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Do you keep forgetting?

 | April 7, 2013

I have always wondered whether the usage of technology had been one of the reasons to increased loss of memory power in today’s modern world.


“Why can’t you just remember what I told you to get at the supermarket?” screamed Alice to her husband.

“You are always so forgetful and it’s so frustrating to trust you for anything,” she continued as her husband Paul just stood by meekly, listening, yet unable to do anything.

Last week Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, was also not spared of such embarrassment when he dissolved the parliament this week while stating this year as 2012.

The process of remembering is mostly a learned skill in the way we link, related and store information for future recall.

Sometimes, we write things on a piece of paper if we know we might forget it or it’s just easier to work on a chore list and get things done systematically.

There are many couples like Alice and Paul who goes through their stressed daily life, affected by this ‘memory loss’ situation that cause so much relationship tension, cost, and time disruption in turning back to complete what was forgotten.

I have always wondered whether the usage of technology had been one of the reasons to increased loss of memory power in today’s modern world.

I remember time in my parent’s era when calculation was done mentally or computed using fingers. Most people then remembered phone numbers just by memory.

Today all these ‘memory strengthening’ habits have faded with time with the emergence of Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPhone that have almost eradicated these remembering practiced of the past.

Hardly anyone these days bother to do mental calculation when they have a mobile or hand held device with calculator build into it. Such modern trends are examples of how we are using less ‘memory gyms’ to boost and keep our memory sharp.

Memory loss

I am going to explain to you in this article two aspect on memory loss. Firstly, I will highlight on its forms of existence, some remedies and finally a simple hypnosis script for memory.

What is memory?

Memory is just the process of the brain to store and retrieve information. There are the sensory memories (or perception), short and long term memory.

The five senses are associated to sensory memory. These are your taste, colour, sound, touch and smell. They are mainly your senses that are linked to your sensory memory. Your sensory memory is stored as long term memory in the core memories in your brain.
Short term memory is associated with speech as it includes information that is used in a given moment like remembering a mobile number.

Long term memory is associated with the meaning of a situation or scenario without much retention of its details. This can be like remembering conversations with a loved one.

The brain encodes each type of memory, writes them into programs with other memories, then indexing them to the brain’s network.

When you next type on your home computer, become aware how similar the whole concept of computing has been modeled after our human brain functioning.

The brain’s programs and links are altered each time a new memory is added. The brain also encode data like your values, belief, choices, dreams, task, behavior or personal harmony and happiness in such similar brain functions.

Memory lapses

Occasionally memory lapses normal and can occur at any age. As we age, the ability to remember does not deteriorate and memory can be maintained well through 90 years of age.

We all have that dear old uncle or aunt or parent who will always be telling stories of their good old days with such interesting details. It’s amazing they remember things to minute details.

When I assist some clients with memory loss issues, another cause for constant forgetfulness is fear.

This is because some of them have become so afraid to forget because of all the labeling and scolding they get from home or work for being forgetful. This very fear, makes them falter, clumsy and at pin edges to perform better at remembering and instead, results in opposite – more forgetful actions.

I advise such clients to relax and pace at their own human levels first. When they are much more relaxed, they are more comfortable in recalling and remembering better.

If you want someone in your home to improve their forgetfulness about things, tell them kindly, help them, be gentle (it works better) and give them the personal space to improve as best as possible at their pace.

If it doesn’t work, then don’t try to change them. Change your focus and that will help you cope better on bigger pictures of life. That’s my best advice to you.

Various things can cause memory loss or lapse. Diseases like thyroid disorder, hypoglycemia, some allergy, Candida; chronic fatigue syndrome can sometimes cause memory loss.

Poor blood circulation, insufficient neurotransmitters or insufficient brain permeating nutrition because of cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood.

In trauma incident where an electric current passing through the brain or blow to the head; toxic due to some substance abuse, and nutritional deficiencies like, lack of amino acids or B vitamins also affect memory.

Some people associate memory loss with Alzheimer’s diseases a common dementia. It’s a progressive mental deterioration that impairs memory and abstract thinking function in the brain.

However in Alzheimer, memory lapse is just one of its symptoms, while disorientation in space and time, inability to concentrate or communicate, some form of depression; loss of bowel and bladder function; mood swings; and personality changes are some other symptoms.

With Alzheimer, both memory retrieval and new add are impaired. Insufficient nutrients, exposure, exposure to high level of aluminum and mercury e.g. from old types of dental fillings and the immune system attacking brain cells may have played a key role in Alzheimer development.

Other disorders that can cause dementia similar to Alzheimer are arteries hardening, syphilis, brain clots and tumors, and possible series of minor strokes.

Aluminum normally gets absorbed into your system via cookware, food additives, buffered aspirin, some dandruff shampoo, antacids, deodorants, anti diarrhea medication. Read your product labels to become aware of aluminum before purchase.

Ways to improving memory

Natural health care methods such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, vitamins, herb therapies and hypnosis can be use to improve memory.

Here are some suggested key areas you can use to help improve your memory condition.

Memory focus and attitude – Some of the reasons that such memory loss occur is when you have been ignoring emotional facts in your environment. Start to live in the moment and release attachment.

Manage your food and diet – Avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine products, food coloring, preservatives, processed meats and food. Consume more guavas, rose hips, parsley, mangoes, cauliflower, grapefruit, lamb, alfalfa, lentils, Brazil nuts, coconuts, beef, oat, bran, broccoli, eggs, almonds, artichokes, vinegar, sardines, yogurt, kelp, turnips

Nutrition and supplements – Have a good source of multivitamin and mineral supplement together with whole foods and enzymes. Selenium, SOD (superoxide dismutase), zinc, Vitamin C, E, boron, RNA, DNA, manganese, amino acids, inositol, lecithin are helpful.

Herb consumption – Gingko biloba, gotu kola, dill, coriander, cumin, rosemary, sage

Aromatherapy – Basil, cardamom, peppermint, rosemary

Self hypnosis to improve memory

Here is a simple self hypnosis script to improve memory. It is not intended for dementia diseases but for memory loss of other origin. Get comfortable, allow your eyes to close and be relaxed.

“Imagine sitting comfortably in a beautiful garden. Watch the blue skies with cotton like clouds that fill the sky. It is so peaceful and relaxing. As you sit relaxed, you notice a golden beam of light come from the sky.

“This is a most unusual light but its feels so soothing and relaxing as you notice it point to the top of your head. Feel it’s gentle, warm and soothing spot on top of your head as this beam penetrates gently into your head. Enjoy peacefully this warmth of the light as it enters into your mind. Imagine you know the light contains all knowledge, and the antidote to improve your memory. Enjoy the feeling of the light circulating, as it speeds to the brain to whatever it is that is right to improve your memory.

Feel how the light balances the body, loading all its information to support, improve and retain your memory. You know that your mind and your body is shifting and changing to improve your memory.

Stay with this golden universal beam of light as long as you need to, and when you are done, watch it recede back to the sky. You feel changed and happy, filled with knowledge. Your memory is sharp, clear and you know this will stay with you”

Julian Leicester is a London trained subconscious specialist with Hypno-Station. He is Malaysia’s most renowned clinical hypnotherapist, media personality, columnist, event host and book author. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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