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Relax and golf away your handicaps

 | January 20, 2013

No amount of skill in the world will move you forward to your full potential until you know, for sure, on a deep subconscious level that you deserve to win.


If anyone would wake up at 5am on a Saturday morning, the diehard golfers will!

Malaysia has some of the most awesome golf courses in the world. We have hosted many great international golf tournaments with many golf heroes.

And the time has now come for us to spring out more consistent, world-class Malaysian golf pros using mind body link psyching.

To participate in a sport like golf, you work very hard at training your body. You push it, put it through its paces, and work for hours to polish the finer points of your game or maneuver. However, all this hard work may not train your mind to be athletic.

A US Olympic team sports psychologist says that 80 to 90 percent of an Olympic athlete’s performance is in the mind. It involves using your imagination, your thought processes, and your attitudes to provide incentive, support, reinforcement, and refinement of your physical skills.

It is well known that professional athletes have an inner source of strength and an inner wisdom that they tap into at will. This resources gives them a consistent game, intuitive putting, goal focus, and a winning belief system.

No amount of skill in the world will move you forward to your full potential until you know, for sure, on a deep subconscious level that you deserve to win.

Think back to a time when that inner voice kept reminding you that….. you are really not good enough, he’s really a better golfer…or the feeling of insecurity that seems to grow with each bad shot….reminding you that you don’t really have what it takes……Bummer!

The link between thought, mind and body is now well established and research shows dramatic improvement when the mind is focused and experiencing new skills and abilities while in trance.

Imagery and visualisation are part of the puzzle and they increase your agility, improve your coordination, improve your concentration, refine your techniques, heighten your awareness of body position, eliminating inhibiting thoughts in regard to your performance and, increase your passion for the sport.

Visualisation or mental rehearsal is effective because the fact that you imagine an activity your neuron fire in exactly the same patterns they would follow if you were actually performing the activity.

It is believed that these movements, along with contractions in your muscles, are responsible for improved neuromuscular coordination.

You can do it

In sport psyching, the subconscious is convinced with emotional affirmation that the desired feat is possible.

By experiencing the total success of your movement and accompanying pleasure and, stating your goal and, then seeing it through, over and over again, you are affirming and wiring up your own positive behaviour. If you can think it, see it, and say it – you can do it.

Most common blocks to winning have to do with worthiness and the belief that you deserve to succeed and win.

Almost always, the obstacles are conditions that cause anxiety such as fear of failing, fear of being humiliated, fear of competition, and feelings of intimidation.

Hypnotherapy techniques can uncover and release these negative programs and add an exciting extra dimension to your game.

“Take a deep breath and let your mind and body relax… as you let your breath out… allow your whole body to calm down… and relax even more. Your body and mind is so deeply… so deeply… relaxed. As you relax deeper and deeper… you realise that one of your strongest desires… is to play golf confidently… in any situation… and any weather conditions… on any golf course.”

Your subconscious develops a strategy for achieving your desire by way of visualisation. By visualising what level of achievement you wish to reach, you can determine the skill level and the handicap you are comfortable to play at.

Visualise now by using an imaginary 1-meter high TV screen in your mind’s eye. Project yourself onto the screen. See yourself as a skilled golfer, build this picture exactly how you would like it to be. Take some of your limitations away and see what you can achieve with a clear view, without old, unnecessary doubts and negative thoughts about yourself. That you have believed to be true, when you know deep down they are not.

This is a special TV screen. You can create and adjust the image with the dials at the bottom of the screen. These dials adjust the emotions. You can add extra confidence and pride. You can change whatever other emotion you want, whenever you need to. You can programme any game situation, weather condition and golf course. This is your reference, your rehearsal. You can recall it at will any time you wish.

Each time you switch on this TV screen, your subconscious will guide you with this technique, preparing your swing, down swing, follow-through swing, putting and follow-through swing. You can hit the ball accurately and perfectly to the targets and into the holes.

You learn from watching the club pros and your own experience of playing golf. These techniques increase your concentration, judgement, ability to read the green, your swing and your ability to putt the ball.

Relax and golf

Your subconscious brings forward inspiration, confidence and a positive attitude. You can play in any situation, weather condition, on any course. Your mind is clear in selecting the right clubs, targets and swing.

The crowd, the bunkers, roughs, trees, hazards and noise do not bother you. In fact, they guide you in a positive way towards relaxation as you decide your target and the strength of your swing.

Your self-confidence increases every time you play golf . You are capable of applying your skills so well,  your handicap is reduced to the level you are most comfortable playing at. Your ability to reduce your handicap rapidly reinforces your trust in yourself.

As each day goes by, you learn to trust your abilities so that after each round your self-confidence is reinforced as your handicap is reduced. Your great ability is noticed by your peers. This new-found strength and determination grows because you know you are achieving your strongest desires.

You can easily use your inherent hypnotic ability to its best effect. You maintain your composure in difficult situations, raising your positive state at will, breaking the barriers of self-defeats and above all, to program yourself for the perfect game. Now … relax and golf.

Julian Leicester is a London trained subconscious specialist with Hypno-Station. He is Malaysia’s most renowned clinical hypnotherapist, media personality, columnist, event host and book author. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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