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Make-up mayhem

 | September 11, 2012

Stop making make-up mistakes that secretly age you.


Make-up is a wonderful thing. It can camouflage skin’s imperfections, accentuate your best facial features but, with the wrong colours or techniques, it can also age you. Take control of your cosmetics and make sure they work for you, not against you.
Mistake #1: Cakey foundation

Foundations cake when you don’t pay attention to your skin’s condition. Skin gets drier as we age, so the same foundation you used in your 20s may not work the same. They can cake up and creep into fine lines. Fix it a foundation that contains moisturising formula in its ingredient. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is both oil-free and hydrating, or mix a bit of facial moisturiser with your usual foundation and apply.

Mistake #2: Eyeliner all around

Lining your eyes all around just makes them look smaller. And, you want to avoid any eye make-up along the bottom of your lashes especially if you’ve had a late night out or you’ve puffy eyes. This will only bring more attention to your dark circles and eye bags. Age-proof your eyes by using liner only on your top lashes, and only stop half way before you reach the inner corners. Thickening it toward the outer edges will help create a subtle ‘wide-eyed’ look to your peepers and make them appear larger.

Mistake #3: Holding on to a dark lippy

Like skin, lips lose elasticity over time, and may develop fine lines and wrinkles. A deep lipstick colour easily highlights the fine lines and can also ‘bleed’ into lips’ crevices. Get lips to look plumper with a sheer or satin-finish formula. Or, choose a hydrating lipstick such as Chanel Rouge Coco that hydrates lips up to 8 hours.

Mistake #4: A blusher too bright

As we age, our skin may get darker and lose its healthy pallour. Putting on a bright blusher creates a harsh streak on your complexion and could age you without you realising it. Restore your glow (and pride!) with a warm, rosy shade and apply to the apples of your cheeks to bring back a healthy glow. Try the oil-absorbing Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace.

Mistake #5: A concealer that doesn’t conceal

You can cover up with concealers, but using one that is too light will only make your face look ashened and dull. Choose an opaque liquid formula that is as close to your skin colour as possible. A light reflecting formula also adds a healthy glow to your complexion, especially when concealing dark eye circles.


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