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Hybrid workouts: When two’s better than one

 | September 30, 2013

Studios and gyms think outside-the-box to capture the minds of an ever-changing clientele.


Without a doubt, young professionals are driving the health and fitness trends. They’re always on the lookout for fast workouts that provide maximum benefits, and more importantly, one that sustains their interest.

Hence the birth of hybrid workouts.

Simply put, hybrid workouts are workouts that combine two or more workout styles. It’s gaining popularity for various reasons. For some, the varied combination helps cut the boredom of a regular workout routine. It’s also great for those looking for an introduction to a sport without feeling intimated. Many also see hybrid workouts as ‘time efficient’, being able to do multi-disciplinary sports in just one class.

If you love the idea, then get familiar with these:

Kickasana: Combines yoga, Thai boxing, martial arts, ballet, dance and stretching. It’s a rollercoaster of high intensity, low impact aerobic movements that is then balanced with the rhythmic and calming moves of yoga poses. It’s a workout that torches calories while giving you a sense of empowerment at the end of the session.

Piloxing: Pilates and boxing. It blends core-blasting pilates with energetic, high intensity boxing. You have the option to wear a pair of cool-looking gloves that weigh about 2kgs. It may not seem much but by the end of class, you will feel the weight. It’s interesting to note that pilates founder, Joseph Pilates, was also a boxer.

SwordFit: A mix of technical and cross-training with two instructors: One for swordplay and the other for general fitness. Technical swordplay combines with complementary weight-lifting and other exercises and taps into your inner warrior. You also get to wear awesome armour and yes, use actual swords!

Hybrid workout trainers say that people are drawn to the new workout because they immediately start to feel the difference. While the claims cannot be verified, any exercise that combines multiple muscle movements in various range of motions will benefit the body. So if you’re game to take on something new, consider hybrid workouts to build strength and burn calories while having fun at the same time.


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