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Röti™: If mamak food was marketed like Apple products…

March 3, 2016

FMT's youth portal The Level expertly throws shade at Apple with its latest, wonderfully preposterous production


By FMT and The Level


FMT’s youth portal The Level’s newest video is a sublime flight of hypothetical fancy based on the lunacy of ‘Mamak Inc’ – a multinational conglomerate which develops and markets its products much like the way Apple does. The hilarious aftermath of this – as illustrated in this ‘on fleek’ parody of every Apple product and corporate video you’ve ever seen – includes the trademarking of the commonplace ingredients and forms of ‘röti’ canai, which, apparently, begins life as Dö™. Lampooning Apple productions’ signature minimalist look and feel (complete with 50 shades of white), and a pretentiously-lofty narrator who spreads it on thick with familiar, self-important phrases like “precision-molded by the hands of our experts” and “providing a greater degree of personalization”, you’ll start to believe that Mamak Inc really exists. It’s an absolute riot™!!

For more, click here.

Created by FMT’s new youth portal, www.TheLevel.my.


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