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The story behind JP’s ‘A New Beginning’

August 8, 2012

JP is a French DJ/Music producer/Remixer who has won several awards including VIMA music awards.


How many times have you listened to a song and wished you knew the story behind the lyrics or the creative juices that went into the making of a fabulous track?

When we heard that JP, the multi-award winning French music producer and club DJ had released his latest single, ‘A New Beginning’, we couldn’t resist getting him to dissect his track and  the interesting trail from the birth of the song to its completion.

He shares:

“It started with wanting to do something unique for the date 11/11/11. But I didn’t know exactly what to create. Then I found my musical purpose when VIMA founder, Siva Chandran put me in touch with the 11Eleven Project, a non profit group of enlightened people, who invited projects from all over the world to go out and capture a part of their day using film, photography, music, sound and text.

It really got me going and I opened my computer, fired my music software, had my friend film me, capturing the start of the creation of this new track, and after three hours… I gave up, it was going nowhere. The beat was very ordinary, the bass very flat, and the synth was boring. Aaaarrrghh!

A few days later, I went to one of my regular music retreats, a remote place, alone, just with my laptop, headphone, mini-keyboard, mini-microphone, hard disk fill of samples, and some clothes and my toilet bag. This time I ended up in a small old and charming resort not very far from Kuala Lumpur. I was alone in this resort during my four day stay. No internet, and not much phone calls.

In the beginning, the resort management was suspicious. What is this guy doing alone all day long in his bedroom? I reopened my failed debut, and started to build around it. Ideas came, and hour after hour I could see (I should say hear!) the track coming along. It started to make me tap my feet (generally a good sign). And then the track began to unfold and I was finally done.

Back home, I submitted the track to the 11Eleven Project, and was very happy to hear that they loved it and accepted it and one of the global entries. It was titled ‘11.11.11’ back then. But – yes there is a but – I was not totally satisfied. It was a good instrumental, but a bit empty, something was missing. I felt it was screaming for a melody on top of it. I worked quite a lot until I found a melody I liked. I wrote some basic lyrics, and I called my friend Shaz, an amazing singer (I repeat: a-ma-zing), who came over to try to sing the song. It was great, but I realised that the lyrics were totally uninteresting.

So I contacted, via my great friend Stella (great DJ too), some songwriters she knows in her native country, Sweden. Eventually, I got the most suitable lyrics from Sofia, whom I have only met via emails. The new title became ‘A New Beginning’, both because that specific date of Nov 11, 2011 was a symbol of a new age starting, and also because it was a new start in my musical direction.

From there, I headed over to a professional studio, Mile High Sounds (www.milehighsounds.com), where Reuben, the magician, captured the superb voice of Shaz. It did not take long before the track was noticed, and signed to the label Pixelated Waves who released it, together with four excellent remixes, on various sites including iTunes, and Beatport, the number one site for Electronic Dance Music.

The first time Shaz and I played ‘A New Beginning’ in a club was a magical moment for me, and you can judge by yourself. I have the feeling that the adventure of ‘A New Beginning’ is far from being over!”


JP Bio

Known to most, simply as JP, in 2012 French music producer, remixer and club DJ Jean-Pierre Lantieri took home the Gold VIMA Award for Best Electro/Dance Act. He has won numerous other awards for his tracks ‘Gemini’, ‘I Feel Love’, ‘Kids’, and ‘Geisha’.

Drawn to the rich cultures of Asia, JP has performed at some of the region’s most high profile and prestigious venues. His sets leave the crowd breathless and eager for more and his music compositions and CD’s have won international acclaim.

With an equal passion for sizzling hot Electronic Dance Music, JP has performed live as a DJ at some of the most high profile and prestigious venues in Malaysia and Singapore. JP creates, produces and mixes sound to create his own unique style, leaving the crowd out of breath and cheering for more



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