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Detox: Going beyond food and formulas

 | August 15, 2012

Away with complicated formulas and laxatives – we tell you how to detox smartly.


Detoxification seems to be the buzzword when it comes to a healthier lifestyle, with good reason, too. A well-designed detox programme flushes out toxins from your liver, colon and kidney and will give you an energy boost as well. Other fringe benefits include weight management and a clearer complexion.

Getting the right detox programme is the challenge, however. Today’s health aisles are filled with a variety of potions and powders to help you detox. Adding to the complication is the fact that some formulas could also irritate your colon and deplete your body of essential nutrients.

Remember that detoxifying the body is an on-going process; those looking for quick fixes will not benefit in life-long changes. A better approach is to look at detox as a lifestyle. Make a conscious effort to do it around the clock and incorporate it into your daily routine. Adopt the right attitude to spring clean the body healthily and you’ll enjoy long-term results. After all, it’s not just about the food and formula, it’s a lifestyle change.

Purge your pantry. Get rid of sugary stuff, anything with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial flavours and colouring, preservatives and chemicals. These only add to your liver working harder.

Switch/Turn off. Take a breather from all electronics and gadgets. The harm in which electromagnetic pollution does to our body is well documented, including affecting our detox efforts. Make a point to unplug, at least once a week, and connect with friends and family the traditional way – face-to-face.

Warm strokes. Get a massage that can help drain lymph vessels and flush toxins from the body, stimulate blood flow and help you de-stress. Besides, no one ever passes up a good rub down.

Flush it out. Encourage your body to have good toilet habits. A tablespoon of psyllium husk added to a glass of water can help toilet regularity. Don’t overdose on the psyllium though, as it can leave you feeling bloated. Or, try a good fibre formula.

Naturally natural. Try to keep things around the house, from cleaners to food and personal care products, as natural as possible. Conventional household products are full of chemicals that can cause harm to your organs and increase cancer risk. Eating organic food helps minimise the ingestion of harmful pesticides and chemical internally. The skin too absorbs chemicals, so keep your personal care products free of SLS, parabens, sulphates and any harmful chemicals.


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