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Aaryan, Sri Lanka’s celebrity-rapper

July 31, 2012

This is one of the most talented rappers from Sri Lanka, and he has just released his new album, 'Aaryan', worldwide including Malaysia.


We recently had a chance to catch up with Aaryan Dinesh K (ADK), celebrity-rapper and one of the most talented acts to come from the shores of Sri Lanka.

After a successful foray into the South Indian music industry, and a bag of music awards (Vijay, Derana, Sun), he returns with a bang with his latest release ‘Aaryan’, which has been released Sri Lanka, India Singapore, Malaysia, Europe (Switzerland) and worldwide internet downloads on iTunes and Amazon.

Revently, we sat down to have a chat with him:

If you had a chance to perform anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

One of my biggest dreams is to somehow take Tamil rap music to reach the international market and I would love to perform on Grammies! Woo that would feel damn power!

If you had a chance to collaborate with any musician on the planet, who would it be and why?

None other than AR Rahman and that would be the first biggest dream. Songs like ‘No Problem’ and ‘Peta Rap’ made me to start doing rap music and I used to dream sometimes that I have worked with him on a big project and loved my work! I hope one day this will become true.

What would you like to be remembered for?

A rrue rap artist who came up with his own effort and talent!

You win a chance to open for your favourite act – what song would you perform and what would you do on stage?

Well, I would love to do the opening act for AR Rahman’s big concert and I would perform two of my favourite songs from my newly launched album ‘Aaryan’ and those two songs are ‘You Are My Money’ and ‘Hollaback Muniamma’ with Rabbit.mac. That would be the day I would jump from the stage towards the audience like a rock star.

Which local musicians in your country do you most admire and why?

I admire my brother Big Bonekilla the most. Without him, I would have never ever started rapping or even realised my inborn talents. Another reason I admire him for his low profile lifestyle and not attracted to unwanted attentions.

You’ve been asked to pose nude for a magazine and this is your best chance to gain publicity. Would you do it?

That would be the last thing I would do for publicity. I wouldn’t even go on TV for publicity if I don’t see a potential me being on that show!

Money or fame? Why?

Both, because they both won’t be with you for long, so when you have them beside you, hug them tight as much as you can and sleep with them till they say goodbye to you and walk away. I wish these two things never existed in this world and how happy the world would have been?

What are your songs about?

My songs are about pure love, feelings, about the world, people, and day-to-day life…. Same old lalalala. No, I just do what I love to do and do it for my true fans! I want them to laugh, jump and scream and spend that moment happy.

What is your biggest achievement to date?


Nothing. I have not achieved anything so far. In 2011 I won by first award for best Tamil Music Video Award in a local award show and that time I felt, that is my biggest achievement. Now I feel I need to go further. When I did my first debut in Tamil movie industry with the block buster hit song ‘Athichudi’, I thought that was my biggest achievement, but now I feel that is not the case. So basically our dreams and hunt for things never ends so no one can say what is their biggest achievements and they are yet to come .

What is your advice to upcoming musicians?

Just be humble, don’t act humble but be humble. You don’t have to respect your co-musicians but have respect to their creations. What would you do to gain fame? Have you done anything crazy to gain publicity? Walk with your friends but not your fame.

If you had the chance to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

We really need to have a union for Sri Lankan music industry and I can put that thought into the artistes in Sri Lanka and make them realize how important it is, that itself is enough. And that is one reason why some record companies make use of young artistes. If we have union we can fight for us!

What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while performing?

Going and performing rap songs in a rock concert, haaa haa haa hooo hooo, that was like a slap in the face and it all happened because of not identifying our market. This was at our beginning stages in 2005. Then the entire setup went off while performing.

What are your thoughts on music piracy? Would you give your music away for free?

Stop world music piracy! We have legal social websites in Sri Lanka where artistes used to give our singles and few songs for free downloads, but that has got nothing to with piracy. Now I have personally stopped doing that unless I give my videos free because we don’t get royalties on TV airplay.  You can never stop piracy. It is worse than cancer if you ask me. It really hurts when they rip your CD and upload on the net and print them. Guess they are doing it for a good cause, heartless ducks!

Here are 3 tracks from the album

Hollaback Muniamma

Written and Performed by ADK featuring Rabbit.Mac of PSYCHO.unit. Produced by GOA. Mixed by Rabbit.Mac. Featuring Malaysia’s favourite artist Rabbit.Mac and this track does not need any review or explanation as this track is under circulation since last year. Mixed by Rabbit.Mac @ PSYCHO.unit Playground, with crazy lyrics from ADK and Rabbit.Mac, but for those who still haven’t listened to the song, follow this link


You Ate My Money

Performed and written by ADK. Produced by Vikram Varman. Mixed by Deyo. This song speaks about bitchy girls eating guys money for real (sounds harsh but that’s the raw meaning of the song). Story like lyrics, there is a music video for the song, which you guys want to check out. This video song is completely based on vector, cartoon like music video! Sounds cool right? Check it out!


Engeyo Ennavo (Bonus)

Performed by ADK featuring Deyo. Written by Dayan Shan (Deyo). Produced and mixed by Deyo. This is another song, which really touched my heart with soft and soothing lyrics. Lovely song for love out there, check the song. Lyrics are also provided in Youtube’s description.


Aaryan’s website


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