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Gimme some kitty lovin’

 | January 21, 2013

7 secret signs your cat loves you.


Most people find it difficult to warm-up to cats. Granted they aren’t outwardly affectionate like dogs, who are ever ready to ambush you with a million kisses.

Let’s just say cats have ‘class’, preferring dignified and modest behaviour over the public displays of affection that their canine companions routinely engage in.

Ecstatic yelping? Annoying! Uncontrollable slobbering? Disgusting! Frantic tail wagging?  Over her dead albeit still elegant feline body!

So just how does a cat show she loves you? Here are some surprising ways she gets the message across… majestically.

Being near you – when she cuddles up on your lap, sits behind you on the sofa, sleeps beside your pillow at night or lounges atop your computer monitor when you’re using it, she’s showing some kitty loving right there. Obviously she loves you so much that just being around you puts her on a kitty high.

Purring – some experts say they are unsure why a cat purrs but is it just a coincidence that every time I go near my cat, she bursts into song even if she’s busy having a meal? Hey, if a cat can purr AND eat at the same time, there’s some serious loving taking place! I take it as her overflowing love for me. Whatever else could it possibly be?

Gift-giving – oh yes, kitty has no intention to wait for Easter before showering you with gifts. A cat hunts prey – rats, birds, grasshoppers, you get the general idea – and trots home proudly with said prey in mouth to be promptly deposited at her beloved human’s feet. She take the shrieks that ensue in her stride seeing it as your rather unusually vocal way of heaping praise at her thoughtful gift. Bless her!

Making eye contact – cats communicate with their eyes and if you find that your cat looks directly into yours and blinks, then it’s a wonderful declaration of her unconditional love and trust in you. Remember to blink back – that way she’ll know you love just as much too.

Responding to your call – yes, some cats act like dogs. No matter where in the home my cat is, all I have to do is call her name and she will come crashing and dashing down the stairs looking for me, meowing a tall tale to tell me what she’s been up to.

Rubbing up on you – besides being a rather crafty way of leaving her scent on you, a cat only does this if she feels safe with you and loves you with all her heart. The glands on her cheeks and at the corners of her mouth leave her scent on you, so in a way she’s claiming you as her own. Now if that isn’t love, what is?

Kneading you – when your cat kneads you (using her forepaws in a pumping action), it’s her way of saying she ‘needs’ you. A cat only does this to show just how relaxed, comfortable and secure you make her feel. Cats learn this early in life – it’s something kittens do to their mothers while drinking her milk. Awww… she loves and trusts you immensely.


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