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Jom Botak: Trek For Cancer

July 20, 2012

Jom Botak: Trek For Cancer is an awareness campaign aims to raise funds for financially challenged cancer patients.


National Cancer Council or Makna has launched a uniquely blended music video that encompasses local celebrities, cancer survivors, caregivers and volunteers teamed up with the marvels of musical instruments and pure talent.

The joys of music is a simple method of advancing Makna’s aim of reaching out, helping and empowering those affected by cancer.

Jom Botak: Trek For Cancer is an awareness campaign aims to raise funds for financially challenged cancer patients. Jom Botak which simply means ‘to go bald’ aims to get as many people possible to shave their heads bald in support of those affected by cancer. A symbol of hope “we are together in the healing process”.

It can be viewed as a way to show solidarity with those who have and are currently battling cancer. The reason behind the head shaving is simple: When a person undergoes chemotherapy, hair loss is inevitable. Shaving one’s head bald is a simple gesture that demonstrates abundance of love and support.

The second part of this campaign which is the trek for cancer, involves a group of eight valiant trekkers who will scale-and-trek-and conquer the treacherous mountainous tops and volcanoes in Kamchatka Russia which is flanked by large volcanic belts containing approximately 160 volcanoes, 29 of which are still active. Symbolically, when a volcano erupts, the surrounding takes time to recover, just like when a person is diagnosed with cancer, the healing process is a journey by itself.

The eight of them, fondly known as the Rainbows, consists of team leader Dr Arunan Selvaraj, Vemanna Appannah – senior manager of Makna, Subramaniam Gunesagaran, Benjamin Goon, Samhan Adnan, Mohd Yahya, Eugene Lee and Prakash Malaiyappan. They will begin their trek on Aug 1 and are scheduled to end on Aug 12, 2012.


Jom Botak: Trek For Cancer has been launched predominantly to spread as widely as possible the awareness of cancer and how it can affect us tremendously. This noble initiative aims to raise RM300,000 that will be channelled to those in need of assistance.

This campaign is further amplified with a distinctive music video. There may not be evidence that music cures an illness but it definitely heals. To improve a person general well-being and evoke a sense of hope, love and strength in a person affected directly or indirectly by cancer is the main ingredient of this song.

Envisioned and brought together by VIMA awards winners, MK and the outstanding melody of this song is composed by the husband and wife team of Boy Radge and Matilda Radge.

It undoubtedly radiates the heightened emotions mentioned above and is sure to soothe and steal the hearts of its listeners with its simple yet meaningful lyrics and a unique blend of musical instruments that had been brought together for this song.
Among the instruments that were used in the making of this song are:
1) Sape
2) Sitar
3) Gu Zheng
4) Flute
5) Western Violin
6) Indian Classical Violin
7) Piano

This uncommon coalition of instruments allows for a variation of feel and musical tones. For example; in the chorus whereby the lyrics goes along the lines of “ I believe in you, so believe In me, open up your heart and let your courage free”.

The wealth of this verse can be seen through the merging of the 50 celebrities and cancer survivors who come together and coalesce into a harmonious crescendo. This part is sure to evoke the sense of hope, warmth and togetherness.

This part of the music video also puts to rest the misconception that cancer patients are ill or unhealthy looking, they are exactly like us normal human beings and the only thing that sets them apart from us is the hunger to win the battle against cancer.

Let this music video be a beacon of hope for them and their loved ones. Feed their faiths, let hope reign and let the battle begin!

You can support them too, donate generously, visit www.jombotak.makna.my


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