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K-Town Clan to compete in Seoul Korea

September 11, 2012

K-Town has been selected for the ABU Radio Song Festival on Oct 11.


K-Town Clan, one of the hottest music acts in Malaysia currently, have added another glittering stud to their hip-hop cap. Fresh from their clean sweep of awards at the recent VIMA Music Awards 2012, K-Town have now been thrust into the limelight as Malaysia’s shining hope at the ABU Radio Song Festival in Seoul Korea.

Our boys are one of the 15 finalists chosen to compete against musicians from South Korea, Pakistan, Australia, Bhutan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Iran, Fiji and Indonesia.

The ABU Radio Song Festival is a musical showcase from across Asia, Australia and the Pacific. The Festival embraces and recognizes the diverse musical talents of nations within the region by uncovering the best original and unsigned musicians.

We managed to get an exclusive interview with the boys despite their busy schedule.

Congratulations on being selected to participate at the ABU Radio Song Festival. How do you feel about this recognition?

We’re so stoked as this will be our first time performing out of the country. As individuals we may have rapped, picked up a guitar and sang a few songs in bars in London & Philippines, but this is our first official show outside of Malaysia as K-town Clan. To top that off, we were selected from hundreds of musicians/performers/entertainers from all over the world.

What song have you chosen to perform at the event?

The song that seems to unfailingly get people in a state of trance, ‘Party Animal’

Are you familiar with any of the other finalists? How would you rate your chances?

We’ve taken time to listen to all the finalists songs and we have to say, its going to be tough competition. There’s a reason everybody made it through and we’re selected so everyone stands a chance. We particularly dig Mohser Nafar’s(Iran), Dast Afshan, Heidar & Shokrollah (Iran) Tone of Joyful Music, Mathur Lakshmi Kesava & Group (India), Askat Musabekov (Kyrgystand), Dechen Wangmo (Butan) & Danielle Blakely (Australia).

Ok, to be honest, everyone’s song, even the names we didn’t bring up, is so damn good. So yeah, we’ll just have to wait and see. We’re really excited about meeting all of these talented people.

What is the format of the competition?

Musicians/performers/entertainers who stand out are picked out from all corners of the earth, run down to top 26 and finally 15 are selected to represent their countries at the ABU radio song festival. Apart from showcasing their talent on KBS, its also a competition. We’re not sure about what the prizes are but thats secondary to us. Whats most important is that we just do what we do best, rock the crowd and represent Malaysia well. To be given the opportunity to perform in a beautiful country that we have heard so much about is gold enough.

K-Town Clan has been known for their adrenalised action packed performances? Will you be doing something different on stage in Korea?

That Gangnam Style? LOL (REALLY LOL). and no disrespect to that song at all. All three of us are hooked to that infectious tune. Screw the haters ;). But on a serious note, let’s just say that the “adrenalinised action packed performance” will certainly be upheld and probably taken to another level. We’re not even worried about the language barrier, Music is going to be our language.

After you massive win at VIMA awards, what have been the recent achievements of K-Town?

Being requested to perform for the ABU Radio Song fest and represent Malaysia.

Will you be performing at any events locally? Any plans to open for any international acts?

Very interesting that you brought this up. We’ve got shows lined up till december and even requests till end of January next year. Some small, some big, but the CRAZIEST thus far is that we are going to be the opening act for one of our musical idols, The King of Crunk himself, Mr Jonathan Smith a.k.a, LIL JON (on Sept 5). You know how sometimes your grandparents tend to tell you the same story over and over again, this is going to be one of those stories that we can tell our grandkids in future, and repeat it again and again ;). We remember going for his show years ago, standing in the crowd in awe of his mind-blowing performance and thinking to ourselves. Someday, we’re going to be his opening act. Guess the time has come and believe us when we say that it would be a total waste if you dont come for this show ;)

Any new songs in the pipeline?

We’ve started to hit the studio again and we’re working on a couple of singles. We plan to drop our second album in 2013. Roshan has been producing for a few upcoming groups/solo artiste’s but he’s extra stoked about producing and composing for a band called Ten Thousand Talents. The song is called, Ol’ Skool Days and it should be out there real soon. His main focus for now is to produce his partner in crime (Gila Monstarz), Young Ruff’s solo tamil album.

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