted. Men don’t worry about having heels that match their dress, or lipstick to match their clutch bag (it’d be a bit strange if they did) so neither should we.

Be selfish

Once you’ve mastered the art of dating like a man, there will come a time when you’ll find the man of your dreams who you’d like to settle down with. In this case, don’t feel guilty about ditching the other men you’ve been dating. Tell them the truth and don’t look back. Once you’ve narrowed it down to one special man, don’t be afraid to be selfish; find the perfect balance between seeing him and having your own hobbies. You may have had to kiss a few frogs and resort to a few manly tactics, but you certainly found your prince.


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