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Anwar clarifies Bersih rally remark

 | June 20, 2011

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said he was misquoted earlier and that he supports Bersih's march for a free and fair election.

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim will join Bersih 2.0 and chairperson S.Ambiga and march in the July 9 mass rally calling for a clean and fair election.

Anwar was yesterday reported as saying that he would call off the Bersih rally if the government guaranteed free and fair election. But Ambiga reiterated that it was not for Anwar to decide to call it off.

Today Anwar clarified his statement. “What I said which was taken out of context was clearly this, had the electoral process be fair, just and clean there is clearly no need for Bersih (to organize a rally)”.

“I agree with her. There has been some misunderstanding. I support Ambiga’s position that the Bersih rally should continue,” he told reporters at a press conference in Parliament.

“But it reflects utter failure of the administration because they (are) continuing the fraudulent act and procedure,” he said.

Yesterday Anwar, in his winding up speech at the PKR election convention, was reported to have said: “I will call Ambiga and tell her to call off Bersih, if Najib can promise free and fair elections tomorrow.”

Anwar added today that he was a democrat and was able to face some disagreement.

“I am a democrat, in a way it is good to disagree with me and I can agree with her. I am not an Umno leader,” he said.

“Ambiga’s response is we will proceed. Of course we will proceed. In fact I have said I will join her. Kalau ada niat nak laga tak jadilah (if there were intentions of creating a rift, it will not happen),” he stressed.

Also at the press conference was PKR vice president Tian Chua who said that Pakatan was looking at mobilising 200,000 to 300,000 people.

On another matter Anwar said that he did not find any contradictions with PAS’s green book and Pakatan’s Buku Jingga.

It was announced yesterday that the Islamic party will launch a buku hijau in order to explain its welfare state concept.

Buku Jingga is the Pakatan’s reforms plans to be implemented if they took over the government.

“Buku Hijau will not contradict with Buku Jingga. Buku Hijau stresses basic rights, to appreciate Islam and others. From what I have been informed, there is no contradiction,” he said.


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