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Busy mums workout

 | February 21, 2013

Staying fit and healthy just needs a bit of planning, that’s all.


You’re a busy mum. We get it. There’s cooking to do, laundry to clear, not to mention running around after the kids and getting the whole family settled by diner time. Bit don’t let that be an excuse for you to gift yourself the precious give of – exercise!

Moan not the word most folks equate with dirty laundry. Exercise, believe it or not, will be your saviour and the thing that keeps you sane and far from giving up the kids for adoption. It will help you relieve stress, make you feel good about yourself, and you’ll enjoy the added benefits it’ll give you (think toned muscles and weight management).

So how can you find time to exercise? First, you’ve to commit yourself to do this everyday. Yes, it may not always be easy, but here are five strategies to help you squeeze the time.

Don’t be shy to ask for help. If you need to jog around the neighbourhood, or run off to the gym for 90 minutes, get your family to help you make this possible. Plan ahead so your spouse can take over the kids, or even your parents. Better still, you can ask them to join you on your workout. Whatever it is, having family support will make it easier to commit to your workout schedule.

Pencil it down. Just as you note all your appointments and family-related work into your phone or on the calendar, you should pencil in your workout, too. This will help you plan ahead and prepare you mentally as well. If you’re not going to forget picking up the kids’ school supplies, you’re likely to forget attending your gym session. Giving workouts equal importance as your everyday chores helps prioritise your engagements for the week.

Accept ‘accidents’. There are days when the best of plans can go awry. Perhaps your kids fell sick and you need to cancel your step class. That’s okay. But don’t use laziness or feeling tired as an excuse to give your workout a miss. Even when you feel like just curling onto the sofa on your worst days, fight the tiredness and rush out the door to exercise. More often than not, the endorphins you get from your workout will help energise you and give you a new lease of life.

Get creative. Many workouts have evolved from the conventional form of the past 20 years. Even if you have only 15 minutes to spare, you can still have a good cardio workout with the tabata protocol. This is a workout you do for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds rest, up to eight intervals. Or, you can do crossfit-style exercises in 20 minutes and still get the benefit of an hours’ workout. You can find may websites and apps that can introduce you to these two workouts and personalise it to your needs. The big plus is, you can use your body weights for many of the exercises, freeing you from the need to invest in costly equipments.

Inexpensive equipment. Okay, if you really need to have an equipment, consider the stability ball and resistance bands as two items that will not blow your budget. The stability ball is great because it works on your core muscle and you can use it in so many ways. Resistance bands are easy to pack with you wherever you go (so you don’t miss out on anything while on vacation) yet it gives you a full body workout.


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