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Managing fatigue

 | January 26, 2014

How to increase your energy levels?


“What’s happening to me these days, why am I not able to focus on my assignment and keep having this constant feeling of tiredness? What’s happening to my health?” asked Khalid.

Are you one of those people who constantly feel like a flat battery in your day? You know that you are not stressed, you have all the free time and nothing really to bother you and yet, you are so fatigue and unable to get any of the things you want to accomplished done.

It’s a constant feeling of dull and druggy feeling that lingers the whole day. It slumps your entire day and you are constantly operating in a less than life mode.

Energy is internal or inherent power, potential force, or a capacity for vigorous action. At molecular level, we human are an energy being. Quantum physic is always in motion in us. When the body is in motion the result is Kinetic energy.

A person’s energy can be affected in various manners because energy as in Newton’s law is always changing state, in motion unless compelled by an external force and can have its reverse effects. Thus a person’s energy can be affected by mental, physical, environmental and spiritual forces.

It’s also affected by lifestyle, food, desires and beliefs. A person is also affected by the external environment like sound, sight and feelings that all shifts ones energy, aura and emotions.

The feeling of fatigue is linked to energy

There are times when both men and women have these feelings of fatigue. The body fatigue that you experience is a symptom and not a disorder.

Fatigue can be a warning signal of your health problem like chronic fatigue syndrome, poor circulation, some allergies, poor food absorption, anemia, Candida, or a debilitating disease.

Fatigue can usually stem out of boredom or depression. As I mentioned earlier that we humans are energy beings and everything in us and around us is composed of energy. Our thoughts are also a form of energy.

When we are aware or conscious, our energy is in the most dynamic form. Negative thoughts and actions will deplete energy, while positive thoughts and attitude regenerate positive energy.

The best way to optimize and utilize energy is to maintain a consistent positive mental attitude and not to dwell on the negative. In Neuroimmunology, it has been proven that positive thoughts actually boost the immune system and that negative thoughts depresses it.

Our thoughts are the creative process for everything we manifest in our lives. Remember, you are what you think.

When fatigue persists

There are times we feel our fatigue is an ongoing situation no matter what medication or therapy we receive to cope it. Persistent fatigue that is not due to underlying physical causes or mental attitudes is usually the byproduct of a poor diet, lifestyle, or inadequate rest.

We eat many nutrient that provides food for the body, which are converted into different energy states within our body. Maintaining and obtaining proper nutrients through effective diet, vitamins and food supplements help the body and support the mind to maintain energy.

Having adequate rest is important because when the body is asleep or resting, the energy utilized is less and surplus energy is being stored. Sleep is the way the body rest and restore its flat energy batteries.

When I work with someone who is in need of extra energy, working with the whole person on a mind, body and spirit level can help identify their mental, organic and aura levels which becomes helpful in eliminating the causes of fatigue.

We sit with the client, and to maximize their energy, we recommend a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, and self hypnosis as a stress reduction method, a life coaching strategic realization for the positive thoughts and actions required.

Other complementary therapy methods

There are many methods for restoring or increasing energy which include acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal therapy, vitamin therapy, exercise and physical therapy, tai chi, qui gong, yoga, reiki, meditation, aura therapy, magnetic therapy, and self-hypnosis.

Here are some tips to elevate fatigue.

Healthy mental attitude – mainly caused by fear of results and goals. A cure would be to be realistic in goal setting and take action.

Energizing Food and Diet – avoid dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, food coloring, preservatives, additives and processed foods. Good energizing food are almond, artichokes, red meat, honey, red peppers, grapefruit, eggs, chicken, rice, bran, olive oil, grapes, tomatoes, watercress, lentils, peanuts, spinach and peas.

Herbs – oregano, ginseng, rosemary, coriander, hawthorn, hops, tea tree

Vitamins and Food Supplement – Take multivitamins and mineral supplement with whole foods and enzymes. Vitamin C, E, B1, B12, B complex, zinc, amino acids, pumpkinseed oil, bee pollen, cranberry, garlic.

Aromatherapy – basil, lavender, bergamot, rose, neroli, sage, ylang ylang.

Hypnotherapy – the following script should be used in the morning and at night for at least a month.

“Imagine you are in a dim lighted tunnel. This tunnel is long and you can’t see the end because there is very little light.

“Now walk down the tunnel. You feel safe and protected. As you close in to the end of the tunnel you begin to see a lot of tiny flecks of bright light flashing. The tiny lights are moving quickly and flashing on and off.

“Walk towards the lights. As you get closer to the lights, you realize they are atoms of energy. These atoms of energy are moving quickly through the tunnel and thousands of atoms are flickering as they move.

“Watch how they flicker around you. Raise your hand and hold it out with the palm up. Feel the energy of atom as they land on your palm. Now watch as the energy atoms start to penetrate and disappear into the palm of your hand.

“Your hand continues to absorb as much energy as you need. Watch and feel the energy filling your entire body. Feel your strength top up as your body receives all the energy it needs. Feel the energy making you powerful and strong.

“Feel it giving you positive thought as you fill to the brim. Feel how it sparkles within you. Feel the power inside you.

“Turn and walk out of the tunnel and as you walk out; you can feel the energy within you. You are happy and feel energized and you know this energy will stay with you.”

Julian Leicester is a London-trained subconscious specialist, and is Malaysia’s most renowned professional hypnotherapist, media personality, columnist, and event host and book author. He can be contacted at julianleicester@gmail.com.


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