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This is why you should kiss more

 | August 16, 2012

Benefits of kissing.


Bonobo monkeys do it… birds do it… even moose and elephants do it. The Kama Sutra even lists 30 ways to do it so why aren’t we all doing more kissing and reaping its many healthy benefits?

So yes, our mouths are a hell-hole of bacteria. And admittedly, science does prove that when two people kiss they unwittingly exchange between 10 million to 1 billion bacteria – the statistics are gross!

Hygiene aside, the act of kissing is actually very beneficial to the human psyche as well as the human body.

Gets up your defences

That problem about the bacteria? Turns out, it’s not a problem after all. By actively exchanging bacteria during a kiss, you are inadvertently stimulating your internal defence mechanism and effectively boosting your immune system in the process.

Sparkling pearly whites

And while we’re still in the mouth region, you will be happy to know kissing is good for your teeth. Studies have repeatedly shown that the anticipation of a kiss increases the flow of saliva to the mouth that in fact helps dispense plaque and neutralise the acidic content of the mouth thus helping to prevent tooth decay.

Lose weight and look young

To all weight-watches out there, research claims that three passionate kisses a day (really put your heart and soul into it and make it last 20 seconds) can help you lose approximately half a kilogram in weight – that’s one pound for those of us who still think in Imperial measurements. Apparently kissing burns 2-3 calories a minute and if it’s a passionate kiss, 29 facial muscles also go into motion to exercise away fine lines and wrinkles. Move over, Jane Fonda!

Heart skips a beat

No, you won’t suffer heart palpitations but you will experience a thrilling adrenalin spike that makes your heart pump more blood into your body. It’s scientifically proven that frequent kissing helps stabilise cardiovascular activity, decrease blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Bumps up your circulatory system

Which would you prefer – mowing the lawn or a long drawn-out kiss with the one you love? Studies show that kissing can up your pulse rate to 110 beats per minute while giving your lungs a great workout as you take 60 inhales per minute compared to the measly 20 inhales when not in kiss-mode.

Puts you on Cloud 9

Kissing and happy hormones go together like love and marriage. While sinking into the thrill of a kiss, our brains get signalled to produce oxytocin, a feel-good hormone. Rushing in to gatecrash this hormone party is Dopamine that will soon get you feeling euphoric. It has also been proven that kissing produces a substance 200 times more powerful than morphine in terms of its narcotic effect.

Works as a stress-buster

Kissing lowers your levels of cortisol, a hormone directly associated with stress. Kissing also induces many of the same helpful brain waves and chemistry changes that meditation brings about. So take your pick – you can either engage in some pretty heavy-duty kissing or pull away for some quiet meditation on your own. No prizes for which most would choose.




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