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King Lhota, voice of the people

August 3, 2012

King Lhota is a hugely talented Senegalese Reggae-dancehall act who is now residing in Malaysia.


King Lhota’s positive Senegalese roots are stirring souls from Africa to Asia. Dakar, Senegal, the 1990s – the capitol of African rap. It was here that Lhota found his voice in the mix of French rap dancehall.

His great music, unique vocal power and style made him a favourite among many sound systems around the Globe for Dubplates such as Liquid Fire Sound Germany, Reggae Rajaz India, Chant Down Sound Australia, Blood Lip Records Australia, Four Quarter Entertainment Florida, DJ Jam and many more.

He calls himself “The jah jah soljah, the voice of ma people” and has been involved with an organisation in the USA to set up a radio station and give a bigger voice to his people. This evolved into Artam ‘African Radio TV Asia Malaysia, a branch of African Radio Online.

Currently Lhota is the co-organiser of one of the biggest music awards for African musicians called GAMA (Global African Music awards) which he pulled off with Bite Media and Sainz & Sinnerz. He is also the president and founder of African Radio Asia.

Lhota gets candid with us :

How would you best describe your music?

My music is Reggae Dancehall and Afro beats that is conscious, peaceful and full of positive revolution. Revolution as in standing up for my rights and all mankind’s rights too. Reggae music is known as a positive vibrations that brings peace, love and a universal happy mood. Listen to Bob Marley and you will agree with me that there is no music that carries the voice of the voiceless like Reggae Dancehall does.

If you had a chance to perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If I had the chance to perform anywhere in the world, it will be at the BET Awards Show in the USA because I have toured around the world but all I know is that such a show will help bring awareness about my music and the message it carries. Its one of the most happening shows into the music scene these days.

What’s your favorite song?

My favorite song of all times is ‘Changes’ by 2pac. A song with all its message for the youths living in any ghetto around the world and for anyone facing injustice. It is a song that will live on forever.

Your favorite movies? And why?

My favorite movie is ‘The Godfather’. The Carleone family had one voice and all activities and businesses were carried out for the family future. I’m all about family unity and prosperity. From this movie I learnt also that nothing comes easy and a man has to stand as a man and defend his own no matter what. Michael Carleone did so

Big achievements in the past 12 months

Musically I won the battle of the band at I-city with my band the Dub Essential on Dec 30, 2011.

If you had a chance to change or champion something, what would it be?

I will make sure that all artists are real and stop being fake and hiding their talents behind the easy commercial vibes. No more inspiration and engagement into our music. Nowadays it is all about sexy ladies in my limo, my money can buy your money, I have a 100 grand in my pocket,and so on. I miss the vibes back in the days. Real flow, real lyrics. Soljahz spitting the truth, they tell you about life, even the love song were so poetic and real. Real artists call a woman an “empress” now the name is so degrading –  ‘Bi**h’

Revolution. Love. Happiness into the Dance. The music back in those days used to cure but nowadays vibes make youth swallow more pills and bow to drugs.I respect all new vibes. Its good to create but the whole music scene should not relate to it as all artist must drop it as Pitbull or David Guetta sound etc. Underground artists are doing great works and they need to be discovered.

Any embarassing moments to share?

Lol! One day while performing somewhere in KL, my belt cut off in the middle of my performance. Man, I had to hold my jeans with one hand until the end of the song. It might have been a Chow Kit made belt hahahah.Now I use a rope to make sure no jeans falls down on stage while performing.

Connect with King Lhota

Music Video – Konvict Souljah featuring Nadhira


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