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A patch too soon

 | September 10, 2012

Gear up and ready to do battle on thinning hair.


For whatever reasons you’re suffering from thinning hair now – stress, genetics, pregnancy, illness, hair colouring/straightening/chemical process – the unexpected hair change can be devastating. But all is not lost, says freelance hair stylist Garrett Kinjo, who believes a little styling know-how can go a long way in camouflaging volume-challenged hair.

First, Kinjo advises avoiding products and styling techniques that will worsen the problem. “You can still use styling products on your hair, but be smart about it,” Kinjo begins. He advises looking for products specifically designed for thin or fine hair, such as a light gel, spray gel or whipped mousse. “These tools are great to create volume where you need it most,” he adds. Just apply the product at the problem area, beginning at the scalp, then blow dry your hair. “You can also flip your hair upside down and blow dry – this oldest trick in the book is the fastest way to get volume in your locks.”

Thinning hair will also benefit from a natural-bristle paddle brush. The natural fibres won’t irritate the scalp as your brush your hair but instead will help stimulate the scalp’s circulation to promote stronger hair shafts. You won’t get static with natural-bristle brush either, which could add more damage to fragile hair and scalp.
Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is also vital, says Kinjo. Volumising shampoos and conditioners help, but humectant- or moisture-rich shampoos can actually weigh your hair down. “Avoid vigorous towel-drying on the hair. Because hair is weak when it’s wet, you can end up having brittle hair or worse, shedding more hair in the process.” Let hair dry naturally and de-tangle gently with a wide-tooth comb.

Kinjo also advises getting the right hair cut. A bob with layers create the illusion of thickness and can dramatically increase hair volume. And yes, short hair is recommended over long, straight hair that, says Kinjo, “is not the best style for thinning locks.” The final word of advise from Kinjo?/ “Don’t fight the way your hair has turned out – get a good hair stylist, work within what you’ve got, and know that there are always tricks and tools to combat any kind of hair woes.”


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