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Gym etiquette

 | July 22, 2012

Keep your workout experience (and others’) pleasant with some simple rules.

Gym etiquette is rarely spoken about, but practising common courtesy, and educating others about it, could go a long way in making your workouts and gym experience better.  After all, there are bound to be problems when you commune at a common area while sharing equipments. If these issues are not addressed in a timely fashion, it could affect your workout resulting in you not being able to reap its benefits 100 percent.

Before attempting to go to the gym, it pays to take note of your appearance. Dress codes may vary from one gym to another. Some gyms may even refrain women from working out only in a sports bra and men from going topless. Even if these rules are not in place, ensure you wear proper and respectable attire. This should also include the correct footwear and socks to help absorb sweat and odour

Hygiene is the next thing to consider. Yes, we all perspire while exercising but let’s keep the experience bearable. No one likes to workout next to a person who smells bad. And while it’s wise to use a deodorant, take note that perfumes and colognes can change its scent composition when mixed with sweat. You may smell nice before the workout, but once you perspire, the scent can alter and create a distraction, or even become offensive to others. If you do want to scent up, go light and don’t overdo it. Be sensitive to others that may have an aversion to synthetic smells, or those suffering from asthma or allergies.

When working out, show common courtesy to your fellow gym members. If you’re using machines, pay attention to the time limit allocated to allow others a chance to use them as well. While it’s polite to take turns, avoid hovering over the machine or doing anything to indicate your impatience. And, it’s only polite to put away your equipment such as dumbbells and mats at their appropriate places so others can access them easily.

Before the next person uses your machine or equipment, why not wipe off your sweat from the handles/seat or anything you’ve touched? Just as you would want to work out on an equipment free of other people’s sweat, you’re showing conern to your fellow exerciser by readying a relatively clean equipment. Plus, it’s also practising good hygiene. The gym is where germs are prevalent. Practise safe sport and protect yourself from unnecessary gym contamination.

Finally, leave your cell phone in the locker. Most people come to the gym to work off their stress. Or even relax. They can’t do this if they’re forced to listen to your end of the conversation.


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