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January 27, 2015
thaipusam 2012

FMT LETTER From: Suresh Rajakumar via e-mail Since Thaipusam is around the corner, I would like to share an... More ››

January 26, 2015
latheefa koya_pilihan raya_300_1

They are contracting out bigotry, hatred and racial prejudice to half-baked organisations given undue prominence More ››

January 25, 2015

From: Suloshiny Segaran via e-mail I am a 24-year-old external student of the University of London, pursuing the LLB international... More ››

January 22, 2015
Alcohol Free Zone

From: S Param via e-mail I have noticed that in practically all major cities in the country where there... More ››

January 21, 2015
Passengers check in an AirAsia flight at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta

FMT LETTER From: Jay Gauld via e-mail I want to share the absolutely shocking service I received from AirAsia... More ››

January 21, 2015

FMT LETTER Dear Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, We the undersigned, in the aftermath of the... More ››

January 16, 2015

Freedoms, liberties and absence of restrictions should apply equally to all ethnic groups in the county. More ››

January 12, 2015
malaysia muslim_300

In response to Religion is about what you do, not what you say (FMT, Jan 11) More ››

January 11, 2015

FMT LETTER Prof. Madya Dr. Ali Salman, via email A response to Pluralism is the solution to our political... More ››

January 11, 2015
Dr Mahathir_300

An illusion to think giving away a million copies of Quran will change people's views More ››

January 11, 2015

Group of 25 plus 11 can help to carry the torch against hate-peddlers More ››

January 11, 2015

In a message to the American scholar, the writer says his views are not based on knowledge of the... More ››

January 8, 2015

FMT LETTER From: James Nayagam via e-mail The recent floods that hit Malaysia from December 15, 2014 to January... More ››

January 8, 2015

FMT LETTERS From: Tariq Ismail via email The Malays have lived and worked with other races for centuries since... More ››

January 4, 2015

A plea to group of Eminent Malays to tackle racism and racial indoctrination More ››

January 2, 2015

FMT LETTER From: Sean Whyte, CEO Nature Alert via e-mail Admittedly, it’s still early days regarding the Sarawak Chief... More ››

December 30, 2014

FMT LETTER From: P Ramakrishnan via e-mail Aliran is shocked and flabbergasted that we have idiots who don’t know... More ››

December 27, 2014
pak mie

FMT LETTER From: Sean Whyte, Nature Alert and Jennifer Yeap, Friends of Malaysian Animals Have you been wondering, even... More ››

December 23, 2014

Rozaliana Rosli, Campaign Coordinator of Friends of the Orangutan makes an urgent plea to PM Najib Razak to intervene... More ››

December 22, 2014
zoo melaka

From: Sean Whyte via e-mail Melaka Zoo has hit the headlines recently because of its secretive plans to import... More ››

December 22, 2014

After all man’s responsibility to help his fellow beings is the central essence of the teachings of Jesus Christ. More ››

December 21, 2014

Mahathir often chose the wrong people for the wrong jobs and also trusted the wrong people. More ››

December 20, 2014

LETTERS From: Chang Daniel, via email What is happening in Malaysia, where we are at a point of economic... More ››

December 20, 2014

LETTER From: Arju Raw via e-mail As a Malaysian, I read with concern the report entitled ‘Melaka Zoo Animals... More ››

December 20, 2014

LETTERS From: Hugh Mogan via e-mail I am Indian. Actually I’m Malaysian. The only things about me that are... More ››

December 20, 2014
LGE jail

From T.K. Chua via email Only in this country could a small group of extremists label a chief minister... More ››

December 17, 2014

From: Rozaliana Rosli via e-mail The world is aware that orangutans are endangered and that there are organisations campaigning... More ››

| December 10, 2014

We can only judge the minister by results, not by his good intentions. More ››

December 2, 2014
gajah sabah_sprm__1_300

FMT LETTER From Jason Tan of Malaysians Friends of the Animals Last week brought the welcome news of two... More ››

December 2, 2014

Why is a public road being surrendered to a private developer for the use of private development? More ››

November 30, 2014
sabah_sarawak_penebangan hutan_300

by Sean Whyte via e-mail The new enthusiasm of the Sarawak government to clamp down on illegal logging is... More ››

November 26, 2014
palanivel panda

FMT LETTER By Sean Whyte via e-mail It seems more than ever Perhilitan mistakenly believes silence and secrecy is... More ››

November 23, 2014

by Ng Mei Quin On November 20, a local newspaper carried a headline-grabbing article from the Huffington Post claiming... More ››

November 20, 2014
bas sekolah

The current education system today is getting unfair treatment. More ››

November 19, 2014
poem malaysia

A poem by one of our readers. More ››

November 17, 2014

FMT LETTER From J D Lovrenciear via email How many visitors to our nation have nice things to say... More ››

November 14, 2014
animal in cage

FMT LETTER From James Alin via e-mail On 13 November 2014, veterinarian Dr Sen Nathan from the Sabah Wildlife... More ››

November 14, 2014
ah long

In the first place, why are our top cops walking the streets to tear down illegal posters advertising illegal... More ››

November 13, 2014
g palanivel

At yet another conference, Minister G Palanivel recently said, “We need to preserve forest areas, most of the forests... More ››

November 1, 2014
palm oil

FMT LETTER From: Sean Whyte via e-mail On September 26, in an article titled “Sarawak not bowed by multinationals”... More ››

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