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Alex happy with his new level of audience

January 7, 2013

Alex picked up the guitar at the age of 11 and followed through composing tunes by the age of 15. By the age of 20, he had joined various bands performing gigs and paid shows within the Klang Valley and has performed music from pubs in KL to the streets of Perth throughout adolescence years, while acquiring a Degree in B.O.S (Communication and IT) in Edith Cowan University Perth, W.A.

He has featured in songs with a band named ‘Carbolics Smoke Balls’ and has been promoting own material under the name of ‘Alex Subryn Luis’. He also has a single that’s out on the radio (BFM) titled ‘Alliyahku’ which was produced by Amir Syawal, who also produced Ella’s album.

His collaborations includes Balan Kasmir (KLG SQUAD), Sasi The Don (soon) and Ella. He was featured in Ella’s Greatest Hits as a back up vocalist for ‘Puisi Hamba’ and ‘Jiwa Setia’, and performed at Ella’s launch held at Bangkok Jazz including Ella’s concert at Mist, Bangsar.

To add to this impressive list, he has also been part of Faizal Tahir’s team, producing and managing events in his past.


How does it feel to be nominated for a VIMA award? What does this nomination mean to you?

I’m extremely excited and overwhelmed by the support I’m receiving. I’m freakin excited to be a part of this event.Its a huge honor to be nominated, regardless of the outcome I’m at peace and contented knowing that my work has at least reached a new level of audience.

What efforts have you made to promote your nominations to your fans?

Well I’ve used the online social media to do most of my marketing and promoting- Facebook is a great tool if you utilize it well to your advantage. Sent out personal invites to pupils, friends and family. I’ve put in extra effort to upload new song covers on Youtube. Created events and awareness that somewhat attracts the online user – ‘Shameless Self Promo’ as you would call it. I’ve also used media such as Radio to gather more fans.

I’ve been packed with band practices and pub gigs. So I meet a handful of fans that enjoy my music and enlighten them about my music and my fan page, whereby it notifies them about my next upcoming gig and events i’m involved with such as Vima Music Awards.

Plus I’m also working on an album, coming up with new material in Tune Studio’s with Roslan Aziz. So its been pretty full on, but I’m loving the drive and those sleepless nights! It somehow pays of!

Do you believe that social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and twitter are relevant marketing and publicity tools for a musician? What efforts have you made to engage with your fans using social media?

Of course Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are vital platforms that play a role in promoting an artist’s music. As much as most artist dislike the fact of having to go online and market themselves, its important that they do so. How else are you gonna get the attention of everyone? Besides the party is being at “Online”! Get it? Its really important that you yourself believe and “dig” your own music, because you cant expect others to like and enjoy listening to something you yourself aren’t assured about it. Hence, this gives you that extra “push” and confidence to sell yourself online and sincerely be proud about what you have to offer. So really, this enhances the conversation /emails you have with other users/friends/fans online.

You can’t sell BS to people, they can see through it! There’s a certain way you go about engaging with fans and newcomers, there’s no specific formula to it. You do it based on what you believe your music stands for. That’s why its really important to believe in yourself and its deeply related to the process of growing as an individual or as a band.

If you had a chance to collaborate with any musician on the planet, who would it be and why?

Cedric Zevala  from ‘The Mars Volta’, I’d love to have an insight to his life and there’s heaps I could learn from him. The man is a genius! He doesn’t watch TV and does not know how to use a computer, and doesn’t intend to! Just watch one of his interviews on Youtube, and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

What would you like to be remembered for?

That’s simple, everyone one wants to be remembered for the work they’ve left behind. Every artist wants to be remembered for their music. When I’m dead and gone, all I want is for my music to be able to reach people and help them in their time of need. I hope it helps them overcome any doubts, difficulties or questions they experience. I want them (the listeners) to know that there were others here on earth before them, that went endured and experienced the very same trials and tribulations they are currently facing. I want them to know that life is truly a journey, and that they should not forget to dance/clap/sing along the way. I want them to know that the world is working in perfect harmony,everything is exactly where it should be. Happy,sad, frustrated, anger, these are are merely emotions that we as humans who are on top of the food chain should be privilege to be able to feel. Embrace life and enjoy the journey. Easier said than done!

Which local musicians in your country do you most admire and why?

Paul Ponnudorai, Awie, Jamal Abdillah, Cromok, Albert Sirimal, Vijay David, Ella, Alleycats, Daniel Soliano, Andy Peterson, Allan G, Sharin Band and many more not mentioned. These guys set the benchmark. Did the hard yards, played the pub scenes and some of them are still going hard at it cause they’ve not been given a break. I love these guys, cause all you have to do it listen to them sing or play an instrument and you feel them. Its a calling from one soul to another. Its as if you already know them when you hear them perform, prior to being given introduction. Like the song ‘Killing Me Softly’.

What are your songs about?

They are about life and everything revolving around it. I compose songs and melodies based on what I feel at that point of time. But everyone interprets and perceives them differently. It carries a different message to each individual. So the only way you’ll grasp what i’m talking about is if you have a listen to them yourself – http://soundcloud.com/alex-subryn-luis/

What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while performing?

I was sweating so much that this girl stuck a few tissues on my forehead while my eyes were shut closed, focusing on strumming singing and strumming my guitar. Since it was a solo act and a reggae song, I couldn’t stop the playing the guitar fearing I may lose the beat and fail the audience.So I carried on performing with the tissues stuck on my head, blinding my vision to an audience of about 80 people. All I could hear was people laughing their heads out, but in the end I people enjoyed it and cheered for another song! Stuff like that only makes you stronger.

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