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The story behind Psytrus’ ‘KL City Lights’

August 16, 2012

Whether it’s Psytrus solo, or Psytrus and the Third Party, it all boils down to the story of a man and his guitar, with lyrics from the heart and music from the soul.


Psytrus is a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy. Having been known in the indie music scene as frontman of Slunk (now on hiatus), Psytrus has now embarked on a new musical journey of self discovery.

Trading the electric guitar and the expansive gadgetry for an acoustic guitar, Psytrus is baring all. Never being the one afraid to experiment, expect to hear sounds influenced by the alternative 90’s, the psychedelic 60’s and the kitchen sink.

Whether it’s Psytrus solo, or Psytrus and the Third Party, it all boils down to the story of a man and his guitar, with lyrics from the heart and music from the soul.

Here’s his debut music video and the story behind the song which he intends to submit for the upcoming VIMA music awards 2013.

Psytrus shares:

KL City Lights is a special song for me as a songwriter because it captures what I feel is Malaysian music. I’ve always played in bands, and despite being the principle songwriter, the end product is always the sound of collective creativity. I still felt I had a story of my own to tell.


Five years ago, I embarked on a journey of self discovery. I wanted to write simple songs, that can be delivered with just a voice an an acoustic guitar, with honest, heartfelt lyrics. I needed to find my voice among a million voices.

Growing up, I remember listening to local English bands such as OAG and Butterfingers. I remember those then new acts, Pop Shuvit, Disagree, Naked Breed, John’s Mistress, Dragon Red and Reshmonu. I remember watching “Kopitiam” on TV, and it’s theme song, “Empty Decorations” by Intoxicated and Douglas Lim. They each had their own style and genre, but one thing they all had in common, they had that “Malaysian” sound. A sound unique to our shores. I wanted to find that sound.

I find myself stuck in the rush hour jam in Bukit Bintang one evening. It was turning dark, I was tired, hungry and very frustrated. Then the lights came on. All these times we’ve all taken it for granted, but this time I realized how truly beautiful they are. Immersed in the magic of the KL City Lights in all its illuminated glory, I hardly noticed the horrible traffic.

I find myself back home, holding my guitar, and they song writes itself. What is inspiration? It is a moment of epiphany, of enlightenment, that comes to you the moment you realize you love something or someone enough. I love KL. I may not be that well traveled, but I know I will miss KL when I’m away. It’s the best city in the world!

Today, I play the song through, and I smile as I hear that elusive “Malaysian” sound that I wanted so bad. This is probably the best song I’ve written. But then again, I’ve said that to myself before.

This is probably the best song I’ve written, so far. I’ve still a lot of self discovering to do.

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